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Kagome pulled the sword out of its sheath, and examined the ruined blade. "This thing has definitely seen better days, that's for sure..."

Back at the sacred tree

The boy's body pulsed, once...twice...and on the third time he stirred, and raised his head, looking through his bangs towards the odd building.

"She's close, that rotten bitch who sealed me here. Now, it's payback time..." Inuyasha said as he reached towards the arrow that held him fast to the tree...

Reflections of What Might Be

Chapter 4: Inuyasha...Friend or Foe?

The three wandered into the storeroom, looking for the ancient katana. Unknown to them, the wind outside near the sacred tree was starting to pick up...

"Ah-HA!! Think I found it! Oh, wait...never mind, it's only a monk's staff. Wait a minute, this was my father's staff...your family took it from our old shrine? Then, you wouldn't mind if I take this, do you Kagome-sama? It did belong to my father, and I wouldn't mind inheriting it..."

"Go ahead Miroku-sama, it was only sitting in here waiting for you anyways. We were planning on giving it to you eventually." Kagome replied.

After several more minutes of searching, Sango came up with the sword, still in its sheath. "Kagome-chan, here I found it." She said as she handed the katana to Kagome.

Kagome pulled the sword out of its sheath, and examined the ruined blade. "This thing has definitely seen better days, that's for sure..."

Back at the sacred tree

The boy's body pulsed, once...twice...and on the third time he stirred, and raised his head, looking through his bangs towards the odd building.

"She's close, that rotten bitch who sealed me here. Now, it's payback time..." Inuyasha said as he reached towards the arrow that held him fast to the tree...

His hand recoiled from the arrow as it started to glow. The energy radiating from the arrow forced it away.

"Damn stupid arrow...where's that wench anyway? Wait a minute, where the hell am I?" Inuyasha first noticed that the place he was at was nowhere near what he had known before he was sealed to the tree. The place he had known was a lush and vibrant forest on the outskirts of a village, from which the Shikon no Tama was kept and protected by a miko named Kikyo.

That bitch sealed me to this tree...but what is this place? This doesn't look anything like where I was before. But, this MUST be the same place, right? This is the same place where she betrayed and tried to kill me. The smells too...odd. Although many of the same scents still linger, what are all these new ones?

"All I know is that when I see that damn woman, I will kill her and re-take the jewel, and finally become a full-fledged demon at last!" Inuyasha declared.

Back in the storehouse

"What was that?" Kagome asked.

"What was what?" Miroku looked over at her, confused.

"I think I felt something stirring, Miroku-sama. Didn't you feel anything either?"

"Maybe not as clearly as you, but I can tell the wind outside picked up for a few minutes," Sango replied.

"There definitely is a strong aura forming quickly...Lady Kagome?" Miroku asked as he noticed Kagome start to walk out of the storehouse. As she left, Kagome returned the rusted sword to its sheath, and tucked it into the belt around her miko's robes.

"Let's follow Kagome-chan before she takes off again! She might still be weak from earlier. Come on Houshi-sama!" Sango yelled to the monk.

"Right behind you"

"Don't even think about it, now's not the time, Houshi-sama!"

"I would never, Lady Sango. Not now, at least." Miroku said with a smirk.

Damn leacher... Sango thought dryly.

Kagome was unsure of what she was doing. She felt like she was being drawn back towards the sacred tree. Something had happened, and she was being pulled towards it. She began to think back to when she first uncovered the boy. She still had the rosary hanging around her neck. Although she had been confused when she first grabbed it, she now knew how to use it somehow. She felt she would need to use it soon, but she was unsure of how soon. She suddenly felt glad that she was training to be a miko, and was controlling her powers. It was sheer luck that she had uncovered her powers at the young age of 12, before she met Miroku. She had been working with and controlling her powers from an early age, and had been training to use them with the excuse that she could use them to defend herself or the shrine from demons.

Kagome rounded the corner around the house to come up before the sacred tree. She could already feel the demon's presence at the tree, although she could do nothing to warn her friends, as someone else decided to speak before her.

"It's been a while, Kikyo." A male voice declared. "You've certainly changed, but I still recognize you. Not even all these strange scents and buildings you've scattered around can confuse me enough to not remember what you did to me..." The voice was growling towards the end of the sentence.

"Excuse me? What are you talking about? And who's Kikyo?" Kagome asked, wondering why the boy pinned to the tree was talking to her like that. "And more importantly, how are you alive? Don't I have to break the spell or something first?"

"You can't fool me, you wench! Don't think you can try and confuse me by claiming you don't know what you did!" The boy shouted back.

