Everything You Ever Wanted

AN: Happy Holidays everyone, I know a Valentine chapter is a little out of season, but I don't think you guys want to wait for February for this. Only five chapters to go! Yay! I may be done sometime this century!...Sarcasm is my friend.

My Funny Valentine

"I still don't understand why we have to do this today," Hermione said as a frazzled looking man in finely pressed robes ran into her, passing in such a hurry she doubted he even noticed he'd hit her with his shoulder. Ginny reached out to steady Hermione, stopping her friend from tumbling over entirely. "We've only been engaged for three weeks, I still have loads of time. I haven't thought of any of the details, everything is so far away."

"You've thought of one detail," Ginny reminded the brunette, pushing her along Diagon Alley, "the date, for less then four months from the day you got engaged. So three weeks is a long time to not fix any details."

"Only four months?" Hermione questioned, "That can't be right."

"Less," Ginny repeated, "you got engaged on the 21st of January, you want to get married the 12th of May. That is less then four months."

"But its Valentines Day," Hermione protested, "Diagon Alley is crazy today."

"The wedding boutique won't be," Ginny insisted, "today Diagon Alley is full of wizards who forgot to get gifts," she pointed out as another man nearly walked into them, "besides nothing says you have to buy a dress today. I just think it'll be a good idea for you to look, start getting things in order. Trust me, you need to do this."

"I just," Hermione said stopping to turn and face Ginny, "I still don't really believe it. I mean, I'm marrying Harry," she whispered excitedly.

"Not without a dress your not," Ginny whispered back, mocking Hermione's excited tone. "Hard to believe you could forget anyway," Ginny said taking Hermione's left hand and holding it up between them, "with this thing weighing you down."

Hermione laughed, looking down at her engagement ring, "it is rather weighty yes," she agreed, wiggling her finger so the stones caught the light; purple and pure white flashes danced across her hand and reflected back off the simple silver band.

"But you love it," Ginny said giving Hermione a sly look.

Hermione's smile widened, "I do; it's so beautiful. I'm not sure why Harry has decided purple is my color, but it's wonderful all the same."

"It is beautiful," Ginny praised, "but come on, you can admire the ring anytime, right now you have a dress to see to."

"I'm coming," Hermione said as Ginny started down the road again, pulling her brunette friend along behind her. "You don't have to pull my arm off," Hermione called, but Ginny kept hold, pushing the way through the crowd, which was, now Hermione noticed, full of men. The few witches who were there, apart from Hermione and Ginny, were moving carefully through the crowd, mindful of the wizards rushing around without thought.

Finally, three stores down from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, they reached the wedding boutique. Hermione was barley able to read the sign, Glamour Gowns, before Ginny ushered her through the door. Ginny released her hold on Hermione as the door closed behind them.

As the redhead had predicted the small boutique was practically empty, there was one other women, girl really, who was looking at wedding dresses in the far corner with what appeared to be her entire wedding party. They were gathered around a small dais where a magically conducted manikin was modeling a short puff of a dress, which the young bride-to-be was gushing over. Hermione looked at the dress doubtfully; if the store sold that kind of dress surely they wouldn't have anything the brunette would like.

Hermione was going to suggest they leave when a blonde assistant caught sight of them and strode over, smiling broadly. "Hello," the assistant said brightly, "my name is Gabrielle. How can I help you two today?"

It was Ginny who answered, "My friend here," she said, looping her arm through Hermione's, "is getting married in May and needs to look at some dresses."

Gabrielle's smile faltered for the smallest second before she forced it back onto her face, "May? That's not very far off."

"No," Hermione muttered, "it isn't," her attention was drawn back to the group in the corner. The girl was in the dress now, if it was possible it looked worse on the bride then it had on the manikin.

Gabrielle's gaze followed Hermione and she laughed knowingly, "Horrid thing isn't it?" The blonde whispered. Her honesty shocked Hermione into looking back at the assistant. "The girl designed it herself, I think when she was twelve, but I shouldn't talk out of school." Hermione smiled, the assistant's honesty did a great deal to alleviate her unease. "You're friend tells me you're in need of a dress."

