New Schools

Kaylee sat in her desk at her new school. She didn't like it. She didn't like going anywhere where Jessie wasn't going to be. The students were weird, the Teacher was weird, everyone was kind of behaved and were generally nice and weird. Kaylee didn't like it. She wanted to go to her old school. Well, she wanted Jessie with her. It was scary.

"Kaylee, what does this say?" The teacher asked. Kaylee looked at the Teacher, she hadn't been listening.


"How was school?" Rhia asked Kaylee as she trudged into the Potter house. Kaylee grumbled slightly and sat on the sofa. Rhia and Emma smirked at each other.

"It probably wasn't that bad" Harry said.

"Evil!" Kaylee said.

"Aww." Rhia said pretending to be sympathetic but in a way it was a relief that she didn't have to look after Kaylee at school. Kaylee threw her bag at her sister in annoyance.

"Where Jessie?" Kaylee asked.

"Coming." Emma said. "Um, there" Emma said. She was playing a game with Rhia and Harry and Kara. She grinned as she overtook Harry's piece.

"Emma! I was winning!" Harry said.

"I know." Emma said with a grin. Kaylee crossed her arms in annoyance. She wanted her sister. There front door opened and closed and Kaylee saw her mum walking past the living room. Jessie walked past as well looking rather miserable.

"JESSIE!" Kaylee shouted. Jessie stopped and turned to look at Kaylee.

"KAYLEE!" She shouted. Kara looked up and at Jessie as Jessie ran into the room. Jessie jumped onto the sofa and hugged her sister tightly. Neither seemed to let go of each other.

"Oh joy, they're together again!" Rhia said sarcastically.

"You horrible." Kaylee said to Rhia.

"Excuse me but I'm not the one who got kicked out of my sister's school!" Rhia said. Kaylee scowled at her.

"I win!" Emma said happily as her piece got to the end.

"Emma!" Kara snapped, "I was nearly there!" Emma stuck her tongue out at Kara then grinned.

"Jessie wants to know what you playing?" Kaylee asked as she knelt up, Jessie surgically attached to her arm.

"Nothing interesting." Rhia said. "Come on, lets go and have a snowball fight."

"Can we come?" Kaylee asked hopefully.

"No." Rhia, Emma and Kara said together.

"Oh come on guys." Harry said, "They're only little." Emma looked at Harry.

"They got us into trouble, remember?" Emma said.

"So? They're only little." Harry said.

"They still can't join us." Rhia said. She pulled a scarf around her neck and went out to get her coat and gloves. Emma and Kara followed suit and Harry was left looking at the two upset looking twins.

"I have an idea." Harry said with a grin. Kaylee and Jessie looked at him.

"Can we help?" Kaylee asked. Jessie nodded eagerly. Harry scowled.

"Well, you might have to let go of each other." Harry said scratching his head.

"Ok." Kaylee said. Jessie and Kaylee reluctantly let go of each other's arms reluctantly. Harry grinned.

"Follow me." Harry said. He ran up the stairs with the twins in tow. He pushed open his window and picked up his broom. "I need one of you with me. Um, Jessie." Harry said. Kaylee scowled as Harry and Jessie got onto the broom. Jessie grinning broadly.

"But I want go on broom!" Kaylee said.

"You go and try and get Rhia, Emma and Kara under the roof by the kitchen." Harry said, "But wait for my signal."

Harry and Jessie hid behind the huge pile of snow they'd accumulated on the roof of the house. The roof was now void of all snow except the huge pile. Harry stood up and waved his hands at Kaylee, who was looking up at him. Kaylee ran to Emma, Rhia and Kara and pulled their hair. Soon all three girls were chasing after Kaylee. Harry watched carefully as Kaylee ran to the house. He looked at Jessie.

"One, two, three" Harry and Jessie pushed on the pile of snow and it slid off the roof. Jessie nearly went with it but Harry caught her foot and Jessie hung upside down off the roof with Harry holding onto the chimney pot. Jessie was grinning as she saw Kaylee jumping up and down happily.

