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Chapter One- Clouded Mirror

            "This is one hell of a slow elevator," Tootie muttered nervously and shifted her burden from one hand to the other. "I feel like I've been in it for at least an hour."

            "Traveling from one universe to another is very tricky and requires a lot of magic. I can't spare much at the moment because I'm still dead but, when we near the first universe, I'll be of more use," Cal, floating by her as a ghost, told her.

            "Will I ever see my Timmy again?" Tootie asked anxiously as she eyed the picture. "Because I felt horrible for leaving him like this…"

            Cal didn't answer her. Personally, he felt her chances were 50/50 if that good of getting out of all her tasks alive. Screwing with alternate versions of The Other when the circumstances and the events surrounding them might be completely different was dicey. Besides, he had to make sure she didn't encounter any of her counterparts; there would be sure trouble if she did.

            "Cal?" Leaning against the wall and resigning herself to the long ride, she clutched the picture to her chest and shut her eyes.

            "Yes?" His form was growing steadily more solid, she could barely see through him anymore. In fact, his wand had materialized but it was different- instead of a gold star atop it, the star was blue and so was his crown.

            "When…when I get there, will I be able to talk to him at all?"

            Cal didn't have to ask whom she was referring to. Another unpleasant task for him, breaking it to her that she could neither have contact with anyone nor tell anyone about her missions. Why did they have to choose her? What did she have that the others didn't have? She was only a kid…

            "I'm sorry, Tootie, but no. You can't talk to him at all- it's against Da Rules. Also, when and if we get back-" Cal began.

            "If?! What the hell are you sending me into, a battle?" Tootie snapped and folded her arms across her chest, over the picture.

            "Essentially, yes." Cal sighed and flopped down next to her.

            "Who said I wanted to do this? I want out! Get this elevator back to my Dimmsdale now! Fuck Fairy World, I want to go home!" Tootie snapped, on the verge of tears. The 'if' was starting to frighten her- what if she never saw her Timmy again? What if she was trapped in an alternate universe, forever stranded?

            "I'm deeply sorry, Tootie. This wasn't my decision-"

            "Then whose was it? I'll get them! I'll kill them for taking me away from my Timmy-" Tootie screamed and started to cry.

            "I'm afraid you don't have that option and there are things far more important than Timmy right now. The Others of alternate universes are conniving, back stabbing-"

            "I don't give a shit! My Timmy is going to commit suicide at this rate because of some stupid fucking mission!"

            "No, he isn't," Cal said calmly and wrapped his arms around his godchild. She was not comforted, however, and struggled to free herself. Dammit, she was the reason he nearly failed last time- if she wasn't there for him now, he would kill himself! What the hell was wrong with Cal?

           "Timmy…" Tootie whimpered and curled into a ball, only the rims of her glasses showing. God, now Cal felt horrible. This too would take some explaining…

            "Look, there is a sect of fairies that were brought back from the dead. I'm one of them. These fairies have powers beyond normal fairies because they can't function in the universe they were born in, so, to compensate, they can see the future. I can't see the future in the universe I was murdered in, but, as we're in between at the moment, I can tell you. This is another one of those things-"

            "Bull shit." Tootie muttered and Cal faltered.

            "Pardon?" Cal asked politely and she raised her head to glare at him.

            "You heard me. If Timmy dies-"

           "If Timmy were to die, you would feel it. Trust me, it's not pleasant to feel your true love die while you stand helpless. Even if you're separated from him at the moment, the pain is so great it will literally knock you out if you're not prepared," Cal said softly and her gaze softened.

            "My girlfriend succumbed to an incurable fairy disease when I was eighteen. She was my one and only true love. I was at her bedside when she died and she died with my name on her lips. That was the single most painful moment in my life, to feel her slip both from life and my mind. By the time she finally passed, her speech was all but gone and she could only communicate via telepathy weakly. I was all she had." He floated beside the door and placed his hand on the panel that now read floor 7.

            "I'm sorry…" Tootie whispered and she truly was. She hadn't asked for him to reveal his past to her and yet he did because she was being foolish and obstinate. The memory must have pained him greatly to reveal, too.

            "No, it is my duty as your fairy godparent to be the best I can possibly be and the only way I was going to convince you I was right was by example. Timmy will be, well, I can't say fine, but he'll live. I am forbidden from further speaking on the subject, so don't ask."

            Tootie nodded slightly to indicate she was listening and they were both pensive for a moment. Cal thought of his girlfriend and Tootie wondered just how much of the future Cal knew. Then again, it wasn't really her place to inquire, especially because he wasn't allowed to tell her.

            Besides, she should really turn her attention to whatever was forthcoming and how dangerous it would be. If Cal thought she stood so little a chance against it, it must be formidable indeed. But, in her inexperience, she figured all versions of The Other had to have the same or similar weaknesses. However, pondering it realistically told her unfortunately, this could not be the case.

            "I don't know where we're going first. The selection is random. We might hit it lucky and find a place that requires only a quick fix. Conversely, we might settle down in an area troubled so much by The Other it may take nothing short of a miracle for the universe to retain some semblance of normalcy. Those universes are the ones I would not like you to encounter first…"

            "Or I won't see Timmy again," Tootie finished dully. "Any other rules I need to be aware of before I sign away my soul, Beelzebub?"

            Fidgeting with an enormous bag of weapons, Cal met her eyes and sighed. "Quite a few."         

            "Do I get a nifty rule book or do I have to figure them out before I get killed?" Bunkering down for the long stay, she glanced at her watch and frowned. Something funky was going on- her watch read 4:00, two hours before she went to the library. Time was flowing backwards?

            "No, time is flowing forwards so quickly it only appears to be reversed. Look at the hands of your watch, they're moving so rapidly they're a blur. Every once in a while, they'll stop because I can't handle accelerating your aging and ensuring we arrive safely at the same time if one jumps ahead of the other." Cal informed her and smiled coyly.

            "Aging? What do you mean, 'aging'? I'm not getting older!" Tootie replied, bewildered. (She hadn't looked down at her chest yet, because she was looking at Cal instead).

            "Look in the reflexive glass if you don't believe me," Cal said, grinning from ear to ear.

            "Fine, but it won't prove anything-!" For, standing in front of the glass, she saw not an eleven year old going on twelve (her birthday was on January 12th), but a fully endowed sixteen year old with curves to knock boys' eyes straight out of their sockets. Long pigtails went past her extremely slim waist, her glasses were gone (replaced by contacts that accentuated her purple eyes), and her skirt was so high up Cal could see her panties. Well, he'd have to fix her outfit, that was for certain.

            "Damn…" She twirled around and gasped. Her shirt was also way too tight and short and the bottom of her chest was exposed. Well, Cal had aged her but forgotten to adjust her clothing to match.

