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First Time

Books lined up in their shelves. La la la, tidying away my books. Books put in order of height? Books in order of preference? No that's impossible. Maybe just books put on a shelf? I'm not liking this tidying thing at all, but at least I know where all my books have gone. Hmm, hmm hmm, books that I haven't seen in a while and books I thought I'd lost. More scrolls too. So many lovely books. Hardback, softback, paperback and something-that-I- can't-quite-remember-now-back. I didn't realise I had quite so many. Hmm, I wonder if I can expand my quarters? Or if I take the legs off that table and use books as the legs? Baskets hanging from the ceiling maybe? Or maybe if I put this stack underneath my desk? I've always wanted a footstool. Well, I've never wholly thought about it but still, resting the feet aids circulation they say. What in this stack? Philosophy ... Aristotle... ah, my Herodotus too and the Tale of Genji. The Tale of Genji? My own copy?! I haven't seen that in a while, I'll read that next.

Tenpou always found it strange that he created clutter, and even stranger that it didn't just tidy itself after he had finished with it, as it should quite rightly do. He glanced down at the corner he had just tidied and was amazing at how stark his study really was when he took stuff off the floor. He'd never noticed really. He pushed another handful of books onto their correct shelf and reached for the pack of cigarettes that rested nearby, lighting it in one practised movement and slipping the silver lighter into the capricious pocket of his lab-coat.

He also found it strange that he had nothing really to do today. None of the standard routine things he normally did. Obviously there was the tidying up, but that usually took last place, usually just behind 'go and harass Konzen' which would invariably lead to 'tease Konzen' which would then move onto 'end up chatting with Konzen until an ungodly hour'. This time though, there was no Konzen to do such things with. He had left early for an audience with Tentei, accompanying his Aunt, despite his wish to get out of things.

Therefore, Tenpou went up to the next thing on his mental routine list, which was paperwork. After locating his in-pile under a large, china, beckoning cat that was waving at him almost in mockery, he saw that he'd done everything. His stamp was even sat next to it, showing every sign of being used. He had dispatched a messenger with the papers and then moved up to the next task he usually did. Now he had no in-pile whatsoever ... damn damn damn. He mentally ticked off one other routine and went to the next one; harass Goujun. Problem there, there was no Goujun. The Dragon King had also left, gone to a meeting with the bigwigs of the Eastern Army.

Tenpou had then moved to another task; that of going down to see his troops. That was usually guaranteed to keep him busy for hours because, for reasons that were wholly unknown, he was well-liked by his troops. Obviously not now thought as they had gone too. Off subjugating gods-knew- what and he hadn't been called up with them, not really being needed this time around. This had left him with only one option, apart from tidying, and it was rapidly becoming his favourite one.


But, alas, an afternoon of mindless and usually furious sex was not on the cards. Kenren Taisho was actually leading the troops out on the subjugation and consequently had left very early this morning with them. Not that Tenpou cared, but sex was infinitely preferable to tidying his study even if he had found his missing copy of Genji.

Tenpou cast an eye across his study, into his bedroom and let his gaze fall on the deliciously rumpled bed. It had two extremely obvious indentations in the pillows and Tenpou could faintly see the outline of Kenren's body left on the sheets. They had fucked each other senseless last night and Tenpou had been surprised that his subordinate had been able to actually get out of bed, because Tenpou had certainly slept in longer then planned. At the memory, he felt his heart thump and a faint shiver lick its way up his spine and shook his head to get rid of the sensation.

"Why am I getting turned on by my bed?" He muttered, slamming several books onto the shelf with a little more vigour than he intended; a thin layer of dust hit him in the face and he sneezed violently. He felt the urge to justify himself.

"At least Kenren's out of my hair today. I was getting annoyed with his constant visits all the time, interrupting my work. Doesn't he have most of the women in Tenkai to see to?" Even to his ears, his voice sounded hollow and tinged with a touch of jealousy.

Tenpou huffed in annoyance and slammed another line of books up, propping them upright with a pile of scrolls.

"I am not missing him at all." He muttered. "I am using him for sex. I need release the same as every man does." Expect maybe Konzen he pondered semi- humorously. "It's not like he particularly cares whether he's here or not, he has as many fuck-buddies lying around Tenkai as I do books. I don't care."

Satisfied that he had tidied enough and that he wasn't thinking stupid things about Kenren, Tenpou picked up The Tale of Genji. Reading was now the last and only other thing on his list of things to do and at least that was one of his favourites. Stubbing out his cigarette then just as quickly lighting another one, he kicked off his slippers, slumped down in his desk chair, and propped his feet up on the desk, running his fingers over the leather-bound cover of his book. Somehow reading with free time on your hands was not as satisfying as when you had all of Tenkai breathing down your neck and a certain Taisho talking you into bed at every opportunity.

