Close Quarters
A Drabble

"What now?" Halbarad surreptisiously rubbed bruised knuckles.

"This episode will not improve our reputation in Bree-land," Aragorn replied icily. Halbard, for all his 80 years, felt like a chastised youth under Aragorn's steely gaze. Though, truth be told, Aragorn looked as bedraggled as Halbarad felt: His hair was dripping wet, his shirt torn and his right eye swollen almost shut. Yet his glare had not suffered. Not in the least.

"You know Bill Ferny," Halbarad sighed.

"I do! And he's not worth a night spent in the lock-up."

"At least it's dry."

"Still I would prefer to have the key!"

A/N: More InstaDrabbling. Inspired by the prompt: The Key: Can open anything.

Posted: 2012-02-07