"Yes, I am," Hermione confirmed, "I'm not sure I want to buy anything today, but I would like to look."

"Looking is the first step," Gabrielle said, rubbing her hands together, "do you have any idea what kind of style you'd like?"

"No," Hermione admitted, "I don't, I haven't thought of it much."

"Well," the blonde assistant started, frowning momentarily, "why do you and your friend have a quick look around and if you see anything you'd like to try on, you can just let me know."

"We'll do that," Ginny said smiling as she stirred Hermione towards the walls that were lined with dresses. "I think she thinks you're being difficult."

"I don't mean to be," the brunette insisted, running her hand along the line of dresses in front of them, "I honestly haven't thought about it."

"All the more reason to have a look," the redhead countered, pulling a dress out so she could see the detail. "I will never get over how different you are?"

Hermione stopped, turning to her friend, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing bad," Ginny promised, "It's just most girls have there wedding envisioned by the age of six."

Hermione shrugged, "I use to think about it," she admitted, "but that was before I found out about Hogwarts. Then there was magic to study, then there was a war to fight, and just after that I had the twins to think about. I guess I just never had the time."

"What about this?" Ginny asked, pulling at an ivory color gown. It was made of a durable but delicate fabric, the neckline, cut in a V shape, was trimmed with roses.

"No," Hermione said glancing at it for half a second.

Ginny frowned, "Surely you thought about it once you and Harry started dating," she said, continuing their conversation.

"Not really," she said, pulling forward a dress that could only be described as frumpy. "I thought about us being married," the brunette elaborated, "where we would live, if we would have more children, what they would be like; I thought about things like that, not the wedding itself."

"This is gorgeous," Ginny said, taking a dress off the rack and holding it up in front of Hermione, "you at least have to try this on."

The brunette nodded, "it is very pretty," she admitted, reaching out to feel the fabric. With its full skirt and lace-up bodice this dress was very much what Hermione thought of when she thought of wedding gowns. Stark white and soft as velvet, the fabric screamed bride.

"So we'll add this to the maybes," Ginny said, "which makes one," she added under her breath.

Gabrielle appeared at their side before Hermione could respond to Ginny's comment, "Would you like to try that one on?" The assistant asked, her selling smile reaching from one ear to the other. Hermione nodded in response, taking the dress from Ginny and handing it to the blonde. "I'll go put this in a dressing room," Gabrielle said whisking the gown away.

Once she was gone Ginny leaned in and whispered, "She overanxious isn't she?"

Hermione nodded in agreement, "Must be an expensive dress."

"Probably," the redhead agreed, "with the way she rushed over. I didn't even look, is there a price rage?"

Hermione shrugged walking past a cluster of off-white colored dresses, "We talked about a budget, a little, but Harry kept insisting I could spend all the money in his vault as long as it made me happy."

"That's nice," Ginny appraised taking another dress from the rack. She held this one in front of Hermione like she had with the last, but decided she didn't like it, hanging it up again without asking the brunette to assess it.

Hermione smiled, "It is, unnecessary, but nice," pulling a simple slip dress forward. "I like this."

"Very simple," the redhead said, though it didn't sound like a negative comment, "It would be perfect for a small wedding."

The brunette sighed, "I don't know that we'll be able to manage a small wedding," she lamented, letting the silky fabric slip through her fingers so the dress hung limp against the other dresses. "There are so many people who are going to expect to be invited."

"Well," Ginny started, taking the dress off the shelf, "he is Harry Potter, and you are the women he's marrying. Your life is going to be crazy, but this wedding isn't about who expects to be invited," the redhead insisted holding the gown out to her friend. "It's about you and Harry, that's it, end of story. Invite who you want to be there, no one else. Try on the dresses you want because it is your wedding and you only get married once," she said, adding sadly, "if you're lucky."

Again it seemed the instant Hermione had decided to try the dress on Gabrielle was at her side asking about it. "How are you?" Hermione questioned when the assistant had left them again.

Ginny looked over at the brunette, shrugging her shoulders casually even as she began to smile. "It's hard to say. I'm happy," she insisted, "I'm glad I went through with the annulment, but I still haven't got used to the idea that I'm not married anymore. Growing up with my parents it's hard not to think that marriage will last forever."

