Reflections of What Might Be

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Kagome's thoughts

Imagine what the world would be like if there was a small barrier of peace between to different species of people. Imagine how the world would be if there was a small barrier that kept demons and humans from completely annihilating each other in an all-out war.

Imagine what you would do if you found out there was a war brewing between the demons and humans, and that only you could avert it.

Quite a hefty load to put on the shoulders of a simple 18-year-old girl, isn't it?

Kagome Higurashi is a girl, who lives at a shrine training to be a priestess when she unknowingly awakens a new power that could show what the future holds. And for Kagome, her future is to prevent humans and demons from destroying their world in a pointless war.

She is not alone in her quest though, as reluctant as she might be to go. Also at the shrine is Kagome's long time friend Miroku, a monk who has been training for some time, and despite the fact that Kagome's senile grandfather had taken over Miroku's training, Miroku's spiritual powers are growing. Little does either of them know that the road ahead of them lies not in how they will deal with their shrine training and school, but their shared destiny to avert the destruction of their world.

Prologue: Meet the Family

"Kagome-chan, why do you never listen when I tell you to stay away from the well-house? It used to be a home to horrible demons that…"

Kagome kept sweeping at the ground, shaking her head as she finished the sentence for her grandfather. "…that would take pleasure in eating a little girl like me, I know gramps." How does he always know when I wander near there? Kagome thought to herself. "I was only sweeping up around the god tree like mom asked me too, since YOU'RE too busy training with Miroku." She said, as she moved to lean on the broom, looking up at the older man.

"That's still no excuse to let your curious mind get the better of you when you go near it. I'll finish up the sweeping, Miroku and I are done for the day anyways." Grandpa told her as he started to walk closer towards her, reaching out and taking the broom. "Now you go and see to your friend."

"Fine." Kagome smiled as she walked towards the center of the shrine, walking calmly as a priestess should, but was inwardly excited. She hadn't seen Miroku all weekend due to his and her grandfather's rigorous training.

Miroku, even though he was a monk, was quite the character. He's about 19, and has been training at his family's shrine most of his life, until a group of rogue demons attacked and destroyed the place. He lost so much in one single night.

It's hard to believe he could get up after that. His home and family, taken so abruptly from him. She sighed softly as she thought back on that sad day. At least he's still alive, if that can be considered a good thing. I can tell he still has trouble with the memories, although he does try to hide it with all his lechery. He does a pretty good job at it too, damned lech.

Four years earlier, demon/human tensions were rather strained when a group of rather vicious demons escaped their imprisonment at Miroku's family's shrine. A generation earlier these demons had been sealed beneath the shrine by Miroku's great-grandfather, who almost gave up his life in the process. The demons had illegally crossed into one of the human territories, and had gone on a killing spree, destroying anyone who tried to stop them, or anyone they felt needed to die. Miroku's family, with help from the local demon slayer militia, lured the demons to the shrine where they could be weakened and sealed. No one fully understood exactly why the demons had crossed the border and started killing people in the first place, or how the seal had weakened enough for them to escape. Enough damage had been done by the time they were stopped, and Miroku had lost his whole family and home, but at the same time gaining a new one.

Miroku and Kagome's families had for a long time been friends, and Miroku and Kagome were friends since age 5. When the Higurashi family had heard of the attack, they immediately adopted Miroku and brought him into their family.

Much to Kagome's dismay, as Kagome was 14 at the time and was starting to mature, as Miroku put it, quite nicely. By then, Miroku's lechery was already legendary throughout Shikon High School.

Miroku was sitting on a bench, looking a little tired and hot. He smiled and looked up when he saw her.

"Kagome!" Miroku called out towards her, raising his hand to wave her over. "Come over here, would ya? I just finished up my training, and was hoping we could...go...what's with that look?" He said, curious as to why Kagome was eyeing him suspiciously.

Kagome slowed a little, giving Miroku her 'I'm serious this time' look. "You better not try anything, Houshi-sama, and I mean it this time," Kagome said menacingly as she moved to sit down next to him.

