Parents Too Young

A/N - I love epilogues. I love writing them and I love reading them because they're usually so happy and fluffy. Now, I took a long time over this not because I didn't write anything….I actually wrote 5 epilogues…I know headdesk One of them was really sad and unhappy so I decided not to use it because I'm a happy endings type of person usually.



It was 7.13am when a 23 yr old Draco Malfoy felt someone shaking him awake and yelling something at him that he couldn't quite be bothered to work out. He let out a groan and rolled over, ignoring the nagging noise.

'2 more minutes' He mumbled into his pillow.

'Get your ass of bed right now,' Harry said, aiming his wand at the curtains to make them pull back, revealing the early morning sun that shone harshly upon Draco's bed.

'Just 2 more freakin minutes, Potter!' he snapped as he pulled the duvet cover over his head and snuggled deeper in the bed.

'You are getting your ass out of bed right now because if you don't, I'm going to go get Snape and make him kiss you' Harry smirked as he watched Draco appear over the top of his covers with a disgusted expression on his face.

'Congratulations Potter, I am now going to need therapy' He said, as he rolled lazily out of bed and put a robe on. He stepped out into the hallway of Malfoy Manor and suddenly found his ear hurting as Ron yelled directly into it.

'T-minus 1 hour 34 minutes people!' Ron said, but there was no rush evident in his voice and Malfoy turned towards him, knowing Ron was doing it to annoy him.

'Your boyfriend runs a tight ship' Malfoy said as he looked over at Harry who simply shot him a glare. Suddenly Ginny came around the corner, clad in bridesmaid dress with Blaise tagging along, already dressed in his dress robes for the wedding.

'Why aren't you dressed!' Ginny yelled as she looked at Malfoy who was still trying to wake up and stood in the middle of the hall with his robe hanging loosely of his body. 'Harry, I give you this one thing to do…wake up Malfoy. Look, it's right here on my list, Harry's to do list – wake up Malfoy at 6.30am, and you can't even do that! Hermione is going to shoot me.' Ginny said as she scurried away whilst mumbling expletives under her breath about men.

'Someone's sleeping on the sofa tonight' Malfoy said as he looked at Harry who was trying to refrain from hexing Malfoy on the spot.

'Could you stop making couple jokes for like 3 minutes and actually get ready?' Harry said as he spotted Mrs Weasley coming up the corridor. Harry's eyes darted from side to side trying to find somewhere to hide, knowing exactly what Mrs Weasley was going to say.

'Yeah, but Ginny actually is your girl so you know, I'm allowed that one' Malfoy said, shoving his hands into his pockets and looking around. Mrs Weasley approached and gave Malfoy a disappointed glare.

'Draco, why are you not getting ready?' Mrs Weasley said in a high-pitched voice. Malfoy suddenly pointed an accusing finger at Harry with a smile.

'His fault, he didn't wake me up. I mean Potter, you only had one job to do today and you couldn't even do it right' He said with a laugh, Harry hitting him playfully over the head and smiling.


'Now don't get worried Hermione but I just saw Draco in the hall…and he had just rolled out of bed.' Ginny said carefully keeping herself out of reach from Hermione who was having her hair done in front of the mirror.

'Why didn't you wake him up earlier?' She snapped, turning her head to face Ginny who was adjusting her dress.

'I gave Harry that job…and he didn't do it. Just shows, don't trust men with anything.' Ginny sighed as she fiddled with her own hair. 'Nervous?'

'I wasn't until you happened to mention that Draco isn't ready' Hermione said as she started biting her fingernails agitated.

15 minutes had passed when Mrs Weasley walked in all red faced and stressed.

'You won't believe it. I just went downstairs and found Draco, Harry, Ron and Blaise all sitting down having a nice coffee. They have no sense of urgency! I shouted at them, don't worry, and yet they still didn't budge! It's like they have all day so they sit around having a good chit chat. Draco still isn't even changed' She yelled angrily.

Hermione looked all panicky and she looked at Ginny pointedly with pleading eyes.

'I'll go get them moving' Ginny said with a nod of her head.

When she got down to the dining area, she found them just as Mrs Weasley had said. They were all laughing about something or other and were sipping various drinks. The minute Harry saw Ginny's angry face his face changed to one of a deer caught in headlights.

