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Summary: Ever had no recollection of memories past? No? Well, it might just happen to Rika when she least expects it. And why is she suddenly getting in touch with her dad? And what is this about Ryo moving to Shinjuku?

Forgetting Someone Like You

Chapter One: What?! In More Ways Than One


I am Rika Nonaka. The Digimon Queen. I am cold, curl, fiery, and emotionless. My mother and grandmother are the only relatives that I know of. I have no friends, and I'm fine with that. I don't get along with my mother or grandma. They don't seem to care, neither do I. You can say I'm not human, but I don't give a shit of what you think.

Guess what? I'm human now, thanks to my digimon. She has helped me and my family so much. My digimon helped me remember to be human. She finally showed me how to care, to show mercy, but she isn't the only one to teach me these lessons, the whole tamer experience helped me too. Help me care for a little sister.(Suzie) Help me learn how to make friends.(everyone) How to play.(Calumon) How to love...

"Ryo..." I said absentmindedly. Why do I think of him? I'm talking about Renamon, not Ryo. I love Renamon, not that stupid, arrogant, hotshot Ryo... I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling. Memories of times past came to me. Memories of Renamon, of the tamers' especially Ryo...

Why?! Why am I remembering him?! It has been too long! I haven't even seen him! I threw the nearest thing I could get my hands on. My violet pillow slid to thefloor with a slight thud. I sighed. I have to finish my letter.

I am doing well in school and have friends, other then the tamers. My best friend, Eri, makes me feel like a normal girl. She has black hair that goes down to her mid back, and has green eyes. She helps me when I need help, is caring to all, she never shows off or gloats, and has perfect manners. Even if she is a little too giddy for my liking. She may be rubbing off on me, but I doubt it. My grandma, mother, and I are getting along better then we used to and I can talk to them. My friends are cool too. Well, whatever.

You're "daughter,"


Finally. Stupid dad coming out of nowhere, with his stupid letter. He lives somewhere by Kyushu. He's supposed to be some celebrity lawyer that everyone wants, but I don't really care.

-school: lunch-

Eri, Jeri,(they rhyme!) and I have the same classes together; the others are mixed into my schedule. It is now lunch and I'm bored out of my mind. Gogglehead and the Ryo worshipers are talking about digimon, Jeri and Alice are talking about something that has to do with digimon, and Henry isn't here today. I wonder why...

"Hey guys! What's up?" Eri said from behind me. I gave a slight nod to show that I knew she was there. Everyone said their greetings and went back doing what they were doing. Eri shrugged and began to eat her food. She didn't seem to want to be bothered so I walked to Alice and the hyped up Jeri.

"What's up?" I asked looking at Jeri.

"Alice and Henry!!! They! They!!!" Jeri yelled jumping, still.

"Are they going out or something?" Eri asked, walking over to us. Alice's eyes widened in horror while Jeri scratched her head. "I'm guessing I'm wrong."

"Henry and I found a way to get into the Digital World, but only one person can go in at a time for some reason. Henry is in there right now," Alice answered.

"WHAT?!" the guys finally came back from digiland.

Alice explained that Henry was getting ready for his trip to the digital world, thus he was not at school. He's gonna look for our digimon! She said that he's gonna be in the digital world by this Saturday and is planning to be back two weeks after. She says that only one person could go in, but they can take the digimon out for about a week or so. I'm so happy! Mom and grandma will be so happy when they find out! I can't wait! Eri had no idea what we were talking about, but luckily she didn't ask any questions, otherwise we would have had to explain everything.

School seemed to have lasted an eternity, but when I finally got home Mom and grandma were out. Mom was out doing a photo shoot and grandma was out with some of her friends. Probably from that 'Granny Chat' thing.I sighed and went up to my room to start my history homework. The Russian Revolution. Great. I cursed under my breath. I should have paid attention in class. Why did history have to be the last class? I sighed again and took out my history book. I managed to finish my boring homework in less then 30 minutes so I turned the TV on and went to the kitchen to heat up some leftovers.

"Mr. Akiyama! Is it true that you are moving to Shinjuku?!" It seems that I'm watching the news.

"Oh no need to be so formal! Please, call me Ryo!" his voice rang. I ran into the living room. What was he doing on TV?!

"Sorry about that, Ryo. So are you moving to Shinjuku just to challenge the Digimon Queen?" the reporter asked. MOVING TO SHINJUKU!?!?!?

"Yup! I gotta see my Queen!" Ryo said smiling that perfect smile of his.

"WHAT?!" I yelled, practically breaking the glass cup I was holding.


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