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Day 7 on no man's land:

With each passing hour I could only imagine how we'll suffer and die sooner or later. I'd be happy if we were eaten by some man eating beasts or sharks. A quick death would be nice. I hate to go hungry everyday and slowly get thinner while my stomach's eating up my own flesh gradually. My clothes are worned out, there's a giant rip on the back of my jeans. How embarassing...when you got the hottiest guy from school discovering a hole on my butt, showing my dirty undergarment. My hair...let's not get into too much details, it smells like seaweed, taste like seaweed, even look like seaweed. No matter how many times I washed it in the pond, once it gets exposed into the ozone wind with fishy smells, it goes back to transforming into strips of seaweed.

I looked more like a disgusting hag everyday. Mosquito bits are all over my body, my legs, arms, nose, chest, and stomach. Coming ashore with an empty hand from lobster hunting at dawn, Matt looked at me in amusement, he couldn't hold back a giggle. I don't know what's so funny, probably me. Looking at my own face in the reflection of the waves and almost throw up at the sight.

You must wonder, how did a girl like me came to be exposed to all this despicable suffering? Well...do you believe in curses? It may seem childish. At first, I thought this was one big trick God played on me, or maybe Mimi's some sort of witch. Well...whatever it is, let's go back to last week...10 days ago at Mimi's sleepover on a Friday night....

Flashback: Mimi's sleepover

Truth or Dare was our favorite game ever since first grade. Now, I'm beginning to think I'm getting to old for it. "True or dare Sora?" Mimi asked.

Usually I would pick dare. But the last time I did, I was forced to go up to Mimi's dad and act like a chicken. Not a good choice, I decided.

"Truth," I said timidly. Oh boy, Mimi had the evil smirk on her face. I grew nervous by her silence. What's that Mimi up to now?

After seconds of waiting, the fateful question came, "If you were shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island and you could take one person to help you survive, who would you pick?" That's stupid and old! I thought, "Well...someone smart, who knows a lot about survival..."

"No, no, no, not like that. Say you were just there to be alone with a guy." I looked at her anxiousness from those eager orbs. Then turned to Yolei and Kari in their sleeping bags, huddled in next to each other, all excited for my answer. None of them knew who I had a crush on, I'm the type of girl who prefer to keep my personal matters to myself.

'Definately Matt Ishida,' I thought, 'he's so dreamy and kind. Everyone adores him, his smarts, his body, his taste in music...I can go on and on. Those annoying fan girls of his band said he's a perfect package. I say he's more than perfect. There's something about that seventeen year old blonde guitarist that made me tingle everytime I get close to him. Aw..he's..."

"Sora!" Yolei snapped me out of my daydream.


"We can't wait forever."

I searched for names, any name that'll cover the identity of my crush would be nice.

"It's Matt huh?"

"What?" The voice made me panicked. How did Mimi know? Shit, do they all know this?

"No! Why Matt?" I yelled, but I could feel a stream of blood flowing up my face like herds of salmons. I must be blushing, if only I could see my own face...

"Just admit it. Your cheeks always turn purple when you're talking to him."

"I do not!"

"You always jump whenever he comes near your locker."

"That's a lie, I never.."

"You're always humming his music in English class." I stopped defending myself. Mimi has a point. I do all those things. I sighed, "Okay, fine. maybe I don't sing his songs, but I like them. That doesn't mean it has anything to do with him."

"Wouldn't it be so nice if you get to be stranded with him on a island?"

"Yeah, whatever." I rolled herself and murmured. Mimi would soon regret those careless words. Those were the curse thrown at me mysterisly. Stranded with him on an island...now I really know what that's like. I didn't speak to her for the rest for the sleepover because of my frustration. The evening passed rather quickly. I got inside the cozy sleeping bag on the carpet with earplugs on while all Yolei, Kari, and Mimi was all psyched up for the reunion of the digitestined tomorrow. Everyone would be there are the reunion, even Matt despite of all his busy schedule of band tours coming up next month. I could imagine the three of those pesty girls bugging me about him once we get on the ship. It's suppose to be a two nights stay with a private captain aboard Carolina with private rooms and served foods. Mimi planned all of the trip by herself, maybe with some help from her rich parents who own a mansion. I forced myself to look at the clock, it was pass midnight. I closed my eyes and slept.