Pairing: Willow/Angelus, Willow/Angelus/Faith, Buffy/Angel
Timeline: Once Angel's back. Mid season three, I guess. Only Jenny was able to restore Angel's soul, if only a little later.
A/N: I'm a whore for positive reviews, even if Lily is a lunatic
A/N2: Yes, Willow is out of the little box canon has locked her into.


Fuck him. Damn the goddamn bastard to hell. Did he honestly think that a 'sorry about what happened between you and him, do you think you'd be able to never tell anybody so Buffy can love me again?' would work? It's his fucking fault I'm like this! Broken, needing, going crazy without Him! If he weren't here, she's be happy right now!

And fucking little Slayer girl isn't any better! Prancing around, singing about how great life is now that she's got her simpering excuse for a vampire boyfriend back. Never even noticing the way I was sinking into hell, into myself and my fantasy world. Never even wondered why I wasn't around unless Giles made her open a book and, gasp, read it! Never once did she realize the mood I was in unless it brought her down!

They have no idea how much I'm hurting, dying without him. And then Angel had the nerve to brush it off as a 'simple loss of affection' which he so kindly explained to me, before bolting to the Bronze for a date with his wonder-woman.

And the way I figure it? A Slayer on helping me with as much experience as you, we can get my Angelus back. And if you're good, maybe I even share.

Oh, didn't you know you talk in your sleep?