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A bright light flashed and he shot out of the portal instantly. The boy fell to the ground and grunted with the sharp impact of skin hitting black asphalt. Picking himself up, the boy spun around to watch the portal light dwindle and die. What was once there was now replaced by a brick wall.

"Hayden, are you alright?"

Annoyed, the boy looked down at his wrist communicator to see the face of an old man staring at him anxiously.

"Fine, where am I?"

"On the outside parameter of the Cinq Kingdom, now remember, you must be careful, the past is not what you may think it to be."

"I can handle it," replied Hayden coldly. He peered at his surroundings with fierce blue eyes. So this was the Cinq Kingdom? The former place of glory and peace? Hayden shook his head in disbelief.

"Good, now listen to me," continued the old man, "Preventers Headquarters is approximately two miles east of your present location. On your wrist communicator, I have installed a holographic map, use it well."

Hayden only nodded as he began to walk down the alley where he had landed. Dark thoughts plagued his mind. He would not fail this mission. He had failed in so many other ways, but he would do this correctly. He owed himself that much.

"Hayden," came the old man again.

"What do you want?" responded the boy sharply.

"Do not let your emotions get in the way of the task at hand. I will not allow any excuses for failure this time. I have given you too many chances to let you screw this up."

"I said I can handle this!" growled Hayden.

He shut off the communicator quickly. How many missions had he been on before? Damn what the old man had said, Hayden would not let his emotions get in the way. He would only follow them. And, if his instincts told him to kill Heero Yuy, then so be it.


Duo Maxwell had his feet kicked up at his desk. All was well, everything was peaceful; nothing was going wrong. He smiled. What a rare coincidence that was! For two years, he had agreed to work at the Preventers under the condition that he really had nowhere else to go. The others had done what was suitable to them. Trowa returned to the circus, and Quatre to attend to Winner Enterprises. Wufei reluctantly agreed to stay with Preventers after Duo had signed on. The newest arrival on the team was Heero, who after a year's absence came back quietly.

Duo smirked. He often suspected that the only reason Heero had come back was to uphold a certain "promise" he had made a few years ago. Then again, the former pilot made no signs of having any acquaintances with any of his former pilots, nor the young Vice Foreign Minister. Heero Yuy was strictly professional.

"Maxwell!" barked Wufei.

Duo nearly fell out of his chair. "Wufei, do you have to sneak up on guy like that? Show a little respect, will you?"

"The only time I will ever show you any respect is the day you cut off that ridiculous braid." Duo clung to his prized possession furiously, Wufei rolled his eyes. "Come on, the Vice Foreign Minister arrives at any moment. We are heightening security."

Duo nodded and grabbed his hat, following the Chinese man out of the room. They walked through the corridors of the Preventers base. Rounding a corner, it was already clear that the Vice Foreign Minister had made her way into the building. Wufei led Duo to the conference room where Commander Une awaited them. The two former Gundam Pilots took their places in the different corners of the room. Duo smirked when he saw a man secluding himself by the doorway. Duo guess that Heero had been occupying the room ten minutes before the Vice Foreign Minister even arrived.

Finally, she entered the room and sat down. She greeted each occupant warmly. Relena Darlian had always had a way with people. She was courteous and polite, even to those whom she did not get along with so well. But, she was in safe territory right now, away from the vicious politicians who challenged her daily. When Commander Une entered the room, Relena stood up and shook her hand in welcome. By now, Relena was no stranger to the Preventers. It was here that she sought safety in times of danger, friendship in times of need. She regarded each member of the Preventers with the utmost respect. Especially certain former Gundam Pilots.

Relena was not naïve. She was quite aware of Heero Yuy's presence in the room. As usual, he watched her silently. When he was on duty she chose to respect his wishes of professionalism. She also demanded the same. But, when both were not on duty, their shared a deep mutual attachment; one of respect more than intimacy.

Struggling to keep her eyes off of him, Relena sighed. Even though there was no definite romantic relationship between her and Heero, she still fought with her feelings towards him. Respect was one thing, but love was another. However, no longer the foolish girl she had once been, Relena gave Heero his space. It was ridiculous to follow a man around like a lost puppy, even if you were secretly in love with him.

