A New Love

By sorato4eva

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Chapter 4- The Carnival

After Sora and Matt finished eating their dinner, they both went to the pier. There were lights everywhere. Sora gasped when she saw a cute stuff toy. To be able to get it, you have to dunk the tank. Sora practically ran over there. Matt smiled and ran after her. "Hey Sora?"


"Let me do this..."

"If you say so..." Sora said while she was smiling.

It took about 5 dollars to get the cute stuff toy Sora wanted. After that, they went to get a nice spot at the beach to watch the fireworks...

The fireworks were really nice. Both of them were looking at it in awe. They were both lying down on Sora's blanket she brung.

"They're really beautiful..." Sora said.

"I know..."

After about 15 minutes of watching the fireworks, they decided to walk around the carnival again. Sora wanted to ride the Ferris wheel but Matt wanted to go on the bumper cars.

"How about we go on the Ferris wheel first, and then go on the bumper cars." Sora suggested.


"Please... come on Matt, we'll go on the bumper cars twice?"

"B-But... fine."

"Thanks Matt!" Sora exclaimed.

"No problem."

They both paid for their tickets and went on the Ferris wheel. Sora put the stuff toy on her lap. Matt was sitting right next to her. They went higher and higher until they could see practically everything in the carnival. Sora, without thinking, placed her head on Matt's shoulder. Matt, on the other hand, noticed but didn't do anything about it. To tell you the truth, he kind of liked it. They went lower and lower until they reached the bottom. They both went out and headed to the bumper cars...

Sora kept getting bumped by Matt. Then suddenly, she bumped Matt on the back without Matt noticing. Matt looked behind him and saw Sora going backwards. He shouted. "You're not getting away that easily!"

Sora laughed then said. "Yeah, watch me!"

Sora drove away but not that fast. Matt was on her tail. Then someone bumped into Sora. Which made her stop. Matt almost bumped her when bumper cars stopped immediately. That meant that it was over. Sora grinned. "HA-HA! You did not get me!"

"I would have." Matt said.

They lined up again since Sora said that they would go to the bumper cars twice. They went in. Matt immediately went on Sora's tail. Sora gasped. Then she drove away. Matt caught up to her and bumped her. Sora laughed then went backwards and hit Matt. Matt drove forwards while Sora drove backwards. After a while, Matt decided to drive backwards so he did. Sora did not expect that so she bumped into someone else. Matt was watching and he burst out laughing. But he also got bumped by someone. Then after another 5 minutes it ended.

Sora and Matt both went out and started walking again. Sora saw a booth selling cotton candy. She ran over there then bought one for herself and Matt paid for his. Sora got the flavor bubblegum while Matt got blueberry. They ate it while watching the shows.

Around midnight, Matt and Sora was on the beach walking around talking...

"So Matt, what brings you around here?"

"Didn't I tell you? Anyways, I think my dad wanted me to see Tk again...something like that."

"Oh... Do you miss your friends?"

"Yeah," he said sadly.

"I'm so sorry." Sora said.

"It's fine. You don't have to feel sorry... Anyways, how about you?"


"Yeah, did you always live here?"

"No, I used to live somewhere else...but I don't remember where..."




"Did you have a girlfriend, where you used to live?"

"Um... no... but I liked a girl."

"Did you tell her?"

"Yeah, right after I left."

"Then, what did she say?"

"Um... she said...that she didn't like me back..."
Sora gasped then looked down sadly. "Sorry I asked."

"It's fine..."

"No, its not fine...I just met you and I was already budging in your private life...I'm sorry."

"It's fine...really...you don't have to feel sorry."

"Ok, if you insist."

"I really insist." Matt said.

"Ok!" she said trying to forget what she just heard.

Matt rolled his eyes.

Sora saw and said. "HEY!"

Matt chuckled. "What?" he asked innocently.

"I saw that!"

"Saw what?" he said laughing.


