-: Admitting Him :-

A/N: This was a febel attempt to beat writers block, but i think it turned out ok.

Clarice, entered the building they were holding him in while they sorted out the transfer, she didn't have to worry about being caught, they hadn't had time to prepare any security cameras, and everyone had gone home for the night.

She entered the room, very much like the one he had been held in when he had gone to Memphis

"Well, doesn't this situation seem familiar Clarice"

She heard a bitter note in his voice that hadn't been there before, and met his maroon eyes across the room.

She didn't answer and walked slowly towards the cage he was in, she was trying not to cry, and she knew talking would loose her the battle she had almost lost anyway.

They had caught him getting off a plane that had landed in Venice, 5 officers, and 2 civilians dead in the fight, but Clarice wasn't thinking about that right now.

Dr Lecter watched her approach the cage slowly, not taking his eyes off her bowed head, and holding her gaze when she met his eyes, looking away from him, Clarice went up to the locked door of the cage, and digging around in her pocket drew out a small key.

Lecter's mouth almost dropped open in surprise as she put the key in the lock and opened the door, without looking back at him she, just as slowly turned around, and started walking back out of the room.

Hannibal didn't think twice about what had made her do that, he went after her, since she knew the way out, it would be quicker to follow than to look.

As he was following her, he could smell her tears, and quickening his pace, caught up with her

"Why did you do that Clarice?" she spun round to face him, angry and crying

"Because I had to!" she yelled at him,

As she watched a small frown, almost un-perceivable, appear on his face she sighed, turned and continued walking as she whispered the rest of her reply

"Because I love you..."

Dyran Hunter