Hermione nodded, though she knew she couldn't really understand what Ginny was going through, "And how are you and Draco?"

Ginny's smile widened and she quickly looked away as she began to blush. "We are, well, we're great. We haven't gone out, as you know, I'm not ready to leave Melena for that long yet, but we've talked a lot. It's almost like we were never apart. I love him Hermione," Ginny told her friend, forgetting that her entire face was bright red. "I know it's weird, with everything, but it's true."

"It's not weird," the brunette dismissed, reaching over to hug Ginny, "It's wonderful that you're happy."

"Yes," Ginny agreed, "I didn't realize how unhappy I really was. But today is not about me, today is about a wedding dress for you, so let's get on with things." And she turned her attention back to the dresses in front of them.

They took twenty minutes to go around the entire store. Hermione passed over entire sections because they looked too frilly, though Ginny did talk her into trying one dress with an overly full skirt and lots of trim. The redhead insisted that to rule the style out she at least had to try it once, but Hermione was sure she would look like a fool. In the end they selected seven dresses Hermione wanted to try on and another three she was trying on to please Ginny. Despite the redhead's reassuring words about the dress being for Hermione and no one else, Ginny wouldn't let Hermione off the hook without trying on the dresses she'd picked out, "for fun."

Their choices made, Gabrielle showed them to the dressing room she'd put aside. The dresses were hung neatly on a rack on wheels, pushed against the far wall of the room. Hermione looked them all over carefully again. She reached out to let her fingers dance across them, making herself smile. She really was getting married; getting married to the man she loved, the father of her children.

Picking a dress at random Hermione did the best she could to get into it by herself. The task proved difficult, as she'd randomly picked the first dress, the one that laced up in the back. After a few minute of futile struggling, Hermione grabbed her wand from the pocket of her discarded jeans and did up the laces by magic. The dress was too big for her, though that could be altered she was sure, and she didn't like the fullness of the skirt. She was about to undo the lacing when Ginny called out to her.

"I'm just changing," Hermione responded.

"Have you got one of the dresses on?" Ginny asked, though Hermione was sure she knew the answer.

"Yes, but it isn't me at all."

"I'd like to see for myself if you please," Ginny called, "as your friend, it is my job to help you pick the perfect dress."

"Nothing," Hermione started, pulling open the dressing room door, "you can say will convince me that this is the perfect dress."

Ginny nodded, "Oh you're right, not you at all. I had to be sure, you know the dress I wore?"

"It was gorgeous," Hermione said remembering the pictures Ginny had sent from her wedding.

"Mum convinced me it was the dress for me," Ginny informed her friend. "I was sure the skirt was too big, and the beading would draw everyone's attention. But Mum pointed out that it was impossible to properly judge the size of the skirt in the dressing room, and that people's attention was supposed to be on me. I'm here to help you with that; make sure you don't pass on something that could be gorgeous."

"Thanks," Hermione said, fidgeting with the top of the dress. It felt like it was sliding down her body, but really it was only falling a fraction of an inch. "But since we agree that this one isn't it I think I'll try another one." She gathered the skirt up, it feeling bigger by the second, and went back into the dressing room.

The dress proved much easier to get out of then to get into, but that might have been an illusion cased by the relief Hermione was feeling now that she was free of it. She hung the dress back up, pushing it to one end. To get it out of the way she next tried on the dress Ginny had picked out with the overly full skirt. She knew getting into it that it wouldn't be the one fro her, but she had promised to try it on.

The skirt of the dress seemed to expand as she stood looking at it in the mirror. Afraid that it might fill the room if she stood there any longer, Hermione pulled open the door. There was an instant no from Ginny, whose repulsed face Hermione was sure she'd remember for the rest of her life, and the brunette retreated to the dressing room. Hermione happily added it to the 'no' end of the rack and selected another; the slip dress she'd liked.

It was comfortable, that was the first thing she noticed. She enjoyed the feel, but it was too simple; she simply didn't feel at all like a bride. "I look like a timid virgin," she declared stepping out of the dressing room again.

"Yes you do," Ginny confirmed, "but you can go in that direction if you want."