Nevertheless, Tenpou soon found that he was slipping away from his study and into tenth century Heian Japan.

He was jolted from graphic dreams involving Goujun and Konzen fighting over a purple silk kimono with bright red cigarettes printed on it, several hours later by a knock at the door. He ignored it at first, because he knew it wouldn't be anything particularly good, but the knocking persisted. It was a weak knock and not one that Tenpou recognised; Goujun's was harsh and short with only three raps, Konzen's were two long raps and Kenren usually drummed out a simple tune. His troops usually called out his name and title at the same time as knocking so he knew it wasn't them. Beside a quick glance out of the window revealed that it was dusk, so it couldn't be anyone useful. Concerned, Tenpou kicked his feet off the table.

"Hello?" he asked. There was no response.

"Who's there?" he demanded again. No response but another knock that was more half-hearted this time; two soft raps.

Annoyed, Tenpou rose to his feet and opened the door, determined to yell at someone who had disturbed him, or at least look bored when they tried to talk to him.

"I was wondering when you were going to open up." Said Kenren hoarsely.

The Taisho was leaning heavily against Tenpou's doorframe, breathing heavily and with one hand wrapped around his waist. He looked awful. One eye was swollen and his face was bruised. His coat had been torn and there was blood oozing out between his fingers. His left arm hung almost uselessly at his side and he was favouring his left leg. Tenpou folded his arms critically.

"And you're here because..." he asked, trying hard not to feel concerned, after all he didn't deal with such things. Tenpou Gensui was cool and unapproachable and as Kenren often dubbed him a "hard-ass". Kenren gave a half heart attempt at a smirk.

"Just a social visit." He answered.

"Taisho you look a mess."

"You should see the thing we subjugated."

Tenpou pulled the door open all the way and let his subordinate limp in and sag gratefully onto a chair. He stood there facing him.

"So are you going to explain or am I waiting for more soldiers to turn up at my door half-dead?"

Kenren gave a snort.

"Yeah funny." He said, his voice sounding a little hurt. "Look, I can go you know." He levered himself up and started to go towards the door. Tenpou reached over and held his arm.

"I apologise, Taisho." He said, his own voice suddenly warm, he maybe a control-freak but he wasn't a heartless control freak. "I'll go and get the first aid kit."

Kenren heard the splashing of water and the sounds of thumping so sat back in the chair and went to light a cigarette. He then discovered to his peril that taking lovely long draughts of cigarette smoke hurt his bruised ribs. He groaned.

"Shit, I am loathing this right now." He hissed. Tenpou came back in from his bedchamber holding a small pottery bowl of warm water and an incredibly ornate silver box. Kenren looked up.

"What the hell?" he asked quizzically, looking at the box. Tenpou looked sheepish. "I can't find my proper first-aid kit, but I think I put it all in here when I last tidied." He said. "Strip down to your pants, Taisho."

Normally that sort of invitation would have Tenpou thrown backwards onto the bed, ankles up around Kenren's shoulders and out of commission for the rest of the week, but Kenren just looked exhausted. Tenpou was surprised.

"Yeah okay." Answered the dark-haired man. Bruised hands reached for his belt and he sighed. "Listen, don't get official on me, its Kenren and you know it and this ain't exactly an official visit." He pulled away his coat leaving his chest bare.

"Fine." Replied Tenpou pulling out a length of the bandage, some tape and a square dressing. "Whatever you say." He dipped a clean handkerchief in the warm water then carefully cleansed Kenren's stomach wound, glad to see it wasn't as serious as it looked. The Taisho hissed at the sting, Tenpou had obviously put some salt in the water. He ignored the stinging and gazed at Tenpou, hoping for some kind of recognition and tenderness from the brunette.

"Come on. We fuck each other on a pretty regular basis; I'd say we're past titles. Can I call you Tenpou?" he asked. Tenpou placed the square dressing against the wound on Kenren's abdomen and carefully wound the bandages around his waist.

"I suppose." Answered the brunette placidly, continuing his winding and pulling it firmly. Kenren sighed; Tenpou was throwing the defensive walls up faster than usual. It always happened when Kenren tried to edge in and find the 'real' Tenpou. Even in the middle of sex, the Gensui could be as far away as the moon. Kenren drew in another breath of cigarette smoke and exhaled very slowly so it didn't hurt the wound that Tenpou had just bound.

