Colorful Emotions

May I take a moment to remind you that this is an InuKag story?

And. Someone reviewed to say that there is no romance. Again, let me remind you that the romance has to be developed, and yes, though it is sometimes irritating that we know that Inuyasha and Kagome are meant to be, the characters themselves refuse to accept it. They're not going to admit their undying true love to each other in the course of two chapters. It took them about eighteen books to admit it to THEMSELVES. For ten chapters, I think what I have is justified but I may add more fluff later on if you really feel that way.

And I know Kagome is rather out of character in this chapter. I KNOW. There is a reason for this. And, um, if you don't notice the out of character-ness, ignore me and my rambling.

Also, thank you for not giving up on me. :)

Chapter 11: Denial Strikes Again

Inuyasha blinked. "Is Kagome mad at me again or something?" He really couldn't understand what he could possibly have done wrong, but Kagome was a girl. You could never tell with them.

Grimacing, Sango tried to explain. "Oh, it's nothing really. Just a…" she paused, thinking, wondering how far she could stretch her curse without it snapping back at her. "Just a tactic," she finished. Not that it was a complete lie…

Inuyasha looked at her, staring at her forehead and waiting for it to invalidate her statement. When nothing accused her of lying, he sighed, hoping she would continue explaining.

Sango, who was going to do nothing of the sort, felt immediately relieved that she didn't give herself away. Normally calm, she considered it a handicap to not be able to conceal what she didn't want others to discover. With a jolt, she realized that Inuyasha, who although wasn't the master of secrecy himself, probably felt the same way. Feeing sympathetic, she told him gently, "Kagome's not mad at you, don't worry." Then Sango's eyes narrowed. "It's probably a trick of the monk's."

Not altogether reassured, Inuyasha stared down to think, before looking up and nodding. "You're probably right," he admitted grudgingly, albeit still puzzled by Kagome's behavior. What could Miroku have done to make her act like that anyway? It was extremely un-Kagome behavior; that much he knew.

Wait. I got it! Inuyasha thought triumphantly. Now it all made sense! He snorted at Sango, who now was slightly nervous. "I know what you did," he said confidently.

"You do?" Sango asked timidly, anticipating a temper tantrum the size of Japan.


Here it comes, Sango winced. "It was the monk's fault!" Sango said quickly. "I didn't mean to do it! I mean, I…only came up with the idea; I didn't actually…"

Inuyasha frowned, feeling confused again. He thought so hard that he didn't even notice the word "liar" making its way onto Sango again. But for precaution, Sango pretended to scratch her forehead until she felt the writing go away. "Doesn't it have to be only Miroku?" Inuyasha asked.

Sango had fallen out of loop with the conversation. "Huh?" she asked, very eloquently.

Huffing impatiently, he explained, "Miroku blackmailed Kagome to get her to be nice to him."

A pause.

And another.

Sango processed the information in her head. She was safe then: Inuyasha had come up with the wrong conclusion.

I think I still need to sit down.


"Here, Miroku," Kagome cooed. "Have some more ramen." She passed him another cup, which he gladly took. For someone who had supposedly been trying to get his friends together and having it backfire in his face, he sure was enjoying himself.

"Why thank you!" he chirped cheerfully, taking a bite. Now I can see why Inuyasha likes this stuff, he thought.

Kagome giggled.

And suddenly, Inuyasha burst into the room, exploding. "Miroku, you—!"

Miroku smirked, getting ready to play his game of provoke-the-angry-hanyou-and-hope-to-live-after-that. "Why hello, Inuyasha!" he said casually. "How have you been?"

"What have you done to Kagome?" Inuyasha yelled.

Kagome looked at him, wondering what Inuyasha was going on about.

"What makes you think I've done anything to her?" Miroku asked, very innocently. He sent Kagome a rather dashing wink, making Kagome instantly blush and Inuyasha even more furious. "Well, I haven't done anything…yet."

His hand reached out, and there was a loud zapping sound, a groan, and a very confused Kagome.

Inuyasha glared at Miroku. "Stupid pervert."

"Ah yes. This spell shall be the end of me yet," Miroku sighed dramatically.

"Back to our previous discussion," Inuyasha growled, ignoring Miroku's side comment.

"My question is, why do you care anyway?" asked Miroku, a tad too smugly. "Why does it matter if Kagome's given up on you and decided to go to me?"

