Reality - A TMNT Fanfiction

By Invader Sam and Invader Shaun


"Get up, runt! You want this food? Then fight for it!" Maybe it was wrong to ask a girl no older than six to fight for her very survival like an animal, but that was something twelve-year-old Darren Haize didn't worry about. It took a lot of guts for her to come begging in his part of town, and if she was really hungry enough, she wouldn't give up so easily.

The violet-haired little girl picked her thin frame up off the pavement, wiping dirt out of a fresh scrape of her face. "I don't wanna fight," she told the older, dark-haired boy, "You have plenty here – why can't you just share?"

Another boy, around ten or so with pale shaggy hair gave her a hard shove, "Cuz we don't feel like it! You didn't help steal it – why should we give you any if you won't even fight for it?"

The crowd of older children closed in, chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" as Darren moved into the circle they were forming around him and the little girl.

"I said I don't wanna fight," she cried desperately over their shouting.

"And I told you I don't care!" he told her, pushing her to the ground again. Before she could try to pick herself up he was on top of her, his fist connecting with her face over and over again. She wailed in pain and he grabbed her hair and bashed her head against the concrete. As tears started leaking from her eyes, he lifted her up by the hair as he stood. "We don't share food with babies," he sneered, "So until you grow up, you can forget about getting it here." Then he let her drop and his gang dispersed, disappointed.

"What a let down."

"That was pathetic."

"What a baby."

"I bet she'll be dead in a week."

"Heh heh…yeah."

"Come on, let's go eat…"

As their jeering voices faded into the distance, the little girl tried to pick herself up again. She couldn't stay out in the open or some people even worse than the boys would find her. She would go without food that night, but it wasn't like it was the first time. As she staggered to her feet, she felt a slow drizzle begin. Her head was throbbing and it was hard to think, the alley around her was going fuzzy.

'My name…what's my name…?' she tried frantically to remember.

"Kylee!" she could hear a woman's voice cry in her head, "Kylee, you have to get out of here. Quickly – go before they see you!"

There had been smoke…fire…angry voices, all mixed with that woman's worried talking. Who was she…? Kylee couldn't remember…but she remembered being sad to have to leave her.

She made it around the corner slowly, the slow drizzle now heavier, soaking her. She fell again, losing her balance and hitting the sidewalk, her fall only broken by the puddles of water scattered across the cement. She watched as the water was tinted with red and then reached back, gently touching the back of her head where Darren had smashed it. She was bleeding. Things were going fuzzy again, but she couldn't fall asleep here. She would get caught for sure…or not wake up.

She got to her feet and stumbled off down the street, wanting to cry but remembering Darren's words, "We don't share food with babies…" If she ever wanted their help, she would have to stop crying…for good.

A Note From the Authors: We apologize for the lack of Ninja Turtles in the prologue! Please continue on to Chapter One and things will start to make more sense! This is our first TMNT fanfic, so your reviews will be greatly appreciated!