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Forbidden Sin

Robin's p.o.v.

I paced the floor. This was getting aggravating fast. And yet I was the only one bothered. Starfire, Beast Boy and even Cyborg didn't seem to even notice. Only I did, and it made me want to scream.

Raven was driving me practically insane. She gave me the cold shoulder, refused to cooperate and when she didn't want to listen locked herself in her room. No matter of pounding upon her steel door would get her out either. She would just sharply shoot me away. She was forbidden she was darkness…

I gritted my teeth and kept pacing. I was in the hallway just outside her door. It also surprised me that there wasn't a well ground in path from my persistence. But I wasn't leaving, that stubborn girl had to come out of her room sometime. And if it took weeks I'd stay here.

I noticed a few whispers as some of the titans passed me. They probably knew something big was coming. I just couldn't handle her dark, mystery act anymore. I wouldn't settle for being disrespected. Maybe to her I just wanted to be different. I needed her to notice me…

I shook my head. My stomach grumbled in protest. I glared at it. Stopping a moment I listened. No sound came from the other side of Raven's door. Maybe it was safe to just sneak downstairs. Just to grab some food.

Deciding I needed food sooner or later I dashed down the hall leaving without sound hoping she wouldn't notice I had left. I took the stairs more slowly my thoughts catching me once again. My eyes had narrowed glaring at nothing in particular. The two boys were playing video games and fighting as usual. Star was sitting on the couch watching pleasantly.

She jumped up when she caught sight of me. I didn't really notice her as I continued walking toward the kitchen. My boot padded lightly on the carpeted floor. There was a sign from Starfire.

I heard a slight swoosh. The sound I had been waiting almost two days for. Stopping quickly I spun around. Sure enough there was Raven standing at the bottom of the stairs. Her glare meeting mine.

Both of us were too headstrong to back down. I stepped forward and she did the same. Her hood was down and her violet sleek hair graced her face just slightly. Her lips met together firmly and her arms hung at her sides. Her figure was rigid in aggrivation.

"Robin," She spat taking another step closer. I could hear the boys gaming ending. There was a thickness in the air. I stepped forward again there was a closing distance between the two of us.

I saw her clench and unclench her fists. The jewels on her arm and forehead glimmered a blood red. Pure sin.

She took the last step meeting me almost eye to eye in defiance.

"Move," Her voice was venom. This bird wasn't about to win. Not this time. It didn't matter the strange panicked looks the other three were giving us. They didn't know how to stop this. We were always the calm rational two.

"No, Raven I am tired of you disrespecting me!" I yelled my voice came out fiercely. She didn't even flinch.

"And I'm tired of your annoying pacing around my door!" She shouted now.

"If you treated me like a person maybe I wouldn't need to!" I leaned forward a little trying to intimidate the girl.

"Treat you like a person?! How about cutting me some slack!" She leaned in as well. Her warm breath reached my face now. Her eyes were alight with fire. I could feel myself stuck staring into them.

"So what you can go and live in your room 24/7?!"

"I wouldn't need to if you didn't stalk me!"

I paused a second. Her breath was a little ragged from shouting.

"This is stupid," I addressed looking away from the anger-fueled girl.

"You're right, let me make it less stupid, Robin." She hissed the last word. Before I could do anything we were surrounded in blackness. When it cleared we were on the roof.

"How did you..?"

"I do know a thing or two about my powers," Her sarcasm came on strong. Full force my enragement came back.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!" I faced her again. "You're constantly talking down to me!"

"I do that to everyone Wonder Boy!" Her anger had released allowing a few things not bolted onto the roof to fly off or explode.

"Why aren't I different!"

"Because I hide my feelings!" Her rage met mine.

"Why when I care about you?!"

The words had clawed out of my mouth before I had noticed. My eyes widened and I slammed my gloved hands over my mouth.

Everything stopped. It was silence. No one moved. Time was on pause. Raven looked to be considering something. There was always a quiet before you were ripped apart. I waited almost in fear.

"You do?" Her voice was monotone, but it came as a whisper. Making it seem like she was insecure about it.

"Uhh," I backed away scratched the back of my head smiling goofily. I was in trouble now. I watched the beautifully dark girl. The pause had stopped, everything rushed back at once.

The distance between us became mere centimeters. Raven had stepped forward. I felt my face warm. She smiled in an evil demeanor. Before I could put a thought in her lips met mine.

In that one second I felt complete. It was like the forbidden fruit I had finally managed to find. Heaven in the deepest most dangerous hell. Her kiss was quick, sinful. She pulled back.

Her pale skin was alight with a fiery glow. I was still stumbling at what had happened. How had we gone from fighting to a kiss? I heard noise signaling the rest of the Titans had heard us. It was no wonder, everything on the roof was destroyed. Raven noticed and pulled up her hood.

"I'm still angry with you Robin," Her voice was light. Also in a deceiving way.

"And I'm mad as hell at you too." I played back.

"We'll continue this later," She delivered me a smile. Seductively it was full of sin. She turned and walked down the stairs. It was so wrong. My forbidden fruit. I watched her depart, never mind the matter the rest of the Titans looked at me lost.

Her figure slid into the darkness of the stairs catlike. Everything had just taken a turn for the better. My ebbed anger left me feeling drained. Maybe tomorrow I'd take to pacing near her room again.

Anything for a taste of my sin…

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