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Chapter 40- All You Need Is Love


One of the things that irked Albus the most about aging was the inability to sleep through the night. He always awoke in the wee hours and had to listen to music or read for awhile before sleep would again be possible. Waking early Saturday morning, he decided to get up and see what the weather would be like on Hoy that day. Midnight blue robes embroidered with cows jumping over moons billowed around the Headmaster while he entered his office. Taking down a scrying bowl from one of the many shelves, he placed it on his desk, and softly chanted. Upon the inky surface, a scene appeared. Gray skies loomed overhead. A thick mist covered the hills. Stiff winds bent the shrubs and heather.

Hardly ideal weather for an outdoor wedding…

Removing his wand from the pocket of his robe, the wizard began to point to the four winds, chanting a specific spell for each direction. The liquid in the bowl began to steam, vapors arising to conceal the image upon the surface. A final incantation combined with an intricate pattern of runes 'drawn' in the air with the wand made the steam dissipate instantly. The surface now reflected a scene of sunshine, heather blooming, and a gentle breeze blowing.

Sighing contentedly, Dumbledore returned to his bedchamber and Minerva.


On an island across oceans and continents, the residents of Catalina, California were going about their evening activities. Children laughed and ran outside to play when it began to rain.


The sunlight streaming through the large round window in their bedchamber at Bag End woke Severus. He watched Lorelei sleep, wondering if he'd feel any differently waking up tomorrow, when they'd be husband and wife. A smile curved her lips. Sleepily, she murmured,

"It's stopped raining."

"How gratifying to have a perceptive wife…"

Midnight eyes opened. The look she gave him was sultry.

"I will always take pleasure in my husband's gratification."

"Is that one of the wedding vows?"

Her drowsy laughter made him smile. Kissing his bride-to-be, Snape briefly wondered how Muggles could stand to kiss each other upon rising when they didn't have morning-after-strength brushing/flossing mints to freshen their breath. Dismissing the thought of distastefully unhygienic non-magical persons, he coaxed his love's mouth open.

In a bedroom on the opposite side of the corridor from her professors, Cassandra rubbed her face against a firm pillow. It moved. She shrieked. Pushing herself up to a sitting position, the girl stared at the boy smiling up at her. His long fringe almost obscured the eyes that she loved. In only a pair of jeans, the selkie looked way too good. Vaguely, she remembered taking off his shirt so that she could feel those sculpted muscles. She would like to have blamed spiked punch for her behavior, but not one drop of alcohol had been added to the beverage. Cass had allowed the uninhibited party atmosphere and the exuberance of the sea people to infect her cool, calculating Slytherin nature. The result had been a night of dancing and snogging.

The smile spreading across his girlfriend's face made Kieran grin. Who needed real windows when the view inside the room was much prettier? The teen absently rubbed his chest, inwardly amused by the way her eyes followed his hand wistfully. Spreading fingers wide, he gasped theatrically. Skeptical brown eyes narrowed.

"Am I supposed to believe that you're in some kind of pain?"

He nodded, giving her the soulful look that his kind did so well,

"What am I supposed to do about it? Kiss and make it better?"

Kieran stared at her steadily. After a few moments, the selkie played his musical inflection to the hilt.


Her lips brushed his mouth; making the pain he felt thinking about their parting ease. They'd be together again, and while he still had the chance, the boy was going to kiss her in a way that she'd never forget.

On a path outside Bag End that led to the ocean, Piper and Shea walked briskly. The heather and wildflowers lining the way made the hike pleasant, as did the unusually balmy weather. A smile creased a clever face. His companion observed,

"Good people, these selkies…your friend Lorelei too. I'm glad I came."

Helping his partner to cross a stone stream, Piper said,

"I'm glad you're here. Any chance of you catching Wedding Fever…?"

Shea gave a low, Goblin laugh.

"Is that a proposal?"

Standing on the multi-colored stones that blanketed the shore, canny black eyes gleamed.

"Is there gold at Gringott's?"

Returning his smile, the Goblin woman said with a pragmatism belied by her shining eyes,

"Then I'd better say yes while the band still remembers how to play Wagner's Bridal Chorus."

Further down the shoreline, an impressive example of a male gray seal stretched out on a flat rock. He enjoyed feeling the sun's rays against his body. His tail flapped restlessly at the thought that upon this day, his daughter would forever be joined to another man. Whiskers twitched at the idea of losing his little girl. Mournful black eyes opened upon hearing a chiding series of barks.