"Are you kidding? I would never try anything around you, my dear Kagome-sama!" Miroku replied innocently, "Besides, my head still hurts from last time, remember?"

She smirked at the memory. Last time he had tried something, which was a few hours ago, Kagome had bashed him on the side of his head with the same broom she had just recently handed over to her grandfather.

"Though you don't have a broom with you this time…" Miroku smirked as his hand gently rested on her right shoulder.

"…I still have my fists, Miroku, so don't try it," Kagome finished for him, turning her head to face him, returning the smirk he sent her.

Miroku sighed in resignation, removing his hand and setting it in his lap. "Fine, I'll leave you be."

"Good." Kagome nodded, returning her eyes forewards, inwardly smiling at the minor victory against her adopted brother.

"For now, at least…" Miroku whispered softly, as his eyes followed hers to focus on the sun, which was dissapearing behind a small cloud.

"Houshi-sama…" Kagome sighed irritably, turning her head dangerously slowly to face Miroku, putting her face right next to his cheek.

"Yes, Lady Kagome?" Miroku asked with fear in is voice, not bothering to turn to see the angered .

"Don't make me call Sango-chan, as I'm sure she'd LOVE to use you for target practice." Kagome whispered icily to him, hoping to get her meaning across.

Miroku's eyes closed in pain as he remembered the last time he cropped a feel on Sango, nodding sagely at Kagome's threat, knowing it was certainly not an idle one. She had literally used him to practice her fighting techniques against, without telling him she would. He had several bruises and a faint black eye for a short while.

Sango had good reason to do so, and if she weren't already beating the tar out of him, I would've joined her. But he didn't deserve to have TWO angry women beating on him.

Kagome also thought back to the night a month ago when the girls had just gotten out of the hot springs near where Sango lived, while Miroku had been waiting patiently for the girls to finish. Although by the time they had finished, Miroku was a bit antsy, and a bit too daring in his 'stroking of Sango', as he had called it. She was only wearing a towel, and a rather thin one at that.

Miroku never let his spirits fall for more than a moment after he remembered that painful incident. "At least she has been beating me less and less savagely as the years progress, right? That's got to be worth something!" He exclaimed excitedly, a large smile on his face.

Poor boy, I can see he desperately wants to go out with her, but he's too scared to ask…although he's never scared enough to grope. I don't blame him for being scared though. He's probably worried that Sango will reject him, thinking it's his lechery talking, and not him. Even though he has on several times tried to ask her out, he's never once seemed overly serious about it. Kagome frowned lightly while she looked at the ground.

The same time that Miroku's family and shrine was destroyed, there was a small demon slayer's training facility nearby, and were the first ones to arrive to help when the demon's escaped. Out of all of Miroku's bad memories of that day, his favorite memory was when he went to meet the exterminator's who came and slain the demons. One of who was a certain young woman exterminator named Sango.

After the incident, Miroku tried to move forward with his life, and one of part of that move was him always pestering Sango for a date, as well as an occasional feel, which rewarded Miroku with a minor injury of some kind. Sango did feel sorry for what happened to Miroku, and basically became one of his friends to try and help him get through his problem.

Of course, I had known Sango for a while before that, but I kept her hidden from Miroku so as not to give him 'fresh meat' so to speak.

"Sango! It is wonderful to see you again!" Kagome was snapped out of her trip down memory lane when she heard Miroku's cheerful voice call out to Sango.

"I didn't know you were coming over today Sango-chan." Kagome said to her friend as she stood up.

"Really? Because when Houshi-sama called me a few hours ago, he had said you wanted to see me tonight, but he never said what for. He said to come over about 5:30, and your training would be done by then." Sango replied in surprise, looking over at Kagome.

"Oh really…" Kagome looked straight at Miroku, with a small glare that said 'Ask me first next time or die'.

Miroku backed up nervously, still smiling, wondering what gruesome fate the two girls, his two best friends, could come up with.


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