Where Are You Now?

Where are you now,

When I need you most?

How could you leave me

With nothing more than your ghost?

You were always there for me,

When I was sad

Whether it was when I lost my necklace

Or when I had that fight with my Dad

I know that you did what you did

Because you thought it was right

That you were saving us both

And others that night

But now you're gone

And I'm alone

From my heart

All happiness has flown

How could this happen?

It's just not fair

Why now that I know…

That I care

No…I refuse

I won't believe

That you're gone forever

That you would actually leave

People look at me

And see denial

But all I see

Is your smile

I'll hold you again

I know I will

Until then

I must not think ill

I must hope, must dream

Of your return

For you, my love

I must stand stern

But there is one thing I need to know

Not when, not who, not even how

But only this;

Where are you now?

A/N: Well there's my stab at poetry. This is dedicated to and inspired by my best friend, who just lost some one close to her. It just reminded me a lot of how Marle might have felt about losing Crono, and a poem popped into my head. So, yeah, this probably stinks, but if I don't write the things that pop into my head my creativity demons will eat me while I sleep. So…thanks for reading. Please leave a review on your way out. Any kind of review…it really doesn't matter. Now…I'm off to type a few more words into the stories people are actually interested in.