My Angel

By: Datenma

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Chapter 4: Added to the Mix

When you go to bed, you do not expect to see a giant pink bunny staring you in the face the next morning. I blink the sleep out of my eyes as I glare at the stuffed animal four inches from my face before pushing it out of the way and kicking Gerald in the stomach. "Get out of our room, berk." I hiss at him before turning over and hugging Ivan. He laughs in his sleep, snuggling closer to me.

"Berk? What's that?" I groan and turn slightly to glare at him again, "Okay, okay. I can take a hint but Garcia wants to see you in the common room, he says it is very important that you go there now. The least you could do before you go to see him is make yourself presentable. You should be setting an example for Ivan." I continue to glare at him until he backs out of the room, too scared to turn his back to me now.

I sigh and ease myself gently back onto the bed, turning my head slightly to look at Ivan as he sleeps on, undisturbed by the intrusion. I reach over slowly and brush his bangs from his face, a smile slipping onto his face as he snuggles up closer to me. I kiss his cheek and grab the pillow I am lying on and set it down on the bed in my place as I climb of the bed. He slips his arms around the pillow and wraps his legs around it, yawning as he buries his face deeper into the pillow. I shake my head and smile at him before turning away and looking through the dresser drawers for some clothes. I pull on a pair of faded blue jean pants with a huge whole in the right knee from where I got into a fight with Gerald—and won—and then pull out a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt and pull it over my head before walking out of the room, closing the door shut behind me.

What could Garcia possibly want to talk to me about? After I recovered from when I first became mortal, he and I were on good terms. Sure, it was forced at first but we both discovered that we have a lot in common. I cannot think of anything now but we do have a lot in common. However, I have been wary of him. I just cannot help it. He was the one who put me into a comatose state for a couple of weeks just to keep me away from Ivan. What is going to keep him from doing that again? To him, I am still that powerful vampire and I can turn against him and the other hunters at any moment. Not that I ever would. I have only one desire in this world and that is to be with Ivan. I do not even want to think about life without him. A year without him was hell enough but a lifetime without him near me…I would not be able to stand something like that.

I pause in the hallway for a moment, questions buzzing around in my head before I lean around the doorframe and spot Garcia sitting in an overstuffed chair near the fireplace, his head bent slightly with his eyes staring down at a book in front of him. I clear my throat and he looks up, flashing me a brief smile before motioning me into the room. I step into the common room and cross my arms over his chest, leaning back on my left leg and cocking an eyebrow at him. "I received a very rude wakeup call this morning. Care to explain?"

"Sit down first, Robin. There is something important that I wish to discuss with you." I glance around the room frowning when I see a pair of golden eyes through the crack of the door that leads from the kitchen into this room. The owner of those golden eyes gasps and stumbles backwards, shutting the door quickly. "Sit, sit." I roll my eyes and sink into the chair across from the fireplace, with the couch being the only thing separating me from Garcia.

"I am not a dog, Garcia." I chide him but he ignores me and leans back in his chair, closing his book with his good hand, his right hand having a thick bandage wrapped around it. Mildly I wonder how he was able to carry Ivan for so long with his dominate hand in such bad shape but Ivan is not very heavy and he has lost a lot of weight since I last saw him, a little too much. "So what is it you wished to discuss with me?" I ask after he does not speak for a long moment.

He snaps out of his reverie, offering me an apologetic smile before he scratches his cheek and laughs nervously. "I am not sure how to ask this of you, but it is more of a favor than anything else. There is this new hunter that Susa, Ivan's cousin, met and he wants you to train him." I stare at him for a moment before shaking my head, hoping I had not heard him correctly.

"You want me to do what for Susa? No, Garcia, no." I stand up, still shaking his head, pacing the floor before the chair I had been sitting in. "I am not a hunter, Garcia. The only reason I insist on staying here is that I want to be close to Ivan. Sure, I have the potential of becoming a hunter and I retained my vampiric powers but that does not mean that I want to train some kid that Susa picked up off the street." I groan and stop in the middle of my pacing, dropping my head into my hand and closing my eyes. "Do you know anything about this kid? Is he suspicious? Is he even worth my time?"

The smile that graces his face is genuine this time, making me groan again as I drop into the chair and rest the back of my head against the chair. "He has potential and he is willing to learn, that is very important." I shake my head again. "You will not regret this, Robin. This is just what you need to do with your spare time while Ivan recovers."

"Yeah." I quietly agree with him before rising out of the chair again, rolling my shoulders before waving absently to him. "Don't bother me until later, got it? Healing Ivan took a lot out of me and I just want to rest for now, I suggest that you do the same. You are not immortal and those wounds look serious. When is Susa's little friend going to be here?"

