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Bold Italics Shinichi's thoughts (he gets his own format since his inner voice is different than his outer one).

"Whoever who fight monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster."

-Friedrich Nietzsche; Thus Spake Zarathustra

Chapter 1. Bad Dog

Conan lay in the back seat of the Mori's rental car reading "The Sign of the Four" for the seemingly thousandth time. Ran sat beside her father Kogoro, her eyes on the beautiful woodland scenery they were passing by.

"Now I want you two to be careful. There have been lots of killings by wild animals in this area. I don't want either of you two to wander off, got it?" said Kogoro in an authoritative tone. Even someone as dim-witted as himself was worried. For months the once peaceful area had been victim to some of the most ferocious wolf attacks known to man.

Ran and Conan mumbled inattentive affirmatives. Kogoro sighed and kept driving. Kids these days.

Soon the woodlands gave way to a series of houses. Most were fairly sizable, with satellite TV and generators. They pulled into the large driveway of an even larger house. Despite the size, the design was very modest. There was garden in the front and a swing set near the driveway. A family home.

Not anymore thought the Sleeping Detective sadly as he glanced at the yellow crime scene tape. The rental shared a driveway with two squad cars, an ambulance, and a van marked "Animal Control".

He rang the doorbell. A uniformed officer opened the door. "You the detective?" Kogoro nodded. The officer sighed. "Not much for you to do here, but the home owner insisted."

The officer led them into the living room where a heavily bandaged man was sitting in a chair, a doctor looking over him. "You must be Detective Mori." said the man, "I'm Hirota Mihai. Thank you for coming. Your children I take it"

"Ran here's my daughter, Conan just a little freeload-"

"Conan's staying with us while his family is overseas." Explained Ran, having elbowed her father's ribcage.

Mihai smiled gently. "Conan is it? How old are you?"

"Seven sir" Going on seventeen. Hopefully.

Mihai smiled widened, though his eyes filled with tears. "My youngest daughter, Ayame, was your age. She was going to be turning eight next month." He bit back a sob.

# BOP #

"Conan what have I told you about bothering my clients!"


Being little sucked. Bad enough he couldn't question witnesses, bad enough no one listened to him, but this? Being told to go out and play on the swing set so the adults could work?

Conan vowed that if he ever had kids, he would treat them like adults and never act like they were blind, stupid, or not there. Because it got old, real fast. At least he could hear what was going on thanks to the transceiver Dr. Agasa had put into his glasses.

And judging by what he was hearing, Hirota Mihai might need a psyche exam. Understandable really. The poor man had watched his wife and daughters get torn apart by a wild animal. It was nothing short of a miracle he himself had survived. Not to mention he had lost an awful lot of blood.

But still… Conan shivered as he remembered the description Mihai had given of his assailant.

It was a wolf, but not a wolf. I mean it looked like a wolf, especially the head, and it was covered in fur and had a tail and all. But it walked upright, like a human. And it's eyes, they weren't a wolf's eyes. There was intelligence there. Human intelligence. And cruelty. And glee. It saw our pain, and laughed.

Conan suppressed a shudder. It sounded like something out of a bad horror movie. Completely laughable, except the eyes. He himself had seen eyes like those. And Mihai's description sounded a little too…real…to be a fever dream.

Okay Kudo, reason this out. Say the killer wasn't a wolf, then what was it? Human. Could the recent wolf attacks have made Mihai think he saw wolf-like features on his killer.

No, then his description would have been a wolf-like human, not a humanesque wolf. Whatever he saw, it was more wolf than human, or at least appeared to be. A human in wolves clothing.

That could be it! A man wearing a wolf's skin. Or a very good wolf costume. Enough that if someone survived, they'd describe a wolf or wolf-man.

Of course, there is the possibility that it really was a wolf. People have seen stranger things when hysterical. But it doesn't seem likely a wild wolf would enter someone's house, much less climb two stories of stairs to engage in wholesale slaughter. A trained wolf maybe? If so, whose pulling the strings.

Lot's of possibilities, time for the evidence to tell which of them is accurate.

Hopping off the swing set, Conan went around to the back door aka the point of entry.

Oh yeah. That's the point of entry all right. Strange though. That's a pretty think door, but it's been torn to shreds. There are no tool marks, but neither a human nor a wolf should be able to do that kind of damage.

While the yard was well kept, the area immediately out it was overgrown with weeds taller than Conan, making the path the killer took obvious enough for even Kogoro to follow. Animal Control certainly had. Their boot marks had covered up any possible prints. Sighing Conan followed the trail.

Come on, Come on! Give me something. A scrap of fabric, an unmarked paw print. Something.

As if in response to his silent wish, something grey caught his eye.

Yay Transfer!

Conan picked it up, feeling the fibers. It was hair. Way too coarse for human hair, but not coarse enough for wolf fur. Not synthetic either. In fact, Conan had no idea what it was from.

So intent was he on the hair/fur that he never noticed the shadow that had spread over him. Not until he heard a soft growling coming from behind him.

Slowly, not making any sudden movements, Conan turned around. His brain ground to a halt as he tried to take in what he was seeing.



Ran dropped her teacup, the china shattering on the hardwood floor and Conan's scream pierced the air. In a flash she was up and running towards the door.

"Don't!" cried her father, trying to hold her back. "Let the police handle it!"

"No" whispered Mihai to himself, clutching his head,tears running down his face "Not another child, not like Ayame."

Ran effortlessly pushed her father away and ran towards the backyard.

# BANG #

"Don't shoot, you idiot, you'll hit the kid!"

"It's okay, it dropped him when I winged it!"

"CONAN! CONAN WHERE ARE YOU!" screamed Ran, following the path to where a few cops were trying to administer first aid to a very bloody seven year old who was still screaming, his wide eyes seeing nothing but a monster holding him in it's clutches.


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