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Forgetting You

Chapter 6: Can't Fight The Past

I shifted as I nervously glanced towards the family clock in the hallway. He was still looking at me, beads of sweet slowly dripping down his gorgeous features…usually perfect chocolate brown hair mattered messily on his perfect-shaped head…Oh my God, I had to stop doing that…I was acting like Jeri! Wait, what's going on here? I don't even know these people anymore, and yet subconsciously, they're like my best friends; I know everything about them at the same time. I stared into Ryo's deep, cerulean blue eyes and for a second, it seemed as if we had a mutual understanding. I struggled to say something. "I-uh…you…"

He chuckled suddenly and leaned lazily against the frame of the stylish, Japanese door. Grinning his perfect grin, he leaned forward into my face, his breath fanning it. "Speechless?"

I made no effort to move away and strangely, I found myself grinning back. It was as if this was what we used to do; tease each other mercilessly with our voices as well as our body language. There was a noise behind me and I turned around, only to face my beloved dad.

His tall statue towered over mine and he glanced past me to look at Ryo. "Who's at the door, honey?"

I glanced back at Ryo and found him glaring at my dad. I flinched slightly at the hard look and shifted nervously. "Ryo Akiyama. He just wants to say goodbye." At this, Ryo stared at me, confused. I knew the real reason Ryo had come here was to beg me not to go, but I wanted to go; I wasn't happy living with my mother, and something in my head was telling me not to believe her anymore. A voice, perhaps my conscience, or even a Guardian Angel? Whatever it was though, I recognised what it was telling me.

Ryo glanced back up at my father. "Actually, I-"

I intervened suddenly. "…he wants us to be alone." Looking up at my dad, I smiled as sweetly as I could at him, and he reluctantly retreated back into the kitchen, where my suitcases were waiting. I closed the door behind me and walked outside, motioning for Ryo to follow me.

We walked over to where the fence enclosed the house and I hauled myself up to sit on a low railing, Ryo doing the same a little distance away from me. He took advantage of the awkward silence that had drifted in between us.

"You can't go." He simply stated.

I dared not look at him. "Maybe the Rika you knew wouldn't go, but I really want to get to know my dad better. I mean, he seems like a really nice guy, I don't know why you have a problem with him…"

Ryo seemed to snap then. "Because he's insensitive and manipulative. Don't you see that? He's trying to play you, to trick you into trusting him so he can use you! He's doing the same thing to my dad, and I seem to be the only one who can see through his lies!" He jumped off the railing to stand in front of me, a pleading look in his eyes.

I laughed with irony inwardly and stared hard at Ryo. Then something dawned on me. "What do you mean he's doing the same thing to your dad? How do they know each other?" My voice came out as more of an inquisitive one, than a demanding one, which confused me slightly.

Ryo sighed and looked back towards the house. I didn't know him all that well, but somehow I knew he was acting strangely. He sighed and finally resigned. "Because my dad works for yours."

I stared at him incredulously, though I didn't quite understand what it all meant. Why was this such a big shock? I didn't understand, and yet I felt compelled to feel surprised. The old Rika might've understood the surprise of it all, but I certainly didn't. So what if his dad worked for mine? What difference did that make? I saw Ryo flinch in front of me and I snapped out of my reverie. He was looking back towards the gate, and I new he was contemplating leaving. I didn't want him to go; I wanted to know more, more about his father…and mine.

"Don't go." I was stunned to find that we had said this at exactly the same time, and I knew Ryo was equally stunned. I blushed reluctantly and turned away. I was still clueless as to just why I was acting so…strange. I hardly even knew this boy, and yet it was like I knew everything about him. Maybe my memory was coming back. I turned back around and noticed Ryo staring at me…hard. I didn't know why, and I felt suddenly reproached. Then again, maybe I wasn't anywhere near recollecting my memory.

"Your dad hates me, you know that don't you?"

I was slightly shocked at the nonchalance in his voice. It was quiet…and forewarning, like he knew something was going to happen. I watched him slip carefully down from the low fence and looked reluctantly towards the large metal gate. As if on cue, Dad slipped through the door to look at me through impatient eyes. I sighed and mulled over the fact that everything seemed to have taken a bitter turn. This morning I had woken to the excitement of finally being able to live with my dad, after weeks of waiting. And now…all of that seemed so far away and insignificant compared to knowing how many people seemed to view my dad. Just what was so wrong with him? If he really was as manipulative as people said he was, then why didn't he seem so bad to me? He couldn't possible be the same person Ryo was talking about. Either that or everyone's trying to turn me against him…

"Looks like your dad's waiting for you. You'd better go," Ryo paused. "I'd better go."

