Before I start, let me sum up the reason I'm doing this.….the original Sonic X (The one that played on Japanese TV) had limitless potential, but someone heading up the production had obviously seen too much of AoStH. Eggman was a joke, his sidekicks were Japanese knockoffs of Scratch and Grounder, Shadow was only in for six episodes and they included the ultimate blasphemy that could be committed by a sonic anime. THEY DIDN'T INCLUDE METAL SONIC!!!!! For shame!!! Their plot lines, apart from the Sonic adventure ones, were poor. (But the Sonic Adventure ones don't count as the anime plots since they didn't make them up themselves.) Like many political campaigns, many promises, few deliverances..

This new fic series is entitled the Sonic X Advanced project. With this, I'm going to try and drive the Sonic X universe away from what it was, (a Rather crap AU to be honest) and toward the fantastic series we were all expecting when the first episode made it's pilot run.

(In other words…less of Chris and more action and plot!)

(Note: This is not a continuation of the anime, well it is…but from my alternative Sonic Heroes ending. Check my fanfic page for it.)

It was quiet, far too quiet for the G.U.N defenders taste. After the blaring alarms at the base, they expected the air to be full of enemy robots attempting an attack by now. Instead, there was only a unnerving silence, the desert air around their large pilot-able robotic walkers cold and dry, and very still. The moon, it's now partially moonlight lit the dark crevices, letting the pilots stare only about a few feet into the gloom before all became swallowed by the night. Blaring searchlights from the base behind them furiously searched the clouded sky above.

Then they came, dark shapes souring across the sky with huge metallic wings and a large bulky body, each one twice the size of an aeroplane. There were at least five of them, descending quickly out of the low cloud bank, red lights on the tips of their wings. Painted on the left hand side was the image of a sneering face with dark glasses, goggles behind the large bald head and an oversized ginger-brown moustache.

On the underbelly of each craft, large doors swung open with a loud clank and as they soured toward the G.U.N military base, keeping high enough to avoid the large columns of rock that jutted out of the rocky landscape, smaller yet large shapes unto themselves began to pour out of them. These new shapes came bellowing down toward the ground, a parachute opening behind each of them as soon as they were clear of the craft. Each one was twice the size of the G.U.N robotic walkers, with large triangular heads and bulky arms, on the end of each limb was either a large mechanical hand in a tight fist or an automatic machine gun. Two spherical yellow eyes stood out of either side of the head, shielding only partially by two sheets of metal.

As soon as the last of their troops had been dropped, the craft quickly began to ascend, desperately trying to reach the safety of the clouds. One however passed over the G.U.N base and was brought down by relentless anti-aircraft fire, collapsing to the ground in broad sheets of ragged metal and fire.

"This is the Alpha base, requesting immediate back up. We have come under attack from Eggman Empire drop shifts, I repeat, requesting immediate backup!" The same request was blared from the control tower over the radio, trying desperately to alert the only other base in the area, which was ten miles away on the other side of the desert. Even if they did receive the message through the jamming signal being put over by some of the advancing robot troops, it would take them far too long to mount any kind of contour attack.

The robots of the Eggman Empire were ruthlessly efficient. They didn't have to rely on a human mind to direct them. They had limited artificial-intelligence, but enough for them to act together in formations, applying advanced strategy to any kind of attack and defence. Every now and again, the Empire would deploy their troops to attack military bases on the frontier, disappearing before backup ground troops arrived, leaving any base they attacked in near ruin, and because G.U.N's present technology level did not allow them to move militaristically in outer space, the Empire could remain safe from contour attack on their Final Egg headquarters.


There was a loud crashing sound, the air rippling like some source of intense heat had been introduced and three of the Eggman Empire's dreadnaughts fell to the ground, large holes torn through their metallic shells, wires hanging out of their wounds, sparking with tiny bolts of lightning.

