Chapter 1:Trip to Payon

In The bustling streets of Prontera, always filled with vendors and buyers, a person stood in the middle of the crowd-a priest and the best priest Midgard had ever seen nonetheless. His Blonde hair lightly fell over his auburn eyes and his swordmace hung dangling from his waist as he childishly swung from side to side out of sheer boredom.

"Father Ranulf we are ready to leave." politely said a young light brown-haired acolyte.

"Thank you Sigmund." answered the Priest.

The priest followed the acolyte towards the south gates of Prontera where a group of priests and the Archbishop were outside of Pecopeco drawn carriages.

"Late again ey Ranulf." Said the Archbishop in a joking manner. Ranulf always had great respect for the Archbishop. He listened to the Archbishop's teachings so passionately then making conclusions that surpassed even the years of the elder priests

"I humbly beg of your forgiveness Archbishop Monomer. I didn't realize the time," answered Ranulf.

"Apology accepted" said Monomer briskly. "As long as we didn't get postponed for to long. Come on now the Chief-of-Payon's daughter is getting married ,and I am celebrating it." said the Archbishop as he urged everybody to heighten their pace.

Ranulf stepped inside one of the carriages and picked a comfortable seating place since it was two days ride to Payon.

The king's carriage left first. Followed by the Archbishop's, then the others.

Ranulf looked away from the window then to the people with him on the carriage. Beside him sat Sigmund his apprentice who was skimming through the pages of his bible, He so longed to be a priest and it wouldn't be long enough until he did with all the work he was putting into it. In front of him sat his long time friend and colleague Anna. How the sun highlighted her honey blonde-hair, which she wore in a free ponytail that a stellar hairpin held intact. Beside her sat Augustus the Pronteran Army's General his dark brown hair hidden beneath his helm while his bushy beard covered his manly, square chin .His build was muscular that expected of Vit knights his fire lance firmly gripped with his right hand more than ready to be lodged into anything that seemed a threat to the king.

"Does anybody know who the Chief-of-Payon's daughter is marrying?" asked Ranulf eager to begin a conversation.
"Some Noble Man from Izlude I hear," said Sigmund shutting his bible.
"She's marrying Cornelius Vanderbilt's Son Claudius," said Anna "I heard around two thousand guests have been invited" she added.
"Goodness me" reacted Augustus joining the conversation.
"Even the elders from Geffen are coming," continued Anna.

"Finally! Getting some time away from their books Ey," joked Augustus making everybody laugh.
"Just don't mention that in front of them wizards Lord Augustus you know how proud those Geffenese are" warned Sigmund. "Not to mention powerful" Ranulf added.
"Yes...yes...Of course," answered Augustus.
They all continued with their conversations until night came and made them sleepy. All of them slept except Augustus who stood watch over the king's carriage.
"Ranulf was awoken by the sudden halt of the carriage's movement.
"We're here at last," said Anna.
The coachman opened the door. One by one they went down Ranulf at the back. As he stepped unto the lane where the carriage stopped he surveyed the eastern inspired architecture of Payon. He couldn't help but take pleasure in the peaceful and solute environment that was very different from Prontera's hot, noisy and crowded one.

The chief of Payon stood by the lane where they were unloaded waiting to welcome the King and Archbishop.

"Hullo Tristiam, Monomer" said the chief of Payon.

"Nice to see you again Nagai, Congratulations on your daughter's marriage" said the King.
"Thank you Tristiam. Come on in, we don't need to converse here outside Cornelius and Regina Vanderbilt already arrived an hour ago there is just enough time for a little chat."

Nagai and King Tristiam walked up the gigantic stairs towards Payon castle accompanied by Augustus and the Royal guard while Monomer stayed behind for a while to give his instructions.

"We arrived five hours earlier than intended." said the Archbishop "You can do whatever you want just don't wander away to far. Understand?"

The three nodded their heads.

Monomer understood what this meant so he followed Nagai and the King up the colossal steps.

"Well...I'll go look at the sites Payon has to offer," said Anna, then she sped off towards the direction of the Payonese fortuneteller eager to reprimand her of idolatry.

"I shall view the accommodations to our quarters Father Ranulf" said Sigmund before he left as well.

Ranulf being the kind of person who puts leveling up at the top of the list decided to go to Payon cave and train.

He went up to Archer village towards the entrance of the cave. At the foot of the entrance he whispered a spell "Increase Agi" his body lessened in weight gradually until it seemed that he was lighter than air .He bolted through levels one, two and three not being detected by the aggressive monsters. He did this not of the fact that he wanted to run away from the monsters but the monsters at level one to three of Payon cave were an insult to his power. Finally, he used his foot as a brake and skidded a few centimeters from the ground because of the force of his sudden halt. He readied his swordmace and muttered a few more buffing spells "Blessing" Cherubims circled above his head he felt a sudden boost up in his strength, intelligence and dexterity. "Angelus" the sound of bells could be heard in the air as his defense improved to a great extent. "Ipositio Manus" his spell amplified the damage of his weapon. For his last spell he muttered "Aspersio" he blessed his swordmace of the holy property giving it a higher damage against undead monsters, which were very abundant in level four. With both himself and his weapon buffed he stepped into level four.