            "Uh, yes, about that…" Cal waved his wand about and produced a similar outfit to the one she'd worn before.

            Scowling at the humdrum attire he had outfitted her with, Tootie was about to voice an objection (it really didn't hug her curves like she wanted it to) when the elevator suddenly slammed down and she lost her balance. Cal quickly halted her and kept her in midair. Even though he wasn't as attached to his godchild as Cosmo and Wanda were to Timmy, he still didn't want her to get hurt and the bottom of the elevator had just dropped out.

            "Okay, explain what the hell just happened, now!" Tootie yelled, not used to floating with nothing supporting her. A mournful cry filled her mind and the sense of death raised her goose pimples. Where were they?

            "We're here." Cal said simply and the doors opened before them. A vast wasteland was all they could see and he silently swore. Grand, just like Fairy World to stick her with a difficult one. From the looks of it, there might not be much humanity left to save.

            If this was Dimmsdale Public Library (all signs pointed to 'yes' for that), then it had survived some sort of nuclear attack. No, correction, not a human attack but an anti-fairy one. The Other had done this…

            Swiveling her head to the side, Tootie saw a seventeen-year-old Timmy lying half-dead on the ground. Cuts lined his arms and legs and a few whip marks scarred his back. Around him, the grass had long since shriveled and died and the soil was a sickly red, painted so by his blood.

            A blush spread on her cheeks- this Timmy had extremely broad shoulders and well developed back muscles as well as other pleasant features. He had also grown a bit and was about her height now, give or a take a few inches. Of course, the pink hat was still firmly in place but little more than a memento, a struggle to hold on to the old days.

            "Timmy!" Tootie screamed, her heart going out to him automatically. Despite the fact he was not the Timmy she had grown up with, he was still Timmy and he still made her heart skip beats. In fact, the very idea of anyone hurting him like that filled her with an uncontrollable rage. Whoever did this would suffer greatly.

            The very instant Cal had safely planted her on the ground; she sped for this universe's Timmy. How predictable, she always went for him. Still, this wasn't a good practice. For all she knew, he could be triggered to explode or something (it wasn't that laughable considering they didn't have the foggiest clue what The Other could do here).

            "Stop!" He said and paralyzed her from the waist down. Unable to fling herself down and clutch him to her, Tootie fell over her feet and landed face first into a mud puddle. Ooh, bad aim. He should really work on that.

            Sputtering indignantly, she pulled herself upright and glared. "Cal, what gives?"

            Despite the fact that this Dimmsdale was a wasteland, he didn't want to take stupid chances and turned into a cat. After all, you never knew who might be lurking about this desolate place, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting fairy. Besides, Timmy's condition gave him the willies and anything that could do that to him might be able to do worse to him without thinking twice.

            "I'm sorry but you don't know if this Timmy means you harm or even if that is Timmy. After all, it could be The Other in disguise. You know absolutely nothing about this universe-"

            "Then I say I find out!" Tootie snapped. "I wish I could move again!"

            I hate loopholes. They really should enable the fairy godparents to have more control over their godchildren. I don't want her to get hurt gaining knowledge that may be of no use to her.

            Sighing heavily, Cal released her paralysis and, as expected, she cradled Timmy to her chest. Timmy chose this moment to awake and scream. She had anticipated something of the sort, but not of these proportions.

            "What the hell? Get away from me, you insane freak!" Timmy snapped and, although in no condition to fight, did so anyway. Blood materialized on her vest and its source was the back of Timmy's head. What on earth could have happened?

            "What are you talking about? If this is about all the stalking-"

            "I wish! Oh, there's a phrase I thought I'd never use again! I'd love to have any of my wishes granted, but I can't. You know why? Because you kidnapped them and are using them for your own selfish gain, you selfish bitch!"

            "I…I don't know what you're talking about…" Tootie whispered, befuddled.

            "Bull shit! You know perfectly well what I'm talking about! Where are they? What did you do to them? The same thing you did to my parents? The same thing you tried to do three times to me? What?" Timmy spat and Tootie recoiled, tears brimming in her eyes.

            Cal stepped in then, afraid Tootie would have some sort of breakdown. Dammit- why the hell did Fairy World have to send her to a tough world first? Better yet, why was this her burden to begin with? What was wrong with these fairies?

            "Stop it! This isn't the Tootie you know! She's from an alternate universe and she's here to try to-" But Timmy wasn't letting anyone else get a word in edgewise.

            "Oh, so you're on her side too, huh? You want to try to help, Toots? Eat shit and die!"

            His comments and actions reminded her too much of her own Timmy's in the past few months and the tears fell down her cheeks, unabated. She sobbed, burying her head in her knees. No, why did she have to be here? Why did she have to endure this again and again?

            "You bastard!" Cal growled, shaking with anger. "Why don't you shut up and let someone else speak for a second?"

            "Why don't you just mind your own damn business, fairy?" Timmy shot back.

            "Your business is our business. We're here on official Fairy World duty-"

            "Oh, Fairy World? You mean the bunch of troops that came here and tried to stop Lorelei? They were slaughtered in a week. Then Jorgen himself came and his corpse is around here somewhere. Lorelei didn't show him any mercy, why should I show you any?" Timmy snapped, folding his arms across his chest with great difficulty.

            Cal sighed. "There's a way to tell if Tootie is really from another realm or not. Ask her a question only your Tootie-"

            "She isn't my Tootie. She never was. If she hadn't followed me around and tried to act like Trixie so I'd like her-"

            "Why would I act like her?" Tootie retorted, muffled. "She's shallow, vain, popular, and a cheerleading bitch. My counterpart must have been pretty damn desperate to even think of that."

            Timmy frowned. Her counterpart? Maybe Cal was telling the truth. There was only one way to find out, ask her about the past and see if it corresponded with his.

            "When you were almost ten, me and my friends launched a series of water balloons at you. We hit you with a Crash Nebula action figure, do you remember?" The Tootie I know would remember immediately and start in on me. I got in so much trouble for that one.

            "No, it was a Crimson Chin doll and you never hit me because you ran out of water balloons," Tootie replied, wincing for her counterpart. A Crash Nebula doll? Ouch.

            "No," Timmy said, confused again. "It was a Crash Nebula doll and it hit you in the forehead. You were out for six weeks. Your parents sued mine and we had to settle out of court. The hospital said you should have suffered brain damage but Cal apparently healed you.

            "But," he added as afterthought, "it didn't stop Vicky from pummeling me senseless and blaming Francis. My parents believed her, too."