"Yeah, you should," I breathed coldly, then shook my head slightly. What the hell was wrong with me? Why was I being so cold all of a sudden? I knew Ryo wouldn't purposely turn me against my own father…or did I? Who was Ryo? Ryo Akiyama…Digimon King…Mr. Perfect…? I felt my head suddenly drain of warmth…and everything went cold…and black…pitch black…as black as the dead night…

Fuzzy yellow fur brushed against my skin and I felt myself shiver…excitement of the situation engulfing me completely…adrenaline rushed through my veins with innate speed…the thrill of falling freely excited me…the fear of death unbecoming and evaporating with the atmosphere…blue light encircled me before swirling into shades of amethyst and swirls of deep pink…I felt myself changing…forming into an entire entity as different and foreign to me as the notion of simply shedding…I felt power…I felt truly free…I felt invincible…I felt secure for once…I had become something completely different and far surpassed than the levels of any human…

{A hand brushing my forehead with the gentleness of the calm ocean waters…}

…the icy coldness of the abode stilled me to the glacier-covered ground…frozen bony fingers clasping my arms…angelic wings engulfed my body and I gasped loudly, for the shrill cold bit into me with piercing force…smooth silky voice purred into my ears with surprising calmness…I was forcibly reminded of my carelessness like a blow to the temples…I hadn't wanted this to happen…never this…

{Ocean blue eyes probing my own with such force…}

…silky webs seemed to engulf me with sticky residue…desperation filled the atmosphere as I searched frantically for a way out…stricken with fear…unable to grasp my own sense…staring helplessly at the true object of my fear…not only could I not do anything…but neither could my own partner…friend…protector…was suddenly standing in front of me…arms outstretched…protecting me…taking the full force of the blow…and falling slowly, as if in slow motion…to the ground…RENAMON!

Sweat dripped rapidly from my forehead, my auburn hair plastered hard to my dampened head. I shot up and realised I was in my room…safe from my dreams…with Ryo. I screamed suddenly when I noticed him looking down on me, slight grin wavering at my reaction. He then smiled apologetically and stood up. I looked down and realised I was lying on my futon, blankets and clothes rumpled waywardly. I could tell my hair was flowing down past my shoulders, as I didn't feel the apparent coldness I would if it were up. I felt suddenly insecure without my hair up; was this how it always was? Was the fact that I hardly ever let my hair down the key to something important? I shrugged off the sudden pressing feeling and stood up, brushing myself off impulsively while doing so.

"You passed out. You've been out for an hour."

I stared at Ryo, vacantly. Then it suddenly hit me like cold water being poured mercilessly down my back; the dream…or dreams, whatever the proper word was. First I had been falling from somewhere, the ground to where I was destined to land just a dark blur; then I had been blasted with piercing cold, in a haven somewhere, with a devilish angel peering down on me; and finally, I had been entangled in sticky webs, while my partner took the full-force of a deadly blast…and that had made me scream. Were they memories? Or just subconscious fears to which might happen in the future?

"Rika? Are you ok?"

Still staring at Ryo, I suppressed a mad urge to laugh out loud at his sincere concern. Though I held it in, something inside of me laughed with much malice…something that which was slowly creeping me out. When I had woken from being out cold, I had felt something, a presence of some sort, lurking maliciously through my head.

"Rika, you're up." I turned as I heard a heavy sigh my behind me. It was my dad. I shook my head free of the piercing feeling in my head and smiled comfortingly at my dad. My sweet, kind, patient dad who I knew would always be there for me…

"Hey Daddy. I hope you weren't that worried about me." Somehow I sensed Ryo's anger from behind me and felt him tense. I turned back around to face him, and found myself drawn into his amazingly beautiful eyes. Those same eyes that I had felt staring at me while I was unconscious. A deep sea of blue that seemed to call my name endlessly…drawing me nearer…

"Rika, are you ready to go? I've packed your stuff into the car, I'm just waiting on you." I turned around and noticed my dad glancing hesitantly at his watch. He seemed to be itching to get going and I suddenly wondered why, though I didn't ask him. I just nodded slowly and reached for that strange device that Neko had called a 'D-Power' that had been lying next to my futon. A fleeting thought about how the device came to be there floated through my mind before I focused more on the betrayed look Ryo was giving me.

A momentary irritation crossed over me and I took to the defensive. "What?"

Ryo looked passed me to glance at my dad. "You know what."

I sighed irritably and brushed passed him to grab my jacket that had been hanging on hook on the far wall. "Let it go, Ryo." I was shocked to realize how cold my voice had come out, but nevertheless continued to pull on my jacket.

Ryo once again looked passed me and glared at my dad. "Can we have a minute…alone?"

Dad hesitated, giving Ryo an equally cold glare to amount for his. "Fine," he resigned, but once again hesitated. "Just make it quick; I have an appointment with a client in two hours."