"Can I call you a godsdamned baka, then?" he asked, trying to get a rise. Tenpou secured the bandage with a strip of tape then opened several plasters. He was getting suspicious at the Taisho's insinuations. Kenren should know by now that anything beyond sex was unthinkable.

"If it makes you happy." He answered calmly, sticking plasters across a cut Kenren's knuckles, a graze on his wrist and finally a cut on his finger that not even Kenren had noticed. Tenpou then re-dipped the handkerchief in the bowl and went to wipe Kenren's eye. Kenren gripped his wrist.

"Godsdamn it all Tenpou!" he snapped. "Why won't you answer me properly?"
Tenpou shrugged, hoping to hide his surprise.

"Why did you come here?" he asked suddenly. Kenren looked disbelieving. "Why didn't you go to the medical wing, its there for a reason, Taisho?" because you're making me uncomfortable and I don't want to face this right now he added silently.

Kenren bit back a wave of anger at Tenpou's sudden outburst when he saw that what he had said had obviously flustered the Gensui. Instead, he stared pointedly at Tenpou who was cutting up dressings now.

"Okay, you want to play, Gensui. You really wanna know... It's because I wanted to see you out of bed, and not as Tenkai Seihougan Tenpou Gensui either. Just you, Tenpou."

Tenpou froze mid-cut, his heart thudding in his chest. Kenren continued, his dark eyes blazing.

"Just fucking you isn't enough, Gensui." He said with his voice lowered. "I want to mean more to you than that."

Tenpou dropped the scissors and stood up, drawing in a long, deep, calming breath. He had always prided himself on his iron self-control. Tenpou Gensui controlled others and did things himself. He followed his own way and it was up to him what he did. Tenpou had clamped down on all ideas of love since he had attained this position. To do this job properly you needed self-control and Tenpou always did things properly. No one could break this control - least of all an injured upstart Taisho who provided him with pleasant ways to pass the evening, and nothing more. He stepped back defensively. Kenren rose up from the chair and stepped towards him.

"Gensui?" he asked suddenly, tenderly, in fact looking concerned for him. Tenpou narrowed his eyes and stepped further away, almost like a cornered animal.

"You are not in control of me." He said plainly, feeling the colour drain from his already-pale face. Kenren looked confused and stepped closer. Tenpou mirrored his movements and stepped further back until his back was pressed up against the wall and Kenren was holding him place with a hand resting on the wall either side of his face.

"I don't want to be in control." He murmured. "I just wanna see more of you. It may seem hard to believe, Tenpou but not everyone thinks you're dangerous and stand alone." He added softly.

"You see me a lot, Kenren." Answered Tenpou. "You certainly sleep here, it's become a routine."

Kenren laughed under his breath.

"So you caring isn't part of your routine?" he asked, his voice sarcastic. Tenpou glanced away.

"I never said that." Said Tenpou, not liking this loss of control. He never lost control, which is why he never had relationships. He was like Konzen in that respect, they both needed to know that they were in control. That was possibly why they had been friends since childhood. Tenpou's breathing hitched as Kenren ran the backs of his fingers down his cheek. He didn't even want to think about the feelings he had been having in the morning when Kenren left his bed to go elsewhere. Nor did he want to think about the brief bouts of jealousy at the thought of Kenren going off and screwing miscellaneous women.

"Do you know how many women I've slept with since I've been fucking you?" Kenren asked in a low voice as if guessing his very train of thought.

"What you do in your own time, Taisho, is none of my business." Answered Tenpou placidly, ducking underneath Kenren's right arm and heading back to his bandages, choking back the feeling of nausea. Kenren didn't move.

"None." He told the wall with a sigh. "Not one."
Tenpou stopped.

"Sit back down, Taisho." He mumbled. "That's an order."

As docile as any house cat, Kenren sat back down and let Tenpou attend to his wound, all the while watching the man like a hawk. It was true what he had said; he hadn't chased any skirt and denied whatever had come to him, even at one point telling a particularly persistent woman that he was in an exclusive relationship, something he would never ever do. Kenren hated to admit it, but he considered himself in a relationship and was angry that Tenpou wouldn't acknowledge the same. It was obvious the Gensui felt something for him other wise why was he here, on his knees, patiently binding wounds that he didn't have to bind at all.

"Tenpou?" he asked softly. Too softly. In fact, Kenren couldn't physically recall the last time he had used a tone of voice like that; sad with a touch of pleading.

Don't make me beg you, Tenpou.