About twenty munaks jumped out immediately. Ranulf wasn't scared he wasn't called the best priest Midgard ever seen for nothing. He had once faced an army of undead in glast hiem all by himself. A smirk appeared on his face as he tightened his grip on his swordmace He jumped towards the Munaks and started beating every single one of them

The munaks poised for attack palms open, lifeless eyes that seemed staring into your soul. A munak quickly jumped in front of Ranulf performing a roundhouse kick. Ranulf quickly shifted his weight to his side and flung his foot up the munaks gut. The munak fell on the floor only to be followed by a swordmace to the face. The other munaks wailed at the sight of their battered comrade they immediately ran at high velocity like ninjas.

Arms, palms, fists, and feet were being flung at Ranulf .He easily evaded these by slanting to the sides out of the way of the kicks and punches. Ranulf slashed his swordmace sending three munaks clutching their stomachs. He balanced on one foot and bent over backwards hitting the munak behind him with his swordmace and hitting the one in front with his foot. Two munaks ran on both directions one skidded on the floor, foot aimed for Ranulf's shins while the other one jumped into the air, foot aimed for his head. He somersaulted up in the air dodging the attack causing the two munaks to hit each other instead.

His munak killing spree was interrupted by a cry of help from a woman

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP" shouted an archer girl who was running from a gigantic mob of bonguns. She bumped into Ranulf and fell on her but.
"Please help me Mr. Priest," she begged.

Ranulf looked at the archer girl and was immediately captivated with her beauty. Wavy brown hair gently resting on her shoulders, deep green eyes for the moment filled with tears, And light pink lips upon her fair skin. Ranulf couldn't help but save her. He got a blue gem from his pocket then shouted "Magnus Exorcismus" a blinding flash of lilac light flashed on the area where they were standing and all the munaks and bonguns fell on the ground in one perfectly unrehearsed thud.

The archer girl had closed her eyes as she thought that she would be killed by the bonguns but when she opened them and saw all the bonguns and munaks were laying face down on the floor she realized what happened.

"Thank you Thank you thank you!" squealed the archer girl as threw herself to hug the priest and gave him kisses
"Your we...welcome" stuttered Ranulf who began to blush

"I am at your debt" said the archer girl as she bowed before the priest

Ranulf bended his knees to level the archer girl's bow then touched her face "Might I know the pretty lady's name?" he asked

The archer girl surprised to hear this looked up at the priest with an awestruck look on her face

"Might I ask for your name?" repeated Ranulf

"Oh um....Its Atie NO! I mean Katie" mumbled the archer girl

"What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl" said Ranulf as he kissed her hand

"Thank you um..."

"Ranulf...Ranulf Filial"

"Katie ...Katie Houlton"

The two shook their hands as a sign of acquaintance

"You're here for the wedding aren't you?" asked Katie

"Yes I am. How'd you know?"

"Well we don't get many priests here and the only celebration that's occurring is the wedding"

"How delightfully clever" said Ranulf

Ranulf pulled out a pocket watch and was struck with horror when he saw what time it was

"I'm sorry to leave so soon but I'm afraid I'm already late" he said

"Yeah okay I understand" answered Katie

"Well I hope to see you again but if I don't have a nice life" said Ranulf as he walked towards the exit

"Same to you!" shouted back Katie as she watched Ranulf disappear into the portal

Chapter2: A step closer

Ranulf ran out of the cave as fast as he could reaching the Archer
village which was deserted most probably because the wedding had
already started.

Ranulf ran towards Payon center. He used his foot as a break once
again but this time around he wasn't as graceful as before his foot
hit a rock and the force made him fall face first on the ground. He
quickly got up hoping nobody noticed.

After plucking out the twigs in his hair. He found Anna and Sigmund
and sat beside them.

"Your late." said Anna through the side of her mouth

"I'm sorry I went somewhere," said Ranulf

"You have to admit father Ranulf being the best priest Midgard has
ever seen doesn't excuse your habitual tardiness," said Sigmund

"Yeah, I understand"

After Monomer said "You may now kiss the bride" and everybody
clapped the reception started

The Comodian dancers were performing up on stage while the Bards
sang of Payonese myths and legends. Tables of food and drink were set
up all over the place. Payon's famed hospitality was more than proved
during this reception.

Ranulf was sitting in his table drinking his wine when a familiar
face caught his eye. Katie was standing there near the entrance out of
her customary archers uniform. She was wearing a snow white,
traditional Kimono. Her hair was tied up into a bun keeping it out of
her face. Ranulf quickly finished his drink then walked up to her.

