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Insider Henry By: 24

Henry Wilson walked into the Centre to begin his day. He was an undercover agent from the FBI and was currently on the Jarod pursuit assignment. He had been here for a few months now and was the only agent inside the Centre. The only thing that he knew about Jarod was that he has be brought back to the Centre. He had seen the photo of Jarod in his pursuit file that Miss Parker kept. He walked into the tech room and watched as Miss Parker paced behind Broots who was typing furiously away on the computer. Sydney was looking at the computer as it beeped and Miss Parker stopped pacing as they all stared at it.

"I found Jarod and the good thing is that he's still there."

Miss Parker graced the team with a smile upon her face. "Finally, we are going to get the labrat back where he belongs. Come on let's go."

She strode out of the room and the rest followed. They picked up Sam and another sweeper and got onto the plane. Henry looked out the window as they took off and wondered who was Jarod and why they wanted him back. He had snuck some papers out of the Centre already. The authorities, or rather the FBI were interested in what the Centre was doing. His boss was also interested in who Jarod was. He wanted the information on Jarod and what made him so special. The taxi landed as Henry was pulled from his thoughts.

They walked to the Insurance office where Jarod was in for his latest pretend. He looked up from the table he was sitting at, his pen poised to write on the paper that was sitting there. He quickly got out of his chair and backed away. He looked for a chance to escape, but there was nowhere to go.

"Time to come home Jarod."

"That's not my home Miss Parker. You know that."

"Sam, Henry." She nodded to them as she held the gun towards him. The two grabbed him and put cuffs on and they dragged him out of the building and into the car.