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Chapter Seventeen:

Dream Worlds and Real Worlds

Dr. Son Gohan's Journal

December 6th

Day 60

Heading into his sixth month of pregnancy, my worries have all but subsided one bit. My brother has yet to open his eyes, Trunks still paces the hospital room, our mothers fingers still clutch on to our father's arm—or the nearest tissue. Plus I think Trunks is beginning to lose it. He needs to get out of this hospital. I'm worried he'll collapse.

Unfortunately all we can do is wait.

Goten's pulse and heart rate has been constant and strong for the past month or so—which is good. Especially the baby continues to grow and suck on his ki. If Goten wasn't pregnant his ki would be concentrating on replenishing itself and recovering its host's body. But the child needs it more apparently.

I feel horrible—thinking the way I am.

I shouldn't feel this way should I?

It's not the unborn child's fault that his 'mother' has fallen into a deep sleep and he or she is sucking up all the life force he needs to wake up…

so then why do I hate—


Gohan put down his pen and looked towards the source of the noise. It was his most loyal nurse, "Oh, Ms. Hyoo, is there something that you need?"

The large eyed young woman shook her head, "Not at the time, I was actually checking in with you. It's half past one sir. Are you pulling an all nighter again?"

"Half past….?" Gohan looked to the digital clock on his desk; it WAS really one in the morning! "Dammit, Videl is going to kill me, I promised to be home for dinner, guess that's out of the question. Damn…"

"I'm sure Mrs. Son will understand, considering the current situation. You are under a lot of stress, doctor. How 'bout you go pick up a bouquet of lilies from the gift shop—that's open 24/7. Just in case ya' know? As a woman myself I am a sucker for flowers when I am upset. So go on home, I will personally make sure everything is going smooth for the rest of the night. I am head nurse." She ended with a smile.

"Alright, just let me say good-bye and I'll head out. Thank you, Karess. You're a good person."

"No problem at all, Sir…"

Gohan walked out of his office without seeing the malevolent smile of the young woman's face.


"Hey, little buddy. How you doing? Good?" Gohan treaded towards his little brother's bed, placing a pale hand on Goten's equally pale face. He smiled sadly—following the curvature of Goten's body, Gohan's eyes laid upon the bulging blankets.

"Hey, Kid…."

His hand landed on the young boy's belly, softly clutching the blanket, "It's hard not to blame you, kid." Silenced answered him, "I just really miss my brother, and so does everyone else. I remember when we all just found out about you we were so happy, but now….but now…"

The eldest Son bit his lip and removed his hand, placing it on his brother's thick locks, "What's going on with you, bro? What are we doing wrong? Why can't you give me a clue? Something….anything at all…"

"What are you doing, Gohan?"

"Checking in on my brother, Trunks. That's all."

"More like damning my child."

The elder of the demi-Saiyans turned harshly, glaring spears at the aqua colored man. In his hands was a new vase of fresh flowers—their fragrance was already penetrating the air with its sweet smell. But the atmosphere between the two men was anything but sweet, "what?!"

"You heard me…" Trunks walked stiffly to the small coffee table near his lover's bed, placing the vase on it—turning his attention to Goten he kissed his forehead. Twirling a black lock Trunks smiled softly; only for said smile to be replaced with a scowl of pure hatred, "I heard what you said, Gohan. You hate me child—mine and Goten's child!"

"I never said that, Trunks!"

"You didn't have to, Gohan! It was so obvious! Get out!!" Trunks roughly re-opened the door, its knob nearly scrapping off the paint of the wall it rammed into.

"Dammit Trunks have you no heart?! You are in a hospital for Kami's sake. Don't go slamming doors; you'll wake up the other patients. And I DO NOT hate your unborn child. I just…I just…."


"I can't help the way I feel. It's not hatred I swear, but—I'm always asking myself this one question and not just as a brother but as a doctor. And I feel horrible already as it is because this question runs through my brain everyday when I look at my baby brother lying in a hospital bed."

Gohan raised his head, but he never met his brother in law's gaze. His face was darkened in the brightly lit room; he stood in the doorway stiffly. He raised his hand to land on the light switch, sliding it slowly down. The lights faded to a mild darkness. Only one of the men's eyes glowed, a sharp blue. The other pair of eyes were dark and intense, but hard—like coal.

"Where would Goten be right now if that baby never existed?"


Sitting slumped in his chair; Trunks stared up at the ceiling. The room was still dark; he preferred to keep in this way when he thought.

"Where would Goten be right now if that baby never existed?"

"Damn Gohan…he doesn't know what he is talking about…"

"Where would Goten be…"

"….shut up…"

"…right now…"

"…I don't blame you…."