A vein popped out on Kagome's forehead. What did he just call me? "Listen pal, I don't know how things worked when you were put to sleep, but things are different now! You can't just go around yelling at people you don't know, expecting them to understand what it is you're babbling about! And don't even THINK that I'm going to let you get away with calling me a wench!" Kagome angrily shouted at him.

"Stop stalling Kikyo! You had better just start running, because once I break this spell, I'm going to kill you for betraying and sealing me to this damned tree!"

"Will you stop calling me Kikyo?!? I don't know why you think I'm that girl from the legend, but I'm not her!" Kagome cried out to him, while climbing up the remaining roots to get to eye level with the sealed hanyou.

"What do you MEAN stop calling you that? It's your name, stupid! And don't give me that crap about you not being her, cause there's no way you can NOT be her because you smell so..." The boy stopped in mid sentence. He sniffed the air a few times. "You're not her..." he said. He then leaned his head back with a slightly scared look on his face. "Uhhhh,"

"That's what I've been telling you, baka! My name is Kagome, got it? It's not that hard! KA-GO-ME! Now get it right, you jerk!" Kagome yelled angrily.

"Ummm, right. Hey, wait a minute! Why do you have my sword?!? Give me back my Tetsusaiga!" The boy yelled as he reached out towards the sword on Kagome's waist.

Kagome thought he was reaching out to grab HER. "HENTAI! Don't touch me!" She yelled as she tried to move backwards away from him, only to step on nothingness, as there was no ground beneath her.

She fell backwards, reaching out for something to steady her...and she grabbed the arrow that held the boy to the tree. A bright pink light shown outwards as the spell binding Inuyasha to the tree was broken.

"It's about time! Thanks for freeing me, wench." The boy called out to the fallen girl. "Now gimme back my sword before I get angry!"

Kagome looked down at her waist, and saw what he was talking about. He wants the sword? But it belonged to that hanyou from the legend, Inuyasha, right? Can this boy really be Inuyasha? "Tell me something first...are you Inuyasha?" She asked curiously..

"Of course I am, don't you know anything? Even if you aren't Kikyo, you certainly aren't as bright as her." Inuyasha remarked.

"What did you just say?" Kagome demanded angrily.

"I just said you're not as bright as Kikyo, especially if you can't even tell a hanyou from a human, wench."

"I KNOW YOU'RE A HANYOU, BAKA! I just didn't know what Inuyasha looked like, I wasn't certain."

"It doesn't matter, I'm going to kill you anyways. You and Kikyo are so much alike. You must be some kind of relative of hers or something. And if she's already dead, then I guess that means I'll have to take my vengeance out on YOU instead. Now get ready to die, wench!" Inuyasha yelled out as he charged towards Kagome, arms raised to strike.

This whole time, Miroku and Sango had been watching from the sidelines, amused at the conversation that went back and forth between Inuyasha and Kagome. Until the moment where Inuyasha charged at Kagome ready to attack. Sango and Miroku were too far away to do anything that would be able to help the young miko.

Gods, I hope this works! I've never tried this out against an actual youkai before. I hope my powers will be enough to hold him off! Kagome thought quickly as she brought her hands up infront of her, and focused her energy in front of her.

Inuyasha noticed right before he struck, the girl raise her arms in front of herself, as if to protect herself. What's she doing? He then smelled something familiar. Tetsusaiga? Why is THAT reacting to her? He noticed that the Tetsusaiga had started to smell more familiar, a scent that showed it was giving its power to the girl, giving her extra strength. Before Inuyasha's attack could even get started, he ran into an invisible barrier.

Kagome looked shocked, if anything else. "Wow, it worked!" Was what Inuyasha heard from the girl. The shock quickly disappeared from her face and was replaced by a look of determination, as she refocused her energy outwards towards Inuyasha.

He felt himself getting smashed hard in the chest, then was thrown backwards into the building behind him. As he got up, he heard a cry of surprise come from the girl.

"The house! Okaa-san's going to kill me!" Inuyasha looked up from under the pile of rubble that he lay beneath. He looked up to see the girl holding a rosary of a necklace in her hands, and was chanting something. It was glowing a dull pink, and then the necklace seemed to split off into numerous directions. Yet they all seemed to be heading towards Inuyasha. Eventually, all the beads had found their way to Inuyasha's neck.

"Huh? What the hell is this?!?" He asked, genuinely confused.

"It's something that'll help you calm down. I hope you won't make me use it, I know you'll feel really stupid to get knocked down by a girl." Kagome taunted him, hoping to earn an excuse to use her new command over him. The inu-youkai did not disappoint her.

"Why you'll die now, you bitch!" He yelled as he leapt into the air to attack her.

"Stubborn little puppy." She mock sighed. "Osuwari!"

