Parents Too Young

Summary: For a new class the students are put into pairs and given a baby to look after for 3 weeks. Two enemies are paired together, but maybe a baby is what they need to bring them together .Let the fun begin. Hermione/Draco

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Chapter 1: New Class

Hermione Granger breezed down the corridors of Hogwarts with 3 books in her arms and her thick, brown hair flowing behind her. It was the second day of her 6th Year and she was walking swiftly towards the Great Hall to meet Harry and Ron.

She was rounding a corner when she went straight into somebody else hard giving out a small yelp.

'Watch where your going mudblood' The blond haired Slytherin smirked as he watched her lean down to pick up her books she dropped.

'Maybe you should watch where you're going Malfoy' She glared as she stood up with her books back in her arms.

'You have no respect for people better than you Granger' He said moving to get past her.

'Arse' She muttered as he walked by. He heard, turned around and gave her a shove so her books tumbled back down to the floor. She let out a very heavy sigh and turned round to meet the smirking face of Draco.

'Go back to the floor Granger. That's where you belong, with the dirt' He said with venom.

Hermione tried to stay calm by thinking of as many happy thoughts that came to her at that moment, most of these thoughts featured Malfoy dying in various ways. She picked up her books and headed to the hall with her head held high, determined not to let Malfoy get to her.

She landed in her seat at the table in the great hall with a small thump and a sigh. Ron was sitting there putting every food that he could see into his mouth while Harry sat there looking fascinated at the amount of food his friend could consume.

Hermione glanced at Ron and rolled her eyes. 'Why do you insist on eating like an animal?'

Ron glanced at her and smiled with a full mouth. 'It's more fun' He said and continued to eat.

Hermione pulled a face and shook her head with a small smile.

'You seem...errr...tetchy?' Harry said tearing his eyes away from Ron.

'Don't worry about it, just had an encounter with another kind' She mumbled. Harry shot her a confused glance. 'Malfoy' she explained. He nodded.

'Have you looked at our timetable yet? We have a new class called 'Family Planning', whatever that means' Harry said while stuffing some food into his mouth.

'Family Planning? Sounds exciting don't you think?' She asked her two best friends.

'Yeah sounds riveting' Ron said sarcastically with a grin. 'Who's teaching it?'

'I don't know, lets just all ask the powers of good that it's not Snape' Harry said with a grimace.

All the students that had family planning shuffled into the classroom that was holding the lesson murmuring softly to themselves.

They all looked around confused, there were no tables or chairs in the entire room expect for a teacher's desk at the front. The door at the back burst open and Snape walked in without even a glance at the students.

'Sit Down' He commanded when he reached the desk. All the students looked around confused.

'Where should we be sitting down sir?' Hermione asked softly.

'Where do you think Miss Granger? On the floor!' He said in his usual dead tone voice. The Gryffindors looked down at the floor, shrugged and then sat down and crossed their legs. The Slytherins on the other hand made disgusted looks and refused.

'No Malfoy sits in the dirt sir. No Slytherin does either' Draco said with a smirk.

Snape rolled his eyes slightly and conjured up enough chairs for the Slytherins while the Gryffindors sat there looking rather annoyed.

' Ok, I'm going to make this quick. If you look on your timetable you realise you have this lesson everyday for the next 3 weeks. In the next 3 weeks this lesson will be a free period for you. The meaning of this class is to realise the repercussions of your actions' Snape looked rather uncomfortable by this point and the students couldn't help but laugh under their breathes. He ignored them and carried on. 'This is a completely new experiment and we hope it will go well' He stopped as McGonagall walked in and stepped to the front.

'I'll take over now' She said casting a confused look at the Gryffindors sitting in the floor. She shot a side ward glance at Snape and conjured up more seats.

'You are all going to be put in opposite sex pairings and given a new area to live in for 3 weeks. It will have a living area, a bedroom and a bathroom. You are going to be given a baby to take care of for the next 3 weeks and raise with your partner' At this, most of the class looked as if they were about ready to run out of the classroom.

Hermione piped up. 'Is it really responsible to be putting a boy and girl in a room together?' The Sytherins burst into laughter at this and started making remarks under their breaths.

'The point of this experiment is to make you think again about sleeping with the opposite sex and yes Miss Granger, you do have a point. The bedrooms will be enchanted so no one will be able to...break school rules-'

'What sex of baby are we going to get? 'Hermione questioned again.

'You will find out later. The child that you will raise will be your own, it will look like you, it will have the same blood as you and it will be from the same gene pool as you and your partner. So if you and your partner ever had a child, this will be what it will be like in a way' She finished giving them a look.

There was a low buzz over the room as the students considered this task.

Ron looked at Harry looking frightened 'Our own baby? What if we kill it? Or...drop it on it's head or something'

'Don't be silly Ron' Hermione smiled.

'I think it will be interesting, I'm just extremely worried about who I'm going to be paired up with' Harry said casting a look at the female Slytherins.

'Excuse me Professor, where are these babies coming from?' Hermione shouted over the buzzing.

'A spell Miss Granger' Answered Snape almost sarcastically.

McGonagall started shouting over the noise. 'I am not going to tell you who decided on these pairings I'm about to say but you and your partner have been chosen for a reason so do not question it. I'm going to read out your partners now' Immediately everyone fell silent as she pulled out a large bit of parchment.

'Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown' They both smiled at one another.

'Blaise Zabini and Parvati Patil' There were a few noises of disgust from the Slytherin.

'Neville Longbottom and Pansy Parkinson' At this Pansy looked like she was about to either hit something very hard or cry in a dark corner.

'Hermione Granger and ...' Hermione slowly bit her lip. 'Harry Potter'

She turned round grinning insanely at Harry as he put his thumbs up at her.

'Oh wait' McGonagall said reading the parchment again. Hermione's smile slowly disappeared. 'I read the wrong line'

Hermione watched anxiously as she watched the professor run her finger along the line to another name. McGonagall looked rather surprised but then hid it very well and faces the students.

'Draco Malfoy' She said looking at Hermione. The minute the name was read out half the Slytherins starting yelling about the disgrace of it and the Gryffindors started giving Hermione sympathetic pats on the head.

'I am NOT raising a kid with a mudblood!' Draco yelled standing up and pointing a finger at her.

'Oh because you think I want to be paired with you ferret boy?' Hermione said getting up and facing him.

'How dare you even face me you filthy little-' Malfoy started but was cut off as he was flung backwards against a wall. He hit the wall with a small crack and landed on the floor with his robe over his head. He pushed it to the side and looked at the figure holding the wand and smirked.

'That the best you got Granger?' He said getting his wand out, standing up and pointing it at her.

'I wouldn't waste my best on you!' She yelled at him shaking with anger.

'Stop it both of you before you get a detention' McGonagall yelled looking very angry with the two young students.

Malfoy sat back down with a glare still set in his features. 'Wait till my father hears about this' He fumed.

Hermione gave a withering glance at him and sat down next to Harry who put a comforting arm around her.

'Let the games begin' Hermione mumbled under her breath as she glanced towards Malfoy.

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