Underneath Your Clothes

Author's Notes: This is a little snippet that came to me about Draco and Ginny…I have a few more scenes written. Review and let me know if you'd want more of this. :-)

Oh, and this takes place during Draco's 7th year at Hogwarts in an Alternate Universe of my own creation. You don't have to read "Old and New Relations" for this to make sense but it might explain why Draco is friendly to Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. :-)

"Ginny." Draco's voice was soft, almost a warning. He didn't look up from the book he was flipping through.

"What?" She continued to scan the titles on the shelf in front of her.

"If Ron sees us, he'll hex me into next week."

"And what would he see us doing?"

"Your hand is on my arm."

"Oooh. Gosh. How indecent." She widened her eyes and looked up at him with a sly smile.

"You're stroking it and you're standing too close to me."

"I'm standing a whole foot away from you." Ginny pointed out.


"Kiss me then, and I'll leave you alone, safe from Ron's potential wrath."

"I can't kiss you here."

Ginny checked up and down the aisle. "No one's looking."

"We're in the library."

"Draco, please?" Ginny tilted her face up and closed her eyes. She could hear him curse softly under his breath and then she felt his warm lips press against hers. Just as she was going to open her mouth and slip her tongue across his lips -

"I knew it!" Harry hissed triumphantly. "I knew that whole line about having to help Draco find a book was a total lie!"

"Harry, shhh!" Ginny swatted at him. "Where's Ron?"

"Hermione's distracting him."

"Do I want to know how?" Ginny asked laughing

"I don't." Draco said firmly. "I need to get back to studying. The NEWTs start next week."

"I have to say I am shocked, shocked to find you snogging in the stacks." Harry grinned and punched Draco's arm playfully.

"I made him do it." Ginny said, looking up at Draco affectionately. She'd started flirting with him last summer. He was very handsome and actually very considerate and smart when he wasn't hiding behind the Malfoy sneer. They'd had their first kiss on New Year's Eve. They'd been officially together for two months now, since Valentine's Day. Draco didn't wear his heart on his sleeve, not like Ron did – everyone could tell he adored Hermione. But Ginny knew Draco cared for her a lot.

"Where's Susan?" Draco asked pointedly, arching his eyebrow at Harry.

"I'm meeting her in the Astronomy Tower in ten minutes." Harry said with a smile. He and Susan Bones were celebrating their five month anniversary that night.

"It'll take that long for your short legs to carry you there."

"Why do I get the feeling you don't want me here?

"Because I don't." Draco said smoothly, but he was smiling.

"Fine, fine, I'm going. Have fun!" Harry winked at Ginny.

"I told you someone would see." Draco looked down at Ginny.

"Oh, great Draco, you are always so wise. Forgive me for doubting you." She intoned, bowing her head.

"I really need to review my Arithmancy for tomorrow." Draco's fingers threaded through Ginny's thick red hair.

"Kiss me again then and I'll go."

Draco tilted his head down and Ginny stood up on her tiptoes to close their height difference. She murmured contentedly as his arms surrounded her and his tongue stroked over her own. She grasped fistfuls of his robe in her hands as she lost herself to the feeling. Draco broke the kiss finally, gasping for air.

"Have fun studying." Ginny whispered and slipped away.