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Chapter 10 The Wedding

"My little girl." Ginny's mother sniffled. At 21, Ginny didn't feel like a little girl. She was a woman and in less than an hour's time she would be a married woman. She wasn't nervous, aside from the small worry that she would trip while walking in the heels she was wearing. She knew she was meant to marry Draco Malfoy and she knew they would live happily ever after.

She looked into the full length mirror. Hermione straightened her veil as Ginny smoothed down her white dress robes. Her father came into the room, smiling but looking nervous at the same time. The wedding wasn't a huge affair but Draco had insisted on holding it at Malfoy Manor. Ginny had agreed because there were so few things that Draco insisted on.

"Shall we?" Her father asked, holding his arm out.

"Yes. I think so." Ginny smiled, slipping her arm through his. She picked up her bouquet of roses and violets. Her mother pressed a kiss to her cheek before being escorted to her seat by Ron who had just come into the room to fetch her.

Arm in arm with her father, Ginny walked slowly down the grand staircase to the sound of violins. Hermione, as the Matron of Honor, had preceded her. Ginny smiled as she caught sight of Ron's adoring face when Hermione walked by. She looked towards the fireplace and watched as Draco's gray eyes welled up with tears which he was trying to blink back. Her smile grew bigger. Soon her hand was in his and the ceremony, performed by Dumbledore began.

The ceremony, held in front of thirty of Ginny and Draco's friends and family, was a blur. Ginny spoke her vows with a clear voice and heard Draco pledge his vows in a low voice that threatened to crack. After walking down the aisle to applause, and sharp whistles from Harry and Ron, Ginny and Draco were sitting at the head of the table in the large dining room. The ceiling reflected the clear starry night outside.

The toasts began as soon as everyone had been seated.

Hermione stood. "Ginny is like a sister to me so I am truly glad that she has found such a wonderful man to share her life with. Draco, you are lucky. "

"Here, here!" Ron added, bouncing their daughter Diana on his lap. Diana had turned one a few months ago.

"I am sure you'll be just as happy as Ronald and I." Hermione placed a hand on Ron's shoulder. "I hope you are, because." Hermione stopped, suddenly choked up. "Being married to your best friend. It's wonderful." She cleared her throat with effort. "Ginny and Draco."

"Ginny and Draco!" The gathering echoed. Hermione sat down and blew her nose as Ron kissed her cheek.

Cassius, Draco's uncle, who had also served as Best Man, stood next, after being elbowed sharply by Remus.

"Ginny, I am happy to welcome you to the family. Malfoys pride themselves on their strength, their loyalty and their ability to get what they want in spite of any opposition." Ginny laughed as Remus nodded ruefully. "So, I think you'll fit right in.

"Draco, I wish your parents could be here today. I know they would be proud of the man you've become. They would love Ginny, like we all do, and they'd be sure to remind you it's your duty to have lots of little Malfoys to carry on the name." Everyone laughed as Ginny looked over at Draco and arched her eyebrow causing Draco to blush. "To Draco and Ginny."

Because it wasn't a large gathering, it felt to Ginny like a brilliant party with her nearest and dearest. It was perfect. After celebrating the New Year with everyone, Ginny climbed into the car as Draco got into the driver's seat while all the guests waved goodbye.

"Quite a collection of cans Harry and Ron tied onto the back." She commented with a smile, waving out the window to the guests.

Draco started the car. "Apparently it's some muggle tradition."

"Our first night as husband and wife." Ginny threw her arms around Draco as the car flew into the air. "I hope you got a nap in sometime today because you are not going to be sleeping anytime soon."

"Lucky for you I took a Pepper Up Potion." Draco grinned. "Two doses actually."

"Why, Mr. Malfoy." Ginny purred. "How thoughtful of you."

"Thank you, Mrs. Malfoy, I do aim to please."

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful marriage." Ginny stroked her hand down Draco's thigh as Draco turned and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End