            Tootie had nothing to say to this. She could not believe Timmy, any Timmy, would be cruel enough to launch a hard, plastic object against a harmless little girl. Moreover, if she'd had Cal that early, who was to say what would happen? Perhaps she'd even made the wish herself to become a fairy godparent…had she?

            "Why don't you tell us what happened in this universe and we'll try to help," Cal said quickly, noticing his goddaughter was deep in thought.

            "Trixie's dead, my parents are dead, Cosmo and Wanda are probably dead too, Fairy World is broken, there's nothing left. You wasted your time coming here, the only person she has yet to destroy on her list is me and she'll get me eventually. The reason she hasn't gotten to me yet is I seem to be the victim of extremely good luck," Timmy said dejectedly.

            "Or not," Tootie said slowly. "Wait a minute, did you say 'she'? You mean my counterpart is doing all this?"

            Timmy smirked. "Even I know you haven't got the heart to hurt me. The Other is doing all this, but that isn't what she prefers to be called. Her name is Lorelei."

            Same beginning four letters, interesting. Lorelei, huh? But if my counterpart isn't doing this and The Other is female in this universe…I wished for it here, didn't I? I mean, well, it wasn't me. Okay, it was but not me me, the me in this world. Ack! It's so confusing!

            "It all started with the dance at Dimmsdale Junior High. It was the Sadie Hawkins Dance and you, not you you but the you that I know, well, anyway, she was trying her hardest to get me to go with her."


(Dimmsdale Junior High, near the old gym, December 20th, 2006)

            "Please? Timmy!" A girl with long, black, plaited pigtails, green glasses, and a preppy outfit begs. Her backpack is shifting on her shoulders as she speaks and there is a scuffmark under her right eye.

            "No! Look, why don't you leave me alone? Ask someone else!" Timmy retorts back and slams the locker shut, narrowly missing her.

            "But I want to go with you…" Tootie whimpers and blinks back tears. "I love you, Timmy. I'll go to the ends of the earth for you. Just tell me you want me to do and I'll do it."

            "Okay," Timmy says and watches her face light up. He takes a certain malicious pleasure in watching her dreams smash to pieces.

            "You can start by leaving me alone!"

            Tootie, still blinking furiously, manages to utter a soft 'huh?'. "But, but…"

            "I don't like you! I never liked you! I thought you were this creepy little girl and guess what? You're still creepy! Only now, you're this stupid psycho who won't get a hint! Leave me alone. Better yet, never even pass my path again. I don't want to see you."

            As soon as he says that, he realizes how wrong it was and wonders why on earth he said it at all. Surely he doesn't hate her that much, she's only a girl. But if she keeps doing this, he'll never get anywhere with Trixie, the real love of his life.

            Tootie bursts into tears and he can see her heart is breaking. He's just told her, essentially, that she's worthless and nothing she can ever do will make him like her. Perhaps he's been a little callous, maybe he should apologize.

            "But…Timmy…" she stammers, the words choked by her sobs. "How can you say that?"

            But the cruelty won't stop coming. Instead of apologizing, which is what he really should do, he rubs it in even more. It could have something to do with Trixie hanging around the corner, listening, come to think of it.

            "Because it's true! The only good thing about you is you're Vicky's little sister. That's the only reason anyone ever tolerates you because your sister can beat them up. You're nothing without her."

            She wants to hit him, but he's Timmy. She can't hurt Timmy, no matter how much she wants to. Still, a small voice whispers in her head, I can. I can make him hurt like he's hurt you.

            He won't let her defend herself. Instead, he senselessly attacks her. Today has been a horrible day for him- Crocker's pop quiz on ancient French culture, getting hit in the groin during gym, Cosmo and Wanda off on some exploit in Fairy World. None of these are her fault, but he needs a scapegoat and she'll do.

            "You'll never be Trixie, so stop trying. She's pretty, popular, all the things you're not. She's a goddess and you're just Vicky's little sister," Timmy finishes and feels a sharp kick in his side from his pink backpack. Wanda and Cosmo have heard the entire thing and are none too pleased with him.

            "Is…is that what you really think? You really hate me, don't you? I'll just go die now!" Tootie sobs and runs out of the building.

            Wanda poofs into her normal form and slaps him hard. She's never one to raise her hand in violence against her godchildren but this time, Timmy needs it sorely. Why had he said all those horrible things?

            "Wow, look at her. She's really bawling, isn't she?" Cosmo says, half admirably. Wanda jabs him in the ribs and he changes his tune.

            "I mean, that was a horrible thing to do, Timmy," Cosmo says unconvincingly.

            "Yes, it was. Why couldn't you have just let her down gently instead of smashing her dreams to pieces like that? You broke her heart!" Wanda snaps and they quickly vanish as Trixie rounds the corner and smiles at Timmy.

            "I saw what you did." Trixie says and holds out a familiar pin. "I'm really impressed that you could deal with a loser that thoroughly and break her heart so soundly. You are officially cool enough to be my boyfriend. Want to come with me to the Sadie Hawkins dance?"

            "Of course!" Timmy agrees and then quickly adds, "not like I was doing anything else that day."

            "Cool. Pick me up at eight." Trixie then departs and Timmy sighs happily, forgetting why she wanted him to go with her in the first place.

            Meanwhile, outside, a sinister voice whispers in Tootie's head and some of what she's saying to her begins to make sense…


            "And that's what happened," Timmy finished. Tootie looked at him wide-eyed, stunned at his cruelty. She shivered, wondering if her Timmy was capable of such malevolence.

            "She hasn't been the same since. The other version of her is like an older version, she's twenty-two now. Her sole purpose in life is to kill me, I think, but first-" Timmy stood up with a wince and Tootie nodded to Cal to heal him.

            "But first to make you pay for all the cruel things you've done to my counterpart," Tootie completed. "She's toying with you. Already, she's stolen your hope and she knows you don't have anything left. I bet the first thing she did was kill Trixie."

            "Yeah, how did you know?" He replied, feeling his now uninjured head in astonishment.

            "Because she went mad with jealousy." Tootie didn't continue, thinking of her own experiences with the pretty, young Asian girl and her version of Timmy. She could easily envision herself driven insane by the idea of Timmy and Trixie.

            "And everything else you did to her and continued to do to her just added to her hatred. I know I wouldn't hurt you and my counterpart couldn't, but The Other, created from her resentment and bottled up rage, would. She'd do everything your version of Tootie couldn't do, including kill Trixie and make you pay for hurting her.

            "But that wasn't enough to satisfy her. She had to keep you in line somehow. She had to hold someone's life over your head. And when she discovered Cosmo and Wanda, she found her target. Your Cosmo and Wanda aren't dead, they're just in some place you would never think to look. They'll remain there until she does kill you, and then she'll kill them. You did say, after all, that killing Jorgen wasn't a problem for her.