Choosing to ignore my earlier comments, he replies with a succinct, "Two days from now, with Susa most likely. Susa is with him right now, helping him with any arrangements that he needs to make before he comes to the academy." I fold my hands behind my head and stop in the doorway, leaning against the wood and looking back at him.

"To think that all I had to do was entrance one of the hunters, make them ask one of you if I could become a hunter myself and you would have let me in. Nice security, Garcia, really nice." He throws a pillow at me but I duck out of the room before it can reach me. I walk down the corridor, debating whether to go back to my room or just stay down here and let Ivan have his peace.

"Robin?" I should have gone back to the room while I had the chance. I plaster a smile on my face and turn around to see Sheba walking out of a room off to the right holding a thick book in her arms. "I thought you would still be asleep. You normally do not wake up this early." Does she have to notice everything everyone does around here or is it just with me? I hold my hand up to my eye as I feel it begin to twitch with annoyance.

"Yes, well, Garcia needed to talk to me so here I am. I should get back up to my room since I am still a little tired and I need to look after Ivan." She nods, the smile on her face brightening up.

"That's right, how is Ivan doing?" I sigh and lean back against the wall, wanting more than anything to run away and watch Ivan sleep or something, anything but standing here and talking with her.

"Just fine after I healed his wounds. He should be up and about in no time." I wave my finger and turn on my heal, "I really must be going, though." She nods again and reaches out, grabbing onto the edge of my shirt. How did she ever become a hunter again? She must have slept with someone.

"Robin, what are you doing later this afternoon?" I roll my eyes and turn around, brushing her hand away from my shirt.

"Probably the same thing I am going to do right now, look after Ivan." I wait for a moment before turning around again before she can gather up her courage to ask me whatever she was going to ask. I know that the only reason she asked me what I was doing later was that she wanted to keep me away from Ivan. I fight the urge to tell her to go bother someone else, knowing that that might make things worse.

I return to the room and push the door open slowly, pausing when it is open only an inch. I can hear Ivan's voice and I hold my breath. It sounds like he is talking to someone. "So warm…" he mumbles, "I just want to sink into your arms." Okay, if I did not know any better, I would swear he was talking to someone else. I push the door open more and nearly fall down. He is holding onto the stuffed animal that he won at the fair two years ago and it seems that he is still asleep.

"Talking in your sleep…" I shake my head and walk over to him, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching him as he hugs the animal tighter. "Something tells me I should have known you would be doing just that." I reach over and hold onto the bottom of his shirt before pushing the cloth away from his chest to check on how his wounds are doing. They are only red marks on his skin now so it is safe to assume that the rest of his wounds are doing as well since his chest wounds were the worst that he had received.

I look at his sleeping face before I lean forward and plant a gentle kiss on his chest, causing him to move in his sleep and moan softly, whispering my name under his breath. I smile to myself and pull his shirt back down, lifting his hand from the bed and brining it to my lips, kissing his fingers gingerly. I turn his hand over, place a kiss on his palm, and then brush it against my cheek, closing my eyes shut for a moment. I know I should be letting him rest but I have not been able to touch him like this in such a long time, I just need to know that he is really here in front of me, that none of this is just some wild dream.

"Un…Robin?" He opens his eyes and blinks up at me, watching me with a blurry gaze before his eyes focus on me. "Did you leave?" He asks, looking at the pillow he still had his arm and legs wrapped around. I nod, still smiling. "Sorry, I must be really out of it to not even notice when you leave the bed." He laughs weakly but I shake my head, kissing his hand again.

"It's quite all right. You have been through a lot and right now, all you need is rest, nothing else." He pouts at this. "No strenuous acts, understand? I do not want you undoing all of my hard work healing you. I put a lot of my power into you, so you better take good care of it." I slip my legs off the bed and stand up, glancing back at him only when I reach the door, "I'm going to get you some breakfast, okay?"

He nods, lifting himself up and leaning back against the wooden headboard of the bed, "What about you?"

"We can eat together. I'll be back in a couple of seconds, do you want anything else?" He shakes his head, but something in his eyes tells me there is something more that he wants to say to me. "Are you sure, Ivan? I know that look." He flushes and turns his head so that he is looking out at the pale morning light filtering through the window. I smile and laugh, "I see. I think you already know the answer to that question so just wait. There will be plenty of time of that, later." He sighs and nods again.

I open the door and walk out into the corridor again, closing the door silently behind me. A few feet away from me, the door to Picard and Garcia's room opens and closes, Picard walking out of the room dressed in a strange turquoise garment. I gap at him before he walks over to me, poking me in the ribs, snapping me out of my trance. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"Don't ask." He says with a tired sigh, "Garcia brought this back for me and he insisted that I wear it last night." I grin, "If the next words out of your mouth are 'kinky', I will kill you, Robin." He snaps, turning on his heel and stomping down the corridor, walking off in the direction of the Library.

