Gold, Cat Tails, And Family Pride
By Stormen81

Chapter 1: Cat Tails

It was a brisk morning in china, where a boy was training on some bamboo poles. The boy is sixteen years of age and has black hair, blue eyes, and a very fit body. His name is Ranma Saotomes. The elders told him to stay a way from the spring, but Ranma didn't listen to the warnings. A couple of days before, he told his father that he was going to hike around the area and get some time along. He was enjoying the free time. He didn't have to listen to his father clams about Martial Arts. So Ranma camped outside of the spring because of the view he had of the surrounding area. He awoke early because of a habit, and hiked down to the spring as a warm-up so he could do some good training. By noon time there was sweat all over his body but that didn't slow him down one bit. He jumped onto another pole and then a feeling of something was wrong and hit him. It distracted him enough to throw of his landing on the other pole and he fell down into a pool. He felt different but did worry about it. All he knew was that something happened to the village. He got out of the spring as fast as here could, pick up his pack and ran. He ran to the village and with out realizing it he changed into his hybrid form and running at 150 miles per hour.

The village was in flames and bodies lie every where Ranma looked. He saw dead women, men, and children. His battle aura flared of a sky blue color, but he never he had it. He walked through the village to find his father body. When he arrive a the house he saw the door smashed, windows gone, and even a part of outside of house wall was gone. He walked slowly through the house, and found what he was looking for. His father lies there in bed, dead with 25 stab wounds and a couple of spears still in him. Ranma battle aura brighten more, and with a flaming white tent on outer edges. It was shear will power along not to let out his rage which would have destroyed what was left of the village. He walked to his father pack and pulled out three items that look important. One was his tanto, the other two were sealed envelops with the name of Tendo and Saotome on one of the envelops.
(at the same time)
Cologne watch from a hidden position by the village as the warriors of the tribe left the dead village. She could feel the death in the air without seeing or smelling the burning flesh of the dead. She made sure that she was the last to leave the dead village to make sure they all got back alive or made sure the dead warriors of the tribe were carried back. But something in mind told her to wait. She could feel an energy like nothing felt before. It was strong, but uncontrolled, for her to feel it but she could not see who or what made that much KI. She watch the east side of the village, because that is where the huge amount of ki was coming from. She wasn't disappointed to see a girl about the age of fifteen to sixteen slow down. She watch the child walk, but notice she was not human but a were-cat. The girl white fur with red stripes covered her body and tail. The girl walk with her guard up and ready for any attacks.
This girl has a lot of strength, but why is a Tiger doing in the Cheetah clan village? Cologne thought to herself. I must get back to the village and tell them about this child.
(earlier that morning)
Theo Digger was walking along with his daughters, Gina and Britanny. Britanny was adopted by the Digger family when she was a baby. She was in her hybrid. Gina was walking next to her. She was a looking around and looking at her improver G.P.S. tracker.
"Dad?" Gina said.
"Yes.." He answered.
"How much farther is the village?"
"About a half hour from here or so."
Britanny smelled something weird to her. She looked up to see the black smoke in the sky. She listen to hear anything, but there was dead silence. "Dad, do you hear anything usual?"
This question made him stop and listen for noises. But their was none. "I hear nothing." He expanded his sense but was filled with bad feelings. I don't like this at all. "Let's hurry, someone might need us there." He started to run. He chanted a speed spell as he ran. Britanny picked up Gina and started running after her dad.

As they reach the outside of the village. "Oh my God, what happened here?" Gina said with a shocked look. Theo could feel a large source of ki in the village.
Then the ki spike upped. They heard a female's voice scream. "Kuso!!!" The shout was followed by a earthquake that could be felt.
"What was that?" Britanny asked.
"It seemed like an earthquake, but this place does have earthquake this size." Gina informed the two.
"It wasn't an earthquake, Gina. It was a person using there ki." Theo told the two.
"Let find this person and get out of here." Gina said. "This place has the death written all over it!"
"Right." Britanny started to walk more into the village.