Hermione laughed, "I think my children being part of the wedding party might give the game away."

"Probably," Ginny agreed, "It looks beautiful on you though. You cold buy it and wear it on your wedding night." Hermione turned thoughtfully to look at herself in the mirror on the wall.

"Somehow, I think Harry might like to see me in something a bit less formal."

"True," Ginny laughed, "he'd probably like you to strip off the dress to revile a whole lot of nothing." Hermione laughed with the redhead, stepping back into the dressing room.

The next dress Hermione chose was another slip dress, which she liked. It felt more formal, but it too had missed the mark. It bunched strangely at the hips, apparently to give some definition to the simple design, but it made Hermione come off as hippy. Not the look any woman wanted on any day, especially not their wedding day.

Ginny again agreed with Hermione's assessment, sending the brunette in to change for the fifth time. The next dress Hermione picked, she couldn't remember seeing before. It looked amazing on the hanger, but on her body it felt like a second skin, its silky soft fabric clinging to her curves in every way flattering. Hermione felt truly a bride in this dress.

She had barley opened the door when she heard Ginny gasp, "Oh Hermione, that's the one."

Half an hour later, Ginny and Hermione returned home, Hermione with her dress in her arms. "Now," Hermione said as they appeared in the front hall, looking fondly at the dress bag she was holding, "all we have to do is find a dress for the bride's maids." The hall was empty, but Hermione could hear the clear sounds of Harry and the twins upstairs, they were playing a game of some sort, most likely Gobstones by the noise.

"And plan every other detail, then your wedding will be set," Ginny joked, smiling as they started up the stairs.

Hermione nodded, "True, but I think I have a better idea of where the wedding is going now that I have the dress. Thank you for making me go out today."

"You're welcome," Ginny assured her, "It's my job after all."

"Can you hide this in your room?" The brunette asked her friend, holding out the dress bag, "I don't think Harry will look, but I don't want to take my chance."

"Of course," Ginny said quickly, talking the bag from Hermione.

"You two find something?" Draco asked. They both looked up and saw the blonde standing on the landing above them looking down at them.

"Yes," Ginny confirmed, "she found the perfect dress. It looks like it was made for her."

Draco nodded, "I'm sure it will look wonderful."

"It does," the redhead said. She smiled up at him, taking the steps that separated them. "Happy Valentine's Day love," she whispered to him, rising onto her tiptoes to kiss him softly.

"Hermione," Draco started, wrapping his arms around Ginny's back. He pulled her body into his, lifting her up so she was level with him. "If you don't mind, I think I'm going to steal my girlfriend away."

Hermione smiled, "I don't mind, we're done anyway." Ginny wrapped her arms and legs around Draco's body moaning softly as she kissed him again. Draco groaned, shifting her weight as he turned and continued up the stairs. Hermione watched the two of them disappear, her dress, still clutched safely in Ginny's hand, hitting Draco softly in the back with every step he took.

After her talk with Ginny, Hermione's worries about her friend's relationship with Draco quickly went away. She could easily see that their relationship was what both of them needed. They had had a couple fights Hermione knew, hashing over things that had happened in the past, but the fights only seemed to bring them closer. Then there was the simple fact that they were both happy, and really that was the only important thing.

Still smiling, Hermione walked towards the noise that was her family. She found them in the drawing room, Lily and James playing Gobstones, Harry sitting on the couch behind his son, trying to help James strategize. "Hello 'Mione," Harry said, as she crossed the room towards him, not looking up from the game. "Back already?"

"Yes," Hermione confirmed, "it didn't take long."

He looked over at her as she too up the seat next to him, "Find anything?" She smiled, nodding happily. "Good," he said, wrapping his arm around her back and kissing her on the cheek. "So maybe we'll make some plans?"

"Yes," she insisted, "we will." He smiled, kissed her on the cheek again, and turned his attention back to the game, his arm still holding her. "Not playing favorites are we?" She questioned after he gave James another tip about angling.

"Yes," Harry answered without hesitation, "Lily doesn't need any help, she's on a winning streak."

Hermione laughed, "I suppose that makes it okay."

