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Chapter 19: the Tea Party

Something poked Gaara in the nose. Gaara opened his eyes and stared at the thing before him: a letter. Gaara stretched and yawned (since he just barely got out of his zombie sleep thingy). He snatched the letter and tore it open. He read it to himself.

"Dear, Gaara-kun!

You are cordially invited to a tea party! MY TEA PARTY! It will be so kawaii with all my plushies and such! You have to come! It will be this morning at 11:00. Hope to see you there!


Anko (a.k.a. your babysitter! Who you know and love!)"

This, he thought, was going to be another disgusting experience.

He sat up and looked at the other 'babies'. They each had a note next to them too. One by one, they began to wake up and open their letters. And, of course, after that, they all stuck out their tongues and tried to prevent themselves from barfing.

Iruka looked up at the clock. He sighed. 10:55 A.M. That meant that the tea party would be in five minutes.

The boys got themselves up and prepared themselves for this 'eventful' morning. Even Mr. HoneyBananaBubbles dressed up in a tie. At 11:00, on the dot, the boys filed themselves into Anko's kitchen and took a seat.

At the head of the table, was Anko herself, dressed up in frills and the like. She waited until they all sit down until she spoke. "Hiya guys! Thank you all for coming to my tea party! I would like to present my special guests...Furby and Toto!" she exclaimed. She pointed to a Furby, its ears ripped off and it kept on squeaking, and a stuffed animal dog, with half its eye and ear missing.

Everybody stared, not knowing what to do. Anko glared at the boys. "Well? Say hi!"

"Um, hi..." they all said as one.

Anko beamed.

Neji looked down at the table. "Isn't this a tea party? Where's the tea?"

"Oh! That's right!" Anko got up and skipped out of the kitchen and down the hall.

"Um...isn't that the way to the bathroom?" Haku asked Zabuza.

Zabuza shrugged.

A few seconds later, she came back into the room carrying a big pot. She slapped it down on the table, breaking it in two.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Whoops! Oh well!"

She grabbed the teacups and began to ladle out some 'tea'. Itachi had first dibs. He watched in horror as the green slugged its way out and landed in the cup. "What is it?" he asked curiously.

Anko gave him a flat stare. "It's green tea." She set it next to him.

Itachi twitched. True, it was green, but it was not green tea.

Everyone had their eyes plastered on him, even Anko, waiting to see if Itachi would keel over and die while drinking it.

Itachi gulped. He grabbed onto the little, pink, dainty handle and swigged it as fast as he could. Everyone turned away as he threw up.

So, everyone took it and drank it as fast as they could. But, nobody barfed like Itachi did.

The only people that seemed to be enjoying this were Anko and Kisame.

"YUMMY! MAY I HAVE MORE, ANKO-CHAN?" Kisame asked excitedly.

Anko smiled widely. "Why, of course, Kisame!" she ended up giving him the whole thing.

An hour later, everyone dispersed to use the bathroom. Iruka, him being the last one to use the bathroom, glanced into the shower and gasped.

Everyone rushed in, wanting to see what had happened. Iruka pointed to a shampoo bottle. It was empty and the label read, "Kiwi and Lime!"

Everyone fainted, except for Kisame, who was eagerly trying to find more of this shampoo in the bathroom to drink.

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