            "And she didn't kill him to prove anything, she did it because he was getting too close to this version of Tootie. The Others must have one thing in common- none of them can stand their sires in any real pain," Tootie hypothesized and it was a good theory, holding true most of the time.

            "'The Others'? There are more of them?" Timmy asked and Tootie smirked.

            "Yup. Well, according to Cal, there are many universes plagued by him, including my own."

            "You mean 'her'," Timmy corrected.

            "Mine is a male. He came from one of your wishes."

            "As enlightening as this conversation is, I think we have work to do," Cal reminded them after being ignored for a good thirty minutes. Of course, being dead and all, he was used to being overlooked, but conversing with an alternate version about The Other in her world was not an effective use of her time. She had a deadline here- if she did not solve the problem in twenty-four hours and get the hell out of there, they would be stuck in that universe and stranded until Fairy World rescued them.

            "What's the hurry?" Timmy said, frowning. "I don't see any harm in learning about her version of The Other. I mean, it would be interesting to find out what he could accomplish and his objectives."

            "Tootie has a deadline. I can't hold us here for more than a day and, if she doesn't fix the problem by then, we're stranded."

            "You mean I'll never see my Timmy again?" Tootie cried despondently. "I'd never hold him or kiss him?"

            "You can always go with me." Timmy said with a little half shrug. "I'm not that bad."

            "You're bad enough," Tootie replied. "I guess we have work to do. The first thing we ought to do is locate Cosmo and Wanda. Once we do that, all the rest will fall into place."


(Timmy Turner's house, the basement, 9:45 a.m.)

            Lorelei grinned to herself. Beelzebub, she loved the Turner's house! Free satellite because the satellite company was dead and she engineered it herself, not to mention her girlfriend. Okay, so Vicky was only her girlfriend because she'd brutally murdered her fiancé, Mark, but still. She wasn't complaining…much.

            Little, putrescent Timmy Turner had slipped from her grasp again. If she didn't know any better, she'd say Tootie was keeping her from doing him in. The poor deluded fool still had feelings for him. No matter how hard she tried to convince her men were slime and not worth her time, Tootie continued to love him and take his abuse. Sometimes the girl just made her sick.

            Now Vicky, on the other hand, was a completely different matter. Vicky was delightfully sour on males since Lorelei had brainwashed her before she killed Mark. In fact, it was Vicky who had done him in, a delightful twist. If only Tootie were as easy to manipulate as her sister was....

            Ah, but never mind that. She had to remind her slaves Chester and A.J. to feed the goldfish (who resembled Cosmo and Wanda so absolutely it had taken Timmy nearly a month to discover who they really were, their anti fairy counterparts) and visit the real Cosmo and Wanda. After all, they had to be kept alive for a while, just in case Timmy hurt Tootie again.

            Cosmo and Wanda were the greatest surprise to Lorelei. She couldn't believe that such a cruel kid who genuinely appeared to like wounding Tootie possessed such stupendous assets. Of course, as soon as she'd met them, she'd seized them at once. They were still alive, albeit much weaker without their wands and locked in a closet with Crocker.

            But Crocker, as predicted, had gone mad with power and eventually uttered a spell that wiped his mind clean too thoroughly, rendering him unable to function. Cosmo and Wanda didn't know that, however, and he still snapped at them every once in a while. It was always good to have checks and balances.

            Now she thought it was high time she visited Cosmo and Wanda and informed them just how much their godchild was going to suffer. She thought it was her duty to inform them and besides, she reveled in their reactions. They were so protective over their precious godchild, the dick who hurt Tootie.

            They were there, huddled in the rags she'd conjured up for them, both glaring at her hatefully. However, she wished Wanda wouldn't glare like that, she thought the pink fairy was pretty cute. Maybe she'd kill Cosmo first just so she could comfort Wanda.

            "Good morning, the beautiful and charismatic Wanda and cram it, frinch," Lorelei greeted them, sitting down next to Wanda, tied to a post.

            Cosmo shot daggers at her with his eyes but could do little else because he was gagged. Frinch was a derogatory term for a fairy godfather and among Lorelei's favorite terms for him. He wasn't entirely certain where she'd learned it, but probably from one of her dark magic books.

            "What do you want?" Wanda asked, guarded. She was aware that her reactions gauged the treatment Timmy received and, although she couldn't be there to protect him and ensure his health, if she cooperated with Lorelei, perhaps she'd spare his life. Sometimes, when she saw Timmy on the videos The Other would show to boast, she wanted to cry for all the horror she put him through.

            "Oh, nothing, really. I just wanted to make you were all right, that's all. Oh, and I want you to kill Timmy for me. That way, I know he's dead and he doesn't make the mistake of escaping like he has the last three times." Lorelei tossed a fireball up and watched it burn Cosmo's face. The green fairy would scream, but his power of speech had greatly degraded over the years and he was only capable of whispering.

            Wanda watched him wince and wished she could do something. If only she could talk to him on a mental level- but no, there was no such thing as telepathy here. For four years, she hadn't heard him speak and it pained her. And, for four years as well, he'd suffered abuse at the hands of Lorelei, including an attempt to burn him alive. (Wanda had to scream and threaten to kill herself for Lorelei to put him out).

            Glaring at her, Wanda whispered dangerously, "And, if we refuse?"

            "Then mister elevator music will be ripped apart slowly and painfully while you watch helplessly," Lorelei replied in the same dangerous tone. "And, if you're lucky, you'll be bathing in his blood."

            Cosmo gazed over at her, his eyes pleading for mercy. Wanda didn't know quite what to say to him. What could she say? I'm sorry, sweetie, but my godchild is more important to me than the man I love? How could she make a decision like that?

            "Tick, tock. Time is slipping away, my dearie. Make your choice and make it now, or else I might just kill Cosmo anyway, for kicks. Then you won't get the opportunity to make love to him one last time," Lorelei teased. She did not intend to let Cosmo get that close to Wanda, but it never hurt to dangle a promise over a gullible person's head and expect them to believe it. After all, some people did it all the time.

            "And what if you kill him after I agree?" If only she were a few feet closer to Cosmo and she could hold his hand…He looked like he were about to start sobbing any second. God, she'd die just for an embrace, one embrace!

            "And what if you're only planning to go and pretend to kill Timmy when I know you're not? What if you're just using it as a rouse to get closer to him and be with him? Why don't you shut up with the what-ifs?" Lorelei snapped and slapped her so hard Wanda heard the crack and felt her nose break.