Avoiding his piercing gaze, Relena forced herself to listen to the monthly report she had come to hear from Commander Une. Each month, Relena made it a point to understand each project the Preventers were occupying themselves with. She deemed it important to be up-to-date on such information. Should the need arise to disclose any of the information with the ESUN; she would be well equipped to handle the situation.

"Everything seems to be going as planned," Commander Une was saying. "I have included a report to give to you. You may take it home and look over it. I see no need to make this meeting last any longer than necessary. I know that you have other matters to attend to."

"I thank you very much," said Relena. "I will look over this and call you in a couple of days. However, I am sure that all is up to speed. Thank you," said Relena as she stood and took Commander Une's hand once more and shook it.

"Thank you for stopping by," said the Head of the Preventers. "I know that your car is waiting. Preventer Zero will escort you out."

Relena smiled, then, looked somewhat nervously at Heero's direction. He was ready and waiting for her. Slowly, Relena picked up her belongings and made her way out of the room with Heero Yuy at her side. Relena could almost feel Duo Maxwell's smirk at her back.


Hayden wasted no time as he strolled up the security gate of Preventers Headquarters. A security guard watched him closely as he walked through the metal detector. The light went off and beeped. Hayden, however, kept on walking. Several guards rushed up to meet him.

"Sir," said one Preventer, "I am going to have to ask you to empty your pockets of all metallic objects that may have triggered the alarm."

"Empty this," growled Hayden as he pulled out a gun shooting soldier.

Panic spread throughout the main lobby of the base as the boy opened fire. Hayden took no notice of the bullets flying around his body or the sound of the alarm ringing for a complete lockdown. He was on a mission; nothing was going to stop him. The only thing that he was faintly aware of was the team of Preventers running up to meet him with their guns aimed. Hayden ducked behind a large pillar immediately when they opened fire. Returning fire, Hayden quickly observed his surroundings. An air vent was just a few feet away from him. Taking his gun, Hayden shot out the few screws that held the wire venting in place. He quickly tore away the covering and dodged inside, making his way through the ventilation system.


Heero was the ever silent companion as they made their way through the base. The former pilot led Relena gently by the arm. He was not unaware of her presence. The years had been kind to her. Though she was older and more mature, she was still the same Relena that he had met when he first fell to the earth.

After his unofficial retirement as a Gundam Pilot, Heero escaped from the cold reality of life for a while. He retreated to L1, spending time on his own, contemplating what he should do with the rest of his life. Without a war, the Perfect Soldier was useless. How did an unemotional man become human? Heero understood this concept and took the necessary steps. For a while, he decided to enroll in a local university. However, the classes bored him and Heero found himself more distant from his peers than ever before. Who could understand what he had been through other than those who had been there with him? That was when he dropped out. After school, Heero became an independent thief, performing missions for a "small sum". The work brought back memories for him. But although it was a mission and it was work, Heero soon found it to be dishonest work, even though the money was good.

Then one day, he saw her. Her face was on the large projector television at the center of the colony. She was delivering a speech to the ESUN National Peace Conference. Heero found himself drawn to her, even after a year of absence. Her voice was clear, her hair still the color of honey, and her eyes brighter than the bluest sapphires. At one point in her speech, Heero swore that she looked right through him. It was at that moment that he knew where he needed to be. Despite his mixed feelings towards Relena Darlian in the past, no one could ever understand him better.

Thus, their mutual friendship began. It started with a simple exchange of helloes, to stolen glances here and there. Heero often found himself drawing towards her when she was nearby. Commander Une must have sensed his longing to be by her side, thus always appointing him as her escort. He was the best that the head of Preventers had in terms of protection. That point aside, Heero knew that he was becoming more intimate with Relena day by day, even if it was not entirely noticeable. When he had first realized this, Heero distanced himself somewhat, unsure of his emotions. He was so different from Relena in so many ways. Could a man, such as he, ever be capable of living a normal life? Could the Perfect Soldier ever love? Questions plagued his mind every day.

Despite his feelings though, Heero Yuy kept them to himself in the strictest confidence. It would not be wise to share them with anyone. He continued to escort the young woman in silence until she was the one who finally spoke.

"How have you been Heero? It has been several week since I saw you last?"


