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She couldn't believe that she was where she was. Lying in a bed wih machines all around her that made a constant beeping sound. It was enough to drive a person insane. She didn't know how much longer she could take the torture that she was going through. Not that lying on your back and looking at the ceiling was torture. No, the real torture was that orange crap they served after a lunch of tasteless food. The very same stuff that the lunch nurse wanted to see you eat. Now that was torture.

"It doesn't move." She muttered, stabbing at the orange Jell-o with her finger. "Shouldn't this stuff at least move? A little bit? I mean, isn't that why they call it Jell-o?" Little did she realize that she was being watched. Vegeta shook his head slowly and tried not to let out a laugh as he watched his bed ridden girlfriend talk to herself. She was bored. He knew this. In fact, it was hard for the rest fo the hospital not to know this as Bulma was getting louder and louder as the days went on. She was restless. The doctors wanted to keep her there for another two days. Two more days and she could have the building tumbling down around her ears. He had to rescue her. The poor pregnant woman.

"Why doesn't this crap move? I mean, it's supposed to be this edible square of artificially flavored goop. One would think that it should move. Not this crap..."

"Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity."

She whipped her head around and winced slightly as the momention forced her chin against her shoulder. Blue eyes narrowed into slits. "How long have you been standing there?"

Vegeta lifted his hands and laughed. "Settle down sparky. I just got here in time to listen to you talk to yourself about the poor movement of the Jell-o."

"Total fake squares if you ask me. I don't know what they're trying to pull but this isn't Jell-o like I remember it." She pushed the tray holding the offending orange "dessert" away from her and patted her bed. Moving over slightly, she made room for Vegeta to sit down and place a kiss on her brow.

"How are you feeling?"

"Fantastic. I'm hooked up to these things. I have a watermelon in my belly that's sitting on my bladder meaning I have to pee constantly...and the sad thing is that this is still all new. Meaning I haven't even begun to put on the weight. Meaning I'm going to have to go pee a whole hell of a lot more then what I already do. Meaning I'm going to get to be some fat land whale that can't see her feet and that has to get someone to check to make sure that she is wearing the same shoes."

It was a bad day. Bulma wasn't happy. Why hadn't someone told him that pregnant women, especially Bulma, would suffer from dramatic mood swings. He knew that they had mood swings, but Bulma went from pussy cat to roaring lion in the span of a heartbeat. "You know that it won't be that bad."

"How would YOU know? You aren't the one that's going to get all distored and out of preportion."

He placed a hand on her leg and started to rub in slow lazy circles. "You know that I won't be able to get you out of my head when you're that pregnant. You'll always look good to me."

"Even when I'm a fat cow?"

Damn verbal traps! "You will never be a fat cow."

"Yes I will be."

"Bulma. You will not be a fat cow."

She placed her hand on top of his and picked it up off her leg to study it. Thumb sweeping back and forth across the top of his hand, she looks at him from underneath loose red bangs. "You really don't know what you're talking about. How could you? You haven't been around pregnant women before."

"I've been around my mom. She has been pregnant before. And she's pregnant now."

"You were all of what? 6?"

He shrugged and pulled her hand towards him gently to place a kiss in her palm. "It was so long ago. It doesn't matter."

Bulma resisted the urge to pull her hand away. "That tickles." She still wasn't used to having him around. After so long without him, it was hard to wake up and see his face. She was afraid of just how much she actually missed it. And how she missed having him around all the time. A knot worked itself into her throat and she tried to cough it away without him noticing. Fat chance.

"What's wrong?" Maybe it was now time where she actually opened up to him. Since he had been in Australia, they hadn't really had much of a conversation other then the polite small talk. Vegeta could tell that she wanted to say something, but she didn't trust herself to open up. And what made it worse was his need to want to push her into spilling just what the hell was running through her mind.

"Wrong? Nothing." She adverted her eyes from his and chewed on the inside of her cheek.

"Alright." A flash of anger gripped his chest and he pushed it down. "I just want you to know that we're going to have to get over this not talking about real things sooner then later."

"How's Rayne?" She needed a change in subject.

"Great. My mom's going to bring her around after you have your afternoon nap." Would she take the bait? He hated to see her go from one point to another without any real reason. Horomones played a big part, but she was also in denial about everything that had happened. The sooner she let everything out, the sooner she would realize that it was what she had to do and no one blamed her for anything.

"Okay. Listen. This is just bunk garbage. I don't want to be here anymore. This place is just... UGH!" She let out a breath and looks at Vegeta with a pitiful look. "When can I leave?"

He wanted to laugh. "In another couple of days."

"You're trying to kill me!"

"I am not. You know that staying here is for your own good.." His hand made its way to her stomach and rested there lightly. He loved it, the knowing that there was a part of him growing inside of her.

"Blah blah blah..." Bulma tried to sound grumpy, but her hand moved to rest on top of his.

Leaning towards her, he nuzzled his nose into her hair and closed her eyes. "I'll see what I can do honey. I know you don't want to be here..."

She leaned up against him, careful of her shoulder that was starting to itch and become stiff. Healing sucked. It was the worst part of an injury for Bulma. "I just want to...I don't know."

Vegeta pulled Bulma to him and wrapped his arms around her tiny frame.

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