"Huh?!?" Inuyasha stopped in mid-air, the rosary around his neck glowing, then he dropped to the ground at an insanely fast speed.

Sango and Miroku looked on with the dumbest looks plastered to their faces. They couldn't believe what they had just seen. Their friend had managed to subdue a hanyou merely by telling him to sit.

"Wow, it actually worked!" Kagome exclaimed excitedly.

Inuyasha, however, was not quite as amused by this as she was. "Dammit, what in the hell?" He tried to pull the rosary off.

"Sorry Inuyasha, but you cannot take that off. To put it simply, you're not strong enough to take it off." Kagome said, hoping to get him to react and attack her again. This is kinda fun! she thought silently, smiling the whole time. Once again, the hanyou rose to strike her, being much closer than he was the last time.

"WHY YOU-" he started



Inuyasha was dropped to the ground like a 5-ton brick.

Kagome walked up to the small crater in which Inuyasha had created after being 'sat'.

"Now, are you going to behave, or am I going to have to discipline you some more?" She asked with a smirk.

Inuyasha merely growled in response.

"Fine, but I warned you. Osu-MMPPH!" She cried out as Inuyasha jumped up faster than anyone would have expected, his left hand quickly covering her mouth to stop her from saying 'it' again, his right hand grabbing her shoulder to hold her still.

"Alright, you win, just DON'T say it again." He said to her. "By the way, I think this belongs to me..." he mentioned while he reached down towards her waist, and took his sword out from her belt. "That's much better. Thank you for holding it for me."

"MMMMPPPHH!" Was all he heard from her.

"Oops, sorry about that," Inuyasha said sarcastically, and then slowly removed his hand from her mouth.

Kagome seemed a bit angry. "You didn't have to startle me like that! You could've just said you gave up WITHOUT having to clamp your hand over my face! You almost scratched out one of my eyes with those claws of yours, you jerk! Be more careful!"



Sango and Miroku both called out towards her at once, running up to her.

"Kagome-chan, what's going on? How did the demon get free?" Sango questioned quickly.

"I'm not really sure..." Kagome started, but was cut off by Inuyasha.

"She grabbed the arrow and broke the spell, therefore releasing me from it. Is that enough for ya, slayer?" Inuyasha said, his voice dripping with hate.

"What did I do to you? You don't need to be so hostile towards me." Sango replied a bit shocked by Inuyasha's outright hostility towards her.

"Inuyasha, osuwari!"


"Sorry Sango-chan, but our guest is a bit rude. Then again, you are a demon-slayer, so maybe that's why he's not so friendly towards you."

"What the hell was that for, wench?!? I didn't do anything!" a muffled voice called up from the ground.

"You were being rude to Sango-chan, please show a bit more decency, will you?" Kagome told him

"Feh." was the only response. "You are right though. You are a demon exterminator, I can tell. You are concealing a small chain-weapon made from demon-bones. I can smell it from here. I'd bet if you were given the chance, you'd even try to take ME out, wouldn't you?"

"Only if you gave me a reason to, buddy." Sango replied.

Miroku decided to speak up. "Kagome-sama, you called this hanyou 'Inuyasha'. Does this mean this is the half-demon from the legend your grandfather told us about?"

"I think it does." Kagome responded.

"Wait, what legend?" Inuyasha asked.

"There's a legend about a half-demon who attacked a village that used to be in this area a few hundred years ago. The hanyou tried to steal a powerful jewel and seriously injured a priestess in the process. The priestess was able to seal the hanyou to a tree, but died from her injuries afterwards-" Kagome was cut off before she could finish.

"And let me guess, the miko's name was Kikyo, right?" Inuyasha asked. "Right?"

"Well, yes, you are." Kagome said, slightly confused.

"Then I guess the legend is true then. There's only one part that's wrong. Kikyo betrayed me, and I didn't kill her. Someone else must have done it, cause I sure as hell know it wasn't me." That would explain why I got the scent of blood from her when she sealed me to the tree. She died the day I was sealed up...but who killed her?

"She betrayed you? Are you sure it wasn't the other way around?" Miroku asked.

"Of course, she did it too me not that long ago. At least it seems like it..." Inuyasha trailed off. "How long has it been since I was sealed?"

"A little over 200 years." Miroku answered.

"'s been a long time I guess. So what's changed since I was out?"

"Quite a lot, actually. We should go inside, it'd be a bit more comfortable to talk about this. Besides, we have to call someone about all the damages the shrine has taken." Kagome said, motioning for the others to follow her.

"A youkai did this to your house." Inuyasha said suddenly. "And he's still somewhere nearby."

"What do you mean?" Sango asked.

"I mean, that whatever knocked that tree over was a demon, and it looked like he thinks he was successful in killing you, and is relaxing a few miles away."