'Oh I knew they'd send you down the minute mum reported the lack of movement to you and Hermione.' Ron said as he opened the daily prophet and scanned the pages lazily.

'How's the quidditch season going?' Malfoy asked Ron casually. Ron moved to the back of the paper and was about to report back when Ginny's screaming interrupted.

'I swear I'm going to kill you all! Draco, your wedding is in less that 2 hours and you have yet to even get changed! You're still sitting there in your robe and boxers drinking coffee as if you're on holiday. Now Harry, get him ready before I have a panic attack. Ron, make sure all the decorations are in place and Blaise, go and find Mrs Malfoy and ask her if there's anything that is needed to be done.' With that, Ginny turned and stormed out of the kitchen.

'Just 5 more minutes' Draco said with a smirk as he placed his feet on the table and grabbed a section of the prophet to read, everyone else murmuring in agreement.


'T-Minus 23 minutes!'

'Shut the hell up, Weasley!' Malfoy yelled out to the corridor as he combed through his hair in the mirror.

'Wouldn't guess this is meant to be the happiest day of your life' Harry said, as he leant on the doorway to Malfoy's room. Malfoy gave a smile and shook his head.

'Tell Weasley to shut up and I might be able to like this day a little better'

'You nervous?' Harry asked, moving into the room and shutting the door.

'No' He replied.


'Extremely.' Malfoy said as he moved bits of stray hair into place obsessively.

'You love her' Harry stated as she moved next to Malfoy and moved the bits of hair Draco had not succeeded in moving right.

'I do…Did that 'I do' sound ok? Maybe I should try saying it in a lower voice. I don't wanna sound like a girl on my own wedding day. '

Harry let out a laugh and turned Malfoy to face him as his eyes scanned him. 'You look fine. Now just remember to say everything right and you'll be great.'

'Thanks, Harry' Malfoy said, giving him a genuine smile.


'T-Minus 4 minutes' Ron said in Malfoy's ear as he leaned over from the chair behind Harry and Malfoy. They were sitting in the garden, which had been completely renovated into a wedding, white chairs with flowers were filled with guests and Malfoy stood at the front chatting happily to Harry who was best man.

'Do you reckon I have time to go the toilet?' Malfoy said quietly to Harry but it was his mother who was on the other side of Harry who answered.

'No you do not. Hold it.'

'T-Minus 3 minutes' Ron said quietly as he leaned from behind them.

'I can go in 3 minutes' Malfoy said, making a move to head in doors to the toilet.

Harry stuck out his hand and caught him. 'No you can't'

'I like a challenge' He said, quickly moving out of Harry's grip and striding across the garden and into the manor.

Harry sat down and put his head in his hands. Blaise scurried to the front after watching Draco's retreating form. 'Ok, Harry mate…where did he just go? We kind of need him to start the wedding.'

'Is Hermione ready then?' Ron asked.

'Well yeah, and I was just about to start the wedding when I suddenly saw our groom walking across the garden and into the house. Care to tell me what is happening?'

'He's gone to the toilet' Harry stated.

'2 minutes before his wedding?' Blaise said, looking nervously at the room that held Ginny, Hermione and Hermione's dad who were waiting.

'I'm going to kill that boy when he gets back' Narcissa snapped as she looked over to where Draco had disappeared.

'I'm back' Malfoy announced as all heads swivelled to look at him accusingly. 'What?' He said innocently.

'Great, brilliant…ok let's get started.' Blaise said, as he strode up the aisle and into the manor to tell Ginny and the Grangers.

'T-minus 0 minutes' Ron whispered to Harry and Malfoy but for the first time that morning, Malfoy didn't hear him as he was completely entranced by the bride who was gliding up the aisle, gripping her father's arm tightly.

The ceremony went by without a hitch, Hermione and Draco exchanging vows without fault and at the end of the wedding, as Draco was pulling away from the kiss he whispered into her ear. 'I love you, Hermione'. Hermione smiled.


He could hear the soft padding off someone's footsteps in the hall outside of the darkness of his room. He immediately knew who was walking up the hallway to his bedroom. It was becoming a regular occurrence lately. The sound neared the door and stopped, suddenly the creak of the large wooden door was heard opening and a voice came from around the door.

