This fic is one of my first. So I'm still learning how to write these things. I love writing GotenxTrunks fics...I think they are so kawaii!!!

Trunks:18 (I don't know everybody's ages)

Goten:17 P.S. Vegeta is a real meanie in this fic.
Sorry Veggie fans...well he's mean Bra:7 anyway ::shrugs shoulders::

'Thinking' "Speaking" Chapter 1

The crisp breeze tickled the nostrils of the 18 year old demi-sayain as he sat on top of Capsule Corp's roof. Trunks Briefs is, or should I say was the heir to the million dollar corporations to C.C. Trunks was usually a happy teenager , yet now he feels doom and gloom, a result to an unsure heart. He felt robbed...for his heart was stolen by the one and only Son Goten.

Goten is Trunks best friend , they have been friends since they we're in diapers. They even shared a body , Gotenks. They did everything together, sparring, school, and just hanging out. But alas that is the past and the past and present can never collide. But now they reached an awkward stage in their Trunks was troubled by deep thought....

"Oh Chibi , I can't forget you and the battle between my family and my heart." "And how we came to be." FLASHBACK------------------------------------------------

"You can't catch me Chibi!" Trunks felt confident that he would ensure victory. Goten on the other hand thought differently.

"Oh, you better not get too cocky KA...ME...HA...ME...HAA!" The god-like blast shot from the young demi-sayain's hand. Trunks's confidence dissolved into his best friend's powerful attack. "This is gonna hurt!" BOOOOOM!

"Game, set, Trunks Briefs, are da loser," Goten said in a self- assured voice while making an 'L' with his thumb and index fingers. Trunks stood up accepting his lose with grace and dignity and no hard feelings, while Goten gloated as if he won the World Martial Arts Tournament. ::Which was coming up in a few months::

When the two boys finally settled down , they both took a look around the GR Room and found it in shambles. Tile was out of place and cracked , windows busted and blown out. Goten placed his hand behind his head and gave the famous Son grin he inherited from his father... "I guess we went a little over board there huh? Ha ha" he chuckled "So uh , what do you want to do now?" :: Gruuuumble::

"OOPS!" Goten blushed a deep crimson.

"I think your stomach answered that question," Trunks joked. "Yeah I guess it did." Almost automatically both boys levitated in the air and headed into the kitchen.

Goten, by old habit, began to raid the fridge for something to snack on . Trunks just sat at the table and starred at his long time friend and crush. 'I wonder if he knows?' 'I wonder if he knows about me and how I feel?' Trunks never went out on dates...with girls anyway. When ever Goten or his mother ask why he never dated he would always make up an excuse or something. "Trunks hellooo," Goten said in a sing-song voice. Trunks looked up from his day dream state and saw Goten right in front of him with a stupid looking grin on his face.

'He is so his father'

"Trunks we gotta talk...about something important."




"Yeah Trunks I have a confession to make I...."

"Hello boys how are you two doing?" It was Bulma , back from her daily shopping spree. "I found some really cute stuff for me and your sister Trunks."

"That's great mom...uh me and Goten are going to go up to my room o.k.?"

"Alright...oh by the way , Goten , your mother wanted me to tell you to be home by 6:00" "Uh thanks Bulma." Goten replied and headed upstairs to finish up the conversation. When the two demi-sayains reached Trunks room they locked the door to make sure they are not interrupted again.

Goten sat on Trunk's bed patiently signaling him so sit down also. "Trunks like I was about to say don't freak out or anything... but I think I love you."

"You do ?" Goten nodded gently without looking at Trunks.

"That's great!" Trunks chirped. "What?" Goten was really confused now. "Trunks didn't you hear me I said 'I love you.'

"Yeah I heard you." Trunks replied. "So you don't mind?" "Of course not Chibi."

"To tell you the truth ...for years I , well here let me show you." Trunks took Goten's face into his hands and tilted his head and planted a passionate delicate kiss on the lips. The delicate kiss soon became intense when Trunks's tongue begged for entrance in to his lover's mouth. Goten allowed this action and opened his mouth wider, both tongues soon battled inside each other's mouths.

Trunks wanted to take this another step further and started to undo the sash of his best friends gi. "Trunks I don't think I'm ready for this," Goten spoke.

"Don't worry Chibi , I'll be gentle" Trunks , just to let you know isn't a virgin. He had secret 'partners' before Goten. After Trunks's comforting words , Goten finally began to relax as Trunks roughly pushed him down on his back. Trunks climbed up on Goten and strattled his hips in a seductive manner.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this Chibi."

"Oh I think I do Trunks, I think I do."

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