This child is strong. To make an earthquake that size take a lot of energy. And with all that anger was enough to have her focus it that well. She look to the west. More people coming. The other would like to here this. She quickly left heading north to distance herself before heading back to her village.
Ranma was on her hands and knees after letting off a big amount of energy go. Why would someone want to kill these people. Panting heavily. Her turned her head as she heard people walking in this direction and popped up into a cat stance. Britanny was the first person she saw. She relaxed her stance a little. "Dad, I found someone." Britanny shouted (in English) back to her father. Ranma did not quiet understand what she was saying. She took a closer look at Britanny and saw that she was a were-cheetah which in turned made her feel better. Britanny ran over to Ranma; Gina was the next to appear and then Theo. "Are you alright?" Britanny asked. Ranma look confused.
"Ah, Cheetah. I don't think she under stands you." Gina told her sister.
Ranma did understand when she hear the word she. I am a guy! Ranma thought. She closed her eyes trying to clam herself down. After getting her emotion in check she started to check her body without looking. Britanny and Gina look confused. Ok, no broken bones, no other injuries. She patted herself down on the lower chest working up. Then she felt two large bumps on her chest. I don't have breast. She thought as her eyes shot wide open. "No!!" She said in Japanese. She pulled open her shirt to make sure and for told the truth. She screamed in terror and fainted do to a combination of shock and exhaustion.
Britanny caught the girl before she hit the ground. "I wonder what's with her?" Britanny said, not really asking a question.
Theo came just as Britanny was caught the girl. He notice that the girl was fur was pure white with red stripes. He thought that was kind of odd for a were-tiger. "Is she all right?" He asked his daughters.
"Your guess is as good as mine." Gina replied back.
After a little while, Ranma woke up to find that he was now a she. Gina, Britanny, and Theo talk to Ranma. When Ranma said that she was at the spring before and falling into one, that cued Theodore. He explained to Ranma how the cruse work. When Ranma changed from his female hybrid form to his male hybrid form, Gin and Brit were stunned at what they saw. His fur was still white but his stripes went from red to black. His shoulders got bolder, and more muscles over his entire body. He ended up to head and a half taller than Britanny. WOW!!! The girls thought.
Ranma look confused at what the girls were staring at him for. He look to Theo. "Can we get the hell out of here. The smell of burning flesh is annoying me to death. And I would like to head back to Japan." He said with little emotion. He lift up his pack and put it on his back and start to head to the East Coast of China.
Theo look at his to daughter. "Gina, Britanny?"

"Yes, daddy." They both responded.
"I want you to go with Ranma. I have some things I need to do here." His voice with remorse.
Gina look at the were-tiger. She was trying to figure out how he could be so calm. Britanny was nodded to her father demand. She grabbed Gina's arm and started to go after Ranma. As the girls left, Theo look at the village. He pull out a satellite phone from his pack and dialed a number.

