Epilogue – Book I

07 NOV 06

This was my introduction into fan fic. I got the game from an instructor back in the day and he later convinced me to write a story about it. It was a fun and rewarding experience as I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about writing and Star Wars, which I knew next to nothing about when I began this project.

As I knew very little about SW initially, I drew heavily from classical literature and from various historical and current events to create the plot. I deviate a lot from the game setting so that it would not just be a mere retelling of the game, but something fresh and new. As you've seen, there are some OC's to bring in new dynamics and Belaya leads the expedition.

I've been inspired by a lot of good writers and reviewers and it would be too long to list them all here, but I've reached out and thanked you many times.

I did learn a weird lesson about some people you meet in fan fic, but that's a whole other sordid tale.

I'm never satisfied with my work, so I felt a rewrite was in order. I wanted to extend the flashback scenes and work in characters from KOTOR II as I wrote this before that game came out. I also wanted to improve the dialog and the interaction between the characters. I also closed up some plot holes that were pointed out to me.

I especially wanted to look deeper at Saul Karath and his relationship with Carth. For some reason, Saul hit a chord in me and I wanted to bring him a more three-dimensional personality. I highlighted his relationships with Carth and Forn Dodonna to hopefully bring out the downfall of his character.

In this rewrite, we'll see Sion, the Exile, Dol Grenn of the TSF, Kavar, and a bit of Atris.

The next book will focus on the aftermath of the battle and the journey to Tatooine, where we'll see more flashbacks and get a deeper look at the main characters. Again, there are a lot of twists that deviate from the game and offhanded humor is integral to the story.

Above all, my friends and I had fun and we hope you do too.