"I am glad to hear that," she replied. She felt braver when she was alone with him sometimes. She kept their relationship strictly professional when they were in the presence of others. But right now, they were alone and no one was around to see or hear them. She continued, "I met with Senator Davinzky yesterday to discuss the intolerable conditions on L5."

Heero raised an eyebrow, "And?"

"He has agreed to take my terms in consideration finally."

"How did you finally persuade him?" asked Heero emotionlessly.

"I gave him an ultimatum," she replied with a small smile.

Heero smirked slightly and nodded.

They continued their walk again in silence. Relena looked at him through the corner of her eye. He was in soldier mode, dressed in his Preventer uniform. The young woman could not help but stare at his body. She could see his muscles ripple through his thin green shirt. A faint pink glow began to make its way over her pale cheeks.

"Heero, I…"

"Shhhh!" he suddenly warned her.

Relena looked at him startled. His ears were perked up and he was staring at the hallway ahead of them. Taking out his gun, Heero pushed Relena behind him. Clinging to him somewhat fearfully, Relena tried to listen. Gradually she heard what sounded like…screaming? A loud gunshot confirmed her suspicions. Jumping back at the sound of the lockdown alarm, Relena held on tightly to Heero's shirt.

Heero, on the other hand, wasted no time. Grabbing Relena, he began to run towards the nearest door. As he was about to open it though, noise through the ventilation system above them, made the Perfect Soldier's head snap up quickly. He felt Relena freeze at his side. Cocking his gun, Heero slowly listened to the thumping sound of someone crawling through the aluminum shaft. The noise stopped. Taking aim, Heero focused on the now quiet air vent.

Relena stepped back as she coward behind Heero. Someone was above them, an intruder of some sort. The lockdown alarm was blasting through her ears and she could see people running ahead of her in the main lobby. Heero was focused on the air vent. She dared not breathe a word or make a sound. The intruder was right above them.

"Get in that room, Relena," ordered Heero darkly.


"Now!" he cried as he opened fire.

Relena pulled open the door and slammed it behind her. She screamed and ducked her head as bullet flew past her head through the door. Crawling on the floor, Relena made her way over to a desk. She hid beneath the piece of furniture and covered her ears as the gunshots continued. Her heart began to race as she thought about Heero's safety.

Suddenly, the gunshots ceased. Uncovering her ears, Relena slowly peered out from under the desk to the door. The knob was turning slowly. She ducked behind the desk once again…something was wrong. As the door opened, heavy footsteps thudded across the floor. Relena held her breath. She caught a glance of heavy black boots on the floor; assuring her that whoever the intruder was that is was not a Preventer. Little by little, the stranger made his way closer to her hiding place. Relena closed her eyes when he was right in front of her. The only thing she recognized was the glint of the gun he held in his hand. She had to find a means of escape, he did not yet know of her presence.

Gathering all her courage, Relena decided on a bold plan of action. While his gun rested at his side, Relena swung out her right leg with full force, knocking the object to the ground. When the man, bent over in surprise, she swung her leg back kicking him directly in the face. He fell to the ground. Relena took the opportunity to run as fast as she could. She did not gaze behind her as she fled for the door. Just as she reached the hallway, shots were fired and she suddenly felt a burning sensation in her right arm. Ignoring the pain, Relena desperately fled through the corridor.

Shots were still being fired behind her. She was being followed. Turning to the first corner on her left, the young woman sought any means of escape. She was hopelessly out of her territory. Never in her life had she been in this sector of the base. Where did she go from here? Relena ran to the nearest doorway, pulling desperately on the handle. It was locked. She ran to the next one, she could hear the heavy thudding of the intruder's black boots. Nearly crying out loud, Relena struggled with the door handle…locked again. She ran to the end of the hallway, where the last door remained.

"Hold it!"

Relena froze, not daring to spin around. It was an unfamiliar voice, the voice of a man. Deep and monotonous he spoke again, "Put yours hands in the on your head and kneel to the ground."

Relena did as she was told, not daring to even look at her aggressor. In a moment, he was right next to her, holding the gun to her head. Relena closed her eyes, waiting for the final shot.

"Try not to scream," he whispered.

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