Gina and Brit caught up to the Ranma as he walk. Brit put Gina down so she could walk next to Ranma but he never stopped walk. He seem to be focusing on getting out of there. "Ranma, wait." Gina shouted out. He stopped and turn around. Once Brit and Gina caught up to him Gina spoke again. "We fought to introduce ourselves. I'm Gina" She pointed to herself. "and this my sister Britanny." She pointed to Britanny.
"I am Ranma Saotome. Nice to meet you." Something confused him. "Why is she a were-cheetah and your just a human?"
"What did he say, Gina?"
"He just wondering why you're a were-cat and I am just a human that's all." She said in English to Britanny. She turned back to Ranma. "She was adopted into our family when she was a baby because her family and village that she was born in were slaughtered but the were-wolf clan."
"Oh... that sucks." He kept walking.
"So what do you like to do for fun?" Gina was hopeful to get more out of him.
"Train, hunt, eat, sleep...." Ranma just kept walking.
"Not every talkative, ain't he?" Britanny said.
The two girls tried to talk to him more but he just ignore them and kept walking. An hour latter Theo caught up to them. He never like it when a group of peaceful beings where wiped out. It cause grief in his heart, knowing those people fulling their lives and dreams there. He didn't announce his turn to the group so study Ranma. The way he moved, talked, and looked as he watch the young boy. But even that didn't tell the whole story about Ranma. He watch up next to Britanny. "How is our friend there?"
"Huh.." She look at him. "Oh.. Hi, Daddy. I don't know. He just keeps right on walking and ignoring us like we're not here. It's kind of weird. Usually boys like him are attracted to me, he just so weird...."
"Don't worry to much..." He patted his daughter's shoulder. "He just different and from the look of him. He seem to be well traveled and not used to having people around him."
"Your probably right, daddy." Britanny watched Gina try to get more out of Ranma.
Couple hours past as they walked toward the east. The sun was about an hour away from setting down. They were stunned to see him set his pack down next to a tree. "We'll camp here." He walk of into the woods so the girls couldn't see me. He took his clothes off and transformed in to his tiger form. He came back out with clothes in his mouth and set them on his pack and ran of to do his daily hunting.
"What is he doing?" Gina looked puzzled of his action.
"He going to go hunt it look likes. Britanny do you think you could follow him around."
"Sure daddy." She said happily. She did the same as Ranma but forgot to bring her clothes back.
Theo and Gina saw the yellow and black blur move past them. "She's in a rush.." Gina muttered. "And forgot to bring her clothes back. I guess that an other favor she owns me." Gina went to go get Brit's clothes.
Theo just started to set up the camp. The tents were the easiest thing to do thanks to Gina. She the tent for quick setup and clean up.
Ranma was laying low as he watch his prey walk around. A big brown bear roamed around to a close by river. Britanny was a ten meters away from Ranma. She know about how sent and he wind are with animals. They were both down wind of the bear. She watch Ranma creep up on the bear until he was at a good striking distance. When the bear turns it head away from Ranma, he pounced the bear. The battle didn't take long, as his claws dug into the bears flesh and he opened his jaw and bit into the neck. Once he had a grip with jaw, he twisted his neck which in turn to snap the bears neck and spinal cord. The bear fell limply to the ground, he made sure the bear was dead by twisting the neck the other direction which completely cut through the spinal cord of the bear. And this display of power was making Britanny excited for some reason but she ignored it and just kept watching Ranma do his thing.
Britanny was shocked at how violently Ranma killed the bear. She just watch as he started to tearing big chuck of meat out of the bear's dead body. After 30 minute of watching Ranma feed himself, he left the body and head down to the river. At the river he jumped in, to his luck the curse trigger and he became a female tiger. She shrank a couple of feet in length and the black stripes turned red like her human and hybrid forms.
Ranma was in bliss because he need something to release his aggression because of the earlier events. After he feasted on the bear, he decided to take a swim. He totally forgot about his curse during that moment. His mind came back to reality as he felt the shifting in his body. Now she mentally cursed to herself and how stupid she was to go to the Cursed Springs in the first place.
About an hour after Britanny went of to follow Ranma, she was back and she and Gina went off so Britanny could change back. "So Brit, what did Ranma do in his tiger form?" Gina asked.
"He went hunting..." Brit answered in a quite voice.
"Hunting??? For what?"
"He hunted a bear. You should have seen it. The bear was at least 800 to 900 pounds and he killed it like it was nothing."