"You're not losing a daughter, Tynan, you're gaining a son."

The mother of his sons, Mab, flopped down next to him. Her liquid black eyes were sympathetic, but amused. He barked in reply,

"A Kraken for a son…Poseidon smiles upon me."

A honking laugh sounded.

"You should thank him for sending your daughter to a man who will cherish her."

Rubbing his nose against hers, Tynan pulled back and bobbed his head.

"Thank Poseidon, and thank you…how about a swim?"

Two streamlined bodies were soon racing through the gentle waves.


The sun rose higher in the sky, drying the dew and brightening hearts. Three guests flooed into the lounge after breakfast. Lorelei rushed to hug Marina and Jean-Luc. Silky was embraced affectionately as well and asked,

"Are you ready for your magical skills to be utilized to their fullest?"

Large, tennis ball shaped green orbs shone with eagerness.

"I is ready!"

The females huddled together, immediately absorbed with talk of tents and tables, food and flowers. Jean-Luc retreated to a corner where Snape was lounging in a chair reading The Daily Prophet. Taking a seat in a matching club chair, the distinguished man inquired,

"Have you read the article on the preponderance of recent giant sightings?"

Glancing at the bald man whose air of authority seemed better suited to government rather than a research lab, Severus replied civilly,

"Yes. It is very disturbing- especially if a certain party is responsible."

After measuring the other man's words, Jean-Luc offered,

"Although officially the Siren Corporation maintains neutrality in the affairs of the Wizarding World, unofficially…if a rumored Order requires assistance in any way that can be discreetly provided…"

The sincerity of the offer was unquestionable. The use of Corporation resources would be invaluable. Inclining his head in appreciation, Severus said,

"There is someone I must consult, but I have no doubt that he will accept your offer gladly and discuss with you in depth about this matter."

A small smile played across the commanding features, "Make it so."

Across the room from the men, the details of the ceremony and reception had quickly been worked out. Years of lavish party planning experience made a simple wedding easy by comparison. The house elf stated that she would go confer with the house brownie, and work on the preparations together. Marina called to her partner,

"Jean-Luc, I'm going to unpack and see Lorelei's dress."

In the midst of a discussion, two sets of dark eyes glanced up and looked relieved not to have their presence required. The elder siren laughed softly while leaving the lounge,

"Men- forever leery of women's fashion…"

Slipping an arm around her mother's waist, Lorelei agreed,

"Nothing makes their eyes glaze over faster." Smiling, she said, "I don't care if Severus admires the dress, as long as he thinks that I'm beautiful wearing it."

"Of course your groom…what a strange word…will. All brides are beautiful on their wedding day!"

Lorelei led her mother to the chamber she and Severus had shared.

"We'll be staying at Muir Cottage for the rest of our stay, so I thought you'd enjoy having this chamber."

Marina gazed wistfully at the murals, the elaborately carved headboard.

"I remember feeling envious of the love that built this home, created this enchanting room." Her smile became warm, "Now I have Jean-Luc, and I'm grateful that your father loves our daughter so." Rubbing her hands together in anticipation, the woman looked around. "Where's your dress?"

"Hey, not going to leave me out, are you? I want to see what a wedding gown looks like. I hope to need one myself one day…"

Tonks grinned while she entered the room and shut the door after waving Remus toward the lounge. Lorelei rushed across the chamber to hug her excitedly.

"Merlin, just think…our children can play together!"

A look of horror made the metamorphmagus' heart shaped face look even paler,

"Can we please not talk of children…I'm just starting to get used to the idea of you and Snape getting married!"

Pulling the squeamish woman over to a portion of wall, Lorelei pressed a painted leaf. The wall slid back to reveal a closet. Reaching in, the bride-to-be brought out her wedding dress.

"It's not white…and it looks medieval!"

Three women gazed at the emerald green velvet gown. One contentedly, one appraisingly, and one confusedly… Marina informed her daughter's friend,

"That's because it's cut with princess seams, and laces up the back." Trailing her fingers over the sheer, fitted undersleeve and flowing long oversleeve that banded at the bicep with soft shirring to accentuate the shoulders, light brown spiraled curls shook,

"I was afraid that you'd go for the Gothic look. This is a pleasant surprise. My dress is silver brocade which will go well with this silver trim at the neck and sleeves. The trim belt, too. You'll wear it low on the hips?"


