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An Easy Man to Love

He leaned forward and brushed his lips against those of the beautiful man in front of him. It was a soft, sweet caress, and it made him feel happy and warm and quite simply loved. Love was something hard to come by from such an incredible man as his partner. And yet, how could anyone not love the rich, full lips, the gorgeous hair that was so wonderful for running one's fingers through, the handsome chin and cheeks, or anything about the splendid man before him? He could not believe his luck in being loved by someone so handsome and amazing. -Yes, he's an easy man to love, my Gilderoy,- thought he. -And to think, out of all his adoring fans, he chose me to love back above all others…- He wrapped his arms around the statuesque figure before him, holding on tight in a passionate embrace. Again, he brought his lips to meet those of the other. This time their tongues touched, sending shivers up and down his spine. He enjoyed nothing more than the time they spent together, and sometimes found himself just staring into the eyes of this magnificent creature. What he did to deserve it all, he'd never know…

Severus Snape was shocked at what he saw upon entering the professors' common area. He flushed awkwardly at the scene before him, until finally he gathered his wits and rushed quickly out the door. The man and his lover were too engaged to notice.

As he stalked swiftly down the halls, still quite a bit embarrassed at what he had seen, one question was still burning in Snape's mind: Why had he been so turned on by the sight of Gilderoy Lockheart kissing… a mirror?