            Cosmo screamed soundlessly and tears streamed down his face. With all his power, he focused on the chains binding him to the concrete pole. Fairies could do magic without wands, but it took a lot of effort to do white magic. Just a little more…

            "Frinch!" Lorelei bellowed and Wanda whimpered. Tears cascaded down her face as well; she knew what Lorelei was going to do. There was only one way to stop her.

            "Kill me instead," Wanda begged and she turned. "You heard me. Spare Cosmo and kill me instead. Just let him live."

            An odd look crossed The Other's face and she bit her lip in confusion. Wanda seemed genuine in her request, but, without her, Cosmo was useless. Why would she grant her a request like that? The only fairy on her side would be that buffoon and he'd be a shell of a fairy, anyway.

            "I'm begging you…" Wanda whispered, her tears splattering the floor. "If you have any bit of Tootie left in you, any bit of humanity left in you, spare them and kill me."

            Lorelei walked up to Wanda's pole and leaned into her (she and Cosmo were both propped up so they were at her height). She could practically taste the fear in her and she wanted it on her lips. For all those years of listening to Wanda bitch and moan about sparing Timmy, now she had a real way to pay her back.

            "Now, you know what, I think there is a way we can spare both Timmy and Cosmo. It starts with this," Lorelei kissed her roughly and felt her resistance, "and ends with this." She grabbed Wanda's hand and shoved it in her crotch.

            "Make love to me and I'll think about saving them. Refuse and things will get interesting and very painful, very quickly. Do we have an understanding?" Lorelei grinned at Wanda, squirming because of where her hand was.

            Wanda! Cosmo screamed in his mind, knowing how futile it was but he couldn't help it. Don't let her do that to you! Fight back!

            Sighing heavily and looking every bit her age, Wanda nodded. Lorelei pushed her hand further down and she wanted to both scream and throw up. She'd do anything for them, anything at all…she'd have to endure this.

            Meanwhile, still blubbering away, Cosmo had managed to erode his chains (and dissolve the gag) and they slipped off soundlessly. His eyes were on Wanda and he motioned that he would free her from this mess. She shook her head at him, knowing it would do no good. Crocker was still on that side of the basement.

            Wrapping her arms tightly about Wanda, Lorelei pressed her lips and her hips into hers. Her hands reached beneath her shirt and Wanda gagged, realizing she was about to grope her. Cosmo, I don't know what insane plan you're hatching, but it's no good.

            He still floated, much to his surprise. Unfortunately, Crocker still noticed things, much to his dismay. He shifted position and growled, "Fairy!"

            "Shit!" Cosmo yelled and made a wild dive for Wanda. The dive was chancy but he managed to land on her pole. He was within an inch from touching her for the first time in four years. In fact, he was so close he could smell her.

            Scowling, The Other separated from Wanda and stood aside from her. Blood pounded in her head as she watched them cling to each other and kiss passionately. Cosmo was holding the back of her neck with his hands and caressing the small of her back through the chains.

            Transfixed by them, she simply watched them interact and Cosmo hold her tightly, well, as tightly as he could with the chains. There was something beautiful in their relationship and she was oddly reminded of her sire, who had begged her not to tie them up. Tootie had loved them upon seeing them and she could almost see why- they were so sweet to each other.

            Footsteps sounded behind her and she knew the reason for her hesitation. Tootie was behind her, frowning at the condition of Timmy's fairies. Cosmo was a little on the malnourished side and Wanda wasn't much better. Lorelei felt a surge of compassion for them and knew it was her sire, crying for them.

            "What are you doing here?" Lorelei snapped and Cosmo and Wanda stopped to look at them. It was probably a good thing Lorelei's attention was elsewhere because Cosmo was loosening her chains and freeing her. Both were mute and unnoticed except by the alternate Tootie, who kept her mouth shut.

            Meanwhile, watching through a low window, our Tootie and Cal lay low on their stomachs and observed everything. The alternate Timmy was wedged next to Toot and Cal was floating above them as a moth. However, since the window was only about the size of a small watermelon, they were rather cramped. Still, it was better than nothing.

            "I want you to stop!" Alternate Tootie cried. "You're trying to send Cosmo and Wanda to kill Timmy. I'd die if anything happened to him!"

            "After the way he's treated you? The last thing he deserves is mercy." Lorelei retorted and Timmy, looking in, was morose.

            Tootie, conversely, was fixated on her counterpart's appearance. This Tootie was identical to her in all but one way- a long diagonal gash spread from the bottom of her eyelid to her chin. That was weird, but perhaps Cal had healed the gash in her forehead. Still, that did leave the mystery of where the gash had come from…

            "Cosmo and Wanda…" Timmy whimpered beside her. He gazed at them wistfully. "What did she do to you?"

            "Where have you been?" Lorelei sneered. "This has always been to punish Timmy. Make him hurt for the times he's hurt you, make him pay. Hmm, forget killing Timmy, I have a better idea."

            "Don't," Alternate Tootie begged. "Leave them be. They love each other…"

            Still out of eyesight, Cosmo and Wanda floated uneasily down to the ground and clutched each other tightly. Wanda stroked Cosmo's face and Cosmo kissed her cheek. Their hearts beat frantically, especially Wanda's because she was pretty sure where Lorelei was going with this, the same vein she'd held before Tootie'd interrupted. There was no other option she could see other than to watch her beloved be murdered.

            "And what is love?" Lorelei countered and placed her hands on her hips. "Is it the kind Vicky proposed to give to me but she was really trying to save Mark? Is it what you feel for Timmy even though he treats you like shit? What is it, Tootie? Why don't you tell me?"

            Alternate Tootie shook her head. "Love is unconditional. Vicky never loved you, she loved Mark. And you made her kill him. You soiled her hands with his blood. You wonder why she committed suicide."

            "Vicky isn't dead!" Lorelei said with a gasp but Tootie nodded. "She couldn't be! I saw her-"

            "You saw an illusion thanks to Cal. He's barely alive himself, and that last spell did him in. You can't fix the past, but you're doing a hell of a job screwing up the future."

            "Bitch! You ungrateful, spoiled brat!" Lorelei hissed, trying to hide how much Vicky's death was really paining her. She wanted to scream in agony.

            "And I never asked for him to love me in return. After a while, I was just content to be there for him. I love him, Lorelei. My heart is him," Alternate Tootie whispered, watching her darker side fall apart emotionally from the loss of her girlfriend. Cosmo and Wanda, embracing each other, blinked away tears.

            "You killed her!" The Other howled and spun on her. "You bitch! You conniving, back stabbing bitch! You wanted her dead so I could lose focus. If she were dead, then I'd leave Timmy alone. Isn't that right, my sire?"

            "No!" Alternate Tootie sobbed, pained at the idea. "I'd never kill her! Even if I did hate her-"

            "So you admit you hated her."