"Ok," Harry said. "You are too heavy!" He said, pulling Jessie up. Jessie grinned and made no effort to ease Harry's struggle to get her back up on the roof. Soon the two of them were on the floor, Harry's broom in Kaylee's hand.

"Have any of them wriggled out?" Harry asked. Kaylee shook her head. A small pile of snow soon started to crumble and the top of Rhia's head appeared. Kaylee brought the broom over her head and hit Rhia's head.

"DONG!" Kaylee said as Rhia gave a shout and struggled out.

"You little!" Rhia didn't finish the sentence as Kaylee gave a scream and hid behind Harry. Rhia stopped trying to chase Kaylee and looked at Harry.

"You fancy turning your friends into snowmen?" He asked with a grin. Rhia smiled slightly.

"Um..." Rhia started to say but Jessie and Kaylee were already beginning to shape the snow.

"You might as well." Harry said. He went over to join Kaylee so Rhia wouldn't kill the young girl. Rhia shivered slightly with cold then went over to join Jessie.

"Who's this?" Rhia asked. Jessie shrugged and looked at Kaylee.

"Kara." Kaylee said. Rhia looked at her younger sisters.

"How do you do that?" Rhia asked.

"What?" Kaylee asked.

"Tell what the other is thinking." Harry said, "It's like you're psychic" Kaylee looked at Jessie and they both broke out into grins.

"No" Kaylee said. "We just know our sister's thoughts. Jessie knows everyone's thoughts." Kaylee said. Rhia and Harry looked at each other uncertainly.

"Like mum?" Rhia asked. Jessie nodded with a grin.

"Fun." Harry said. Rhia made a small snowball and threw it at Harry. Harry laughed and threw one back. Soon Harry and Rhia were in a full snowball fight. Kaylee and Jessie looked at each other.

"Older children!" Kaylee said rolling her eyes and tutting. Jessie nodded in agreement before they went back to their snowman building.

Harry was smiling innocently at the TV as Emma sat curled up in a thick duvet and a cup of pepper-up potion in her hands. James had been the one to drag Emma and Kara out of their snowy casts. Kara was curled up in the duvet as well while the twins shared a duvet and Rhia and Harry had duvets to themselves. They'd all gotten so wet while playing in the snow they had been shivering. So James, being the genius he was, didn't know what to do so just wrapped them up in duvets and brewed up some Pepper-up potion. Kaylee and Jessie seemed to love seeing the steam shoot out of their ears so took a sip of pepper-up potion every few seconds just to laugh at each other.

Kara and Emma were rather annoyed at Harry and Rhia but the two weren't that concerned, they knew that Kara and Emma would get over it. Rhia was actually starting to fall asleep in the duvet. It was so warm and comfy in the duvet.

"I bet you three Galleons that Rhia will be asleep before Lily comes home." Sirius said to James. James looked at Sirius vaguely amused

"You want to bet on your daughter?" James asked. Sirius nodded. James rolled his eyes. "Fine. You're on." Sirius grinned and went over to pick up Rhia. She let Sirius take her to a chair and hug her. She rested her head on his chest and was slowly falling asleep.

"There's too many children." James said. "All we need is Orion and Bo to complete the mix"

"Well, April's taken Orion to see her parents. I'm not sure why." Sirius said. He kissed the top of Rhia's head.

"James! I'm home" Lily called. Rhia started slightly and hit Sirius' chin as Lily walked into the room and smiled at all the children who were all falling asleep or where asleep.

"Ow." She moaned silently. James started laughing and held out his hand.

"Three Galleons Padfoot." He said with a grin. Lily looked at the two men suspiciously.

"What are you doing?" Lily asked as Sirius dug into his pockets to get the coins.

"Betting." James said.

"On what?" Lily asked. Sirius threw the coins over to James but Lily caught them.

"Lily!" James complained.

"On what James?" Lily said teasingly.

"On Rhia." James said. Sirius coughed

"Suck up" He said while coughing. Lily smiled and pocketed the coins.

