A New Love

Author's Note: Some of the character's will be out of character... I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Matt does not know Sora, Tai, and Kari. This might be a Takari... It depends.

Summary: Matt really likes Mimi, but he is afraid to tell her. But suddenly his dad tells him to pack up because they are moving to Hawaii for no reason. Matt only has 2 days to tell her. When he was boarding on the plane he tells her that he likes her, but she rejected. So he arrives in Hawaii heartbroken until he meets her.

A New Love

Chapter 1-Heartbroken

Matt was at the airplane thinking about what happened 20 minutes ago.


Matt looked at Mimi. "Can I talk to you for a moment... privately?"

Mimi nodded. Matt led Mimi somewhere privately. "Mimi?" he asked.


"Um... I...um... I really like you... I was wondering if you like me too."

Mimi looked shocked. 'Matt like me? But... I am with Joe... Oh, what am I going to tell him?' she thought. "Um... oh...um... thank you... but your dad is calling you." She said uneasily.

Matt looked heartbroken. 'Huh???' he thought.

Mimi looked at the heartbroken Matt. "I'm sorry... but ..." Matt cut her off.

"It's fine."

Then he went with his dad to their plane. Mimi went back to Joe. She smiled at him. They have been secretly dating for at least 5 months. She kissed him. Then looked back at Matt. He was gone.

End Flashback

Matt sighed. He looked at the window. He missed his friends. Joe, Izzy, and most of all Mimi. His brother T.K. lives in Hawaii. 'Well, at least I get to see T.k.' He thought.

10 hours later

The plane arrived in Hawaii. It was so hot! Matt took his luggage along with his dad and went to the airport. A couple of minutes later Matt and his dad were checking in at the hotel. They went to their room. His dad, Malcolm (Is that right?) looked at Matt. "Go outside in the hot sun. Maybe you will be able to see your brother." He said.

Matt nodded and went outside. He saw a lot of people. They were all having fun. Then he saw a familiar blonde with blue eyes with a fisherman hat walking by. He looked awfully familiar. He couldn't point it out. The guy came by him and said. "Matt?"

"Yeah. Do I know you?"

The guy jumped on his back. "MATT!!" he screamed.

Matt took him off. "T.K.???"

The guy looked at him. "Uh...YEA!"

Matt hugged his younger brother. "How are you?" he asked. (Matt)

T.k. smiled. "Fine. What brings you here?"


"Oh, want to meet my friends?"


And they went to meet T.k.'s friends.

Author's Note: I know this story stinks but I was bored and this idea popped into my head. It took me a long time to think of a title, so it is pretty dumb. Please review! I would really appreciate it! Tell me what you think! I'll update soon...