The remain few in that area paused to look back, only to come crashing down as a blue blur leapt up directly in front of them, something landing an unbelievably fast kick straight across their large heads, knocking them sideways, spiralling before they hit the ground. "I should come out here for night time runs more often!" The blue hedgehog said, standing up to his length. The four months since the defeat of the Metal Overlord had changed him. His quills were slightly longer, each down behind his head, partially obscuring the fused quills on his back. His legs had grown longer, and as such, he had developed a powerful kick. His old, red buckled sneakers had long since worn out and now clad on his feet were a pair of the latest SOAP shoes, kept in the original red and white colours. His eyes had remained the same, bright and full of teenage youth and energy even in the dark of night. Now he had revealed himself, the remaining Eggman Empire robots swung about, their sensors analysing the new figure that stood before them.

"Subject identified: Primary Enemy target, combat systems engaged." Their yellow eyes turned to red and each one of them abandoned their attack on the base and came souring toward him. A wide grin crossed Sonic's face as he crouched into a fighting stance, one hand head in front and one behind, feet slightly apart. All robots of the Empire had subliminal program built into their systems, as soon as Sonic was sighted, all robotic units within a one miles radius would instantly be switched to combat mode, locked directly onto him.

As Sonic began a free for all fight, from the top of a large column of rock that jutted out from a nearby ridge, Shadow gazed down with some amusement. He'd been there for some time, simply watching. He had been ready to jump into the fray to fight the Empire himself, but then he saw Sonic coming and refrained. After all, he was curious to see exactly how much Sonic had improved since they last meet, joining together to become the entity known as Nazo. As he'd expected, Sonic's speed, agility and strength had drastically increased. He could see a drastic improvement in his movements, almost fluent like now. Before, it was like he simply dived into the fight without thinking, his punches and kicks without rhythm or organisation.

Shadow had changed as well of course. Like Sonic his spines and legs had become longer, and the red highlight of each had widened. The small tuft of white fur on his chest had grown so it obscured his shoulders from view. As impressive as Sonic's fighting skill now was, that did not mean that Shadow's had remained constantly the same level. He too had improved, and one day soon he would show Sonic exactly how much.

S, O, N, I, C GO!

S, O, N, I, C GO! Go, Go, Go, Go Let's go!

Since yesterday's rule,
today is simply loose,
The best goal is breaking them,

Unless I can keep on running,
There is no other meaning for me,
That's some kind of punk philosophy,

Bio rhythm is 2 by rhythm,
The scenery is in a countless instant's line,
The wind surrounds me,

Inside Outside Attack,
Everything surpasses all at once,
Who is one too, what is one too,
What we can do before we can't,

Inside Outside GO! SONIC!
Everything's adding up Yes! SONIC!
"Look out" and "Have A Nice" look alike,
Well, the difference is as thin as paper,
Take off and throw away that boredom, right now start running!

S, O, N, I, C GO!
S, O, N, I, C GO!
Go, Go, Go, Go Let's go!


Nack saga

Episode 1: The bad boy in town

Massive change, brought about by the new technology available after the defeat of the Egg Fleet and the Metal Overlord, was apparent everywhere. The very heart of this new, miraculously, pollution free industry was Station Square. Using the new, steam reliant technology to repair the city, Station Square had been transformed nearly overnight into a technological paradise.

Custom made robots were in use everywhere, as police enforcers, bellboys, life-guards and in heavy labour. Those who could afford them could purchase robots for ordinary house work and although they had the money for ten robotic servants, the Thorndyke estate remained free of robot helpers. Tanaka the Butler, Ella the Maid and Mr. Stuart the Gardener seemed like all the old place actually needed. Although Chuck did order a lot of the new technology for his experiments inside his garage, that was all of this new futuristic that was allowed inside the grounds. Over the last mouth or two he'd become obsessed with the robot Sonic had brought him, the extremely damaged remains of Metal Sonic. Chuck believed that he could repair it now he'd been able to study the technology pulled from the wreckage of the Egg Fleet.