Something inside of me suddenly went numb and I felt a cold ice crawl through my veins. Client? So that was why he wanted to get out of here; he didn't want to spend more time with me, he wanted to tend to a precious client he was soon to defend in court. Again that prying presence appeared in my head and told me precariously that this was how things were going to be from now on; I was just going to be an asset to which my own father could disregard and pick up again whenever he felt like it.

I heard his footsteps retreat, and once again my head felt heavy and dizzy with mixed thought. My cold side quickly retreated into my soft, amnesic one and I realized with sudden rational thought that this was a defense mechanism for my mind. My old side was peeking through, threatening to ruin my perfect pretence that my dad really cared for me, while my vulnerable side was pushing it away with reckless force. I felt suddenly very alone and very susceptible as I realized I didn't know which side I permanently wanted to be.

"You ok?"

Flicking my eyes back to concentrate on Ryo, I nodded vaguely. My eyes softened at his solemn expression and I took a step toward him. "You know, I'm not changing schools or anything."

Ignoring my attempt to lighten the situation, Ryo frowned sternly. "Not yet, but knowing your dad, I'd say you'll be changing in about three weeks at the most…"

"You don't know that," I replied coldly. For some reason, I didn't want to believe what he was saying. I knew they were anything but lies, but somewhere out there, I felt they held at least some truth in them.

"Don't I?" Ryo challenged. Accusing eyes reprimanded me and I felt myself retreat back into the scared, alone girl with no memory. His eyes probed mine dangerously with such threat that I was scared.

My own eyes glazed over as I backed away slowly. "How would you know? He's my dad!"

Ryo never took his eyes off mine. "Once, perhaps. But that was when you could remember." He sighed quietly and I saw doubt flicker in his crystal eyes. "And do you want to know what you felt for him?"

My mouth felt dry and I couldn't speak. I just shook my head, not wanting any more lies to enter my dizzy head.

Ryo's face remained as calm as the unperturbed sea at night. "You hated him, Rika."

Those simple words seeped into me with such force that I winced and held my head in pain, and somewhat desperation. My knees buckled under the imagined pressure of simply knowing. No wonder my dad had seemed so surprised when I had met him back at the hospital. He had said that I didn't know him, and I didn't. I tried to be strong, but to no avail as I felt tears well up in my crystalline eyes. Everything seemed to rearrange itself like the colours of a kaleidoscope, except the colours were only imagined. Now everything seemed like shades of grey, and empty like the eternal void of darkness. Then suddenly, a bright light seemed to envelope me and I felt myself drawn back up again, into the light.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring into rich yellow fur. I breathed in sharply, taking in the smells of my comforting room. "Renamon…"

Her silky voice drifted to me on an invisible wind. "Rika, I want you to do something for me. You have to be strong. Strength is a catalyst to which we both have tasted before. This time, you must believe in Ryo, as well as your parents. And last of all, please believe in me, for I am forever your partner, your second half. The bonds that which tie us together, Rika, are chafing and soon will be broken. I do not want that to happen, again."

What did she mean by 'again'? I always thought that the before-Rika and Renamon had such a good relationship, since they seemed so close. Maybe they hadn't been all that close. Then something suddenly hit me: my dream, the last one. I had let Renamon take the full force of the vicious attack. The only thing I had done was cry out when she had almost died for me. But then, everything after that was just a blue to me…a memory lost in my fragmented mind.

I looked innocently at Renamon and I suddenly saw that whatever my decision would be, she would always follow me, and believe in me. I was touched that something like that could affect me the way it did. It almost felt as if nothing but our friendship seemed significant anymore.

I suddenly tore my eyes away from Renamon and I stared with certainty at Ryo, who was leaning against the far wall of my room, looking down. He looked up as if my eyes called to him and his rich blue orbs met mine. I wanted to apologise, apologise for my final decision but I could not find the words. I could only stare into his eyes and hope he would forgive me for not believing him, but I just couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to believe that I had hated my own father, even if in fact, I had.

Ryo just looked at me with betrayed eyes and walked slowly from my sight, through the room's door and out into the back garden. I shook my head yet again and decided I didn't want it to be this way. I ran after him, leaving Renamon behind to stare after me.


He stopped walking, however he didn't turn around.

"Ryo, I'm sorry. I just want to spend time with him. It somehow seems right for me to do this, so please don't be angry with me."

He stiffened suddenly, squaring his shoulders. He still didn't look back, so I walked past him then turned to look at him. He stared gently at me with soft, yet hardened eyes.

I stared pleadingly at him, almost ready to beg for him not to be angry with me. Then the strangest thing happened; he took my chin in one of his hands and bent down to kiss me on the lips. It was a soft, short kiss that I wished could've lasted longer, however, Ryo had other plans. He let go of my chin and lowered his face to mine. He then whispered into my face… "Please remember that…"

Then he was gone, just like that.

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