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Quick Note: Over the course of this story so far I've had two different co-writers. The first dropped out a while ago, and the position has now been taken up by DemonUntilDeath.


Prologue (by Agent Dark Moose)


The demi-god looked up from behind a large stack of papers, an angry look on his face. "What now, Botan? I told you not to bother me unless it's something important!"

Botan ran up to his desk, waving a rather large piece of paper in front of his face. "It is important though, Koenma-sama! A stranger caught up to me when I did this morning's routes, and said that he needed me to get this to you pronto!"

Koenma took the paper from the ferry girl, and read it out loud quickly, his eyes widening with each sentence. "'Koenma, I demand that you give me the book. I've given you the location that you will send the book to. You have twelve hours. Failure to meet this deadline will result in death. Twelve hours, Koenma.'"

Botan and Koenma gulped simultaneously, and Koenma turned to the ferry girl. "W-was this stranger human o-or demon, Botan?"

Botan shrugged. "He didn't seem like either of them, not even half!"

This made Koenma even more worried. "This is bad, Botan, very bad! We've got to get the team here right away!"

Botan nodded and ran out the door, still slightly confused, and Koenma stood up to begin pacing around the room.

However, unknown to the deity, her boss knew very well who had threatened him, and his species. They'd met before, a long time before even Youko Kurama had been born. The villain had attempted to steal an ancient book that held unbelievable power in it from the demigod, also planning an attack on the living world. Koenma eventually had to banish him and his kind to a prepared location to hold them in, to prevent them from escaping.

Yet it appeared that this plan had failed. Otherwise, one of his servants wouldn't have been able to contact Botan . . .

Koenma let out a frustrated sigh as he slammed his fists on the desk.

'Damn him. Damn Ja'aku and his stupid vampires . . .'