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Warnings for SLASH (male/male love) and implied MPREG.

Fathers and Sons

Chapter 1:

A Letter from the Past

Harry blinked and sat up on his bed, glancing at his alarm clock. It was exactly midnight.

Midnight, July 31st. His sixteenth birthday.

A pack of owls was tapping at his window, demanding to get in. He bounced up from his bed and went to open the window. The owls flew inside, landing on his bed. Then they all looked at him expectantly, their eyes urging him to approach and relieve them of their load.

Harry slowly took the parcels and letters from the owls' legs. He had got post from Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Lupin, and, to his slight surprise, Tonks.

Nothing from Sirius. No more anything from Sirius.

The Boy Who Lived fought against tears as he slowly piled the presents and letters on his bed. Just as he attempted to start opening the parcels, however, he heard yet another hoot from the window.

Harry turned around, and was left to stare in amawement. He had never before seen anything like her.

The owl was a bluish shade of white. She wasn't a snowy owl, though; she was a lot bigger than Hedwig, but somehow she seemed to be lighter. Her eyes were glittering silver, and she seemed to glow softly.

Cautiously Harry walked towards the owl, a bit unsure under her insistent gaze. As he started untying the letter from her leg, he heard, to his great shock, a cool female voice echoing from nowhere.

"This is the Time-Treasuring Section of Owl Post," it said. "This Owl was sent to you exactly fifteen years ago, and has been set to be delivered on your sixteenth birthday. It was sent by Remus Lupin."

Harry raised his eyebrows. Well, this was beginning to get interesting. What would Lupin tell him in such a special way? And what could have been so important that he'd wanted to be certain that Harry got the letter -- fifteen years after it was written? What would matter over the years?

Determined to find out, he unfolded the letter. The owl left immediately, not glancing back even once. Uncaring about her departure although still a bit bewildered, Harry began to read the odd letter.

"Dear Harry," it began.

"I suppose you're confused right now - why would I owl you, over years even, when I could talk to you face to face?"

Harry smiled slightly, nodding a bit. Yes, he was indeed confused. So, he went on reading.

"At the moment, it's the night of your first birthday. Sirius and Peter have already left, returning to their homes for the night, but I'm staying here for... special reasons.

I don't know how to say this -- I don't think there really is a way to say something like this -- so I think I'm going to be rude and just say it, simple as that.

Harry, James and Lily are not your parents."

Now, Harry stared at the parchment in shock. Had he just read right? Rereading the last line several times just to be sure, he then became even more shocked as it didn't change. What exactly did this mean? With slightly trembling hands, he proceeded reading further, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

"You read indeed right. James is not your father, nor is Lily your mother.

Harry, I know this will upset you -- you'll probably get mad at us all for keeping this from you, for lying to you. However, you need to know. I sincerely hope that by the time you get this you'll be old enough to understand our reasons and see the situation from our point of view.

As strange as it sounds, you never had a mother. You were carried by a man - by me, to be exact."

Harry's throat was now dry. His hands still trembling, though, he forced himself to continue.

"I know it sounds incredible, or rather ridiculous, but it is true. Due to my curse -- Lycanthropy -- I'm able to carry a child. That is, you. I'm not a hermaphrodite, though; I'm very much a man, but I do also possess all the necessary organs required for bearing a child.

Then why are we all lying to you, you might ask. It is simple: to keep you with us.

Three weeks before I found out I was carrying you, my mate left me. He -- he was a Death Eater."

Harry closed his eyes, hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He was a Death Eater's son? And Lupin -- one of his fathers, he reminded himself -- had been left alone, expecting a baby, Harry?

"Why didn't I keep you, then? I did want to. Honestly, I wanted nothing more -- you were a part of my mate, my only way to hold onto him. But I couldn't keep you, thanks to the Ministry.

I once had a very dear friend who was a werewolf as well. She had a baby, non-lycanthropic. But when her mate died in an accident, they took her child away -- it wasn't safe for the baby to have only one, lycanthropic, parent, or so they said. She hasn't even seen her son ever since.

I didn't want to lose you completely, so I went to ask for help from James and Lily. If they accepted to have you as their own, I could at least stay close to you even if I couldn't keep you myself. They promised to help, and we put up concealment and illusion charms to hide my pregnancy and make Lily appear pregnant instead. We never told Sirius or Peter -- if Sirius had known and not reported, he would have got troubles, and Peter, as dear as he is, couldn't keep a secret to save his life."

Harry clenched his teeth. Indeed. Peter hadn't kept a secret to save James's and Lily's lives, either.

"When you were born, we cast an Adoption Charm on you. It hides your true appearance and alters certain parts of your character, should you inherit them. It doesn't change your character entirely, just alters it a bit, but enough to make you appear different. You see, both I and my former mate have some rather easily detectable features that could give out our secret if they showed up in you, and we couldn't have that. The charm will stay unless some other strong magic forces it out. As you have showed signs of being a powerful wizard, it might be possible that it will start to wear out soon in a reaction to your natural magic. However, for the time being you are Harry Potter -- or at least you are that to anybody who doesn't know about our secret.

As for who you really are, well, that is for you to decide. In case you'd like to know, the name I gave you before you became Harry Potter is Michael Severin Snape."

Harry stared at the letter. He'd surely misread it some way. Or maybe this was just some sick joke? It had to be. This simply couldn't be true; this was impossible.

He couldn't be Snape's son.

Determined to prove that it wasn't true, Harry searched the room for one particular object. Finally finding it, he grasped the mirror Luna had sent him in the beginning of the holiday -- "So you could do something to that hair, no offense" -- and looked at his reflection. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw his old, familiar face looking back at him. A face that looked exactly like James Potter, and not a face of a Snape. Maybe the Weasleys had thought he needed some cheering up. Yes, that had to be it.

Then he glanced around once again and saw his glasses lying on a chair.

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Remus tells Severus. Harry, on the other hand, tries in vain to deny everything.