'Dad?' A small blond haired boy whispered into the darkness of the bedroom.

Draco shifted his weight on the bed, causing his wife to stir beside him.

'Bad dream again?'

'Ya huh' the boy said nodding as he headed towards the bed and climbed up on his fathers side.

'What was it about this time?'


'Goblins aren't scary little one'

'They are when they have big knives and they were really angry'

'Speaking of angry' a new voice chirped in to the darkness of the room. 'I was hoping to get a bit of sleep tonight.'

'Sorry mum' the boy said as he slipped under the cover between his two parents and snuggled up to his father. It was 15 minutes before the boy spoke again.

'Dad, why can't I have a house elf?' He said shifting to look up at his father whose blond hair was covering his tired eyes.

'We've been through this' he grumbled.

'Everyone has a house elf at home. Why can't we have one?'

'Because your mother thinks that the elves would be happier not serving us humans'

'Oh. Can't we get just one house elf?' He said turning up to his father with pleading eyes but it was his mother who replied.

'No' Hermione snapped irritably from the other side of the bed.

'But mum..' He said with a whiney tone.

'I said no.' the boy held a disappointed pout until he turned back to his father with a smirk.

'Can I get a house elf?'

'Your mum said no'

'Fine.' He said, sweeping his blond hair out of his eyes and putting his head next to his fathers on the pillow.

'My room is a full 3 rooms away,' a blonde girl said entering the room and padding across the floor, ' and I could hear Matthew clearly'

'You did not' Matthew said, poking his tongue out at her. She put her hands on her hips and tilted her head.

'I so did' She replied with a smirk.

'You didn't'

'I did'




'Ok so I see the hope of getting any sleep is completely gone' Draco said, running his head through his hair and sitting up slightly in his bed. 'You shouldn't be up this late sweetheart, you've got a big day tomorrow'

'I was busy reading all my books. I want to be prepared.' The girl said jumping up onto the bed and sitting cross-legged facing her father.

Draco didn't have to look over at Hermione to know that she was smiling proudly of her daughter that so resembled herself.

'What's school like? Will there be lots of homework and essays to do?'

'Dad, when can I go to Hogwarts?' Matthew said, looking at his sister who was bursting with excitement.

'Not until you're old enough.'

'You and mum met at Hogwarts didn't you?' The girl asked sweetly.

'Yes, Lilly. It was love at first sight for her, she saw me and simply fell in love with me.' A loud scoffing noise was heard from Hermione's side of the bed and she sat up and shot a playful glare at her husband who leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

'Do you think I'll meet my future husband there?'

'Perhaps' Hermione said before Draco interjected angrily.

'No you won't because remember, you're not allowed to date until you're 32 at the very earliest and listen very carefully; all males in school only want one thing and one thing only and that's-'

'Draco!' Hermione hissed before he could finish his sentence. 'Ignore your father darling'

Both Matthew and Lilly looked highly confused for a moment before letting it slide, assuming it not to be important.

'I hope I'm in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I've read up on all the houses and as long as I'm not put into Slytherin then I'll be happy' She said, watching her father let out a very small pout.

'Slytherin isn't that bad you know' Draco said, feeling the need to defend his house.

'It is' Hermione said, winking at her husband. 'Now go to bed you two, we're up earlier enough as it is'

'I'm too excited though.' Lilly said, grinning as she jumped on the bed slightly.

'At least try and get some sleep' Hermione said, running her hand through her long, brown hair.

'Fine' Lilly said, jumping off of the bed and scurrying back out of the bedroom. A second later they heard the door to bedroom being closed.

'You should get some sleep too' Hermione said, lying down and staring at Matthew who was curled up beside Draco.

'Can't I sleep here?'

'Course you can' Draco said, ignoring the look Hermione was giving him.

It was only 10 minutes later when Draco heard the steady breathing signalling sleep from Hermione and Matthew. He looked down at his son and then over at his wife and he could hear his daughter listening to music in the other room whilst studying hard for school that she had yet to start. He finally let his eyes slide shut with a smile of happiness on his face.


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