Chris sat on a deck chair on the balcony that opened out from a pair of French windows from his bedroom. From here, he could see the new towering sky scrappers already being constructed and finished in the city centre. In fact, it was hard not to see them from anyway. They were higher than any building built before and there were at least a dozen of them, if not more, their tops dragging wisps of cloud through the air. It wouldn't be long before the entire city was full of them. It was happening everywhere, every country in the world was quick to update themselves with the new technology for fears of being left behind in this new age. Chris hadn't actually seen them, but an E-mail from a relative in New York said that adaptation there was even more drastic and spectacular. Chris had, reluctantly, had a growth spurt and now stood nearly as tall as his grandfather. His hair was longer too now, reaching down his neck and lightly brushing his shoulders. It was boarding on the verge of being long enough to tie back, but Chris liked it this length.

In a few short days his summer vacation would be over and then it was off to high school. The good news was; they didn't require uniform as he'd feared. The only problem that was gnawing at his mind was the sheer amount of work he would be expected to do. It wasn't the fact that he wasn't prepared to do it, it was just that spending so much time on homework and the like would leave him little time to be with his friends, Danny, Francis, Cream, Cheese, Amy, Tails, Sonic and especially…

The mobile phone on the table next to him rang and without thinking he picked it up.

"Hey Chris…" Came the voice down the other end of the line before he could so much as speak. Helen, the Blonde disabled girl he'd known from his old school. He would never actually admit this to anyone, but lately she infatuated him.

"Hi Helen." He said with a strong blush despite himself. Before any of them could actually starting talking however, some let out a wild and deafeningly loud yell that sounded a lot like a cowboy's,


"Chris…what was that?" Helen asked on the other end of the phone.

"Sorry Helen, got to run, I'll call you back." Chris said in a near rush, putting the phone down before he'd even finished speaking. He quickly crossed over to the edge of the balcony to watch his Grandfather's garage, as it was in this general direction the scream had come from. Chris hadn't actually seen Chuck since he reclined to his laboratory about a week or two, obsessed with fixing Metal Sonic. Tanaka was the only one who spoke with him, or at least got to see him as he was the one who delivered the meals up to the garage. Chuck locked his room after that, refusing to let even Ella in to do the vacuuming, which infuriated the maid to no end.

There was a loud screaming sound and without warning, Chuck came dancing out of the garage door, literally dancing. His legs seemed to be doing a bizarre cross between a Waltz and River Dance. Mr. Stuart, Chris' former teacher was presently tending to the roses outside the garage and was nearly knocked him over into his wheelbarrow.

"Mr. Thorndyke, do you mind?" Their Gardener asked angrily, forcing himself out of the pile of thorns he'd culminated inside it. Chuck wasn't listening, he was still dancing across the lawn. Chris raced down the stairs and outside through the French windows downstairs.

"Grandpa, is everything alright?" Chuck turned around widely on one heal, his eyes wide with excitement.

"Everything's better than alright Chris my boy!" He said, putting his hands on the boys shoulders. Since secluding himself, His grandfather hadn't had an opportunity to shave and was left with the beginnings of a beard over his chin. "I did it, I finally figured out the secret of Eggman's technology and I did it!" Chris blinked.

"Do you mean…" Chuck nodded enthusiastically. Quickly the two of them raced back to the Garage and up through the trap door to Chuck's laboratory, leaving a very confused Stuart covered in thorns, staring after them in amazement.

Chuck was more than pleased to stand aside after pulling Chris all the way up through the trap door, revealing what lay on the table behind him. Chris stood there, amazed. After weeks of research and hard work, he had finally succeeded in repairing Metal Sonic. In fact, the android now looked as good as new, better even. The large bracers on his forearms that he'd gained from absorbing Knuckles data had been reattached. Armoured plates had been added to his forehead, legs, chest plate and greaves. His quills, most of which had been smashed off, has been repaired as well. Three long sheets of metal curved out from his head, the one from his forehead heading down at the remaining two on each side going up. A sheet of armour on his forehead, curving over the original quill had been put in place to give him an extra spine. Two large rocket boosters had been grafted to the back of his legs, probably making him a great deal faster too. His head was tilted down and his visor completely blank, showing that he was just as lifeless as before.