            "No one who knew her could help it! She was a bitch!" Alternate Tootie said defensively. "Well, she was, up until you drugged her into sleeping with you and she fell for Mark."

            "Shut up about Mark!" Growing steadily angrier, Lorelei cast a spell that hoisted her sire up and pinned her to the wall. "I told you before, I don't give a shit about that stupid fucking alien who magicked himself into a human form and…"

            Oh, no! Timmy, Alternate Tootie, and Tootie thought in unison. She's seen Cosmo and Wanda!

            "What do we have here?" The Other crooned and advanced on them. They gazed up at her, eyes wide with fear. Tears streamed down their faces.

            "Please…" Wanda whispered. "Please…"

            "Please what?" Lorelei spat. "Myself, sure, sounds easy enough." She pointed a black, spinning ball at Cosmo. A relic of old dark magic, the ball slowly and painfully killed its intended target.

            "Stop!" Alternate Tootie screamed, also sobbing. "Leave them alone…"

            "I'm sick of your mouth!" Lorelei snapped and threw the ball at her sire. The girl screamed for a good ten minutes and then slumped, dead. A delicious trail of energy left Alternate Tootie's body, entering The Other's, and she grinned. Well, the girl was good for something.

            "Oh, God…" Tootie whispered and Cal turned into a dog to nuzzle her cheek. "She killed her…"

            "Tootie…" Timmy murmured, forgetting he was right next to a version of her. Tears slid down his face and it occurred to her that perhaps he'd felt something for that universe's Tootie and kept it well hidden. Now, of course, it was too late. She'd sacrificed herself to try to prevent Cosmo's death.

            "Now, then. Say goodbye a long beloved friend…" Lorelei drew back her arm to deliver another ball but Timmy snaked his way in through the window and fell into the basement. Tootie swore softly- what the hell did he think he was doing? That was suicidal!

            Timmy coughed up a little blood and winced. Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a brilliant move on his part. It was too late to do anything about it. But at least he could see Cosmo and Wanda, talk to them one last time.

            "Timmy!" Cosmo and Wanda cried in unison and, as a unit, rushed over to him. He enveloped them in a tight embrace and they rocked back and forth, tears streaming down their faces. If one of them was going to die, he reasoned, they all would. No more pain…

            "What am I supposed to do?" Tootie whispered to Cal. Lorelei was looking lethal. "I can't just watch them-"

            "This is your mission. You have to get in there and keep her from killing them," Cal murmured and licked her cheek. Sending his goddaughter into the line of fire, he felt like crap.

            "Are you insane?! That's stupider than what Timmy did!" Tootie retorted.

            "If you fail," Cal whispered, "you'll never see your Timmy again."

            "What if she kills me?" Tootie whispered back.

            "I'll keep her from doing that, if push comes to shove. Get out there, you haven't much time!"

            Sighing heavily, Tootie propelled herself through the glass just as Lorelei was about to separate Wanda from her family. She paused, extremely confused. She wasn't the only one- Cosmo and Wanda were befuddled too.

            "You were…you are…" Lorelei stammered and glanced over at her very dead sire. "Who the hell are you?"

            Tootie grinned despite herself. A cold, metal wand was in her hands and she knew it immediately- the transistor. How Cal had transferred it to her was beyond her, but it was the only thing she knew that could stop Lorelei. Even if all the other people Timmy cared about were dead now, she could keep Cosmo and Wanda safe.

            "Hi, I'm Tootie. You might know me from a few minutes ago, when you killed my counterpart. I've also starred in such films as saving Cosmo and Wanda and kicking your ass," She smirked at her.

            "My own sire can't even stop me. And, look, now she's rotting on the wall," Lorelei grinned. Timmy shuddered and Wanda stroked his cheek tenderly to comfort him.

            "Don't like that, do you? Another death on your head. Let's see, so that's your parents, Trixie, soon to be your fairy godparents, Vicky, all of Fairy World…" She grinned maliciously at him, glowering at Wanda who was still doing her best to calm him down.

            "Well, not both of them. I have a special plan for Wanda."

            Sick of listening to The Other brag, Tootie rushed her with the wand and it turned into a scythe. She just barely parlayed the advance. It was so narrow; her shirt tore at the shoulders.

            "What are you trying to do? Kill me?" Lorelei shrieked and produced a ball. Cal quickly created a strong shield, just in case.

            "A little slow on the uptake, aren't you?" Tootie smirked. "Yes, I'm trying to kill you!"

            Black balls swarmed her and she jumped nimbly, avoiding every single one. After enduring water balloons and Vicky's threats, she wound up being pretty fast on her feet. Now she had to lure the girl away before one of those balls accidentally did in one of them.

            "Your aim sucks!" Tootie taunted and darted up the steps. Lorelei, floating above the ground, followed, unable to poof herself ahead of her. A good thing she didn't or she would have realized Tootie wasn't nearly as cocky as she sounded. In fact, she was sweating profusely and her hands were so clammy, the transistor was about to fall.

            She led her through the house and out the door. Everything was going well until Tootie felt a sickening lurch in her heart and the world began spinning. Timmy…

            Cal floated over to her, looking very irritated. "What's going on? If you don't get moving, Lorelei will kill you!"

            "It's Timmy…" Tootie whimpered, her innards twisting. The world wouldn't stop spinning and she thought she was going to pass out.

            "The Timmy here is safe for now, but you need to get up or…You mean your Timmy, don't you?" Cal whispered and waved his wand, transporting them away from Lorelei, up into the alternate Tootie's room, covered in dust. Pictures of Timmy were up, though, and the only difference between her room and the one she was in currently was Timmy didn't have buckteeth. She hadn't noticed that before…and she wasn't about to now.

            "He's, oh, God! Cal…" Tootie whimpered and drew her knees to her chest. "This isn't…Fairy World…"

            "Fairy World?!" Cal said in surprise and then gasped. No, they decided against it  in the version I saw. They must have changed their mind. Dear Lord, he'll be killed!

            Tootie! The weakest link came from Timmy, her Timmy, and she gasped. Time had passed differently in their world and three months had passed, apparently. Cal was trying to both freeze time and allow her to communicate with him on a better connection.

            Timmy? Tootie replied and felt the link strengthen. Cal strained to hold it and the time freeze. This was going to use up a lot of magic.

            Where have you been?! Timmy sent and she bit her lip. If only she could tell him…Damn Fairy World. Speaking of which, what were they doing to him? She only got the vaguest sense from him.

            Never mind that. What are they doing to you?! Tootie replied and wished she could do something to help Cal. He was growing paler and paler, all the magic being used to help her. The shield he'd conjured was fading fast.