"Not true!"

" Goten be…"


"I hate this!! BE QUIET!"

"…right now…"

"….I said…."


"It's not it's fault!"


"I hate you all!"


"Goten loves that baby!"


"I'm NOT listening!!"



"Never existed?"



Trunks violently lifted his head from where it laid on his folded arms; they were mildly numb from the weight and tingled lightly. But he paid no attention the strange sensation in his arms but in his chest. His heart was beating so fast.

"A dream….just a stupid dream."

His eyes swiftly looked to check on his husband. Still there—child intact. Trunks soon found himself gently laying his cheek on his immobile love's stomach, swollen and soft. He could hear the strange gurgle of amniotic fluid, which in a way was soothing. He felt calm and happy.

It was then he knew Gohan was wrong.


Trunks didn't know how long he laid there; his head on the stomach of his pregnant lover and husband. But he soon began to dream awake. He did not feel tired or fatigued. He was content and soothed. His daydreams brought him comfort, a fake reality which he wished he could dive into head first and stay there forever, indulging in all the pleasures this world offered.

All began to grow fuzzy…

The bright and harsh hospital room faded…

The chill of his body heated up…

He smiled.


"I don't wanna!"

"I don't care if you want to or not….now open your mouth!"

"Mphm em!"


The reluctant brunette shook his head childishly at his husband, who was growing quiet annoyed at the moment.

"C'mon, Goten I swear to you it tastes good! Videl swears it!"

Goten pursed his lips even tighter in hopes that such an action will make the offending substance that Trunks geld in his hand go away, "Mphhm!"

"Why are so difficult, Chibi?!"

" 'Cuz I love you!"

"Oh, so now you're talking to me?"


"Just stick it in your mouth and swallow you big baby!"


"Then no pocky for you for the rest of your life!"

A large gasp exhaled from the younger's mouth, "You're so cruel Trunks-kun! I can't believe I married you!!"

"Eat it…"

"Fine. But I won't like it! It looks gross…."

Goten opened his mouth and allowed Trunks to shove the spoonful of spinach passed his lips, Goten whimpered pathetically, tears building up behind his eyelids.

"Aww, c'mon! It can't be THAT bad, Chibi. Now swallow, its good for the baby."

With a rough gulp, Goten swallowed and took a large swig from his glass of water, "Disgusting!"

"Love you…" Blue eyes said to the dark ones.

"Sure whatever…"

Trunks kissed his pregnant lover on the head, a large smile on his face.

It was about 1:53 A.M. when the commotion started. The bathroom light was on, and the toilet lid lifted open. A most repulsive noise flooded the early morning darkness.

A young man, two months pregnant was keeled over the porcelain rim. The contents of his early dinner were now being flushed away—much to the disapproval of his raw throat.

He was exhausted.

All he wanted to do was sleep and be held by his husband who was lucky enough to not hear the racket coming from the bathroom they shared together.

"I hate this…" Goten laid his forehead on the rim once more trying to force the dizziness from his brain away. His shoulders were slumped and his back ached from being in such a position while he vomited. He was nearly in tears when he felt a strange tugging on his hair.

"You should let me hold your hair when t his happens you know."


"How are you feeling, Chibi?"

The younger grunted sickly.

"That bad?"

"All I had was that salad and soup, Trunks-kun," Goten cuddled into his husband's chest, wanting to rest from his late-night ordeal, "I'm tired."

"Are you okay now to go to sleep?"

"I think so." Trunks picked up his smaller husband and took him to their bed to lay him down and cover him with a blanket that went under his chin.

"I'm sorry for waking you, Trunks-kun…"

"Don't think anything about it, Chibi, its natural. You remember what your brother said, don't you?" Goten nodded, shutting his eyes to go back to sleep.

At 2:05 A.M. Trunks felt the other side of the mattress shift and heard rushing footsteps to turn on the light of the bathroom.

He was exhausted.

All he wanted to do was sleep and hold his husband, but he smiled and quickly headed to the bathroom to hold his Goten's hair.

Which he was more then happy to do.


"What the Hell are you--?"


"Goten? I don't understand—?"


"Chibi, that not true! Why do you think that?!"

"….'cuz," Goten sniffed and rubbed his runny nose, " I'm ugly….."

"Baby, no your not, I think you're beautiful..."

"You're just sayin' that…"

"So what if I am? Especially, if it's true?"





"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."



"Kiss me."

"Glad to…."


His body knew that he needed to wake up and face a new day, but for some reason—his body gave in to his heart. Crying for the younger man to open his eyes again, Trunks' heart slept on in its dream world.

Still lying happily on his Goten's belly, Trunks smiled his first real smile in a long time.


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