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Love the Sinner

Robin's p.o.v.

I pulled back the curtain to reveal Raven. For a moment my breath caught. She didn't seem to be moving.

The girl grumbled in her sleep and turned slightly. My entire body relaxed, the worst had not happened. I stepped closer observing the sleeping Raven. She wasn't floating like the time she had healed herself, she was tightly tucked in white sheets.

There were numerous scratches along her face and arms that looked to have been washed and disinfected. I reached an arm to push the violet hair that had fallen onto her face. She rustled a little mumbling incoherently.

I smiled. It was almost...nice not to have a weight on my shoulders. Slade had escaped, but that was to be expected. Ravens hair slid over her shoulder revealing the pale skin of her neck. There was a small patch where you could tell the chip had been resting.

I wondered how they had gotten rid of Slade, how they had gotten the chip into the box.

I let my mind wander barely noticing I was twirling the sleeping girls hair between my gloved fingers.

"Robin?" There was a voice from behind me. I turned to see Cyborg smiling at me.

"Morning, I think?" I looked around for a watch or clock.

"Yes it is. How ya doing?" He moved into the room carrying a glass of water and a bottle of pills.

"Good, my necks just a little sore," I rubbed at it with my other hand. Cyborg faltered only a second. My detective senses immediately picked it up and started interpreting it.

"She awake yet?" Cyborg moved past me and set the drink and pills down on the table beside the bed.

"Nope, just some mumbling." Cyborg looked over her quickly before turning to face me again.

"It's a wonder she's alive," Cyborg looked down at his feet. A sad smile spread on his face. "She stopped breathing some time last night, it was..." His voice cracked and he pulled a hand across his eyes.

He looked like he hadn't slept at all last night. Deep purple around reddened eyes.

"Is she ok now?" I asked trying to sound detached. Already my heart was pounding loudly. She could have been lost while I slept. How selfish could I be? I was the leader, I was supposed to be there for them.

"Yea, and Robin I see you thinking, don't you try blaming this on yourself. It's over now and it was no ones fault."

"But I-"

Cyborg's glare cut me off. I shrugged as if I gave up.

"You know we almost lost you as well," Cyborg was looking at my neck before glancing back up. The boy looked stressed and tired. How much had he been through in the last 24 hours? It seemed the years he had over me stretched out further now, he looked almost like a worried parent or older brother.


The boy pulled a chair up and sat down beside the sleeping Raven. "Yea?"

I followed suit and sat down. I gave a lingering look to Raven before returning my attention to Cyborg.

"What happened last night?"

Raven's p.o.v.

I felt falling, a kind of enjoyable rush. Then all of a sudden there was no air. I opened my mouth hungry for oxygen and none passed over my lips.

I heard familiar voices. Just off my reach, it was calming. I let the suffocation take me plummeting. The voices got closer as the black pushed in around me. There was a jolt and I was conscious of my body as if I had fallen into my own skin.

There was air in my lungs and the voices were still softly speaking. I mumbled something and opened my eyes. White brightness greeted me and flushed all my senses clean.

I was in a bed and next to the bed Robin and Cyborg were sitting. They were watching me now, but they had to have been the voices that were talking.

"Morning," Robin greeted giving me a sincere passive look. Something told me Cyborg had just filled him in.

"Mm morning, I'm starving." Cyborg was smiling as well, but he looked worn. He must have been up the entire night. "Robin would you?"

"Eggs and tea sound good?" He smiled more genuinely standing up. I nodded and he quickly left for the food.

Cyborg turned back to me once he had left.

"Spent the entire night watching over me eh?" I yawned and quickly assessed my garments. Beside missing my cape I was still decent. My uniform looked clean though, I hoped it was Starfire who had changed it.

"I had to, you were in critical condition,"

I turned my head to look back at him. "Oh it couldn't have been that bad." I reached a hand up and untangled my hair, it had been twirled oddly.

"You...you stopped breathing." I paused and looked him in the eye. He looked at me dead on.

"Cyborg," I started but the boy stood and rushed toward me. He pulled me into a hug nearly crushing me. Under any other circumstances I would have killed him. All I could do was try and wrap my arms oddly around his metal self. I gave him a small smile when he pulled away. "Thank you," I added looking up at him.

"Robin should be back any time now, I'll go spread the good news to the other two. I'm so glad everyone's ok."

I nodded as he stepped back toward the door. "And Cyborg?" He turned back a moment to look at me. "Tell them thanks, and to get some rest."

He smiled and nodded. I couldn't help but spare a genuine smile and feel the smallest bit happy.

After the door clicked and he was gone is when I noticed it. I had felt something, and nothing exploded. Was this some strange after effect?

The door clicked opened and Robin stepped in carrying a plate of eggs and a tea mug. He set the mug down on the side table and handed me the plate. I sat up and tucked my legs under me.

"I got tackled down there, apparently everyone's glad to hear you're ok." I could feel his eyes on me as I forked an egg. "I also heard how you saved me, thank you."

I ate the egg piece before looking back up at him. "There's been a lot of unnecessary thank you's going around this morning. Looking out for each other is what we do."

I recalled thanking Cyborg himself just a few minutes ago. "But none-the-less, your welcome." I added.

There was a silence after that. I finished off the eggs and put the plate aside. "You know, I've felt this morning, and so far nothing has combusted."

"Really?" Robin met my eyes, he had been looking around the room.

"Yea," I moved to the edge of the bed and let my legs fall over. I was amused a moment to see Robin's attention deterred if only for a second. "So I figure why not give it a chance."

I got up and before Robin could say anything, planted my lips on his. I kissed him slowly, and it was only a second before he started to respond.

I felt my powers rift about touching objects in black.

I tasted something cinnamon on Robin's lips as I leaning in more to him.

The black picked up a few objects.

I pulled back breathing a little heavy and blushing. With a quick tug everything was back in place. My powers seemed to be a little tamer. That was something to dwell over later, it seemed I might have new limits on my emotions.

"What was that for?" Robin was smirking that egotistical smile of his.

"That was for perusing something forbidden," I purred and brushed passed the boy. I levitated my mug behind me as I made for the door. I could feel his eyes on me, but I really didn't mind.

"Then I'll keep perusing." Robin added just as I was at the door.

"You do that Robin," I smiled although he couldn't see and closed the door behind me. I shook my head and ran a hand through my hair. When I was satisfied I wasn't dreaming I made my way down to greet the other Titans.

I remembered a quote that I had read a while back. I smirked to myself seeing it fit quite nicely.

Hate the sin and love the sinner...

I brushed a lock of hair out of my eyes, maybe in time, I would.

The end, for real this time. The quote at the end is from Mohammed Gandhi. I hope everyone enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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