The Gobstones battle, for it had escaladed to the point of war, lasted another half hour before they decided it was a draw. They'd both lost as many Gobstones as they'd won and were covered in every variety of viscous material the stones spit out. Laughing at the fun they'd had the twins gathered up their Gobstones and left to get themselves cleaned up.

Once Harry was alone with Hermione he leaned back on the couch, bringer her body down on top of his as he started kissing her fully. "Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine," he murmured between kisses.

"I've never had a proper Valentine," she admitted, pulling her arm from between their bodies so she could run both her hands through his hair as she kissed him passionately, slowly opening her lips to invite him in. He moaned, slipping his tongue out to explore her mouth as his hand slipped under her shirt to explore her back. She repositioned her legs so they were on either side of his hips, propping her arms up on either side of his body so she was hovering over him. Harry was just reaching up to undo her bra when Hermione stopped him.

"We shouldn't be doing this, should we?" He questioned, letting his hand slid slowly down her back.

"Not here," she answered, "not now, the twins might reappear at any moment." She reminded him, moving her legs to one side of him again, to remove any temptation. Hermione had every desire to finish what they had started, but the thought of her children walking in mortified her and the idea of explaining sex to them still made her feel uneasy. Since the drawing room door didn't have a lock it was just simpler to squelch their amorous feelings and wait for a better time.

"That did it," Harry muttered, obviously referring to his deflating arousal.

Hermione smiled kindly at him, "Later," she promised, laying down next to him on the couch, resting her head on his chest. "Happy Valentine's Day to you too, by the way."

"Thanks," he said, shifting his hips so she could lay her legs on the sofa next to his. "So tell me about his dress of yours."

"I will not," she responded, "That's bad luck."

"I have a feeling," he started, reaching up to stroke her hair, "that if the two of us can make it though all the things we've been though, a little superstition isn't going to affect our luck. But that isn't what I mean anyway, I meant, is it simple, should I buy a tiara for you to wear with it."

She laughed, "No tiara needed."

"So it's simple?" He asked.

"It's elegant," she responded.

Harry sighed, "Such an evil description, doesn't help me at all."

"The point love," Hermione pointed out, rubbing soft circles on his chest.

"Figured as much," he muttered in mock dejection, "So how much of the big day have you planned beyond the dress?"

"Well I was thinking," she started, propping herself up again so she could look at him as she spoke. "For our colors we should do exactly what everyone expects us to and use red and gold; the bridesmaids' dresses red, the groomsmen's ties red, and the flowers red and gold, that kind of thing."

"Everyone would expect that," he agreed.

"It symbolizes how we met," she explained.

He nodded, "I think it's a good idea," he insisted. "People will expect it yeah, but who cares what they think, we'll make sure it doesn't go over the top. Then we can have the reception in the girl's bathroom."

Hermione laughed, "I was thinking we could save that for the honeymoon," she insisted.

"That would be romantic," he appraised, "we'd just have to be sure Myrtle didn't float up thought one of the stalls and kill the moment."

She shuddered, "and here I thought the kids catching us would be horrible."

"Seriously though, where are we going to have the wedding?"

"I'd love to have it in the Great Hall at Hogwarts," she said wistfully, "But we couldn't manage it with school being in session."

"We could push the date back," He suggested, "I mean push it back a month and the school year will be over."

"No," she said shaking her head, "it has to be May 12th."

"Why?" Harry asked, "I don't mind, we can get married whatever day you want, but if we pushed it back you could have it in the place you want."

"May 12th was my parent's anniversary," she explained. "I just want them to be part of our lives somehow. I named the twins for your parents, because it was the perfect choice, so now I want this to remember them."

"May 12th it is," he said smiling kindly at her. "How about this? We get married in front of that cluster of birch trees by the lake."

"Oh," Hermione sighed, "that would be beautiful. And we could have the reception out on the lawn under a tent."

"We could," he agreed, pulling her down so she could lie on his chest again, "I'll write McGonagall in the morning. Make sure there isn't some kind of rule against it."