Tonks frowned.

"What good does that do?" Seeing the smiles on the other faces, she said ruefully, "Just for looks, huh?" The Ravenclaw would keep the idea in mind for the future. Mentally changing the color of the velvet to blue, Tonks' gaze flickered around the chamber.

"Are you wearing one of those cone hats with the scarf hanging out?"

Melodic laughter pealed.

"No…just a ciclet of white roses and quicksilver faerie phlox. I'll be carrying a bouquet of the same…as are you, if you'll be my maid of honor."

Tonks grinned.

"Try and stop me!"

After discussing shoes and deciding that silver Manolo Blanik slides charmed for stability and support would go best, the women decided to return to the lounge for a cup of tea. At the far end, a dart board hung against the wall. Severus, Jean-Luc, and Remus were in the middle of a match. Wisely deciding not to interrupt male competition…or bonding…maybe both, Lorelei spoke into the fireplace,

"Donn, will you please send a pot of tea down to the lounge?"

The brownie arrived with a loaded tray a few moments later. Along with the asked for tea, buttered scones with raspberry jam, apple tarts, mince-pies and cheese, pork-pies and salad, eggs, cold chicken, pickles, seed cakes, and biscuits were supplied. A disgruntled bridegroom stalked over, followed by an amused best man and a satisfied future step-father in law. Reaching for a mug of ale, Severus flicked a disdainful hand toward the lavish spread and asked,

"Whose idea of tea is this?"

The slightly pouting air of the man who'd lost in darts relaxed into a smirk upon noticing his love's guilty glance resting on the leather-bound edition of The Hobbit on a side table. Relaxing beside Lorelei on the sofa, Snape allowed her to fix him a plate. Listening quietly to the conversation that flowed around the room, he reflected that at least the Stilton was excellent.

A clamoring sound was heard outside the home. Within moments, the round door to the lounge opened and a group of men poured inside with cries of,


The only dark-haired, dark-eyed, un-naturally handsome sibling the Potions Master recognized was Kieran. Lorelei went about gushing over each of the selkies before returning to where he stood ready to face the crowd.

"These are my brothers, Severus. Some have swum…I mean come…a long way to be with us today."

Each stepped up and shook his hand with an impudent grin when she introduced them one by one. He committed the names to memory, imprinting the brothers into mind as Ailin: mole under right earlobe, Bearach: brawny, Cormac: smiles too much, Daivi: can't stand still, Donal: shy, Eoghan: scar in left eyebrow, Iaian: streak of white in hair, Kieran: almost a credit to Slytherin, Liam: chipped tooth, Neall: has eye for the women, Reece: looks like trouble, and Shane: a cowboy. Tynan sauntered into the room with the strut of a rooster that had fertilized many an egg. What an accomplishment to take pride in. The newcomers fell upon the tea tray like locusts, talking and eating with equal enthusiasm. Donn appeared with more refreshments. Feeling outnumbered and uncomfortable, Snape retreated from the room. He turned in the entry to find that Lupin had followed.

"It's like that night I retreated to the astronomy tower…times twelve."

A muscle in Severus' jaw twitched at the wry comment. He raised a brow.

"Yet you're willing to leave your partner surrounded by selkies?"

A wolfish grin assured,

"No worries about Tonks being unhappy, my friend."

Perhaps the man had used terms of friendship so often that they no longer offended. Or maybe the thought of having a friend that understood his past and shared common interests in the present was surprisingly agreeable. Shrugging off mawkish introspection, he said, "I'm going to walk into the village for a firewhiskey, if you'd care to go along…Remus…"

Companionably, the men strode toward Rackwick and Thor's Hammer.

While Snape and Lupin sipped firewhiskey and vowed to challenge Jean-Luc to another dart match, a couple Apparated outside Bag End. The white-haired wizard smiled proudly while he looked around.

"It appears exactly as I scryed it!"

Regal in green dress robes, the Headmaster's companion said harshly,

"Do you mean to tell me that you Apparated us here with only a vague image to guide you?"

Chuckling, the wizard brushed a speck off the sleeve of his silver on silver embroidered robes and chided,

"Minerva, do you honestly think I'd attempt Apparating with a vague image? It was a detailed image, I assure you."

