The Dangerous Calm
by Layton Colt

"Five planets."

Daniel looked up from his notepad at Jack. Jack, however, was staring into a bowl of cheerios and didn't seem to notice him.

"Five," Jack repeated disgustedly, glaring at the cereal.

A passing airman gave him a curious glance and hurried on his way.

Daniel leaned over to see what was so fascinating about Jack's breakfast. "Five what?" he asked.

"Five planets," Jack snapped, finally lifting his gaze. "Five, Daniel. Five of them. As in three and two."

"Yes, I do understand the meaning of the number five, much as I appreciate you breaking it down for me--but what are you getting at?"

"We've been to five planets this month."

"Oh. Yes. So? That's standard procedure."

"Yes. Standard for everyone but us. We never get to go to more than four planets, because we usually get forced time off after nearly getting killed."

"Hmm . . . you're right. That is strange."

"It's worrying," Jack said with narrowed eyes.


"Yes. We should have run into a megalomaniac parasite by now. We should have been attacked by unfriendly natives with spears, or possessed by something. I don't like this."

"I suppose it is a bit worrying. I mean--our luck can't last long."

"Exactly. Something bad is coming. I feel it."

"You're right," Daniel nodded, putting his notepad down and frowning. "I think we're in trouble. We have mission six next week. Six is an unlucky number."

"Six is?"

"Don't ask."

"Maybe we should take some time off."

"You think?"


"I have some frequent flier miles."

"You really think an airplane is a good idea? We're tempting fate here."

"You're right. We should just walk there. To the ISLAND."

"Okay. I see your point. Alright. No Hawaii. My cabin?"

"Sounds like a plan."

"I'll find Teal'c."

"I'll grab Sam."

"You going to ask Hammond for time off?"

"You're the commanding officer. You do it."

"Fine. I'm sure once I explain the galaxy is conspiring against us he'll let us go."

"We had better hurry. We need to get out of here before disaster strikes."

"Right. Meet me up top in twenty."

"Make it fifteen. We're running out of time, I think."

"Got it. Oh, and, Daniel!"

Daniel stopped and spun to look at him. "Yes?"

"Don't get stuck in the elevator!"


The End