She smiled burying her face in the folds of his sweater. She sighed, contentedly, breathing in the innately male scent of Harry. "Married at Hogwarts," she said thoughtfully. She could see them in her mind's eye, standing near the lake's edge exchanging their vows. It was a perfectly romantic setting, not to mention the sentimental value of getting married at Hogwarts. It was such a big part of their lives. They'd met there, became friends there, fought for their lives there, and conceived their children there; it was the perfect place.

"Married," his voice said above her making his chest rumble. "I've spent many years dreaming about marrying you," he confessed to her, stroking her hair softly. "I'm so happy it's really happening."

She looked up at him, "I love you Harry," she chocked, as a tear slid down her cheek.

"I love you too 'Mione," he promised, "I have for a long time, I'm glad I finally have you. Though you don't much like the idea of being had do you?"

She smiled, "I love being had, when I'm being had by you." She realized instantly what she said and her cheeks began to flush. To make it better Harry started laughing, a deep rumbling laugh that shook them both. "That came out wrong;" she said her blush deepening with every second of his laughter, "but you know what I meant!"

He nodded, trying to calm his laughter, "I do," he confirmed, "I'm sorry. I just love it when you say things like that," he explained, cupping his hand to the side of her cheek, "meant or not. I especially like it when you blush."

"You're cruel," she declared. She tried to move her head, to hide her embarrassment by burying her fast in his chest, but his hand stayed on her face, preventing her from looking away from him.

"I don't mean to be cruel," he promised, stroking his thumb against the heated flesh of her red cheek. "It was just one of those moments that made me realize why I love you."

She smiled, some of the red on her cheeks receding as she took in what he said, "And why do you love me?"

"So many reasons," he responded, "but just then I realized that I love how normal you are," he explained, tucking a stray bit of hair behind her ear, "How normal I am when I'm with you. I don't have to be Harry Potter, I can just be Harry and you'll love me anyway."

She smiled, pulling his hand out of her hair she brought it to her lips and kissed it softly, "I love you because you are just Harry, you're you and you don't pretend to be anyone else." She kissed his hand once more before dropping her head back onto his chest. "But you're allowed to use that Harry Potter status anytime it can come in handy," she said.

"I'll keep that in mind," he told her, rubbing her back softly.

"Like when there is a long line at the bookstore," she elaborated, making him chuckle.

"I'll just sweep my hair back so they can see my scar and whisk you to the front of the line."

"Exactly, but you know we mustn't use this power frivolously."

"Never," he insisted and they both laughed.

As their laughter subsided they settled into a peaceful silence. The only noise Hermione could here was the soft, almost melodic, thumbing of Harry's heart beneath her right ear and the quiet ticking of the clock in the far corner of the room. The two beats were keeping in almost perfect time with each other, quickly lulling Hermione to sleep while happy images of her impending marriage danced in front of her eyes. She imagined them dancing together, their first dance as husband and wife, with their family and friends surrounding them.

She was jerked awake some twenty minutes later by a loud crash upstairs, followed by the James and Lily yelling about something. On instinct Hermione was on her feet and halfway to the door before Harry had even registered what noise had awoken him. It took him half a minute to understand what he was hearing and then he was by her side; the two of them heading up to the second floor together.

Lily and James were on the landing, standing on either side of a mess; broken glass, water, and shards of flowers were spread allover the floor. The hallway was filled with noise. Lily and James were both saying something at the top of their lungs and there was a shrill cry coming from the room Draco and Ginny were sharing; apparently the crash had also awoken Melena.

"Calm down," Hermione said, raising her voice above Lily's and James', "What happened?"

It was James who spoke, as Lily continued to cry, for it was obvious now that she was indeed crying, "We were trying to bring down the flowers we got you for Valentine's Day, but the vase slipped."

"That's all right," Harry insisted kindly as he moved towards Lily, trying to discover what was making her cry. "It was only an accident, nothing to scream about."

"But Lily's hand," James said, pointing to his sister, who was cradling her right hand near her body.

"What happened?" Ginny's asked from down the hallway; she held a now silent Melena in her arms. "Is everything all right?"

"The twins had an accident with a vase," Hermione explained, "I think Lily's been hurt." Harry had just reached Lily and was pulling back her hand. Lily gasped painfully and it was easy to see why, there was a long gash running across the length of her small palm. Harry tried to lay her hand flat in his to examine the cut properly, but Lily gasped again and pulled it back towards herself.