Nerves made the professor snap,


At the same time, a soft voice exclaimed,


Dreading the confrontation, McGonagall turned to meet the smiling gaze of the woman she'd avoided for over twenty seven years. Marina greeted,

"Minerva, It's been too long…I'm glad that you could share this day with us. Won't you come in?"

A group of handsome men trooped outside. Tynan pushed through the crowd and kissed McGonagall's cheeks. She could feel them flush. Shaking Dumbledore's hand, the selkie told the pair that he and 'the boys' were off to the Hammer to give the girls peace to prepare for the ceremony. With cheerful waves, the selkies took off down the path, singing,

"I'm getting married in the morning, Ding dong the bells are gonna chime..."

Following Marina into the house, Minerva looked askance at the…roundness…to the home. The pegs were unduly eccentric, also. Entering the lounge and cordially greeting Tonks, before offering her best wishes to Lorelei, the Deputy Headmaster accepted a cup of tea. Sitting beside Albus on a sofa, the woman tried to deal with her conflicted feelings. Here she was, having tea with a woman who'd slashed her wrists after… And, now, apparently, everyone else had moved past the incident…except her. Would showing her feelings…in a circumspect fashion…really not garner censure or unwanted focus on her private life? Slowly, her hand moved to cover Albus' where it rested on the sofa cushion between them. Not one eyebrow rose.

Only the knowledge that his prickly love would be mortified by such an excessive public display of affection kept Dumbledore from kissing her. Unable to act on his feelings, Albus was restrained to grinning like a schoolboy, and shifting to entwine his fingers with Minerva's.

Eventually, the men returned from the pub. Severus declined every offer to assist him with his dressing or sneak him out the back way if he had second thoughts. Curling a lip at the thought of a Snape doing any such thing, the wizard entered the guest room set aside for him.

Tonks paced Lorelei's chamber, wondering why she was the one with jitters instead of the bride. Was it the fear of tripping on her hem, or a rock, or a clump of dirt…? Marina softly touched her arm.

"Burgundy velvet looks lovely on you. Here's your bouquet…is everyone ready?"

Rubbing the soft sapphire colored material of her skirt, Cassandra lifted a basket filled with white rose petals and asked,

"Okay, somebody tell me why I get to be the flower girl again?"

"You're the youngest girl here, and when Kieran asked, you said 'yes'."

Turning to the bride resplendent in emerald green, Cassandra said dryly,

"I would've said yes to pretty much anything at that particular moment." Smiling ruefully, the girl asserted, "If I didn't know that this wedding will remain a secret until after Voldemort's defeated, and that by then I'll be mature enough to stand being teased about tossing petals, I'd make Kieran suffer the indignity."

Clearly humoring the otherworldly Slytherin, the other women nodded and pointed to the door. Muttering 'unbelievers', Cass heaved a sigh and then marched out, basket in hand. Walking unseen in the corridor, she reached up to touch the flower circlet in her hair and grinned, just for a moment.

Beyond Bag End was a leveled hillside with a panoramic view of the ocean. A large white tent stood to the side, the round tables and chairs beneath it waiting for guests to be seated after the wedding ceremony. Those assembled together to celebrate stood in a circle that was open on one end. Piper and Shea played a sonata for flute and guitar while Cassandra walked slowly into the circle, scattering petals. The girl moved to stand beside Kieran. Tonks took extra care with each step and made it into the circle with a sigh of relief that brought smiles to waiting faces. The entire band took up various instruments to play the Bridal Chorus.

Tynan escorted his daughter to a circle within the ring of family and friends. Facing North, a bowl of amethyst, turquoise, and lapis stones symbolized Earth. To the South, A brass candleholder with a red candle stood for Fire. Facing East, a glass candleholder held a white candle to embody Air. On the West side of the circle, a bowl of seashells in brine were the symbol of Water. With a bittersweet smile, the selkie kissed his daughter's cheek and moved to stand beside Marina and Jean-Luc.

Within the inner circle, Dumbledore stood facing Severus and Lorelei. The bride handed her bouquet to Tonks. Behind the groom who had traded customary black for a close-fitting Slytherin green tunic with a mandarin collar, the best man grinned at the maid-of-honor.

Irrepressible, the woman returned his cheeky smile. One day, the positions here today would be reversed, and Tonks would have a matron of honor.