"How do you know that, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

"I can smell the demon-stink all over the place, including the forest."

"It seems your not all that bad, Inuyasha. You're already helping us when just a few minutes ago you were trying to kill us." Kagome said eagerly.

"Don't get your hopes up, I'm not planning on staying around long. I'm gonna get the jewel as soon as I can. Who's supposed to be guarding it now?" The inu-youkai mused.
Kagome answered, "No one is. Its power was sealed up when Kikyo died. It's said that she took the jewel with her to the underworld when she died."

"You're kidding, right? How could the jewel be destroyed like that?" Inuyasha said, slightly surprised.

A new voice leapt out at them, surprising all of them, including Inuyasha.

"Two hundred years, and you haven't changed at all, have you, little brother?" A monotone voice called out from the shadows of the forest.

Why didn't I pick up his scent earlier? Oh damn, it's this damn girl. I was too busy worrying about her that I completely missed it. Damn! The last thing I need right now is more shit from him...

"Get out here Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled

"Is that all you have to say to me after two hundred years, dear brother?" The calm voice called again.

"It was two hundred years too short!"

"Relax, brother. I have no reason to bother you tonight. Not yet anyways. I do not feel like dealing with you. So do not give me a reason to. I came here to see that miko. Please step aside from her, would you?" Sesshomaru asked calmly.

"Go right ahead, I don't care. Just don't try and take MY Tetsusaiga." Inuyasha emphasized the MY.

"I have a far better sword than our father's old fang, Inuyasha, it no longer interests me. A lot can happen in two hundred years, remember that. Now move aside."

A moment later, a tall man looking similar to Inuyasha leapt out of the forest. He had long silver hair, much like Inuyasha's. He looked much more human in appearance, except for the pointed ears, and the symbols on his face. A purple crescent moon on his forehead, and two orange-purple stripes under each eye next to his ears.

Kagome was a little freaked out from the way the demon looked at her when he landed in front of her.

"Now listen to me, young miko, for these are words you would do well not to forget. A war is brewing, and this assault on your shrine tonight was meant to eliminate a possible threat to youkai. To be honest, many are scared of your growing powers. The fear that should you learn to control them, you could be a pain to any youkai you come across. Your new powers have already helped you change your fate. The first blow in the war to have been struck tonight, but you somehow have avoided your deaths, as well as keep the jewel hidden."

"Jewel? What jewel?" Kagome asked, slightly confused.

Sesshomaru continued, "I do not expect you to understand, girl. Just know that you are a target, and more will come to kill you and take the jewel. If you are lucky, my worthless brother-"

"Half-brother" Inuyasha cut in

"-will stick around to protect the jewel that is in your protection, and therefore guard your life as well."

Kagome was listening to what Sesshomaru was saying, but noticed it was fading out slightly. She then noticed that something had changed. She was further into the forest. She could see Sesshomaru leaping through the forest, which looked like he was being followed or attacked. He was already wounded. Kagome watched as Sesshomaru stopped to look behind him, then saw a black cloud engulf him.

The next thing Kagome realized, she was leaning against the side of the house, panting.

"Kagome-sama, what's the matter?" Miroku asked.

"Sesshomaru, you should watch yourself tonight." Kagome said, slightly out of breath.

"Excuse me?" He asked in an uninterested tone.

"I had another vision, you were being chased by a dark cloud somewhere. You were injured, stopped to look behind you, and then you disappeared in a black cloud."

"I thought something might have been following me, but I was unsure. Are you certain it was a black cloud following me?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Why wouldn't it be bro, there are plenty of people who would want to destroy you and lay claim to the Western Lands you possess." Inuyasha taunted.

"Inuyasha, please, be nice. I just told him that I saw him die. You don't need to make it worse by rubbing it in." Kagome silenced Inuyasha.

"I will take your vision as a warning, and will be ready for anything. Farewell brother, keep a close eye on that miko, she will be important in the future."

And with that, Sesshomaru disappeared into the woods.

"So Kagome, I thought you said the jewel was destroyed with Kikyo. But it seems YOU have it. How about you just hand it over, and I'll let you live." Inuyasha said while cracking his knuckles.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome smiled sweetly. "Have you forgotten one little thing?" She motioned to her neck.

Inuyasha looked down, remembering the rosary hanging around his neck. At least Sesshomaru isn't here to see this...he'd never let it go. Inuyasha swallowed heavily, waiting for the rushing ground.

"Osuwari!" Kagome calmly said.


"Now, let's go back inside before the weather turns nasty, and let's see if we can get someone up here to help us out with the house." Kagome said, leading the others off while leaving an angry hanyou half a foot deep in the ground.


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