"He thinks that's kinky? He should see the things Ivan and I do sometimes." I laugh to myself in spite of the warmth that has crawled onto my cheeks.

After a quick trip to the kitchen and running into Mary on the way back to Ivan, I return to our room, setting the tray of food down on Ivan's lap, receiving a smile from him. "Thank you." I sit down next to him, resting my head on his shoulder as he turns away from the food to look down at me. "Is something the matter?"

"Yeah, the reason I got up so early and left the room before you woke up." I groan, pulling away from him and folding my hands behind my head, leaning back against the headboard and turning to the television where Ivan had turned to the news station. "I have to train some wannabe hunter that your cousin has befriended."


"Unless you have any more cousins in Japan." I say, nodding to him. He shakes his head.

"Only Susa…but why doesn't he train his friend instead of getting you to do it? You aren't even a hunter." He says, propping his elbow on the tray and resting his chin in his hand. "It doesn't make much sense. You are very strong but even so, you don't know the fighting styles of a hunter." I laugh at this. "What? What is so funny?"

"The fighting styles of a hunter?" I ask him, still laughing, "Of course I know how a hunter fights, Ivan, how do you think I lived so long in Japan, living right by the academy where the best hunters are trained?"

"I just thought you were lucky or something…" He mumbles.

"I told you before that I have killed hunters before. I know how they work, I have to know how they work or they could have tricked me and killed me easily." I shrug my shoulders, "The best person for the job would be Picard. With Garcia still injured, he's out of the question and I do not think that he trusts Gerald with training someone." He laughs at this and leans against me, looping his arms around my waist. I kiss the top of his head lightly. "Gods, I've missed you, Ivan."

"I've missed you as well, but now, we have no reason to be apart any longer, do we?" I shake my head.

"No, there is nothing that can break us apart any longer." At least, if there is, I will do anything and everything in my power to fight whatever it is. No one is going to keep us apart any more.


A young man climbs off his cherry red motorcycle; pulling off his helmet and looking up at the large, vine covered brick walls of the academy. He shakes his dirty blonde hair and smiles sweetly, deep blue eyes looking around before the doors to the academy open and Garcia steps out, walking over to the young man and extending a hand to his. The clasp hands for a moment, smiling good-naturedly at each other before Garcia speaks, "Thank you for coming, Okami. I thought you were going to be late."

"I would have come sooner but there were some problems on the way with a certain woman from that café that opened up a couple of years previously." Garcia frowns. "Yes, none of you were able to sense her, at least, none of you apart from Robin. She is very strong, Garcia. We have to watch out for her. Again, yes. I was unable to kill her. She was saved by another one of her kind. Nevertheless, it is good to see that you are well, old friend. I was beginning to worry that you and Ivan were going to take longer than planned to return."

"We had problems of our own. He did not think that Ivan was worthy of taking the mark of the hunters." Okami frowns, finally breaking away from Garcia's gaze and staring down at his helmet for a long moment. "Is something wrong?"

"I do not know." He looks back up and smiles weakly, "I am sure that it is nothing. Um, are you sure that it is all right for me to stay here? I have other places where I could stay and it might not be wise for me to be too close." The older man shook his head, slipping his arm around Okami's shoulders and pulling him into the house. Okami flinched at the touch but Garcia did not seem to notice.

"Nonsense, Okami. Having you close is going to be the best thing for this. You can keep an eye on everything and be close to the action at the same time. He will not suspect a thing with you here. If you were else where, he might begin to think that something is suspicious."

"Your logic makes no sense, Garcia but I will stay, only until all of this is finished." He grabbed onto Garcia's wrist with his gloved hand and removed it from his shoulders, "Now, please remember not to touch me. I do not need to feel your emotions." Garcia laughs.

"Very well."


"Is everything ready?"

"Yes, things are going according to plan."

"Have we found Alex yet?"

"Not yet. Silas and Lunae are out looking for him at the moment."

"Then we must hurry before they return. They do not know what they have gotten into."

"And what of the boy?"

"He knows nothing."

"And Robin and Ivan?"

"We will deal with them in due time. Let them be the last, since they will be the hardest to kill. Their powers have grown more than we have planned but it is only a minor thing. With Okami there, it might be a little harder but things will go smoothly, I promise you this much."

"Very good. This world will be mine soon. I shall enjoy watching my little puppets squirm on their lovely little stage. If Okami becomes suspicious of our plans, you know what to do."

"Garcia and Picard? What of them? They know a lot as well."

"Let me worry about them, just make sure that the two stars do not figure out what is going on around them until the final act."


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