"It hurts," she whimpered to her mother as her tears began to fade, replaced by intermittent sniffles as she tried to regain her composure.

"Come on Lily," Hermione said motioning for her daughter to walk to her, "we'll get you healed. Harry will you –"

"Yeah, yeah," Harry interrupted waving her away, "I'll clean this up you take care of Lily."

Hermione rushed Lily away; hurrying her into the nearest bathroom. She switched on the tap and put her daughter's hand under the cool water. The blood washed away easily enough, flowing Lily's hand as if it and the water were one and the same. Hermione switched off the tap when the water rushing into the sink was completely clear and pulled Lily's hand up so she could see the cut clearly. It was deep, though there was no sign of any glass buried inside, which was lucky.

"Mum it hurts," Lily repeated, wiggling her fingers uncomfortably.

"I know it hurts," Hermione said kindly, pulling out her wand. She quickly dried Lily's hand with a burst of hot air before beginning the task of healing the cut. The healing would take a bit of work. She wasn't skilled enough to fix all the damaged layers with once pass of her wand; instead it took her five. But within fifteen minutes Lily's hand was as good as new, with only a faint line marking where the cut had been.

"Better?" Hermione questioned, letting go of Lily's hand once she was satisfied that the job was done.

"Yes," Lily admitted, "thank you Mum. I'm sorry we spoiled your gift."

"You didn't spoil anything," Hermione insisted, running her hand over Lily's hand in a reassuring way "I'm just glad you're all right. Maybe if you're lucky you'll have a scar like your dad." That made Lily smile, looking down at her hand.

"Really?" Lily asked hopefully.

"It's possible," Hermione confirmed, "I've never healed a cut quite that deep before, I don't know if there will be a lingering mark or not. Now why don't you head up to your room and get out of those clothes." Hermione had been so busy worrying about Lily's hand that she hadn't noticed the state her daughter's clothing was in. Lily's shirt and pants were both heavily spotted with blood, and her jeans from the knees down were soaked through.

Lily nodded, looking at her hand as she turned to leave the room. When she was alone in the bathroom Hermione felt herself shudder, an involuntary sigh rushing through her lips. It had been a very scary moment, when Harry had pulled Lily's hand back and Hermione could see it covered in blood. No matter how old the twins got Hermione always felt a rush of fear when they bled.

There injuries were never much, normal scrapes and cuts any child might get, but her first instinct was always to assume the worst. She knew her overreaction had something to do with all the violence she'd seen when she was younger, but knowing that didn't help her much. Over the years she'd learn to control her reactions. When they were toddlers Hermione's reaction's used to be worst then the injured twin's but she was much better about it now.

Harry walked into the bathroom a few minutes after Lily had left it and pulled Hermione quickly into his arms. "That was terrifying," his voice said from somewhere in her hair, "I've never seen her hurt before."

"You kept your calm," she praised, "the best thing when dealing with an injured child."

"I knew she would be fine," Harry explained, letting Hermione out of his arms so he could look at her. "I mean I knew that you'd be able to heal her, but all I could think was she was hurt, and all I could see was her blood."

"I understand the feeling," she promised, "I still feel that way. But we worked fast, and she didn't lose much blood. Lily's fine now, excited even."

"Excited?" He questioned doubtfully, "excited for what?"

"The idea of having a scar like her father," Hermione explained, brushing his hair back to trace the thin line of his scar, "she idolizes you."

"No," he dismissed, removing her hand from his forehead and cupping it in his, "she idolizes you, I'm just a passing fade. She's told me she wants to be like you were at school. Top of the year, Prefect, Head Girl; she wants all that."

Hermione smiled, "That would be wonderful," she admitted, imagining seeing Lily off to school, the Head Girl badge pinned to the front of her shirt.

"Yeah it would," Harry agreed, "so do you think the twins have recovered enough for their gifts?"

"I think they might mange to hold themselves together," she said nodding her head. Harry smiled excitedly, giving her hand a squeeze as he led her from the bathroom.