"Thank you." Lily said with a smile. "You're a good husband." Lily said patting James' head. James glared at her for a moment. Lily turned and surveyed the sleeping children. She smiled slightly and turned to James. "A coin for your troubles." Lily said tossing a galleon at him. James grinned and caught it.

"Thank you" He said with a smile. Sirius sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Kaylee, hurry up I need to take you to school." Sirius called up the stairs. Kaylee and Jessie looked at each other. Instead of the grey uniform that Jessie had to wear, she wore a blue one. Kaylee wore her old uniform. She took off her necklace and handed it to Jessie as Jessie handed Kaylee her own one.

"Remember, be me" Kaylee said. Jessie gave Kaylee a bored look, "Yes, you have to talk!" Jessie's eyes narrowed slightly, "Why? Because you are being me!" Kaylee said. Jessie gave an annoyed sigh and left the room with Kaylee's lunch. Kaylee put on Jessie's necklace. Great, an entire day of having to be silent! As Jessie left the house, she was thinking a similar thing, Great, an entire day of having to talk!

"Hey, Jessie come on, we'll be late for school" Rhia called.

"Co-" Kaylee started to say then remembered she had to be absolutely silent. She picked up Jessie's lunch and ran down the stairs to where Rhia stood with Orion. Kaylee gave Rhia an innocent smile. She still had a bit of a bruise where Kaylee had hit her with a broom. Orion looked at Kaylee carefully, Kaylee was careful to be quiet. Of all of Kaylee and Jessie's family, and of everyone they knew Orion could tell them apart easier then anyone else.

"Come on, lets go." Rhia said, pulling on some gloves.

Harry sat at a table with his friends. As a prefect in his school he had to stay in the lunch hall and help the dinner ladies keep an eye on the younger years. Normally he'd try and keep an eye out on the twins but since Kaylee had been expelled he had been relieved at that duty but he still glanced over at Jessie from time to time. She had been slightly quieter then usual since Kaylee left...if that was possible! He glanced over and saw her with a sandwich in her hand. He smiled and turned to his friends.

"What school are you going to go to after this school?" Asked a boy with spiky brown hair. He looked like someone had decided to ruffle up his hair more then usual.

"Don't know." Harry said with a shrug. He couldn't exactly tell is friends he was hoping to go to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry could he?

"What do you mean you don't know?" another of his friends asked.

"Well, I might go to boarding school" Harry said. His friends frowned.

"Why?" the boy with spiky hair asked. Harry shrugged.

"Mum and dad want me to go."

"Don't they love you?" asked another boy with a grin. Harry looked at him. "Hey scarhead, I thought you were weird but if your parent's don't want you-" Harry stood up looking at the boy angrily. The boy with spiky hair stood up as well and held onto Harry's arm tightly.

"I'm not weird and my parents do love me!" Harry snapped.

"Then why are they sending you away? They obviously don't love you." The boy said with a laugh to his friends

"You don't know what you're talking about Matthew!" Harry said,

"Of course I know what I'm talking about." Matthew said. "Your parents are sending you away because you're weird and they don't love you!" Matthew's friends all started laughing.

"Harry's not weird, and you know that!" the boy with spiky hair said,

"Oh, then how do you explain how he suddenly ended up the top of the tallest tree in the playground in P.E?" Matthew asked with a smirk. Harry was about to say something when something hit the back of his head. Harry put a hand to what had hit him. It came away covered in yoghurt. Matthew started laughing as Harry turned around. It seemed that several children had started throwing food at each other.

"Oh no." The boy with spiky hair said as he saw what was happening. Harry's mouth fell open. How did this happen without anyone notice? He was about to go and find someone when he saw Jessie running out of the lunch hall laughing. She was holding something in her hands and running with a wicked grin. Harry frowned and began to follow her. She disappeared from the hall but Harry saw the door of the girls toilets swinging shut.

"Uh oh" Harry muttered. He was deciding whether he should go to get a teacher or not when there was a sudden explosion from the loos. Jessie came running out of the girls toilets and ran straight into Harry, knocking him over.