Standing with Severus' hands clasping hers, Lorelei felt the same way she had when first sighting this man on the front steps of Hogwarts. She was entranced.

Leaning forward just enough to allow long strands of black hair to obscure his expression from everyone except the woman he loved, Severus' lips curved, and his eyes shone with tenderness.

Albus, praising Merlin for that night he'd drunk one shot too many and applied for Druid Celebrant status, turned to the radiant bride and asked,

"What is your desire?"

"To be one with Severus."

Asked the same question, Snape spoke in a clear, strong voice,

"To be one with Lorelei."

Taking the couple through the ceremony that would join their lives together, the wizard smiled to hear each tell the other,

I, Lorelei,

I, Severus,

Do come here freely, seeking partnership. I come with all love, honor and sincerity, wishing only to become one

with him

with her

that I love. Always will I strive for



happiness and welfare.

Dumbledore handed the bride's ring to the groom and the groom's ring to the bride, reminding them,

"It is no weakness to admit a wrong: more is it strength, and a sign of eternal growth. Forever love, help, and respect each other. The constant circle of love you share is symbolized in these rings. Let them be a token of the partnership you have come to celebrate this day. When the waters are rough, let these rings remind you of the ebb and flow of life. Let them remind you of the happiness you feel at this moment, and let the memory soothe your spirit."

Narrow Celtic wedding bands engraved with infinity knots were exchanged. Smiling through joyful tears, Lorelei whispered,

"Tha gaol agam ort."

Hearing the Gaelic vow of love, Severus said huskily,

"Tha gaol agam ort-fhein."

Enfolding their entwined hands with his briefly, Albus declared,

"It is with great happiness that I present you as husband and wife. May you always remember the love that brought you here on this day, and may your union be blessed. So mote it be. You may now kiss…"

Laughter and clapping arose as the groom pre-empted the celebrant and kissed his bride. After long, sweet moments, the wedded pair drew back, but not apart, immediately becoming surrounded by well-wishers. A sweeping melody filled the air. Lorelei's delighted laughter rang out. Severus raised a brow. She sighed happily and explained,

"That's the theme song to 'The Lord of the Rings'."

The newlyweds greeted each guest. Lorelei with hugs and kisses, Snape with a reserved yet congenial 'Thank you for sharing this day with us'… The celebration moved beneath the shade of the flower bedecked tent. An Orpheus Orb projected a variety of instrumentals and songs from Gaelic Uprising's Weddings.

In a corner of the tent, Albus blinked innocently at Minerva when she remarked acerbically that it was exceedingly dodgy that they happened to have the only table for two. Reluctantly flattered by the realization that after all the years, he still desired her as a partner, she smiled.

A few tables away from the older couple, seated with several of his brothers and his date, Kieran grinned when Cassandra stared off, absorbed by an inner vision. She was so pretty today, but he knew better than to suggest that his girlfriend wear eyeliner to match her brown eyes and rose pink lipstick instead of black on an everyday basis. The selkie wanted to enjoy the rest of their holiday, and a new found Slytherin inner voice told him that a dark and spooky girl was much less likely to have blokes trying to steal her away from a long-distance boyfriend. Cass smiled when her eyes focused again and shared,

"We're going to dance every dance and after the party, we're going to sneak off and go swimming."

His jaw dropped.

"You saw that in a vision?"

Her fingers lifted his chin. A tiny smile tilted the corners of her mouth.

"No, I saw Lorelei and Snape…and a baby who pursed tiny lips the waySnape's doing right now. I had to imagine something more pleasant to wipe away the image."

Kieran said disappointedly,

"So the swim…it won't come true?"

The boy's day was made when he heard his girl say,

"It will…because we want it to."

Separated by several meters from her students, Tonks sat between Remus and Jean-Luc, making a dent in the huge plate of food her partner had fixed for her. She didn't want to look up, because she kept seeing sights that disturbed her. Snape, smiling. Not toothy grins, but smiles all the same, however slight, or fleeting.

"Don't you think it's about time you changed that schoolgirl view of Severus as a malevolent bat?"

He was right. She kept thinking of Snape as the professor who would sneer at her, give her low marks, or detention if she crossed him. He hadn't been in that position for quite some time. Smiling and nodding, Tonks leaned over to kiss Remus softly. Deliberately glancing in Severus' direction, the changeable woman saw him feed Lorelei a morsel of cake, and curve his lips when his wife held his wrist and licked his fingers clean. She met her partner's expectant gaze and grinned. Underneath the table, her hand pressed against a stomach that wasn't churning…too much.