"When I said hoped to see you again soon, I expected more of a
month or two" said Ranulf flashing his most debonair smile

"Perhaps the stars have destined us for each other" said Katie

"Perhaps" answered Ranulf

"Would you like to dance?" asked Katie as she started to blush

"Milady I thought you'd never ask" said Ranulf extending out his

"Ooooh aren't we fiesty tonight" said Katie accepting the hand

Ranulf and Katie walked up to the dance floor and started dancing

The Bard switched from his Honky-tonk tune and started to play a
slow song so Katie moved her hand to Ranulf's shoulders

"I'm very happy that I met you," she whispered in his ear

"So am I" answered Ranulf

The two danced all night

When morning came Ranulf woke up the smile on his face last night
still wasn't wiped off

"What are you so happy about?" asked Anna as she watched Ranulf
skipping down the steps with disgust

"O nothing it's just a beautiful morning. Don't you agree?"

"Right" said Anna in a sarcastic manner

Ranulf looked at Anna, his smile finally gone. "Why do you have to
be so negative Anna?" snapped Ranulf

"What are you talking about?" she answered

"Oh come on, I come down here having such a wonderful morning then
right away you go "What are you so happy about" mocked Ranulf "Why do
you have to be such a B.... Witch"

"I beg your pardon!" shouted Anna getting up from her chair

"Beg all you want your not getting my pardon until you take your
mace out off your ass cause it seems that it's very tightly shoved up
there, isn't it?"

The two priests glared at each other with the outmost loathing.
Ranulf took his eyes away from Anna and headed towards the door while
Anna shot piercing looks at him while he went out

Sigmund had just gone in the door when he bumped into with the
enraged priest "G.... Good morning f...father Ranulf," said Sigmund not
relatively sure if his choice of greeting was best

"Nothing is Good with that accursed woman around!" howled Ranulf,
which on the brighter side gave Sigmund the answer he was looking for.
It was the wrong choice of greeting.

Ranulf was storming out of the inn when a familiar voice drowned
his anger.
"Hey what're you so angry about?" asked Katie now back to her
archer uniform

"Oh nothing much. It's just that the fiery demon of all things
evil and vile existing in the world has just wrecked my perfect
morning causing me to miss breakfast because of a not needed argument"

"Okay, Ill just pretend that I understood that," said Katie

"Yeah I think it's better if you pretend."

"So where you going this morning?" asked Ranulf hoping to change
the conversation

"I have to go to Alberta and exchange this bag of sweet potatoes
for some red potions," said Katie pointing

"Do you need any help?"

"I wouldn't want to waste your time"

"Nonsense. I have nothing better to do today anyway, well at least
not anymore"

The two exited the south gate of Payon Katie walking beside Ranulf
who had the sack of sweet potatoes slung over his shoulder

Katie was whistling a song while they were traveling

"What're you whistling there?" asked Ranulf

"It's a Payonese song my mother used to sing it to me before....
well before she died"

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked," said Ranulf feeling very
ashamed of himself

"No it's fine really you didn't know. How bout you where're you

"Well.... believe it or not they died as well"

"Oh my gosh I didn't mean to." Said Katie clasping her mouth with
both her hands

"Hey now we're even. But actually some would say it was for the
best since I only became a priest so I could help people, so I could
prevent my love ones from dying. And now I'm on the verge of becoming
the best priest Midgard has ever seen.

"Whoa sounds like your life's pretty much planned already. Not
like me though my life's a wreck"

"Why'd you say that? I mean your beautiful, smart, funny, not to
mention kind"

"No you're just saying that. Stop teasing me"

"Honestly I had such a terrible morning today but I forgot all
about it when I heard your voice"

"That's very sweet of you," said Katie her face turning pink

"Nothing is sweeter than you Katie," said Ranulf flashing one of
his debonair smiles once again.

Katie kissed Ranulf on the cheek then whispered a thank you in his
ear. Ranulf stopped in his tracks a speechless; mouth agape look of
shock was what you'd read from his face. Katie gave a flirty smile
then sped of up the path. "You can't catch me Ranulf," she mocked. "Oh
yeah you'll be sorry if I do" said Ranulf running up the path after

They chased each other finally reaching a meadow. "I always knew
Priests weren't built for chased!" shouted Katie fifteen meters ahead
of Ranulf "You better eat those words!" shouted back Ranulf. He
dropped the sack of potatoes and dashed towards Katie. "Still can't
catch me!" shouted Katie "Increase Agility!" shouted Ranulf the same
sensation of his body lessening in weight flowed through him. "Hey
that's cheating!" shouted Katie but it was to late Ranulf had whisked
pass and caught her. The two fell on the floor from the force and
started to laugh.

"That was fun!" exclaimed Katie finally catching her breath

Ranulf shifted his position to an Indian sit

"What's a matter?" asked Katie

"Oh nothing. It's just because at first I didn't want to go to
Payon but now I cant imagine not meeting you
"Then don't imagine it." Said Katie rapping her arms around Ranulf
"Just cherish what we have and it will suffice"

Ranulf put his hand on Katie's and whispered thank you in her ear
as well.