"I finally did it." Chuck proclaimed with a smug smile. "I finally managed to repair him. It took hours of study and painstaking labour, but it's down." He represent laugh made its way out of his mouth and thrust a fist into the air. "I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it!" He began repeating over and over again, jumping up and down in joy.

Chris hesitated, his gaze fixed on the unforgiving metal face.

"But grandpa, you've probably heard this from Tails, but isn't it risky keeping him in battle ready condition like this?" Chris asked, finally finding his voice. Chuck laughed to himself, taking a small black remote control out of his pocket.

"I already thought of that lad, which is why I took the liberty of installing a shut down program into his electronic brain." He showed his grandson the remote, directing his attention to a single red button directly in its centre. "If he becomes unmanageable, I hit this switch and he goes offline. I hit it again, while he's offline and a small but powerful explosive charge I implanted inside his chest will detonate." Chris blinked and took a step back. "Oh don't worry, it will only explode if I press the remote twice and even then it isn't that big an explosion. It'd be enough to destroy his insides and his armour, little more. Although it'll probably be a good idea not to be too close if I have to use it."

The Mystic Ruins, a large piece of land just across the water from Station Square, it's curved shores creating the large bay which still had rusting pieces of the Egg Fleet jutting out of it, had remained unchanged despite the advancement in technology of the world around. The Mobians that lived there was simple minded, preferring the easy life they had enjoyed before the merge of the two worlds. Apart from the occasional tourist, the Mystic Ruins was relatively unvisited. Which was probably why Tails decided that somewhere deep in its lush green forests was a better place to set up his workshop than the cliff side residence he'd had to endure before.

Sonic whistled, pacing around the large chamber, impressed with how much effort Tails had put into creating this new home. It was far more spacious than his old one, with a large under ground bunker to house the X tornado, which he was currently redesigning, a large set of iron doors opening up into a clearing to allow the plane to fly off. A workshop filled with machinery which did goodness knows what and a steal elevator that lead up to a large log cabin amongst the forest with two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a balcony that gave a great view of the forest.

"And you made all this yourself?" The hedgehog asked Tails as the young fox pushed himself out from underneath some large piece of machinery that seems to spread pipes like the roots of a plant up the wall toward the high ceiling. The entire chamber was made from solid concrete to protect it from any possibility of a cave in, lights and wires crossing the ceiling and edges of the walls. Landing strips had been painted on the floor, a white box drawn around the X tornado, which was still in the shop after the beating it took against the Egg Fleet.

"Most of it." The young fox replied; cleaning his oil smeared hands with a piece of cloth before replacing his gloves over his fingers. "I had a little help from Shadow installing the larger pieces of equipment." Sonic's interest peaked at that point and he looked back with a starteled expression on his face.

"Shadow?" He asked in surprise. "He was here?" Tails nodded as if there was nothing strange about it at all.

"He just showed up one day, he had a few meals, helped me out with the installation and then disappeared." Sonic blinked in surprise. "Believe me, I was surprised as you." Tails added, leading the blue hedgehog over to the metallic mesh shaft at the far end of the large chamber. Sonic was left a little stunned by this piece of information. He didn't think Shadow was the type for offering to help out, he was a loner, that much had been proved when he disappeared after they had separated from the Nazo merger. Shadow simply wasn't a social person.

The lift began to ascend, quickly disappearing into the vertical shaft, the only source of light coming from the occasional electronic lamps installed on the inside of the lift walls, each disappearing as quickly as it came. "So how's Amy?" Tails asked. A wide, almost goofy smile crossed Sonic's face. He laughed to himself, putting his arms behind his back.