He saw Tenpou blush at the pronunciation of his name; a faint pink tinge that graced his cheeks and made him look prettier than usual. Kenren knew himself to be handsome and exploited it most of the time, but Tenpou was truly beautiful. Kenren wanted to see more of that beauty; not just in bed where there were no lab coats, no glasses and no brushed-forwards forelocks that covered a pale forehead and its blood-red chakra, he wanted to see it whenever he wanted. Kenren smiled at the blush and as Tenpou stuck down another plaster, he said the name again.

"Tenpou?" this time it was still soft but with a certain warmth that hadn't been there before.

"Kenren?" came the answered from the bowed head, the voice equally as soft. It was the first time Tenpou had ever used that tone of voice, soft, scared and impossibly alluring. Kenren was touched; he had finally cracked that carefully-maintained exterior. He was sure it was the first time for the uptight brunette.

"Tenpou, look at me." He said quietly. He put two fingers to Tenpou's chin and lifted his head. Those dark eyes stared back at him and Kenren was sure he could see them shimmer green. Those eyes were the ones he stared into almost every night and knew he would never ever get fed up with.

"I want you." He whispered and saw those iridescent eyes start to roll. "But not in that way, I've claimed your body already." He ran his hand down Tenpou's face. "I'm a demanding bastard who wants everything, and now I want your very soul." His hand rested on Tenpou's chest, feeling the thumping of Tenpou's heartbeat.

Tenpou remained on his knees, hands brushing the floor and staring into Kenren's own eyes that were endless swirls of black wanting to seduce him, claim him, keep him. However, Tenpou's own dark hair and glasses completely obscured any expression that may have given away his own answer. The roll of bandage fell from his hand and left a white trail from where he had dropped it in his surprise. The silence was heavy and Kenren swore that he was running out of air in desperation for the Gensui's answer.

Tenpou lifted his head, finally beaten into admittance.

"You want everything from me." He said bluntly, defeated. "What is there left?"
Kenren pushed himself out of the chair and sank down onto his knees opposite Tenpou, refusing to wince at the pain it caused him.

"Me." He said honestly, grabbing Tenpou's hands and putting them on his own chest, letting the brunette feel his own pounding heartbeat. Tenpou looked distinctly displeased, his eyes narrowing and his body tensing. Kenren was now feeling nauseous; he didn't know how he was going to explain being kicked out of another army.

"I won't be one of your whores," replied Tenpou suddenly, stroking his fingers over Kenren's chest, his voice was soft and welcoming and there was a half-smile on his face.

"Never." Stated Kenren, his nausea dying away and being replaced with an ardent desire to strip away everything that made Tenpou unapproachable. He unloosened Tenpou's tie and pulled it away, swiftly followed by the glasses that were flung across the room.

"Don't expect anything." Said Tenpou, raising his arms slightly to make Kenren's job easier.

"Have I ever?" replied Kenren, letting Tenpou's lab coat fall from his shoulders and starting to work on his shirt buttons before giving up and simply yanking the shirt off him.

"You would say anything to get me into bed." Said Tenpou huskily, pulling loose Kenren's belt and working on the button and zipper.

"Too right." Murmured Kenren, hands straying down to the Gensui's pants and surreptitiously undoing them. Ignoring his injuries, he crawled forwards until he had Tenpou lying on his back on the study floor, propped up by his elbows. "But this time I want you on your library floor. Celebrate the fact that you've done something for the very first time." He smirked.

"Kenren." Murmured Tenpou, his very last wall of resistance breaking down and he lay down fully, the back of his head resting on The Tale of Genji that he had dropped earlier. It was really the first time he had ever let anyone claim him completely. The first time.

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen you tidy this office by yourself before." Said Kenren with a grin.

"Very funny." Said Tenpou. "I can throw you out you know, Taisho, you still aren't fit for duty."

"I think I'm incredibly fit for duty." He whispered, letting Tenpou just how fit for duty he was.

"But I can still throw you out, Taisho." Teased Tenpou.

Kenren leaned over his lover and bit down gently on the bit of skin around Tenpou's collarbone, knowing that it was his Gensui's oh-gods-yes button. True to prediction, Tenpou arched his back and gasped. Satisfied, Kenren drew away.

"Like hell I'm leaving this room." He said and, determined to get Tenpou's full consent he stared deeply into Tenpou's lust-filled eyes. "So, do I get an answer to my question? Do I have your soul?" he asked softly, letting his hands rest by Tenpou's head.

There was silence.

"Only if I have yours." Whispered Tenpou as he sealed the contract.

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