"What are you talking about?" Inuyasha demanded. "Kagome didn't go to you because of—"

A pause told Miroku that Inuyasha had finally understood what he had been implying.

"Wait a minute," Inuyasha sputtered. "What do you mean, Kagome's given up on me?"

Kagome suddenly looked up. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing," Miroku interrupted smoothly. "Now, Kagome, I think Sango's a bit lonely outside. Would you mind going out to talk to her?"

Kagome hastened to follow his request, as she wanted to talk to her friend anyway. As soon as she left, Miroku turned to look directly at Inuyasha.

"Well," he said. "Since you were too slow to admit your own feelings to her, she decided you never would. And you know the rest." I am a genius, Miroku thought.

"I…" Inuyasha stumbled. Miroku was implying quite a few things and Inuyasha felt that anything he said would probably incriminate him. He paused and contemplated Miroku's words.

"I don't have feelings for her!" he blurted stupidly.

"Of course not," Miroku murmured. "Of course not."


"Hey," Kagome said, sitting down next to Sango, who was staring down at the rocks but not really seeing them.

"Oh," Sango looked up. "Hi, Kagome. How was the…um…ramen?"

Kagome smiled. "It was great. You know," she continued dreamily. "I had never realized how great Miroku was. I mean, even though he's kinda perverted, he's just so charming and so nice."

Sango found this hard to believe. She felt a prick of irritation but couldn't identify the feeling. And she wondered why Miroku was acting to "charming" and so "nice" to Kagome. Why not to her?

Not that, she amended very quickly, she cared very much. It was just curiosity, that was all.

"Oh," Sango responded. "That's…nice."

It was your fault anyway! You're the one who gave her the potion! Sango told herself. She knew that had no right to be so annoyed. She knew it, and it irked her even more. Stupid Miroku, she thought furiously.

"Um…Sango?" Kagome asked, as Sango had just smacked herself in the forehead.

Sango looked up, flushing. "Yes?"

"Are you feeling all right?"

"You know," Sango grumbled. "That is a very good question."

"Then what's wrong?" Kagome continued. "Was it me?"

Sango sighed. "No, it wasn't you. It's just…" She hesitated, not even sure what was bothering her, only that Miroku and Kagome's new thing was rather annoying.

For some reason, Kagome persisted. "But if it's not me, then who is it?"

Sango opened her mouth, then closed it. Did the spell completely dull Kagome's senses too? Most of the time, Kagome was good about not pressing people when they didn't want to talk. The only time she actually wheedled people into giving her answers was when she was trying to prove a point…

Uh oh. What was she trying to do?

Kagome tilted her head. "Is it me and Miroku?"

"Why do you want to know?" Sango said defensively.

For some reason, Kagome chose this moment to let go of the topic, completely content to give a tiny smirk andmaking Sango a little nervous.


As the day dragged on, the group gathered together outside at night, an agreed relaxing break from the mayhem that had just happened. Although this idea seemed to add to the pandemonium…

Kagome kept staring at Miroku, which made Miroku smile smugly. Miroku kept grinning, which made Sango and Inuyasha to want to smack him upside the head. Inuyasha kept yelling, which made Kagome defend Miroku. Sango then grew irritated, which made Shippou wonder what in the world was going on.

"Just leave Miroku alone already," Kagome sighed, exasperated.

"But he's such an idiot!" Inuyasha retorted.

Miroku subtly slunk away from the setting and walked casually back to Kaede's hut, an irate Sango trailing after him, probably waiting for a moment when they were alone to whack him a couple of times.

"So what did he actuallydo?" said Kagome shrilly.

Shippou looked up to the sky and rolled his eyes, as if asking why his friends were all so thickheaded.

"He made you—"

"He didn't make me do anything!" Kagome yelled, now over-the-top furious. "Just because you can't get over the fact that I might like someone other than you doesn't give you the right to accuse him of something!"

Inuyasha was stunned. He'd never really meant anything of the sort. And what was she talking about? That he "couldn't get over her liking someone else"? He snorted. Well, first of all, she never liked him, and second of all, he couldn't care less that she didn't.


Inuyasha fell to the floor and stayed there, mumbling a few rather colorful words as Kagome stomped away.

Shippou was left to wonder how one could be drowning in denial and yet still be able to see the ground.


Okay. Not one of my more action-filled chapters, but it was longer than most. After this not being updated for four months, how'd you guys feel about it?

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