Watching the Wedding Party finish their meal after a round of toasts to their health and happiness, the group of musicians smiled at each other. It was time to get this party started.

Ian walked over to the bar and stealthily appropriated a bottle of firewhisky- for medicinal purposes. Ducking out of the tent, the friends smiled to see that the sun was shining, but not over-bright in the cloudless sky above. In the clearing used for the wedding, their instruments waited, courtesy of the Brownie…or maybe the House-Elf. Large and small pipes, flute, whistle, fiddle, mandolin, drums, and guitar stood in readiness. Picking up the guitar while Sticks gravitated to the drums, Shea reached for the flute and whistle, and the MacManus brothers argued over who got to play the fiddle this gig, Piper looked at Mairi and asked,

"May I sing lead on this one?"

"Ceart gu leor"

Given the 'okay', the Goblin nodded, and the band began to play the Beatles' All You Need is Love.

From the first notes, the guests beneath the tent began to make their way out. Lorelei pulled her impassive husband by the hand to stand before her friends before the first chorus finished.

Snape unbent enough to encircle the new wife leaning back against his chest with his arms. She covered his hands with hers. Flower circlet slightly askew, Lorelei blew the singer a kiss, waved to the rest of the band, and determinedly drew Severus away from the crowd while the song ended.

Muir, or Sea Cottage was built on a steep, heathery hill overlooking the beach. It was isolated, fully stocked with firewood and supplies, and perfect for a newlywed couple. The stone-built dwelling was cozy and comfortable. Lorelei acknowledged ruefully while she and her husband approached the picturesque cottage that she'd been a spoilt brat to demand Tynan build her a better home. Approaching the front door, she laughed when Severus lifted her into his arms and carried her over the threshold,

"Afraid evil spirits will cling to my feet and enter in?"

A rare, spontaneous smile lit his face.


A fire was already kindled in the fireplace, warming the small lounge. Carefully lowering his bride to her feet, Severus looked around the chamber, feeling a soul-deep contentment. He wasn't waiting to live life fully anymore. A brush of soft fingertips against a firm cheek brought his gaze to the one that was smiling.

"When did you first know that you loved me? I knew, that day in the library, when I touched your face and realized why I loved every feature…"

His eyes fixed on hers. Snape marveled that he could not answer. Had he not always loved her? His Slytherin inner voice reminded him of the time he'd tried to get her sacked, all the many ways he'd tried to discourage and avoid feelings that were alarming…and irresistible. Remembering the novel they'd quoted back and forth flirtatiously, Severus lifted his hand to cup her cheek.

"I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words which layed its foundations. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew I had begun."

The smile playing at the corners of his mouth made Lorelei release the breath she'd been holding.

"Pride and Prejudice…you remembered!"

The angular planes of his face softened.

"I will always remember the love which brought me here on this day…and I have already been blessed…with your love."

She could feel her eyes shimmering with tears. Overwhelmed with emotion, Lorelei raised her lips to her husband's. It was a gentle kiss that deepened when his lips slanted over hers while strong arms tightened around her. She responded with all her heart, wanting nothing more than to fulfill their vows, to strive for his happiness always.

His passion soared to meet hers, his hands dropping to draw his wife closer, sliding around to caress the abdomen that would one day carry their child. The meaning of grace, unmerited favor, had never been so clear. Thanking the stars or whatever twist of fate had brought them together, Severus maneuvered his bride toward the narrow staircase. Easing back before desire dispelled rational thought, he gestured for her to precede him up the steps. Their eyes met with the realization that they were about to truly become one in love as man and wife. Lorelei smiled tenderly and climbed the stairs. Following close behind, his hand trailed up the back laces of her wedding gown and slowly untied the top bow.


A/N: And they lived happily ever after…I always wanted to write that, although the phrase "happily ever after" is so misleading, like the couple never has a day of stress or strife afterwards. Yeah, right! They're just happy to be together regardless of circumstances! If you're wondering about the wedding ceremony, I've never been to a medieval, much less pagan, wedding (Protestant and Catholic weren't quite right for the story) so I went online and found a couple of stock, you can use this for your own wedding/joining ceremony examples, and I did. :D. Hope you enjoyed it!

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