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A strange puff of air struck him on his neck, and Ken Ichijouji stopped and hissed. The digitestined turned to him at once, but it was Miyako who came waddling to him first.

"Earth to Ken, are you okay? You look like you've been stung by a bee." The girl bent over to capture the gaze of his eyes. She snapped her fingers a few times, hoping for a response from her blue haired friend, receiving none. "Hello?"

His eyes suddenly lost its color, a cloud of darkness swift over the violet hue. Miyako watched in horror, "Ken, what's wrong?" She muttered.

Ken's arm slowly rested on his own neck. He mumbled something then, and he's voice was stopped back a sharp pain. Miyako could see the mark now, there on his collar, it was glowing like heated copper. No, more deeper now, a color redder than blood. The girl felt the need to hold on his hand firmly, in case he goes mad or disappears.

"Um, guys, Sora and Matt can wait, you better come look at this." Miyako cried, her eyes were sudden moist. Davis, Kari, and TK came lurching down the hill to them, just in time to hear Ken speak.

"I see things," the blue-haired man said blankly. His eyes were still depthless, "My former self, outside a cave. And Sora and Matt, they… they are inside. And… a turkey. Sora…she's screaming."

All their faces went grey. "Turkey?" Davis blurted out without thinking, "Sora's screaming like a turkey?"

Kari gave him a friendly kick.

"Go on," Miyako nodded. "Where are you getting this?"

But he could longer murmur in nonsense, his dreamy state seemed to pass, the red mark on his neck faded, and he was he's normal self again.

"What happened?" Ken rubbed his forehead and asked, giving everyone a queer feeling inside. He knew that he missed something, or perhaps he was rather the reason everyone was looking so strange.

Davis shrugged, looking as clueless. "For a moment you looked like you were stoned and you said something about Sora."

"I did," he seemed to recall, he sank realizing it felt much realistic to be a dream. "I had that feeling again, the one I felt years ago in Dark Ocean only this time I was shown images of me dressed in my Kaizer clothes and that sickening lash I've always carried around, and I was peering down at Sora and Yamato. My prisoners," he felt uneasy at the last word. Like a sudden autumn wind, he shivered.

"This is a sign. This outta be a sign." The red-haired soccer jock said.

"Should we contact Izzy and tell the others?" TK suggested.

"Good idea," Miyako agreed and got straight on it.


Kaizer felt another soul intruding his mind. He had an idea that it was Ken, the boy whom he was cloned after. For some reason he sensed a connection with Ken, but he managed to will him away for now. Now...Where was I? He thought after Ken was gone from his thoughts. Oh yes…

"Strange, your friends have yet to show up. I guess they've forgot about you two," his eyes crept from his wristwatch to his hostages. "Not to worry, I'll give them a clue or two and they'll arrive in no time."

"You're using us as bait?" Sora feared at the thought.

The Kaizer smiled, "I had different plans. Unfortunately your ship somehow managed to survive that storm."

Sora's cheeks flushed. To have gotten to where they are and still be alive, so it's no miracle or coincidence after all. "All this time, we were your puppets," she turned to the door, hammering it with what was left of her strength. "Let us out!"

Yamato begin to deduce the story clearly, "So you planned it out strategically all along?"

"There's right, even your cruise ship. Who did you really think the captain was?"

"You hired him, and he led us into the storm with a reason," Sora answered for herself.

"Yes, and no. Not him, it. I'm sure you remember Kokatorimon." He taunted. On he left shoulder, the shadow of an eagle-like creature flew into sight. It landed behind Kaizer.

"It's you!" Sora gasped, looking at Kokatorimon and recalling where she saw him from.

"Sora, have we seen him before?"

"We were walking through a desert in the digital world, and Kokatorimon showed up disguised as human with a cruise ship." Sora gasped, "No wonder, it was the same ship! Only the name was changed."

By her side, Yamato nodded, "I remember now… that was back when we were 10 years old wasn't it? That's the digimon who turned me into stone!"

"Yeah, he turned all the boys into stone… then Mimi found her crest of sincerity and destroyed him." The auburn haired girl reminded him. (season one, episode...uh, forgot, but it's in the summary)

Kokatorimon grunted like it was humiliated by Sora's last comment, obviously he wasn't too happy to hear about his defeat. He looked at Kaizer before saying anything.

"Now, Kokatorimon, there's no need to state your defense. Not when we can simply get your revenge by torturing them."

The digimon nodded his head in favor of the idea. "Well, what do you have in plan, Master?"

Kaizer patted his whip and ran it over with his rough hands. He looked down and examined it, then to their surprise, wrapped it along his waist and left the weapon alone. "We do nothing."

"WHAT? THAT'S IT? You must do something… don't I get my revenge? That girl over there and her pink haired friend Mimi blasted me into turkey meat once!" The digimon protested with lousy chirps, completely ignoring the presence of their prisoners.

"Alright, if that's the way you want it," Kaizer said, bringing his right hand up to his mouth, then blew a screeching whistling sound with it. Two more Digimon hopped into view, in their hands, one carried a bottle of ale, one had a platter of roasted chicken, with a pair of forks and knives on top thoroughly stabbed into the meat.

"That's the plan?" Kokatorimon whined through thinly parted beaks. "I thought it required some form of torture… I don't see how giving them food is going to make them suffer... and it's chicken!"

"Shut up, don't spoil my mood." The emperor ordered, triggering a small defeated whimper from Kokatorimon, it dug its head into its wings to avoid a direct hit on the brain.

Kaizer proceeded in his move, sliding the delicate dishes through the bars, arranging them side by side on the ground. Yamato peered at the food and the ale with suspicion out of fear that it might be hazardous, he grabbed a hold of Sora's arm to prevent her from getting closer.

"Dine with caution." Kaizer's words came as a surprise to them. He's mocking smirk spoiled it all, something strange going on. He made a batman leap and the next thing they knew, he was riding Kokatorimon, "be gone with you," order the emperor.

"Shouldn't we leave someone to guard them?" The digimon argued.

"There's no need, I bet the boy can't even break a single chopstick!"

"True," The bird sighed and elevated its wings and boosted the liftoff with a kick.

They were both gone. Yamato dropped his grip on Sora's arm and clenched his fist. Although he was more relieved to see them off, he didn't feel less intimidated.

"I'll show you what I can break," the blonde murmured under his own breath, it came out a bit timid.

"What now? You don't think he left us to die do you?" Sora looked puzzled for a moment. Then, she thought about the food and the drink. The setup was rather awkward. "I don't get him."

"I don't trust him either. Come on, we'll start digging and get ourselves out of here. It's a pity he left us unguarded."

"Pity my ass. He knows we can't break this door."

"We can try," Yamato urged.

"With bare hands?"

"With these forks and knives, we'll dig under it, and the ale is only going to make us thirstier, I bet it's poisonous anyway, but it's a pretty big bottle, we'll use it to soften the soil." Yama countered. "My only concern is those boulders on the other side. It might take until dusk to remove those. I need your help."

"What about your legs? It looks pretty bad."

"I'll manage, so you in? It's worth a try, nothing worse than getting your nails dirty. And I don't think you'd worry about that unless you're Mimi." Yamato joked and offered her a knife.

Sora blushed, she took the knife.

A purple light flashed on Izzy's orange shirt, he noticed it right away, it's from the D-3 on his breastpocket. "Come look at this."

Mimi, Joe, Tai, and the digimons hurried to his side, eyes focusing on the loading mini-screen.

Dear Izzy:

Ken claimed he shows the whereabout of Sora and Yama. Look for a cave. They should be inside. Be careful, it could be a trap. Good luck in the Digital World.