"More energetic than usual, if that's possible." The blue hedgehog said with a smirk. "She's already taking in martial arts lessons from Tanaka and she's studying history at the University. If that wasn't enough, she become slightly obsessed with learning to run as fast as me." Tails laughed.

"I don't think anyone can run quite as fast as you."

"I hear that!" Sonic said with a wide smirk, high-fiving his friend as the lift reached the top of the shaft and the mesh door opened up into the living area. Tails had done a great job designing it, an almost exact replica of Chuck's garage, with the downstairs reserved for a kitchen area, a flight of stairs leading upward toward a trap door to the bedroom above.

"Not much on the Eggman front then?" Tails asked as he reached for the fridge. Sonic shook his head and collapsed on the couch in front of the large, wide screen TV.

"Not anything large at least. A few minor raids on those frontier bases, but apart from those he seems pretty happy on that mecha moon of his." He reached for the remote and flipped it on. "He's planning something big though."

"When isn't he?" Tails asked back, taking two soda cans out of the fridge and tossing on to the blue hedgehog, who caught it with ease. Sonic turned back to the TV and grimaced.

"600 channels and nothing good on." It was then, as he lifted the soda can to his lips, he managed to catch a glance at the clock on the wall. "Ah crap!" He exclaimed, nearly dropping the can. "Man I totally lost track of time!" He swallowed the contents of the can in one gulp, forcing it down his neck before throwing the can over his shoulder and into a waste paper basket. "Sorry Tails, like to stay longer but I promised Amy I'd pick her up from the university." He said in a rush, running on the spot. Tails gained a large smirk.


"Five minutes ago!" He added, before racing out the door at the far end of the room, disappearing with a loud sonic boom and a faint after image of a blue blur.

Remaining hidden in the woods outside, Fang the Sniper, feared assassin, bounty hunter and mercenary watched from the hidden sanctuary of the wilderness as a blue blur vanished into the distance. He'd been watching his target for some time now and realized that this perhaps would not be as easy as he had original thought. Outright confrontation was not an option with this hedgehog, he was far too skilled a fighter for it. Even with all his boys, who were crouching in the bushes along with him, it might not be enough to take him down. A change in strategy was obviously required.

Fang was the head of a notorious gang called the Sharpshooters. Wanted nationwide for crimes ranging from parking violations, breaking and entering and on too many occasions, assault. They were a Mobian group, made up of some of the strongest and possibly most vile people from the old world. Fang had picked them all out himself, training them to become the best mercenaries either world had seen.

"That was a perfect opportunity boss!." A large mobian rhino began, his large grey fingers wrapped around his knife. A large red bandana wrapped around his neck, which apart from the odd belt, shirt and pair of pants was all they wore on their bodies. Knifes, guns and the odd grenade were attached to large straps around their chests. "We've been following this guy around for two months now, we should have rushed him and then claimed that reward." The weasel gave the rhino a contempt glance. Rushing in was never a good idea, it often proved a fatal move for less experienced mercenaries. But the Rhino did raise a good point.

Eggman was getting impatient. He was having to postpone whatever plan he had until Sonic had been dealt with, and was deducted a lot of money from the paid total each week Sonic remained alive. If they didn't finish him off soon he could loose all that money completely. He had to come up with a way to lure Sonic into trap, get him into a enclosed space making his speed worthless, and then overpower him with superior numbers. The problem was how to get Sonic into a confined space and make him stay there long enough to kill him? The answer to that was simple.... Bait.

"Change of plan boys." Fang said sharply, standing up, fanning himself with his hat before replacing it back on his head. His flaxen yellow eyes locked directly onto Tails, staring at him through the open window. "Instead of hunting the hedgehog, I say we make him come to us."

Flip Card 1: Fang the Sniper

Age: 19

Species: Weasel

Height: 3:1

Sex: Male

Profession: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Assassin, general all around bad guy.