            They…the pain…Lorenzo…(sob)

            TIMMY! Tootie screamed and flung herself into her mind room only to have Cal stop her. He couldn't handle this link and throwing herself that far would be too much for him to handle. She wanted to hold him so badly…

            Tootie, where are you? Tootie? Why did you leave me? Timmy sent, sounding so much like a lost child she began to cry.

            I had to! I was drafted to do something I didn't even want to do. God, I wish I could be there with you. Timmy, I love you and I don't want to be here!

            Then why are you? Come home. Timmy replied, angry.

            It isn't as easy as that and-

            "I can't hold the link and the break in time. I'm sorry, Tootie, but I have to sever it," Cal whispered and she glanced at him. Her eyes were brimming over with tears.

            "No. You can't! I need to talk to him! I don't know what's going on! Cal, for the love of God!" Tootie pleaded.

            I can barely hear you. There's so much static. What's the matter? What's going on over there? Dammit, Tootie, answer me!

            I- Tootie choked out before Cal severed the link and passed out on the floor. Time resumed and she was aware of how alone she was. She'd used up Cal's magic and, if she was in a life or death situation, she'd die here. Could things get any worse?

            "Hello, Tootie," The Other sneered and shoved the door open. Tootie shivered, The Other bore her likeness. It was like being hunted by herself.

            "I see your fairy is dead. Pity." Lorelei advanced and Tootie, wiping her face, glared at her. She moved in front, protecting him with her body.

            "He isn't dead. He's just unconscious." Tootie snapped and the transistor became a foreign object in her hands. She didn't recognize it at all but apparently, Lorelei did because she gasped and backed up. Hmm, it looked like an item of Vicky's.

            "Where did you get that?!" Lorelei demanded and paled. Retreating a little more, she reached a poster of Timmy and tore it down. Evidently, she'd remembered Tootie had lured her here.

            What the hell is this? It looks like nothing more than a stick of lipstick…but…Pulling it out of its holster, Tootie discovered what it truly was.  A roll of pictures with Vicky and Lorelei, both grinned at the camera. Lorelei kissed Vicky on the cheek and Vicky roped a possessive arm around the other girl's waist. Another shot showed Lorelei pretending to lift up Vicky's shirt and Vicky playfully batting her off. But, her counterpart said that Vicky had loved Mark- this didn't add up.

            "Stop!" The Other begged and, to her surprise, her eyes filled with tears. "Vicky loved me too…"

            "She was bi?" Tootie asked, looking over the pictures. It certainly seemed that way. But why would she be so happy with her lover's assassin? In all the shots, they beamed at the camera.

            "Yes." The Other said simply and shook her head. "I thought Vicky burned those…"

            "Why?" Tootie asked innocently and the transistor, separate from the pictures, turned into a replica of Vicky. Something really odd was going on here...

            "Because we were a couple before Mark came. Everything would have been fine if he had just stayed on Yugopotamia! And things would have been fine if we hadn't gotten drunk and I forced her to have sex with me.

            "I didn't mean to!" Lorelei screamed and threw herself down at the mercy of the transistor version of Vicky. The projection only scowled at her in response. "I'm so sorry, Vicky…"

            "Vicky liked you?" Tootie said, very puzzled. "Why? You look like me and you came from my counterpart. That's like incest…"

            "Vicky didn't think so. I was evil enough for her. I made her happy. Well, I used to.  Then she got really depressed after I forced her into something she wasn't ready for and I made her kill Mark after she got involved with him. She started to hate me and I struck out at anything I could. That's why I killed the fairies- I thought it would prove something to her. That I'd do anything to protect her, to protect us."

            Tootie shuddered. She sounded like Lorenzo with Timmy. The only thing was, Vicky had once liked her back. Lorelei had become desperate to hold onto their failing relationship and did more than Vicky would ever do. Because, no matter what, no matter how Vicky acted, Tootie knew she'd draw the line at a massacre. The Other had no sense of morality and Vicky had killed herself because of it.

            "Because I loved her. I loved her more than life itself. I would do anything to make her happy. I even cut open Tootie's cheek because she wouldn't tell me why Vicky hated me."

            "So it was you?" Tootie gasped and felt her own cheek, intact. Hearing someone else she didn't know say her name was creeping her out. She kept thinking it was her, despite the fact she knew it wasn't.

            "Yes, it was me. Vicky hated Timmy and so do I. I always admired her, she was such a bitch to him. Then, when my sire started to realize how much he deserved that treatment, she let me out by accident. She just wanted to make him suffer a little. I made him suffer a lot, all that he had to.

            "She said I took things too far. She said I shouldn't have tried to kill him. My sire hated my theft of Cosmo and Wanda and my using them to threaten Timmy. She grew distant and cold. I delighted in it- that meant she could join me and Vicky.

            "But no, it didn't mean that. It meant she'd go to any lengths to protect Timmy, whom she still foolishly loved. It meant she tried to kill me for making him watch all his loved ones die. For a while, I found it amusing that all her efforts to try to help Timmy wound up hurting him more than if she'd just stayed out of it.

            "But there were complications. Wanda, for example, I grew unreasonably attached to her. I marveled that anyone could grow so fond of a spoiled brat like Timmy was. A shallow, selfish, spoiled brat. I stopped planning assassinations for Timmy just so I could see how Wanda would react to what I was planning. She hated me, of course. I loved it, I fed off her hatred.

            "But things got boring. I couldn't keep pretending to kill Timmy, I wanted him dead. My sire was becoming a whiny twit and I couldn't stand her either. And Vicky was growing frigid to me. I had to speed things up.

            "So I killed Chester and A.J. in front of Timmy. I watched him scream and cry, a fifteen year old, crying. Can you imagine it? It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen."

            Tootie scowled. Already she had a strong loathing for her and the way she idly scarred Timmy was beginning to piss her off. If she weren't waiting for Cal to wake up, she'd already have that transistor halfway embedded in her chest.

            "And I threw as many high level spells as possible around. I killed everyone within a twenty-mile radius. The only people left were Crocker, Vicky, my sire, and the fairies, Cosmo, Wanda, and Cal. Vicky wasn't impressed with my spellwork, though, she found it and me revolting. She recoiled even more at my touch and called me a monster.

            "Then again, that's nothing compared to what Wanda called me. I showed her videos of my torture of Timmy and she spat in my face. But Wanda's loathing was amusing and sexy. She was adorable when she was screaming at me for hurting Timmy."

            The transistor shot off another item, this time the same weapon Timmy would have used to kill Cosmo and Wanda. A note came with it and it said curtly, "Now." She understood.

            Lunging forward, the bronze sword caught her in the midback and Lorelei gasped, tears streaming down her face. Her fingers stretched out to cradle the projection of Vicky and hold her in her arms one last time. However, just as she reached her, it vanished and Lorelei, sobbing, rasped for breath.

