Title: To Say Nothing, Especially When Speaking
Author: nostalgia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my people. I just make them angst a bit.
Summary: Elizabeth is the strong one here.
Notes: For Little Red, because she is sick like me. Beta'd by dave-o and Jenn.


Elizabeth isn't surprised when John asks to have Teyla on his team. She's more surprised that it took him an entire month.

"She knows the neighbourhood. It'd be useful to have someone like her with us. And she can sense the Wraiths."

"I can see how that would be helpful," she says, and doesn't add that, yeah, if she wasn't too busy trying to hump your leg all the time. "I'm just a little concerned about the fact that we know next to nothing about her and her people."

"It's been a month. You've known her almost as long as you've known me."

Except she isn't sleeping with Teyla.

"But I know your record. And I know they wouldn't have let you step through that 'gate if there was any chance you might mess up."

"So you think she'll get us all killed?" He says it with with a casual tone that almost - not quite - seems to be goading her.

"Well, she's not exactly a soldier."

"But you're fine with McKay being on the team?"

"He's useful."


She is - absurdly - lost for words, and the silent stalemate breaks only when he gives in (and, yes, it makes her feel a little shiver of triumph that he's the weaker of them in these situations) and says, "So, it's because I'm screwing her?"

Elizabeth Weir has faced down the leaders of juntas. This man is no one and nothing. Insignificant. "You'd be compromised."

And he smirks at that, because he's method-acting the whore. "Oh, I know. Hopefully a lot."

"You know what I mean."

"Okay, so? It's not like I haven't compromised you before."


"Besides, it's not like we're dating." And there it is again, the Look, with his head dipped slightly because he thinks it makes him look cute. It pisses her off that it does.

He wants her to ask him not to sleep around. And she's not going to do it, doesn't want to give him that kind of power. Not after a month. Not ever if she can stop herself from cracking.

Elizabeth is the strong one here. It's her job and her life, and things like this don't matter.

"Fine. You can have her." And she doesn't, would never, flinch when she says it, or regret her choice of words. It's just a word, he's just some guy.

And Elizabeth is very, very strong.