"Hi Harry" She said with a grin before running in the opposite direction. Harry scowled, Jessie just spoke to him, Jessie never spoke to him.

"Oh-" Harry got to his feet. "Kaylee!" Harry said running after her.

Kaylee ran through the infant departments laughing. She didn't know where she was going but she knew that she couldn't be found in or near the lunch hall. She turned to see Harry running after her. She stuck out her tongue then collided with something rather solid. Kaylee fell backwards and shook her head to clear it. She looked up and into the face of Mrs. Hardy.

"Uh oh" Kaylee said, her smile disappearing. Harry skid to a stop and looked at Mrs. Hardy apprehensively.

"Mrs. Hardy." Harry said uncertainly. Mrs. Hardy's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"A Potter and a Black. I should have known that one of you two would be in trouble!" She said.

"I was just trying to catch her. I swear I didn't do anything." Harry said. Kaylee looked at Harry with a frown. Mrs. Hardy took Kaylee by the arm and pulled her towards the office. Kaylee looked at Harry with a pleading look but Harry looked torn between following them or staying.

"I can't believe it! What did we do wrong Sirius. What is wrong with these two!" April snapped. Sirius looked at Kaylee and Jessie with a stern look. April was nearly frantic.

"Sorry." Kaylee muttered.

"Sorry!" Sirius said, "You think Sorry will put you back into that school? If you two would just behave for a moment you'd save us so much trouble! Why do you two behave like you do?" Sirius asked, his arms crossed. April looked at Sirius with surprise. Was Sirius telling off his children? Kaylee and Jessie looked terrified. "Now we have to try and get the other one of you into another school. Kaylee, we'll be lucky if we can get Jessie into your school. Are you trying to make things harder for yourselves and for us?" Jessie and Kaylee looked utterly confused. April's mouth was on the verge of dropping open.

"Sorry?" Kaylee asked. She clearly hadn't understood what Sirius was trying to talk about.

"Go to your rooms and stay there!" Sirius said. "Kaylee, you're moving into Rhia's room!"

"What!" Rhia screamed from the door. April and Sirius turned to the door to see Rhia and Orion looking into the room. "Why do I have to get Kaylee? Can't she go with Orion? Or give me Jessie? Not Kaylee! Please!" Rhia begged.

"Rhia, be quiet and do as your dad says." April said. "Maybe it'll teach you all to behave."

"I hate you two!" Rhia said to the twins. Rhia stormed off to her room. Orion was giggling and was biting his lip to stop himself from laughing.

"Be quiet Orion" Sirius snapped. Orion went quiet and ran upstairs to carry on his laughing and to possibly bug Rhia.

Harry and Emma sat on their mum's bed while Lily brushed her hair.

"But where are you going?" Emma asked.

"Out with your dad." Lily said with a smile.

"Why?" Emma asked.

"Because they're married." Harry said to Emma. Emma was lying on her front and watching her mum with awe. Harry was going through Lily's make up bag and looking at the make up in horror and wondering why the hell anyone would want to put this stuff on their face. Lily laughed at Harry's comment and looked at her children through the mirror.

"What are you wearing?" Emma asked with a smile. Lily turned to Emma while she was in the process of putting her hair up into an intricate bun.

"I'm wearing some dress robes."

"Why are you going out?" Emma asked, "Who will look after us if you leave us on our own?"

"Yeah!" Harry said, looking up. Lily laughed and turned around as she did something to her bun. Carefully she took her hands away and when it didn't fall apart she grinned to herself. In the past she'd had to do that with April or Jenny's help. Lily admired her handiwork for a moment before the tune coming over the radio caught her attention.

"Oh, Emma put the volume up." Lily said, "I love this song." Lily said moving her head with a beat.

"What song is it?" Harry asked. Emma stood by the radio putting the volume up. It was a muggle radio.

"You might not ever get rich" Lily sang with the radio, "But lemme tell ya it's better then diggin' a ditch" Emma laughed and Harry looked at Lily rather amused. Lily laughed then picked up her brush. "There's no telling who you might meet, a movie star or an Indian chief-" Lily sang into her brush. Harry started laughing. "Come here Emma" Emma went to Lily and Lily started dancing with her to the music.

