My Angel

By: Padfoot-chan

Since I have totally become brain-dead in Magic Abound, I decided to use a story idea I've been thinking of to make a sequel to Dark Love. I was originally planning this for something else but I did want to continue with Dark Love since I left out who killed Ivan's father—I think. Heh, for the sake of this story…I left it out.

Note: This is from Robin's POV throughout the story unless I say otherwise. Also, if you have not read Dark Love then I suggest you read it before you read this or else you will be very confused.

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Warning: Shonen-ai. Duh.

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Chapter 1: Departure

I hold his hand tightly in my own, lifting my free hand to his cheek as the rain falls gently around us, our clothes already soaked from standing out in the downpour for over an hour. "Do not take too long to return to me, Ivan. It is hard enough to say goodbye to you for a few hours, but a year? I still do not understand why I cannot come with you." He smiles at me weakly, his lips glistening in the rain.

"You know why you cannot come with me, Robin. Just be patience and I will return to you before long." I shake my head, releasing his hand and hooking my arm around his waist to bring our bodies closer together. "Do not make this harder for me than it already is. Don't you think I want you to come with me? I cannot stand being without you for a moment either. Please, I must do this."

"Dammit, Ivan, you are such a child." I hiss, glaring over at the wall next to me. He smiles but I see the tears begin to form in his eyes and slowly run down his rain kissed cheeks, his warm salty tears mingling with the cool rain. I bite down on my bottom lip before turning my gaze back to him, leaning down, my eyes sliding shut as my lips meet his. He brings his hands up to my face, brushing his hand against my cheek while his other holds onto the back of my neck. I pull away but not too far, my lips ghosting across his as I begin to whisper to him, "I do not want you to leave me, I want to sleep beside you for the rest of my life, maybe longer. I want to hold you in my arms when you awake from a nightmare. I want to kiss away your tears when you are sad." I lift my lips up to his eyes, letting them brush against his wet cheeks. I kiss his silky eyelids, tasting the salty tears on my lips.

"We have been through far worse." He whispers breathily. I feel his knees begin to buckle and his hold on me tightens as he leans against me, his body heat mingling with my own. His heart is pounding in his chest, the motion strong enough for me to feel it against my own body. "You were a vampire before and by some miracle, you became a human once again. It was almost as if Alex choosing you had been destiny, just so I could meet you and learn the truth about everything around me. Without you, I would probably still be that foolish little boy who thought that everything could be handled with a happy smile. It was all a lie. I did not believe it; I just wanted others to think that I was truly happy. It did not matter what I was feeling. When I met you, all that went away. For the first time I was happy, really happy. I do not know what will happen when I leave you for a year. I promise that nothing will change between us once I return to you, as long as you do not change, and neither do your feelings about me. I lost you once; I do not want to lose you again. I love you with all my heart, leaving you is going to hurt so much."

I hold him tightly in my arms, resting my chin on top of his hair. "How long have we been together?" I ask in a low whisper, knowing the answer already but just wanting him to say something, anything. It did not matter; I just needed to hear his voice as much as possible. His heartbeat was ringing in my ears, accompanied by his slow, hesitant breathing, almost as if he were afraid to take a breath.

"A year." I smile, memories of our first meeting coming back to me as if it were only yesterday. I loved the way he made me feel, my every nerve on fire, my body melting from the inside out. A driving passion every time we kissed, every time we made love. It was always as if it was the first time we had ever touched, a new feeling each time. I relished it, I lived for it, I live for him. "It does not feel that long, each moment I spend with you is not long enough. I just want to stay here, safe in your arms. I have to do this though, no matter how much I do not want to leave you. My father's killer…Garcia believes that we have found him. This is just the thing I need and now that you are mortal…I do not want to take any chances allowing you to come with us."

"I still have my vampiric strength, everything. My telekinesis, I can do what I did before. I would be in no more danger than yourself if I were to go, I could prove more useful to you and the others if I were to go with you rather than just sit here waiting for you to return." He shakes his head, smiling wearily. He looks so young right now, with his hair soaking wet, dripping onto his face and shoulders. His white shirt is clinging to his small frame, hugging to his body and showing off the muscles he had received from hours of rigorous training. I shrug off my coat and slip it over his head, not wanting him to get any wetter. "I guess you really do have to do this on your own. I suppose I am just being selfish by asking to come with you."

"No, you just want what I want. If I was not worried about this, I would ask you to come with me, I would let you come with me. There is too great a risk, though. Your power is too great; he could sense you if you came with us and then it would take longer to find him again. I promise not to take longer than is needed." I shake my head and hug him again, burying my face in his hair.

"Just promise me you will come back at all. I am going to be worried sick about you until you return to me." He tilts his head back, kissing my neck softly. "I know I do not say it often, but I do love you, Ivan. More than you could ever know. If you do not come back to me safe and sound, I am going to make sure Garcia regrets ever letting you go. You are only allowing him to go with you so I hold him responsible for your safety."

"I promise to come back to you safely, Robin. You know I am not reckless and I have been training just for this, to find my father's killer and prove to everyone that I am a better hunter than my father ever was." He smiles up at me as I pull away to look down at him again, "I do not want to live in anyone's shadow so I have to make a name for myself. Can you look after my mother for me while I am gone? She has been getting weaker and…I have not told her that we found out who father's killer was, or the fact that I am going to go out to kill him." He is so optimistic; I hope that he can do this. If not…I do not know what I am going to do. The only reason I am here today is because of him what life do I have without him?

"Wish me luck?" He sounds so uncertain about even asking me this. I smile and kiss him again.

"You do not need luck, I will be with you in spirit." I finger the silver cross at his neck, the cross I had given to him. "Do not be afraid to ask for help, Ivan. Even the greatest heroes had someone to help them in their darkest of hours. Garcia may be a fool at times but he is smart in this area, he will be able to help you when you need him."

"I know…and I know that I may not be able to do this on my own." He lifts his arms up to wrap them around my neck, standing on tiptoe to rest his head on my shoulder, "We are not alone in this sadness, in this longing to be together. Picard is staying behind to make sure everything runs smoothly while Garcia and I are away. I know that they want to be with each other as much as we want to be together through all of this. We will be back as soon as we can."

"Any moment without you in my arms seems like an eternity of pain." I whisper into his ear. He lets out an odd, choking noise before pulling out of my arms. He removes my coat and pushes it into my arms before starting to walk away from me.

"I…I have to go. I am sorry…" I grab onto his wrist and pull him back to me, "Robin…"

"Keep my jacket, I do not want you to get a cold…" I shake my head and pull him into one last kiss. Before I can begin to really enjoy it, someone in the distance clears their throat and Garcia appears through the darkness, Picard standing next to him, holding onto Garcia's hand in his own and in the other hand, an umbrella to keep out of the rain.

"Ivan, it is time to go." Ivan pulls away, his eyes not leaving mine as he whispers one last 'I love you' and staggers back to Garcia and Picard. They look at each other before Picard turns his golden gaze to the ground, walking over to me and holding the umbrella over my head now.

"It is going to be okay." He whispers to me softly, the drumming of the raindrops on the umbrella almost making it impossible to hear his soft whisper. "Ivan is a strong fighter and Garcia will be able to protect him in there is any need."

"That is really not what I am worried about." We watch as Garcia and Ivan walk off in the rain, disappearing down the road together. "There is something else that is bothering me."


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