"Ah... How did he kill the bear then?"
"Well, ah... He just crept up close enough and waited. When the bear look the other way, he attacks and bites the bear's neck. Then violently twisted the neck one way and then the other way." She had a lite blush going. "And to just thinking about it and the way he did it is making me excited." Then shakes her head to clear her mind of it.
"..." Gina couldn't say a thing just because of what her sister was telling her.
Britanny look over to her sister. "What??? Was it something I said?"
Gina just shakes her head in defeat.
Ranma came back and grabbed her cloths. She was quickly dressed and cam back the camp site. She look at the fire see it was still going. She grabbed herself some hot water and dumped it over her head. He now felt better being in his true gender. Then grabbed a stick that was laying next to the fire and started to poke the fire. Dr. Digger walk out of his tent, knowing that was Ranma pouring water over his/her head. He walked over to the young were-tiger and sat next to him. Ranma turned to the doc. "Hey doc." Then looked away.
"Are you feeling alright, Ranma?" The asked with concern
"I don't know." He poked the fire again. "I don't know what I am going to do now." He turned to the doctor. "I lost pop and got cursed. An' to top it all off, I don't know who my mother is or where she lives. The if I do find her. What will she know who I am or love me, even with this curse?"
"I sure she would love you just the same, even with the curse." Dr. Digger comforts him.
"I guess the first step is to find her then, right Doc." He threw the stick into the fire. "And I guess I need to start searching for her in Japan." He still wasn't to confident in his answer.
"We'll help in any way possible to find your mother." The doctor said with a bright smile.
"Now, you need a place to stay, don't you?"
"Not really, I have been on the road most of my life. And I don't want to be intruding in your home."
"Please don't reject my offer. I have plenty of room in my home for you to stay."
"I guess.... Do you live in Japan too?"
Dr. Digger chuckled lightly. "No, I don't. I live in Atlanta, GA, USA."
"Isn't that on the other side of the world?" Not really asking it as a question.
"Yes, it is?"
"So how am I going to be able to find my mother if I am half way around the world in a different country?" Ranma was close to yelling.
"Well..." He sighed. "Gina is really good with computer and could use the Internet to find your mother."
"Huh....?" Ranma was dumbfounded. "What is a computer and what is the 'Internet'?"
"Don't worry too much right now." Dr. Digger sighed lightly. "So, do you accept my offer, Ranma Saotome."
Ranma thought a bit more. His father never was a loving parent to him. He used Ranma to get what he wanted but always came to take him back. But the one good thing that came out of this was that Ranma was one of the best fighter in his generation, and his ability to learn techniques at amazing speed. Most of the dojos they visited, the masters liked Ranma. Not because of his talent for fight but his direct concentration on the drill or technique and when they were training he would do his chores with out question. And most of those time Ranma would get stuck with Genma's share of the chores as well. As Ranma thought about this. He quickly glaceed over to the older man. He could feel that he could trust him, but he didn't know how to react in this situation. I wonder what it would be like to have a place to call home or even a family... He thought. He stared for in the fire and it seemed to him that the fire stared back. Flashes of memories went off in his head of Genma's training and travel spent. Hope it gets better than it already is. He continued to think to himself. He stopped staring at the fire to look at the Dr. Digger.
Then his mind reflected back to earlier in the day when he found his father dead and to top it off he had no way of find his mother. He also didn't know where to start as well. With so few option for Ranma, Dr. Digger was hoping he would choice to come with him and his daughters. "Am, Doc?"
"Yes, Ranma."
"Can I tell you in the morning what I have decided?" Ranma want to get some sleep first.
"I see no problem in that. Have a good nights rest."
"Good night." Ranma went off to sleep in his tent. In his mind, there was to many thought going on in his head and feels of anger and revenge were running wild. He thought it would be good to get some sleep and work out his problem in the morning.

Author Notes: (Completed 01/16/2003)
If your asking is Ranma going to be hooking it up with Gina or Britanny. I am not going to be telling anybody for now until the later chapters. I planning some good stuff for this fanfic. This fanfic will be more of a rated 'R' because of language and sexual language/content.... If you have ever read a Gold Digger comic book you will know what I mean. But this chapter is more like a PG-13. I decided to cut it off there and leave you hanging until the next chapter.

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