Workin' at the Car wash

Workin' at the car wash yeah!

Emma laughed as she danced with her mum. Lily grinned at her and looked at Harry who was bouncing on the bed to the music.

"Come on and sing it with me-" Lily said, she threw Harry a brush.

"Working at the car wash yeah!" Harry tried to sing into the brush while laughing.

"Come summer the work gets kinda hard." Lily sang. Emma jumped on the bed and started dancing on the bed with Harry. Lily watched her children rather impressed. Harry wasn't that bad at dancing, as for Emma, she was just like any other young girl.

"This ain't no place to be if you're plannin' on being a star" Lily sang. She remembered the dance moves from when she was younger, she had loved this song when it had come out. She started doing the dance moves to the song while Emma and Harry cheered her on.

Lemme tell you it's always cool

And the boss don't mind if sometimes you're a fool

"At the Car wash yeah!" Emma and Harry sang together, Lily laughed slightly as Emma jumped down to join her.

"Talkin' about the car wash yeah!" Lily said, Lily threw all her self respect the window and decided to pretend she was on stage. Emma and Harry laughed as Lily did so. "Come on sing it for me, Car wash. Car Wash yeah!" Lily sang. Harry laughed and jumped down to join Emma and Lily as well.

"Work and work! Will those Cars never stop com-" Lily pulled open the door and was about to go out when she nearly crashed into James. "-ming" Lily finished lamely. James was giving her a highly amused look.

"Where you singing Lily Potter?" James aside with a laugh.

"No." Lily said throwing her brush quickly to Emma. Emma looked at the brush. Harry handed the brush he had to Emma as well and went back to the bed. Lily cleared her throat and put her hands to her hair. James laughed and pulled off his auror robes.

"I don't believe you Lily." James said.

"Mum was dancing as wel-" Lily cupped a hand over Emma's mouth. Lily was going slightly red. James laughed even more.

"Will you be giving me a rendition of any song soon?" James asked putting his arms around Lily.

"In your dreams." Lily said, "I don't sing for anyone." Lily said.

"Except Harry and Emma apparently." James said. He gave Lily a soft kiss on the lips. Lily smiled slightly.

"Ok, maybe later." Lily said leaning in for another kiss.

"Mum." Harry said in a dangerous tone. Lily turned to look at Harry with a smile.

"Harry." Lily said.

"Stop kissing. It's rude don't you know." Lily blushed again and turned to James.

"You're a bad influence James." Lily said flicking his nose playfully. James laughed.

"Get ready Lily, the ball is starting in an hour." Lily stopped dead.

"An hour!" Lily asked. She turned to look at James.

"Yes. An hour, why?" James said with a confused expression.

"Oh damn. That's not enough time to get ready." Lily said.

"What? It's plenty of time."

"Workin' at the car wash yeah!" Emma sang as she decided to carry on dancing and singing on her own. James laughed and put his arms around Lily.

"I think she takes after you." James said. Lily hit him lightly before grabbing her make up bag off Harry and sitting down at the make up table.

"You are impossible James." Lily said. James grinned and kissed her shoulder quickly before going to hunt for his own dress robes.

A/N:-I have been waiting soooo long to write that last scene. I jsut didn't know where to put it and then came the end and I thought....ah, perfect. The perfect ending scene, me thinks. I hope you did do your homework and got to know hte song car wash. That was the bestest scene to write EVER!!

Anyway, the sequel is called.....A New Beginning....I'm having a thing for beginnings and endings, cause i think i might name the story after...Another End....snazzy isn't it? lol. It's going to get so confusing for me. Anyway. A few people have asked as to who falles through the viel it is..........SECRET!! :-p I'll put up the introduction soon. I'm on chapter 3 of hte next story, tis going well. There will be some stuff that will refer to the past stories, (particularly to The End and Glittering MAsquerade) But it'll all be explained in the story.

I hope you enjoyed this story, you've all been so great and suportive. Now that School has started, I'll try and do my best with this.