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Chapter One: Awakening




It was the first thing he heard before his eyes opened. It was a steady metronome emitting an electronic beeping sound. Right before his vision cleared, and he was able to take in his surroundings, Robin recognized the sound as a life support system.

"Aaah!" He sat up suddenly, feeling dizzy and confused. 'How...how did I get here? What happened...?'


Robin quickly snapped his head to the other direction to see who had shouted. The shock of waking up in a hospital room was hard enough to take in; he hadn't even realized there was another person in the room. The lights were off, so Robin couldn't tell who was sitting next to his hospital bed, but the voice sounded familiar enough.

"Hey!" the dark figure shouted out the door, "He's awake! You guys! He's awake!"

The voice was different than what Robin remembered, but still it was unmistakable.


This time, it wasn't Raven's voice that sounded different to Robin, it was his own.

"Oh god...I...I almost thought you weren't going to pull through, Rob."

Although grateful, Robin was a bit puzzled. 'Raven stayed in my room and watched over me? How...weird. I mean, I know she's my friend and everything, but...I never knew she cared that much.'

"Th...thanks, Rae. For looking after me and all, I didn't know you cared."

Raven wiped a tear away from her face, "Hah. Very funny, Richard."

Before he could contemplate how Raven had learned his real name, the light went on in the room and three familiar figures walked in. One in particular, Robin couldn't wait to see.

"Star!" Robin wanted to jump out of bed and rush over to his girlfriend Starfire. If anyone could help him make sense of all this, it was her. But when he tried, Raven and a large man in a trench coat restrained him and placed him back in his bed.

"Richard? How do you feel, friend? Are you well?"

Robin frowned. "I'm fine, but why so distant Star? Come here."

Starfire hesitated, and looked from Robin to Raven and back again before finally saying "...Alright" and walking over to Robin's bed.

As soon as she got close enough, Robin grabbed Starfire by the shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss.

"Mmph!!" Starfire pushed Robin away and stepped back. Just before a full-blown frenzy broke out, a doctor came running into the room.

"Wait! Wait! Everyone remain calm! There is some vital information I need all of you to see." The doctor held up a sheet containing Robin's cat-scan results. "As you can see," he said "there is an abnormality in Mr. Grayson's memory, at first glance it appears to be nothing more than a common case of amnesia..."

Robin stared at the doctor. 'Is this guy some kind of quack or something? Did he just say I have amnesia??' "Um...Doctor, I think there must be some mistake. I don't have amnesia, I remember everything."

Pieter Cross sighed. Of all his years practicing medicine, he had never come across a case like this before. He took a deep breath in, and then continued. "Your case of amnesia, Mr. Grayson, is...unique. I have never seen anything like it, and don't let the young face fool you, I've been at this for a LONG time. You remember who you are, you remember what everything is, and what everything does. However...you seem to have forgotten the last ten years of your life. It is as if time as stopped for you, and the last ten years haven't happened at all. Tell us, Mr. Grayson, how...how old are you?"

Robin stared at the doctor in front of him, and then over at his friends. Now that the initial shock had worn off, and the lights were on, he was able to see their faces clearly. They were faces he only half recognized. Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and the man he could only assume to be Speedy. They all must be half way through their twenty's. Slowly, he spoke.

"I...I'm 16. ...Aren't I?"

"Now, Mr. Grayson, if you will, answer this question for me. What is the last thing you remember, before waking up here?"

Robin wracked his brain. "I...was on a date with Star, we were seeing a movie. And then...and then our communicators went off, and we met up with the rest of the Titans to fight Mumbo again. It wasn't much of a fight but...by the time we were finished, the movie had ended, so Star and I went back to the tower with the others and then we..." He let himself trail off as his cheeks turned a bright crimson.

Starfire let out a gasp. She knew exactly what night Robin was talking about. It may have been nearly a decade ago, but even after that long, one never really forgets the night they lose their virginity.

Dr. Cross continued; his voice slow and forceful, yet kind and reassuring at the same time. "Robin. I want you to listen to me very carefully, and I want you to remain calm, and just hear what I have to say. Robin, today's date, is August 11, 2014. You are 26 years old. You can't remember the past ten years of your life, but the world has passed you by. After talking it over with your friends, we've decided that you will go with them. Perhaps if you go home, and surround yourself with the people, places, and things of your life, your memory will return. Amnesia is rarely permanent...however, since yours is a case unlike any I have ever seen, I...cannot make any promises."

Robin heard everything Dr. Cross said, but he was only barely paying attention. He understood that the good doctor was just trying to speak to him calmly so he wouldn't freak out or anything, but Robin wasn't really the 'freak out' type. His mind was trying it's best to find an answer to his problem, but it kept getting distracted. He was trying his best to stay focused, but his gaze kept moving from Dr. Cross over to the shapely Tamaranian to his left. By Robin's calculations, Starfire was now 25 years old, and he felt like he was living every boy's dream. How often do you get to go to sleep, and then wake up only to find your 15 year old girlfriend a stunning and fully developed woman.

After Dr. Cross had finished, he and Speedy went out into the hall to talk. Cyborg was about to follow when Robin finally spoke up again.

"So...I'm...twenty-six, huh?"

Raven smiled at him. "That you are, Rich."

Robin lifted his hands up, almost unbelievingly to inspect them. As he did, a small gold ring caught his attention. "Is...is this? Star? Did we...I mean, I guess we did."

"Did what, Richard?"

Robin grinned as he looked down at his hand. "Get married. I mean, I always hoped we would, and it doesn't really surprise me, I mean, I love you, Star. It's just...kind of weird, you know, to see the ring here."

Biting her lip, Raven suddenly ran out of the room, tears filling her eyes. Cautiously, Starfire glanced back at Robin, and then, as if with a heavy heart, followed after Raven.

Bewildered, Robin looked up at his old friend Cyborg. "Cy...what...what happened? What did I say?"

"Rob..." he looked down at the ground. 'How do I tell him?' he thought. "Rob...you never married Star. In fact, the two of you barely lasted over a year. For the past two years...you've been married to Raven."

(Authors' Notes: In case you were wondering, the reason no one is freaking out about the doctor knowing Robin's real name is that Dr. Pieter Cross is the secret identity of a fellow DC super hero. If you don't already know which one, don't worry about it, all is revealed in chapter six.)