No One Like You By: OtakuSailorV

Yuka sighed as she stared out the window. It was one of those days again; a regular day in school that never seemed to end.

Kagome was sick still, something Yuka had grown accustomed to and had stopped questioning. Eri was out on vacation, and Ayumi was busy for the rest of the week with something from a school club.

So Yuka was once again left to wonder, at the end of the school day, what to do.

"Yuka, you can go now." A voice gently informed her as she peered out the window longingly.

Yuka snapped from her bored thoughts and looked up to see her teacher staring at her. With a sigh, she grabbed up her bag, and walked out the door, not caring that the rest of her classmates had left minutes before her.

As she walked out of her school, Yuka looked about briefly in a hopeless manner.

Making a face, she turned toward home.

"Excuse me, Yuka-kohai!"

Yuka turned upon hearing her name. "Hm?"

Hojo ran toward her, smiling happily. "Hey, uhm, have you seen Kagome-chan around?" He asked her nervously, blushing slightly.

Yuka blinked at him once before answering. "No, I'm sorry Hojo-sempai. . ."

Hojo made a face. "Is she still sick?"

"I think so. . ." Yuka said a bit uselessly.

"Maybe I'll call her house tonight. . ." Hojo mumbled before smiling at Yuka and bowing.

"Thank you, Yuka-kohai." He said before walking off.

Yuka nodded before heading back toward her house again.

As she walked, Yuka thought with boredom of the evening ahead of her again, eyes slightly open as she chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip.

'What's to do. . . ?' She thought, kicking at a rock with the tip of her shoe. 'I could go see if Kagome's home. . . ?' She stopped at the street that led to her friend's house.

Cocking her head to one side in thought, she gathered that it couldn't hurt to at least check and see if her friend was home from the hospital yet. 'If nothing else, it'll kill a few minutes of boredom. . .'

With that, she headed down the street to Kagome's house.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yuka halted as she reached the base of the huge stairway that led up to Kagome's home. "I forgot about this. . ." She groaned to herself before taking the steps two at a time.

Yuka gasped for her breath, looking back and seeing that she was only about halfway up. 'Either I'm out of shape, or there are more steps than I thought.'

Making a face, Yuka pulled her backpack by its straps and charged up the rest of the steps; out of breath by the time she reached the top.

Catching her breath, she walked up to the house and was about to knock on the door when she heard voices from inside.

"You think Kagome will be back soon?"

"She must be very busy, Souta."

Yuka made a face, one eyebrow moving upward in confusion. 'What?'

"But I want to see Inuyasha-nii-chan again. . ." Souta moaned from inside.

"I too want to see this half-demon from the 'other time' again." Kagome's grandfather's voice was heard suddenly. "Whenever he comes, it is never for very long."

Souta laughed. "You're just hoping you can persuade him to take you to the other side of the well with them sometime."

'The well. . .' Yuka looked over her shoulder to the shed-like structure that Kagome had once told her contained an old well that dated back to the feudal era.

Inside there was muttering from the grandfather before the family started to talk on another subject.

Backing away from the door, Yuka looked sidelong at the old wooden building that contained the well. 'Were they being serious. . . ?'

Curious, her eyes darted from the house to the building several times before she snuck toward the shack carefully.

Her heart beat faster the closer she got, she felt like she was trying to steal something from the Higurashi's.

Holding her breath, Yuka thrust open the door to the building and hurried inside, shutting it back behind her softly.

Turning, she pressed her back against the door, and tried to calm the mounting anxiety that was building in her.

"What am I doing. . . ?" She asked herself, staring at the well. Instantly, she imagined Kagome climbing out of it, her clothes bloody and torn. "When she told us that her uniform was all bloody. . .she didn't mean from herself. . ." Yuka blinked, her legs wobbling as she went down the steps and stared into the well.

"Ew, there're bones at the bottom." Yuka wrinkled her nose as she leaned in to see.

Studying it further, Yuka found the wood to be quite rough, and narrowly avoided several nasty splinters. 'I wonder if Kagome ever gets hurt?'

Looking over a piece of the wood, she was engrossed completely in thought when she heard the door start to open.

"Hello?" A voice called, and Yuka jumped, looking for a place to hide.

Seeing as the only way was down the well, Yuka jumped over quickly; fearing the pain she was sure would shoot through her legs when she landed.

"Hello?" The voice called again, but this time it seemed somehow distorted, as if it had come from a place far, far away.

Holding her breath again, Yuka had the odd sensation that she was floating in mid air.

Puzzled, she un-bent her legs and felt herself set right down on her feet at the bottom of the well.

"Weird. . ." She mumbled, looking around and seeing a vine extending up out of the well.

"That wasn't here before." She blinked at it as she grabbed on and climbed out.

Blinking at the sun, Yuka looked around to see if it was ok to leave the well yet.

The scene before her made her jaw drop and stomach plummet. "Oh. . .my. . ." She breathed, heart pounding.

Her breath came in small, tiny little gasps as she came all the way out of the well, staring around her in amazement. For no longer was there a building surrounding the well, but a thick, green forest.

"Where. . .am I. . . ?"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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