Colorful Emotions

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Rated K+ for Miroku's pervertness, even if it is canon.

Chapter 1: Helping My Sister's Reincarnation

Inuyasha sighed, staring at a tiny frog. It looked up at him and croaked, reminding him of the way Miroku sounded when he was trying to sing.

Inuyasha had been sitting on a rock for twenty minutes doing nothing and he was getting tired of it Things had quieted down for a while. A long while, actually. No more demons had come to attack them. Which you would think was a good thing, but really! How could anyone stand doing nothing for...a month?

Naraku has probably fallen down some hole and gotten stuck there, Inuyasha thought, smirking at the image: a huge white baboon flopping intoa ditch. Cuz he hasn't been bugging us for a long time.

Sometimes Inuyasha wished that everyone would just go away and leave him alone, but now that it had actually happened, he regretted ever thinking that.

He sighed again. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippou were out playing a game (how stupid!) or something. Being as moody as ever, he refused.

So he had been looking at a frog that apparently had more to do than he did.

Inuyasha switched his gaze up at the afternoon sky. The hot sun was glaring down at him and the clouds were moving away.

He shielded his eyes and saw something come from the mountains.

Something fast. Something annoying.

Something named Kouga.

Did I say that I regretted people not bothering us? Inuyasha thought. I take that back.

Kouga saw him. "Oh, it's you," Kouga said, glaring down at him in disgust. "Idiot pup. Oh well. You might as well make yourself useful while I'm here."

Inuyasha fumed, a thousand curses ringing in his mind threatening to come out. "Why are you here, you stupid, flea-bitten wolf?"

"Where has my beloved mate gone?" Kouga asked. "Speak, O Pathetic Mongrel."

Inuyasha's short temper was about to blow. Yet again. Just on cue, Kagome and the others came back.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome yelled. "Oh! Kouga's here. Are you making fun of him again?"

Inuyasha grumbled. "That stupid brainless chicken of a wolf started it."

Where do they get those insults? Kagome wondered, staring at them.

Sango and Miroku looked at each other. "He's jealous again," Miroku whispered to Sango.

"Oh, yes," Sango agreed, as Shippou nodded.

Inuyasha stared daggers at them. Well, not only daggers. He stared daggers, swords, knives, his Tetsusaiga, and every other weapon he could think of at them.

Deciding to ignore Inuyasha, Kagome turned to Kouga, trying to make polite conversation. "So, uh, what brings you here, Kouga?"

"Ah, Kagome, my mate, you look so beautiful today," Kouga said, while Kagome smiled nervously.

"I was just coming to check up on you," Kouga continued. "Just to make sure that your puppy hasn't been" He looked at Inuyasha, who was scowling. "Too idiotic."

"Get lost, wimpy wolf," Inuyasha sneered.

Kagome glared at him. Could he even try to be a little more civil? "Inuyasha, sit."

His voice muffled by the dirt, he mumbled, "Wasn't my fault."

"Ah!" Kouga said triumphantly. "I see that pooch has been taken care of. Then I shall leave. Goodbye, Kagome, I will rescue you from this puppy someday soon. Just wait a longer while."

He zoomed back to the mountains.

"Why do you always take his side?" Inuyasha complained, getting up and dusting himself off. "It's disgusting, watching you flirt with that ugly...ugly...booger head."

Miroku and Sango smirked.

Kagome seethed. "I wasn't taking his side, Inuyasha," she said, trying to be calm. I'll just ignore him, Kagome thought, deliberately looking the opposite direction.

Although she couldn't resist something. "Sit," she said.


Kaede watched the scene from the window of her hut. Just looking at Inuyasha made her want to smack him upside the head. Not that she didn't like him, but really. He was frustrating. Didn't he get on anyone else's nerves besides hers?

"That Inuyasha...why doesn't he just admit his feelings to Kagome instead of making himself so jealous he can't sit still?"

And Kagome. Kaede admired her patience. If she had been Kagome, she'd have sat Inuyasha so many times he'd be in a crater, and then she'd have left him there.

She continued to watch. The demon exterminator and the monk were staring at the other when one wasn't looking, she noted. Actually, Miroku just kept staring.

Kaede groaned in frustration, looking like the audience of a romance movie where everyone knows that two characters are in love except for the characters themselves.

Inuyasha and Kagome were both in love with each other. One was afraid to admit it, and the other was too stubborn to.

Deciding that Miroku and Sango could figure something out themselves (Miroku wasn't the least bit shy), she decided to help Kagome. Kagome had a bigger problem anyway. Inuyasha was way too stubborn.

Although most people saw Kaede as a grumpy old hag, she was a bit nosy and quite the matchmaker. Or so she thought.

I'm no being nosy, I'm just helping my sister's reincarnation, Kaede thought. Pausing, she frowned. Even though it does sound quite weird.

"Now," Kaede said to herself, looking through all her potions, which were hidden underneath some of her floorboards, stocked for emergencies. And this qualified as one. "Which should I use?"

Kaede looked them up and down before smiling and picking up two bottles—one was a murky brown and very suspicious indeed, and the other was light pink with bubbles.

She immediately began working. This one never fails.


Inuyasha grumbled, finally getting up when his "sit" was over. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou, realizing that it was just another typical fight and nothing out of the ordinary, didn't even blink.

"I'm going to sleep outside tonight," Inuyasha snapped.

No response. Everyone was used to that. Kagome was pressing her lips down tightly, refusing to talk to him. That was also to be expected.

Kagome stalked into Kaede's hut. Miroku and Sango looked at each other awkwardly. "Well, Shippou, I suppose we should be getting inside too."

They left Inuyasha brooding in the dark.


Kaede was finishing up her potion when Kagome entered the room.

"Oh, hello, Kagome," Kaede greeted her, purposely shielding the potion from view.

"Hi," Kagome mumbled.

I guess Inuyasha really did it this time, Kaede thought. "Why don't you go to sleep? Then the next morning everything will be better."

Kagome rubbed her eyes, not realizing until then that she was tired. "Good idea," she yawned.

The potion sent up a wisp of smoke. It was done. Finally. Kaede stuffed it into a bottle quickly, making sure Kagome was quite well out of the room.

Oh, Inuyasha. Won't you be in for a surprise, Kaede thought, stifling a grin.


Around midnight, Kaede walked outside quietly. She didn't want to wake Inuyasha. Or the others.

She was too busy trying to be quiet that she didn't notice a twig on the ground. She winced at the snap that it made. Looking around, she checked for the damage she had caused. An owl flew away from a tree, but that was it.

Kaede tiptoed to the place Inuyasha was peacefully sleeping. On a tree; on top of a low branch that thankfully she could reach.

He was supposed to have sensitive demon senses, yet he wasn't alert at all. Was something wrong? Kaede thought this through before abandoning the idea. Nah. He was just a heavy sleeper. Or perhaps he just didn't want to wake up. Demons' wills were powerful. Even a half-demon's (although Inuyasha made up for his other half by being stubborn.) And even if the will was about something superficial and stupid.

She paused. One problem in this wonderful plan was that she had no idea how to actually make Inuyasha drink the potion when he was asleep.

Waking him up was out because...who in their right mind would drink a muddy brownish-pink fizzling drink?

Kaede would just have to stuff it in the hanyou's mouth.

Here goes.


Kaede smiled. The deed was done: she had cast a spell on Inuyasha. A spell that would be quite useful to Kagome.

Inuyasha, you're never going to know what hit you.