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A Different You by Lina Shay

Chapter Twenty-One: Contented Ever After

Draco noticed that Hermione and Dumbledore had disappeared. Concerned, Draco went in search of them, more for Hermione's sake than for Dumbledore's. He heard voices, one of which had to be Hermione's. Draco headed down that corridor just as a brilliant light blinded him momentarily. The brightness took shape of Hermione, with Dumbledore beside her. Draco walked up to them.

"Hermione, where had you gone?" Draco asked. "And what just happened? What was that light?"

Hermione looked at him with eyes that he did not know. They weren't the lively, brilliant eyes he of the girl he loved. They were empty eyes, that of someone who was dead.

"Are you talking to me?" Hermione asked. "Please, don't say you're talking to me."

"Is there something wrong, Hermione?" Draco asked in concern. "You're acting...different."

She laughed.

"I have better things to do than stand here with a nutter and a filthy Gryffindor," Hermione scoffed, walking off passed Draco. "I have a life."

"But, Hermione-" Draco began. "What...What about what we...What about us?"

She screwed up her face. "Ee, Gag me!"

She turned away and continued down the corridor.

Draco wasn't sure why Hermione acted the way she did. It might have been the stress of the day or maybe he had done something to upset her. Draco kept hoping it was only that. When school started again, it was back to the same old thing. Not the same old as in Draco, Neville and Hermione talking and laughing. Same old as in Hermione and Ron thinking they were the most beautiful creatures on earth. With Harry being confined to the Reformatory for Young Death Eaters, all there was with Ron and Hermione was self-complimenting and mirrors. She was the Hermione from before. Why she reverted back, Draco couldn't even guess. He thought she really cared for him. But it couldn't have all been just fooling or Hermione wouldn't have helped him figure out the mystery. It was all very confusing.

Draco walked down the halls contemplating this when he bumped into Dumbledore.

"Excuse me, Dumble-er- Headmaster," Draco sputtered. "Sorry. It's going to take some getting use to."

"I completely understand, Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I believe you were deep in thought about something."

"Headmaster, I don't really understand what all happened over Christmas," Draco told him. "I mean, everything I had known changed. You were crazy, and now you're headmaster again. Snape was Headmaster, and now he's in Azkaban. Hermione was so smart and kind, now she's... a Slytherin again. I honestly don't understand any of this."

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy," Dumbledore began cheerfully, "it's all very easy to explain. Snape had me under a spell, which without you and your friends, I would still be under. In fact, without what you three figured out, I believe the entire wizarding world would be under rule of Lord Voldemort. And where Hermione is concerned, I believe your heart knows the answer."

"I don't know anything of the kind," Draco muttered. "The only thing I can think of is that the Hermione I've known the last couple weeks is not the Hermione I've known since first year. But what sense does that make?"

"Perfect sense," Dumbledore chuckled. "She wasn't the same Hermione. The Hermione you love doesn't belong in this reality."

"What do you mean?"

"She was a visitor from another world, Draco."

"Like an alien?"

"No, no," Dumbledore laughed. "She's was from another reality, one in which Hermione Granger's mother had never died. She was raised to be smart and kind, instead of always being treated like she was nothing but a lovely figure."

"But how did this happen?" Draco demanded.

"Maybe, my dear Mr. Malfoy," Dumbeldore began, "just maybe, we needed her."

"Yes, we did," Draco muttered. "And now she's gone back?"

Dumbeldore nodded, saying, "She's where she belongs, with her mother, her Hogwarts, her Harry and her Draco Malfoy."

"I wonder what he's like," Draco thought aloud. "Is her Draco anything like me?"

"I don't know," Dumbledore shrugged. "No one can know unless they went there."

Draco lowered his head. "Headmaster, Neville can carry on without me, don't you think?"

"He has proven himself," Dumbeldore said with a smile.

Draco looked at Dumbledore pleadingly. He knew that Dumbledore understood.

"I will inform Remus and Sirius of your affection and regrets," Dumbledore told him.

"Thank you, Headmaster."

Hermione sat up late in the library studying for her History of Magic exam. She knew the information in-side-out, but with all that was pressing on her mind, she thought it best to refresh herself. It was no use. Every time she went to read something about Draven the Brave, she started thinking about Draco. It was nice to sit there and think of him, but the reality that all she had left of him was a cruel knave who looked just like him sunk in.

"Hey, mudblood!" called Malfoy from across the room.

She looked. Malfoy feigned stumbling into a bookshelf. Crabbe and Goyle might have thought it hilarious, but Hermione just thought him more an idiot than ever. There was the queerest loud bang, and then Malfoy fell to the ground. Probably thunder and Malfoy was just being a baby as usual. Hermione laughed to herself and went back to her reading. After about two paragraphs, a hand briefly touched Hermione's shoulder. She looked up instantly. Now Malfoy had come all the way across the library to torment her.

"Honestly, when will you grow up, Malfoy?" Hermione scoffed. "I have work to do. Won't you go harass someone else?"

"Call me Draco."

Hermione gasped. Suddenly, it hit her that Malfoy had put his hand on her shoulder. Malfoy would never touch her unless... She looked up at him. He smiled shyly down on her, his blue eyes so bright and gorgeous.

"Draco- it isn't- could it-" Hermione sputtered.

"I love you, Hermione," he said.

"Draco!" Hermione cried, jumping up from her chair and throwing her arms around him. "Oh, Draco! I thought I would never see you again."

Hermione opened her eyes and saw the most awestruck looks on the faces of Goyle and Crabbe. They were positively stupefied. Hermione chuckled. Draco looked around at them.

"Hey, aren't those the guys who failed out of all their classes first year and were never heard from again?" Draco asked.

"Those are your two best friends," Hermione whispered.

"Really?" Draco began. "Why do they look like they've been hit on the head with a club?"

"Probably because the Malfoy here is majorly prejudiced against muggle borns," Hermione informed.

"Oh," Draco said, as if he finally knew the answer to some lingering questions. "Let's give them something that will really blow their minds."

Hermione smiled up at Draco. He threw her over his arm into a dip. She laughed, holding on to him as if she were afraid she would fall but she knew he would never drop her. Draco's wonderful blues eyes stayed locked on hers as he leaned in and kissed her warmly on the lips. Hermione thought of Goyle and Crabbe's faces and started giggling. Draco pulled away slightly and looked in her eyes.

"I kiss you and you giggle?" Draco asked.

Hermione just laughed. "I love you."

Draco kissed her again and this time she didn't giggle. She did wonder how everyone in the school would react to the news that she was dating Malfoy. Harry and Ron would freak. They would get used to it, though. Especially when they found out that Draco was so likeable when you got to know him. Hermione had never been so happy. She had everything she ever wanted. She was truly content.

The End

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