That night, when the twins had gone to bed, and Draco and Ginny had once again retreated to the room they shared Harry and Hermione took a moment to exchange the gifts they had for each other. Ensconced in their room, a powerful locking charm on the door, Harry was kneeling on the bed clad only in his boxers, while Hermione, covered up by her dressing gown, retrieving something from its hiding place in the wardrobe. She turned to face him, carefully readjusting her dressing gown, with a long box in her hands.

"You got me a bracelet?" He joked, as she walked towards the bed.

"Oh, no, you guessed," she joked back handing the box to him. "Why don't you open it anyway, hmm, just for fun?" He smiled, taking the box from her. It opened with the customary snap that all jewelry boxes seemed to have revealing a fine designer watch. The watch was silver with a thick band of fine metal links. The face was a moderate size, big enough to be read but small enough that it wouldn't be cumbersome.

"Oh, 'Mione, I love it," he exclaimed, taking the watch from the box to examine it more closely.

She smiled, happy he so enjoyed his gift, "I noticed how ragged your old one was looking so I though this would be perfect."

"It is," he promised. "I've never had a watch as nice as this," he told her, "thank you."

"You're welcome, but you can look at it later," she said meaningfully, taking the box back from him. He looked up at her and they shared a meaningful look as she replaced the watch in the box. She smiled at him, walking over to place the box on his bedside table. He shuffled around so he could keep his eyes on her, not sure what she was up to, but knowing that he didn't want to miss it. "I have something else for you," she told him, positioning herself a few steps away from the bed.

"Oh yes?" He questioned, "but I haven't given you your gift yet," he reminded her, picking up a small box that had been resting near his leg. She smiled, shaking her head slightly back and forth so her hair floated over her shoulders, and undid the belt of her dressing gown. She pulled in back and let it fall off her shoulder, savoring the expression on Harry's face. His mouth dropped open and he lost his grip on the box in his hand as a low groan escaped his throat.

"Oh 'Mione," he repeated huskily, looking her up and down. She was wearing a red ribbon and only a ribbon, that ran across her chest and down her body, going between her legs and around her hips where it met in the form of a simple bow.

"I thought, that for Valentine's Day, I could wear something a little different," she said, unable to stop herself from smiling victoriously as he continued to gape at her. "I could change, if you wanted me to," she said, starting towards the wardrobe.

That caught his attention, "Don't you dare," he said motioning for her to come back towards him. She did as he wanted, walking up to the foot of the bed. He shuffled around again, moving himself to the foot of the bed. "This is what I love about you. You get embarrassed by implied sex, but you appear in front of me dressed only in ribbon."

She shrugged, running her fingers through his hair, "so you like your gifts?" She asked though she didn't really need to hear the answer, she could clearly see his approval tenting the front of his shorts.

"Hard to say which I like more," he assured her, staring at the ribbon spread tight across her chest, barley concealing her nipples. She ran her hand down his cheek, cupping his chin in her hand she pulled it up so he would have to look in her eyes.

"I believe you had something for me," she said, intentionally prolonging the moment.

"Right," he muttered, turning back towards the side where the box had dropped from his hand. As he scrambled to retrieve her gift, Hermione moved up onto the bed, sitting up on her knees so that when he turned back they'd be at eyelevel. He seemed surprised to see her so close when he turned back around, but he recovered quickly, handing her the now opened box. Inside the box was a pair of emerald drop earrings, glinting in the soft light.

"They are beautiful," she appraised, quickly putting them on. "My mother always told me to find a man who could pick out my jewelry."

"Or steal it," he countered, making her laugh. "I love you."

"I love you too," she promised, running her hand down his chest.

"Now tell me how I get you out of this amazing contraption," he insisted, wrapping one arm behind her back. She smiled seductively, taking his free hand in hers. Slowly she guided his hand down her body till their hands hovered over the bow.

"You simply tug," she told him, taking the tail of one of the ribbons between two of her fingers, "just there."

"Just here?" He questioned taking the ribbon in his fingers as she let it go. She nodded a confirmation as he pulled at the ribbon. "What a wonderful idea," he commented, pulling her body closer to his as he leaned back, bringing them both down onto the bed, Hermione laughing joyously as they fell.