            Tootie let go of the sword, stunned at what she'd done. The bloodstains spread over her back and she realized, with a dull horror, she'd impaled her. She'd committed murder…

            The Other slumped over, dead. The instant she died, Cal regained consciousness. He looked over at her and at Tootie, who was sitting there, shell-shocked.

            "You did it!" Cal cheered. Then, he looked closer. "What's the matter? That's your mission, to either stop them physically or stop them mentally. This world was too far gone to-"

            "My mission is to kill people?!" Tootie shrieked and bit her lip, trying her hardest not to cry. Cal walked over to her (still a little too weak to float) and held her. She clung to him.

            "Stop them anyway you can. The Other isn't a person…" Cal rationalized. "It's an evil-"

            "She certainly seemed like a person! She loved like one, she cared about Vicky like one, she suffered like one. God, I killed someone!" She cried and Cal turned into a teenager to try to do a better job of comforting her. As it was, it was more like a child consoling her, what with the height difference.

            "Tootie?" Timmy said softly and walked in, Cosmo and Wanda floating above him. He'd followed her at a safe distance and seen the fight from the door frame. She blinked away tears and shook her head.

            "You're not…you're not my Timmy!" Shaking her head again firmly, she pulled away from Cal and stood to face him.

            "I can be," Timmy said softly and strode up to her. They were within an inch of each other. "You don't need to go home, you can stay with me. I'll take care of you."

            "No, I need-" Tootie began but was cut off. This Timmy was wrapping his arms around her and kissing her passionately, desperately. Although sparks flew, an odd sensation like oil and water being mixed grew and she thought this could have something to do with the fact he wasn't her Timmy. So, as strongly as she might be attracted to him and she was, she couldn't act upon those feelings.

            Cosmo and Wanda shook their heads and Wanda, minus a wand, put her hands on their foreheads, breaking the kiss. She frowned at her godson. Even if he loved her counterpart, this Tootie was a different matter altogether.

            "No." Wanda said firmly and pulled him away from her. "You can't have any relations with her. She isn't your Tootie and she will never be. She belongs in her universe and you belong here. I'm sorry, Timmy."

            Cal nodded and floated next to Tootie, who was overwhelmed with the recent events. His poor goddaughter…

            Cosmo grinned at Timmy. "Yeah, you horny bastard."

            Wanda hit him in the arm and his face fell. "What did I say?"

            Tootie managed a weak smile and glanced at Cal. "Time to go?"

            "Yes. If we find a Tootie that's alone in her world and her Timmy has died, we'll tell you and bring her here. That's the best we can do," Cal said sadly and watched Wanda chew Cosmo out.

            "Okay," Timmy said, resigned to his fate and smiled at Cosmo. "I'm not that horny, Cosmo. But we'll see if any of those stores around still have a Playboy intact."

            "Over my dead body!" Wanda said angrily. "You don't need those kinds of magazines!"

            "Well, if his only girlfriend will be his hand-" Cosmo began and Tootie laughed.

            Wanda hit him in the stomach and commenced to give him the talking to of his life. Timmy shrugged helplessly and glanced at Tootie. These are my godparents, he seemed to say, and I love them with all my heart, but they're insane!

            "Um, shake hands?" Timmy said and proffered his. Tootie went scarlet and shook her head. Cosmo's comment had gotten to her.

            "I don't…I mean...ugh…" Tootie stammered.

            "My hand didn't go anywhere you need to worry about. It was in my pants, sure, but I was fiddling with a yo-yo in my pocket. See?" He produced it and she went even redder.

            "Yeah…we need to go." Before I die of embarrassment.

            "Yes, she's right. Goodbye, you three. Don't do anything dangerous." Cal said and he and Tootie walked out, leaving them to quibble amongst themselves. Timmy called his goodbye and listened to his godparents argue.

            "He is not looking at pornography!" Wanda yelled and Tootie tripped on the stairs. Cal grinned at her slyly and she blushed again.

            "Are you okay there, Toot?" Timmy teased and she nearly fell over. "I think what Wanda meant to say is-"

            "I didn't mean to say it that loudly…" Wanda muttered sheepishly.

            "Well, would you like to look too?" Cosmo asked.

            "NO!" Wanda screamed and Tootie, recovering, laughed all the way out the door. Cosmo was trying to placate Wanda by explaining just what the girls inside looked like and she sounded like she was going to make him into a pinup- as in, up on the wall so she could nail him there and leave him hanging.

            However, as they walked back to the library, Tootie sighed, the humor leaving her. She'd killed a version of The Other and, even though it was her mission, she still was miserable. What would the new universes offer? What would happen to her?

            And, on that note, what happened to her Timmy? She hated being out of the loop. I guess I'd better get used to it. I'm not going to see him for a long time…Timmy…

            "Hey, you did a good job all by yourself," Cal said softly as they neared the steps. "And it was your first time."

            "How many of them will I have to kill?" Tootie muttered. "Before I can go home?"

            "They wouldn't tell me. Don't worry about it just yet. You have a greater problem. You must remain a virgin."

            "That's ridiculous! Why wouldn't I be one? I want to stay pure for my Timmy!" Tootie retorted.

            "It's not ridiculous. If Cosmo and Wanda weren't there and I wasn't either, you two would have gone further than kissing-"

            "No, we wouldn't have!" Tootie said, her hands balling into fists. "I'm not a slut, Cal!"

            He sighed heavily. "I didn't say you were. But you will always be attracted to Timmy, no matter what version. It is imperative that you remain a virgin or else things will get very tricky."

            "Why?" Tootie countered, hands on her hips.

            "I can't tell you that."

            "Why don't you get all the things you can't tell me out of the way so I won't waste my time later waiting for a response?" Tootie snapped, exasperated.

            "I'm serious, Toot." He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You can help the alternate Timmys, but if you get into a sexual relation with any of them, things will get catastrophic. You must remain pure. Do you understand?"

            "Yes but why?"

            Cal sighed. "Ever heard of 'don't ask, don't tell'?"


            "Don't ask because I can't tell you."

            Tootie scowled and forced the doors of the elevator open. They were reaching their 'magic bus' and it was time to depart from her first mission. What would await her, she didn't know, but, for now, she thought she'd like to sleep for a good long time.

            Cal held up his wand and, as soon as they were inside, closed the doors and conjured up a pillow for her. He knew she wanted to sleep and it was the healthiest thing for her to do right now. She needed to work out what had just happened in her subconscious and come to terms with it on her own.

            The last thing Tootie thought before she drifted into a troubling slumber was, You must remain a virgin…