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Stardate Stardate 55978.6

Captain's log: I am starting to wonder why we were sent on this milk run. My ship along with the Thunderchild and the Salvador have all been outfitted with the new technologies that have been brought home by Voyager. Deployable armour, transphasic torpedoes and multispatial shielding and on my own ship has a slipstream drive as well making my ship a whole other animal. Not to mention the astrometrics lab that has gotten my science officer ecstatic. Well, as far as a Vulcan can be ecstatic anyway. And what is our first mission in my new Sovereign class starship? We have to transport personnel to starbase 345 where new ships are being constructed. The senior staff of those ships is already there but its our job to bring the rest. The journey is less dull thanks to the 2 other starships travelling with us but I would be glad to trade their company in for some new spatial anomaly.

End log.

And after that comment the captain sighed. He was young for a starfleet captain, only 34. If it hadn't been for the war with the Dominion he wouldn't have had such a lightning fast career but war could have that effect. He managed to stay alive and keep those under him alive where others didn't even survive their first mission. He was tall and slender with brown eyes and brown hair that he kept short. He was still amazed sometimes that he was a captain of a federation starship, wondering why he had gotten so lucky. But not today, today he was just a bit annoyed that he had to do this menial task first before he could begin with his real mission.

His train of thought was interrupted when his ship shuddered. Before his first officer could call him he was already on the bridge.
"We have dropped out of slipstream as have the others. However, engineering reports that all systems are functioning normally", Thalev, his Andorian first officer, said. The Odyssey was the only one of the three ships capable of creating a slipstream tunnel and so they had to tow the other 2 or they would have to travel at normal warp.
"If the slipstream drive is working then it must be something from the outside, ensign scan the surrounding space."
"I have something, sir. A spatial anomaly moving at low warp bearing 260-43 and it is coming towards us. Readings do not correspond with any known phenomenon."
Normally captain Peter Walker would have loved to stay and investigate but he had a mission to accomplish and even if he hadn't he wouldn't plunge his ship head long into an unknown anomaly. "Helm, lay in a course away from the anomaly, warp 8. Tell the others to follow us."
"I can't form a stable warp field and the impulse engines just went offline."
More bad news came from his communications officer: "The other ships are reporting the same problems."
"Not working either but we still have the armour."
"Then deploy the armour and route auxiliary power to the structural integrity fields. All hands, brace for impact!"
On the other ships the armour was deployed as well and not a moment to soon because it was then that bright ribbon of light reached the ships. The light engulfed the ships and even inside the ships the light became so bright that captain Walker had to cover his eyes.....

To Be Continued