"Fine, fine."

Sora smiled.

Matt was lying down on his bed around 3 am thinking about Sora. He even forgot about Mimi for awhile... 'Sora...' he thought.

Tk had a sleep over Matt's hotel room because he wanted to hang out with Matt longer. But the problem is, Tk came over around 1 and Matt wasn't home till 2:30. Matt sighed. All he could think about was Sora. Her silky red hair, beautiful sparkling eyes and her smile. He turned to his side and tried to go to sleep until his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Matt answered.

"It's Me, Joe!"

"Oh, hey Joe... you do know that its very early here right?"

"Oh, sorry. Well, I was just wondering... how's your first day?"

"Today? It was great!" he said his mind on Sora again.

"I'm happy to hear that well, I don't know if Mimi didn't tell you but we're together for months now and I just wanted you to know."

"Well, I'm happy for you..." then he added softly. "I think."

"What? I didn't quite hear your last comment."

"Oh, it was nothing." Matt said sadly.

"Ok. Well, I hope we see you soon..."

"Yeah I hope so too."

"Bye Matt! Good luck."

'Good Luck?' he thought. "Yeah sure. Bye. Thanks for calling." Then he hanged up. 'Great... now its 4. If Dad finds out I didn't sleep until 5, he so going to get pissed. Got to get some sleep' he thought. He put his cell phone on the table right next to him and turned the other way and went to a peaceful sleep thinking what he was going to do tomorrow.

Matt woke up around 9 because Tk was slamming the pillow on his head. "W-what?" he said sleepily.

"It's 9! Wake up!"


"No buts Matt. Dad told me to wake you up and that's what I'm going to do!"

"Yeah, and part of it is that Kari is waiting for you downstairs isn't it?" Matt added.

Tk blushed a deep shade of red but said. "Um... whatever... hurry up will you?"

"Fine just for my little bro." Matt said trying to hold his laughter.

Tk hit him again and said. "MATT! Are you going to get up or not?"

"What if I don't?" Matt said.

"Matt!" Tk said angrily.

"Fine fine... I won't keep your girlfriend downstairs any longer since you're so desperate to go to her." He said while going to the bathroom with his clothes on his right arm.

Tk sat down on Matt's bed blushing without saying a word.

They went downstairs about 30 minutes later. Their dad looked at them and said. "What took you two so long?"

"It was Matt!" Tk said immediately.

"Matt." His dad said sternly.

"Ok... I'm sorry; it took me a long time to get out of bed. Now can I get some breakfast?"

"Fine, but next time don't take so long." His dad said.

"Thank you." The two brothers said in unison.

Matt went down to get himself a sandwich. Inside the sandwich was some ham, lettuce and mayonnaise. Then he got himself some orange juice. Tk got some cereal with milk and sat next to Matt.

"Hey Matt?" Tk asked.


"What did you do last night with Sora?"

Their Dad cut in. "Sora? A girl?"

Matt looked on the ground trying to hide his blushing face. "Nothing, we just went to the rides near the pier that's all."

"Uh huh..." his dad answered.

Tk, on the other hand, didn't say anything but. "Yeah, right"

"It's TRUE!" Matt exclaimed.


Suddenly Kari came with her brother Tai. "Hey guys!" Tai said happily.

"And who are these people?" the dad asked.

Tk answered. "This is Kari and Tai. There are my friends."

"Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Tk and Matt's Dad."

Kari and Tai both bowed politely. "Nice to meet you too." They said in unison.

Matt's Dad chuckled. "You don't have to do that...please, you guys are acting like I'm king or something..."

Kari sat in between Matt and Tk. While Tai went to get himself some food....like always...

A couple of minutes later, Tai came back with bread, ham, pancakes, juice and syrup. He sat next to Kari and started munching on his food. Matt's dad looked at him. "Does he always eat like that?" he asked.

Kari smiled sadly. "Yes, unfortunately."

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