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Insider No more Centre By: 24

He sat in wonder in the backyard as his little sister, clone who's name was Jeremy, his father and his mother were sitting around the table sipping lemonaide and watching the puppy that Jarod had gotten Jeremy walk around the backyard. He grinned at those around him. It had been four months until the Centre had been shut down for good. It had been two months since he found his family and had them around him. He was so happy that he had found his family and glad that the Centre was gone. The only wish that he had was that his brother Kyle was there to share in this joy.

Henry had helped Jarod find his family and for that he was grateful. Henry was still working for the FBI and had gotten Jarod a job there if he wanted it. He decided that he wanted to go to school first to see what he would like to do. Henry had told him that it was open whenever he wanted it.

Miss Parker was not given a sentence and neither was Sydney and Broots. They were both victims of the Centre and the autorities knew it. His family had difficulties with Jarod's relationship with Sydney and Miss Parker, but they soon grew to like both of them. They also like Broots who was also a visitor along with his daughter Debbie. Jeremy and Debbie were drawn together and became fast friends.

Mr. Parker, Lyle, Mr. Raines and the rest of them were put into jail for a long time.

Jarod was rebuilding his relationship with Miss Parker and Sydney. He was courting Miss Parker and she was happy with that.

The End.