Duo had no idea how him and the other pilots had gotten into this mess. It was suppose to be an easy mission: lay low in private school until future notice. Then the pink princess had shown up...again. She had her wails of 'HHHHHHHEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRROOOOOOO!' had blown their cover. Damn her! That didn't even have a chance to –try- to run! He was going to strangle that bitch!


"Status?" Heero demanded.

They were currently in an OZ cell, suspended from the ceiling, in chains on both arms and feet, the length of the chains was enough that their feet touched the ground, but wasn't enough to get any leverage. What made it worse was the material the chains were made of. Gundaminum. Not even the perfect solider could get out of this one.

"Black eye, cracked rib, possible concussion" Wufei managed to grit out.


"Broken wrist....can't tell what else, my body's numb" Quatre shivered, he was so used to the hot climate, the coldness was taking its toll.

"I'm alive" Trowa dead panned.

"OW" Duo didn't feel like talking right now. Shinigami was pissed, and he was trying to subdue his urges to DO something.


"Status, 01?" the part of him that still cared about Heero seemed to be in working order.

"Nothing life threatening" Duo rolled his eyes, that could mean a number of things.


He heard the door opening. Great, interrogation time.

((BEAT)) ((BEAT))

No! he had to stay calm. He wished he could reach for his cross, it also anchored him.


Breath, he told himself, breath.

Better. "Well, hello boys" a slimy looking man walked in, he was fat, ugly, short, bald, and looked like the stereo type redneck. Duo suppressed a groan. He liked Une, she was fun with the split personalities.

"Ain't you purty, girly?" the OZ officer said looking at Duo.


"Get away from me, stinky. Your smells going to make me pass out!" he got a growl and a slap for that. Yeah, he liked Une way better.

((BEAT)) ((BEAT))


Two more officers walked in.

Stinky stroked Duo's face,

"Yull do nice" Duo's heart dropped, he knew what they wanted now. He had managed to stay a virgin this long, he didn't want to lose it now.

((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT))

NO! BREATHE! In, out, in, out, breathe!


Ok, better. He was so busy concentrating he didn't notice the other pilots' reactions.

Quatre's eyes grew wide, "Allah, no." he whispered.

Trowa's eye widened, mouth set in a grim line.

Heero struggled in his chains more, not a lot of help that did.

Wufei acted as suspected, "INJUSTICE!..." and went into a rant that was stopped when an elbow hit his ribs...hard.

((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT))

Duo was barely controlling it now. His control snapped when Stinky grabbed his cross, snapped the chain, and threw it over the room.

((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT)) ((BEAT))

Then Duo didn't want to control it anymore.

Shinigami awoke, and it was –pissed-. A demon from century's passed, before time itself, a god in his own right, awoke again. His love for mortals and his lover was all something that would dwindle in times of war. He held those few humans that he loved close, and often made them gods as well. Sister Helen was the god of Mercy, Father Maxwell the god of faith, Solo the god of children's ales Wufei's wife was the god of balance. His knew group of friends were to take other positions as well. But this mortal that defiled his cross, forsaken his friends, and wanted to rape him had made him snap. Duo Maxwell, Shinigami, The God of Death, The Great Destroyer, was mad as Hell!

Stinky was a little scared when the victim he was holding against the wall went limp. (He took Duo out of the chains in the above dialect)

"Hey, rebel bitch, wake up!" he slapped the limp body. It didn't react.

Needless to say, he was a little surprised when a previously limp hand snatched is throat and proceeded to strangle him. He let his grip on the boy go as he clawed at the mentioned hand. This fellow officers closed in on the figure. Shinigami looked up, his violet eyes glowing eerily, grinning maliciously, and showing his fangs. The guards took a step back.

"Oh my, so sorry, but you've seen my face, now you must die" the voice was so strange, but the OZ guards didn't have to worry long, they died, and according to the coroner, from a heart attack and seizure.

Duo gave a dark chuckle as Stinky stopped struggling. He let the body drop with a resounding thud. He chuckled, such a waste.

His friends, well, Trowa looked indifferent, Heero was twitching, Quatre looked faint, and Wufei was about to go on another rant.

He went over, got his cross, and got his comrades down. He would have a lot of explaining to do, but every seemed to treat normally.


Yes, just another day living with Shinigami.

"Itai! My braid!"


I will continue if I get at least two requests to do so.